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This week's source material:

The White House has also sent three aides to the funeral: Broderick Johnson of My Brother’s Keeper Task Force; Marlon Marshall, deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement; and Heather Foster, adviser for the Office of Public Engagement.

Which begs the question: why would the Obama administration send not one but three attendees to the funeral of a strong-arm robbery suspect who allegedly punched a police officer in the face – but ignore the funerals of other, more worthy characters?

If you are dying to know who the six are, they are Margaret Thatcher, Chris Kyle, Nicholas Oresko, Lech Kaczinski, Aunt Zeituni and James Foley, whose funeral, by the way, isn't until October 18.

In case you are wondering, Kyle was a SEAL sniper who made unsubstantiated claims about being the best sniper ever, ironically murdered by a friend he had taken to a shooting range. Fucking Biden should've been at that one. Oresko was WWII Medal of Honor winner. There have been over a thousand Medal of Honor recipients since WWII, so the White House better be at all of their funerals. Kaczynski was the Polish president. He was slated to attend but a major Icelandic volcanic eruption grounded all air traffic in Europe. Obama clearly caused the eruption. DAMN YOU BARRY SOTERO! Aunt Zeituni was the sister of Obama's father, and they had no relationship. But hey, Breitbart is now apparently a champion of the Obama clan. And it's really screwed up that no one from the White House has attended Foley's funeral that isn't happening for another six weeks!

So with that bit of source craziness out of the way, let's look at their community's craziness, all below the fold.

Obama must give something to the blacks community, November it's around the corner. And since the blacks are hurt the most without jobs and angry with Obama for the love fair that he had demonstrate to Hispanics groups with amnesty, the WH need to become with something to make the blacks community feel they are not alone. To most of all blacks now, is that Obama had choose to put all the Hispanics first, into the front seat, and send all blacks to the end of the line. Sometimes blacks forget that Obama is half white.
"The blacks."
The funeral for Michael Brown will be held today in St. Louis. 5 family members and 500 race-baiters will be in attendance.

I thought Obama was supposed to bring our country together? I’ve never seen a country more divided. We all hate each other now.

If only everyone would agree that whites are superior and Obama was born in Kenya!
in reality he is not the president to the black population either-when it is all said and done they will be more damaged than they ever have been-he is using them to get what he wants-when he is done with them-all hell will come to them, and for that they can thank him!
They had it so sweet until OBUMMER came along.
We do have to get a kick out of Brown's STOLEN Headphones on the sketch. Was he buried wearing them..., did the bruthas put them on his corpse after looting the electronic store??
There's a name for people who find that sort of thing funny ...
Law abiding conservative TEA Party Patriot citizens, their counterparts in the military, Government. Police, Firemen, Services, Business, etc., etc, are vastly outnumbered by criminals, schemers, thugs, takers, and layabouts! It took a century for communism to squeeze the life out of America and now Communist control “everything”; do you really expect they’ll allow citizens to exercise their vote in free and open ‘elections’ to remove them from “Power”? The world is entering a second “Dark Ages” and the slate of recorded History is about to be wiped clean. Expect our Libraries, museums, collections, and History to be obliterated in the blink of an eye!
Fucking communists and their communism.
Sickening. And you better believe the military, first responders and others see and hear that message loud and clear.
Yup. The military, first responders, and "others" are outraged(!) that the deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement went to Michael Brown's funeral. It's all anyone is talking about! "DID YOU HEAR? The deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement went to the funeral of an unarmed black teen murdered by police!" "Why yes, I was just talking to Betty about how it's OUTRAGEOUS that the deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement would do such a thing!"
my fantasy is that if someone tries to shoot Comrade Obama,the Sec.Service agents stand aside and watch. ...then tackle the shooter.

Actually,if the Sec.Service lived up to their Oath,they'd do it themselves,for the good of America.

... and then conservatives would raise thousands of dollars for the murderer, because apparently that's what's left of the conservative movement.
“Oh da pain!” “Oh da pain o’ bein’ a black man in a white man’s world!” “Whut am I gonna do?” “I jus’ can’t take dis anymo’ ” “Lordy, lordy!”
The blacks and their crazy complaints! Wait, a Tea Party group was asked for additional information while applying for nonprofit status by the Cincinnati IRS? TYRANNY!
how convenient that racism for the libs is a one-way street when we know that these so-called race wars have intensified under Holder and Obama--it's what they retreat to when their feet are held to the fire on bad policy decisions-or frankly anything where a conservative is involved.
Exactly! It was bad policy for a teen to be unarmed and walking down the street and black when an asshole cop decided to pepper him with bullets. And now all LIBTARDS want to do is scream "racism"!
All this over a reefer smoking thief with a penchant for violence makes me sick--that brave general who served his country with honor distinction and courage this criminal administration doesn't bother to honor--I really think we have crossed the line to societal suicide.
Army generals certainly have never smoked the marijuana and are all pacifists!  
Actually in retrospect I'm glad he didn't disgrace Margaret Thatcher's memory with his Anti-American leftist filth, she loved America!

(Obozo would rathe replay in the circus tent with the sickos singing 'ding dong the witch is dead'. Well the 'gentle' barbarians in Londonstan will lop their fool heads of soon enough …)

So sad we've gone from Reagan and Thatcher to the near end of Western Civilization in less than a generation.

Sniff. All those brown people killed civilization.
Not to mention the 4,000 young black men murdered every year by other young black men.
And not to mention the 84 percent of white people murdered by white people. Was there a point?
As one gentleman pointed out, if the best you can come with as the model for your race is a thug who steals from weak shopkeepers and then blasts out the eye of the arresting cop, there isn't too much value in your race to begin with. ...
Zombie lies are fun!
see AMERICA- the conservatives were NOT wrong when they told you that obama doesnt know what class is—he only knows what thuggery is and he LOVES it! notice how our AMERICA has spiraled downhill and out of control——yeah—he is doing it intentionally-wake up people!
The day cops can't gun down unarmed teens without cause is the day America has spiraled out of control.
Years ago I had a neighbor who openly mocked and dismissed anything related to God and the Bible. He died of kidney failure. His wife hired a preacher and the funeral was filled with testimonials about how happy he is in heaven and what a fine man he was.
Jesus murdered the man. He got his just desserts.
What amazes me is all the black teenagers that die in Chicago and no one ever, ever says anything or tries to do anything to stop it. I guess because it doesn't fit the WH agenda.
Get rid of guns. Problem solved.

Oh, suddenly it doesn't fit the RIGHT's agenda, does it?

I wonder if it was Big Al or P. Diddy who picked up the tab “fo’ all da fried chiggin’ ” at the reception they had afterwards?
If you think that's funny, then there's a word for that.
ISIS will come and bomb malls......Not the malls that have been looted.....the high dollar malls......its those people that pay the price for Open Borders...the Christians.
Focus, man! This thread is about the black thug who was armed with thuggery thus deserved to be executed!
Wonder how all the white dems feeling about Obama now that it is crystal clear he doesn't care about whites or Christianity one bit. They will still pick through his poo for the corn though.
White Dems aren't insane, so yeah.
Why does this surprise anyone? Barack Hussein Obama is a truly evil man and he loves to show his devotion to evil every chance he gets. Hopefully we’ll see his funeral very soon! We can dispose of his evil ass in the same manner we did his evil brethren Osama Bin Laden. Hell, why wait, let’s do it now!
Being an unarmed teen was evil, particularly the part about being black. But assassinating the president? That part is not evil at all.
This is soooo sickening I can barely keep it down....what else can happen, I ask myself every day!!! Then they do something else, today its this....
The deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement went to a funeral. Smelling salts, STAT!
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