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Offsite bullying.

Look, I understand that dailykos isn't the perfect place to talk about yourself, that at any time, at any point, what you say can and most likely will be used against you in a dailykos comment thread. I get it. People are gunning to take other people down, and this sort of back stabbing happens at every other blog and comment board.

But, if we can't rise above this bullshit of IRL manipulation, bullying, harrassment, gunning to take people down, there wont be any trust left. How can we possibly effect any change if we are treating this board like online Game of Thrones. How can we call ourselves a group of anything if we are not at least united on a common front and not trying to take each other out at every fucking possible opportunity.

I don't really understand how this bullying and harassment could go on for so long without many of us having any idea that it was happening. Part of it is all this bullshit that goes on offsite, in kosmails, etc etc. The other part is that people are afraid of people who have built followings, and therefore megaphones here. The voices that DID want to speak out against the ridiculous bullshit were threatened harassed and lied about.

I don't know what side I am on any more, and I don't fucking particularly care. All I know is that it is hard for me to make friends, and dkos is one of the only places where I can say I have made any sort of meaningful relationships with people I didn't previously know. I am starting to rethink that trust. I don't want to get hurt. I don't expect this community to be 100% safe, secure and friendly, after all, it is a politics blog. For this website to build any sort of trust after the instances of this weeks, it is crucial that we stop the offsite and private harassment of ANY and ALL KOSSACKS IMMEDIATELY.

(I know I swore off meta. This is the last time I will bring it up.)

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