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Cheers and Jeers

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"Bill in Portland Maine" (Bill Harnsberger) has been postting his Cheers & Jeers feature on Daily Kos since late 2003.  Having zero experience in the application of humor to politics and world events, he thought it would be a brilliant idea to try his hand at applying humor to politics and world events.  Seven years later, it's not looking good.

C&J's mission: mock the mockworthy, praise the praiseworthy, and demonstrate as often as possible that politics and fart jokes are not mutually exclusive but rather inextricably linked.  (Inextricably, by the way, is a 29-point Scrabble word.  You're welcome.)

But Bill's contribution is only a part of C&J's allure. It's a place where Kossacks gather (Monday through Thursday morning and Friday evening) to share the ups and downs in their lives---from births and weddings to health issues, pets, job prospects, politics (of course) and other issues that are either making them smile or driving them crazy.  It's a great gaggle of "pool splashers," and we invite you to stick your toe in and give it a whirl.  On a purely narcissistic note: C&J won a Koufax Award in 2004 for "Best Series," and two 2009 KOscar Awards for Best Snark and Best Front Page Feature, bringing with them just enough notoriety to finally force him to start wearing clothes in public.


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