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Joining the Third World
The term "third-world" was coined early in the period of the Cold War and referred to the countries, mainly recently post-colonial, aligned with neither the industrial West (the "first world,") or ...
1stilkairs 12/10/2013 10 10 - -
Either/ Or? Iran and Nukes
Having written a diary about the tentative, interim, 6 month agreement between the "P5+1" and the Iranian government regarding the Iranian nuclear program, I was astounded by some of the responses ...
1stilkairs 11/28/2013 18 - - -
Iran? Hell. Watch the Roberts + "Scalitomas" Court
For all the fuss around the latest news about Iran, the spin-meistering about the ACA ("Obamacare") "roll-out" and, God help us, the 2016 election (!!!),a very disturbing issue is getting "inside ...
1stilkairs 11/25/2013 47 61 1 -
Iran Creates Strange Bedfellows
Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, France and Israel on the same team? Who but the Iranian theocracy could have pulled that one off! What does that say about any deal with the Iranian government regarding ...
1stilkairs 11/24/2013 38 3 - -
China - The Capitalist Wet Dream
A recent news item, treated as "fluff" in the reporting, stated that the amount of internet sales for November 11 in China surpassed "Cyber Monday" sales in the U. S. (November 11, or 11/11, is ...
1stilkairs 11/22/2013 11 1 - -
Who Wants to Wreck the Economy? Follow the Money
Someone wants to see America default on its debts. Someone wants to tank the economy, or at least force the U. S. to offer higher interest rates for its debt. Who might that be? Tough ...
1stilkairs 10/13/2013 8 1 - -
Frankenstein's TeaParty, or Wreck of the John Roberts Jr.
In Mary Shelley’s novel, when Victor Frankenstein brought his creature to life, he hoped to advance knowledge and control of nature. Instead, he created an ugly, miserable, murderous monster ...
1stilkairs 10/11/2013 4 6 - -
Whither America? Or, Cruzing on the Good Ship GOP.
Where to begin? Well, one bit of punditry is as good as any other, so... Let's begin with certain assumptions. 1) Money has always meant power or access to power. 2) Citizens United opened the ...
1stilkairs 10/01/2013 4 4 - -
The New Europe
With apologies to Mel Brooks, et. al. - Springtime for Merkel and Germany, Winter for Greece and For Spain. Pleasure for Austere old Germany, And for poor Spain and poor Greece, Just Pain.
1stilkairs 09/24/2013 10 2 - -
Prosperity, of Where Have All the Dollars Gone...?
I heard Congressman Jason Chafetz, (R -Utah) interviewed on TV today. He did the usual negative Republican song-and-dance abouty taxes, but made one comment that made me perk up. He ...
1stilkairs 07/30/2013 6 10 - -
Differences are not Equivalence
A good reason to read real news sources, such as the New York Times (on line or on paper), is the time and thought that goes into the features. Time and thought by the writers and editors can ...
1stilkairs 07/21/2013 1 - - -
European Unity?
Some rambling thoughts... So, the finacial elite of Europe thinks they might have pushed "austerity" a little too hard, especially on Greece. I suppose causing formerly gainfully employed people to ...
1stilkairs 07/16/2013 5 1 1 -
Some Thoughts on a Trip to Israel
I have recently returned from a trip to Israel, 29 years since last being there. The changes I observed were startling, the differences amazing. What I observed was a vibrant, growing, modern ...
1stilkairs 07/16/2013 22 3 - -
Racism in America?
How can there be racism in America when we have a black President (who is a secretly muslim Kenyan)? How can anyone say there is racism in America when there are so many black actors and ...
1stilkairs 07/16/2013 4 2 - -
Keeping Secrets? From Whom?
The current flap about the "release" of information regarding NSA and other government snooping into the lives of almost everyone in the U. S. (and a large part of the world) is really amusing for ...
1stilkairs 06/10/2013 4 3 - -
McCain and Syria
Some random thoughts about John McCain's trip to Syria. For someone who suffered unspeakable torture and torment as a POW in the Vietnam War, one would think that McCain, of all people, would be ...
1stilkairs 05/31/2013 13 5 - -
A Real Scandal?
States which have decided not to expand Medicaid will leave behind the poorest of the poor. In fact, delaying implementation of Medicaid expansion will result in substantial losses of funds ...
1stilkairs 05/25/2013 5 3 - -
Community and Catastrophe
The horror of the tornado in Oklahoma, death, injury and communities destroyed, is a human tragedy beyond what those who have not experienced it, or anything like it, can ever fully comprehend. ...
1stilkairs 05/24/2013 1 2 - -
Regulations vs. The Free Market: A Parable from Real Life
Originally published in Blogspot 07/12/2012 Abstract arguments over the role of government in the marketplace are meaningless unless they apply to the realities of actual life. Listening to ...
1stilkairs 05/23/2013 5 13 1 -
Who is Investigating Congress?
Originally published in Blogspot 05/21/2013 by author Congress is investigating the IRS. Who is investigating Congress? Apple dodges taxes in the billions of dollars. Exploiting the intentionally ...
1stilkairs 05/23/2013 11 4 - -
Originally published in Blogspot 03.16.2013 by author. Two columnists in the NY Times bring the contrast between the different world-views of Palestinians and Israelis into sharp focus. (“Is Any ...
1stilkairs 05/23/2013 15 6 - -
Rambling Thoughts
An unstructured flow of verbiage - a stream of free associations - can be considered symptomatic of mental illness. The "Rambling Thoughts" referred to here, however, are not quite at that level of ...
1stilkairs 05/12/2012 1 3 - 23
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