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Posting History for 2014

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President Obama wants one last look
Short and sweet...this video says it all...President Obama takes a long last look. A man of true humility. I am humbled by his acute humanness and grateful to have experienced this part of American ...
2014 01/21/2013 3 12 - -
T'was the night before Christmas (featuring Grover Norquist)
T'was the night before Christmas and behind a big desk A little boy of 12 delighted in ways to make people suffer in his head He thought and he thought until the idea became clear As long as there ...
2014 12/24/2012 1 3 - -
Is it time for Woodstock Redux?
Maybe it's my age, maybe it's I am nostalgic...whatever it is...I think it is time for another Woodstock. In memory of those that gave us so much and those that died so young. Jump the orange ...
2014 12/22/2012 25 6 1 -
We Are All Victims Of Our Past
I am an American woman, raised in the Midwest by a successful self-made non-practicing Jewish father, who could have been Walt Disney’s twin and a non-practicing catholic mother whom could have ...
2014 12/22/2012 12 34 1 -
ALEC can you hear me?
I did a search for diaries about ALEC and most seem to go by the wayside. I joined DK to expose groups like this who have a stranglehold over our legislature as I believe groups like this endanger ...
2014 12/19/2012 8 9 - -
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