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Declaring Victory for Obama at Grover Norquist's Election Watch Party 2012
Just letting the kossacks in on this stunt. Sharing is caring y'all! #...
100ProofPolitics 11/11/2012 13 18 - -
BREAKING: "NEO NAZI Republican Tea Party TERRORIST Kills Americans."
At least, that's what the headlines should be reading since some white supremacist nutjob went on a rampage in Wisconsin and shot 6 ...
100ProofPolitics 08/06/2012 30 25 2 469
My Apologies to @AndrewBreitbart
In response to this recent confrontation at Netroots Nation , Andrew Breitbart directed his staff ...
100ProofPolitics 06/29/2011 17 29 1 206
Breaking at #NN11! Breitbart confronted w/ Tough Questions (racism, prostitutes, cocaine, oh my!)
BREAKING NEWS @ NETROOTS NATION #NN11 Bloggers confront Andrew Breitbart at Netroots Nation with tough questions until he leaves like a coward.
100ProofPolitics 06/17/2011 53 28 1 444
Hey U.S. Chamber, Boeing Breaking the Law is Bad for Business
When bad businesses break the law, it's not just bad for business -- it's bad for families, workers, and all of us as Americans. Last week, in retaliation for workers exercising legally protected ...
100ProofPolitics 05/23/2011 18 7 - 94
Glenn Beck targets US Uncut, BofA's Worst Nightmare
Tonight, we say thank you to Glenn Beck for aiming his sights on US Uncut . Undoubtedly, his disdain and reckless slander will ...
100ProofPolitics 03/10/2011 111 307 13 2766
Trojan Elephant: When Citizens United Attacks (1 Year Anniversary Edition)
More than Tea Parties &
100ProofPolitics 01/18/2011 22 12 1 289
Right-Wing Rhetoric Responsible for First “2nd Amendment Remedy”
‎"Palin's list has a gun sight over our district; they have to realize there are consequences to that." ~ Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Nov 2010 “The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that ...
100ProofPolitics 01/09/2011 18 5 - 542
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