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For today's source material, I was going to originally go with this, the racist comments in a fundraising page for Darren Wilson the murderer cop, but then they pulled the comments. So I wrote up an Ann Coulter column instead. But thanks to @shaunking, I found the original rally/organizing point for that fundraiser, so I'm scrapping Coulter and running with this instead:

4chan message board,
This is particularly nasty racist shit, but it's important to put a spotlight on exactly the people behind the fundraising for Officer Darren Wilson, and conclusively lay waste to those who want to pretend that this has nothing to do with race.

It has everything to do with race.

We can only hope someone from the national guard will mag-dump another chimp
Now something like this please in the brown fund:
The Skittles Company
in these hardtimes we offer a special 100% discount to our loyal customers. feel free to claim anywhere

1.chimps claim skittles for free
2.more shooting occurs
4.profeeeiiitt ?

Holy fucking shit it's actually true. No combination of words gets you the gofundme campaign for darren wilson on their homepage while gibsmedat for the niggerthug is featured on the front page. And they are still getting wrecked by superior white donators sharing the direct link between each other.
poor kid
he din du nuffin, he gon go tuh cohledge bruh
nigger - $113,061 of $125K goal
raised by 4,466 people in 7 days

darren wilson - $121,161 of $150K goal
raised by 2,945 people in 3 days

People like us smart enough to understand that being attacked by a nigger in your own cop car is something that TOTALLY JUSTIFIES emptying a clip into a guy.

Dindu Nuffins supporters are all poor, uneducated niggers who just want an excuse to loot shit.

At best we will create shitstorm and loose our sides somewhere

At worst we will make dude who shoot nigger rich

Choose a side. Order or disorder. Chaos or law. Cops or niggers. Besides all we really want is for the Happening to happen. Who cares who takes us there? We need more catalysts and this is the biggest one in recent memory.
we are showing that killing niggers is totally based and supported by the general population

remove watermelon get money

I guess, the Jews benefit almost equally from both sides, but one side is getting the SJW really fucking pissed off, I mean they are crying so hard over it, so $5 just to see them mad isn't really a bad deal for me

If it was anything else, I would always support the people, and not police brutality, but in this case I will make an exception

SJW = Social Justice Warriors. And yes, the crazy right's entire ideology is "make liberals mad".
There once was a cop named darren
That a nig once thought of scarrin
When the silverback rushed
6 bullets did hush
Now his college prospects are barren
There are plenty of black police officers in Ferguson who are desperately trying to keep the situation under control, and they are really really disgusted by the actions of the black protestors

This isn't about race or color, it is about a group of lawless, uncultured people who have no shame in supporting a criminal, vs society, with laws

All three of them...
Am I the only one who think we should prepare for the nigger/liberal counterattack? I just don't want them to take us on off guard.
once the story dies down he [Wilson] can go fuck himself

until he wants to keep up his watermelon removing ways, then the money keeps coming

cant speak for everyone but its not about the nigger for me even tho i can appreciate good humor.
for me its about the backlash the officer got immidiately sfter the incident, libtards didnt bother to fact check or wait for an investigation or what have you.
assuming willsons case woll be ruled in his favor hes likely to still be harassed, people will demand he gets off the force and all that.

i know this is hard for some here to understand but if the races were reversed id donate to the black cop

I was telling my boss about this early this morning.

She's all, "I wish I could get 100 grand for shooting a nigger!"

That dude's avatar? This:
Racist gif of polar bear with caption
my whole family is talking shit about these niggers
>muh cops serve and protect
>dey good ppl
is nanny state bullshit, you fag. most cops are pieces of shit with god complexes, who enforce unconstitutional bullshit even if they disagree with it. cops are mercenary scum with a power complexes, fuck them. brainwashed dipshit.

protectionist was used correctly, read a book nigger.

i only support him because remove watermelon

$5 donated by Shlomo Goldberg, commenting: 'Thank you animal control officer Wilson.'
And when extra crazy racist meets crazy and racist:
I really don't know how to react to this thread

I mean

>Support the cops
so we are basically giving money to the police, and to the US government and it's Jewish enforcers, in essence, for fucking shooting someone

why would we donate to some dead pig police state faggot?
Wtf is wrong with you? Yeah the guy was a filthy nigger and probably deserved to die anyways, but that doesn't give this policeman the right to end his life. You shouldn't be donating to some asshole who loves bossing people around and shooting unarmed citizens. Police are too powerful and they are constantly abusing people.

This is a fight where both sides are absolute shit. But donating to a policeman just looks like you love the idea of a police state.

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