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An Honest Man's Response to Darren Wilson
Over at ballon juice, front-pager soonergrunt has written an eloquent piece that needs to get seen by a lot of eyes. It's the fierce & sober answer to anybody who's trying to defend Mr. Darren ...
2kate2 11/27/2014 13 26 - -
Quitting My Church after 28 Years
How did I get involved with those people in the first place? It was just a gesture to satisfy my soon-to-be in-laws, whom I admired and whose family I was so thrilled to be joining. Really, they ...
2kate2 01/20/2013 45 28 - -
Obama at his best
I just read the Michael Lewis piece in Vanity Fair, and it got me thinking about the president in Denver. A lot has been said about how he seemed disengaged, tired, resigned, detached, lost, ad ...
2kate2 10/05/2012 6 10 1 86
Anthem for OWS -- by Marge Piercy
Ran across this poem ( called The Low Road ) the other day and it seemed so prophetic and perfect. Starts like this: ...
2kate2 11/03/2011 3 8 1 24
my 1st diary in almost 2 years
DK, old friend . . . what can I say? You blew it for me back in the primaries, when you--upon whom I once depended for reality-based commentary--lost your collective mind. I got here via the old ...
2kate2 03/21/2009 96 2 - 19
Hillary & Shakespeare
Jesus Lord. The woman looks to me like a caged lion these days. Her trap is constructed from the same stuff as her strength, and I can only imagine what old Will might have done with such a ...
2kate2 01/08/2008 3 - - -
Jesus, doesn't anybody remember?
That 4 years ago we spent the whole fucking primary season ripping each other to pieces? That it was people at dkos who made the most fun of John Edwards ( Breck girl? Have I mentioned that ...
2kate2 11/22/2007 9 7 - -
5 Reasons Not to Read Blogs in Primary Season
1. Too many pros are posting; Dudes, I can read what you think in your campaign literature. Identify yourself or shut up. 2. Organized rec-ing wrecks the system. The top ten list has become ...
2kate2 11/11/2007 15 9 - 5
A Question for Michele Malkin and her Band of Self-Righteous Boobs
Dear Michele & Boobs We get that you think Graeme and Gemma Frost should only have gotten government-funded medical treatment for their head injuries after their parents had sold ...
2kate2 10/14/2007 8 9 - 2
Jenna or Barbara?  Barbara or Jenna?
If you were parent to twins and one of them had to sustain a spinal cord injury during the birth process, which would you choose? Come on, Mister Bush. We know you excel at deciding, so go ahead .
2kate2 06/25/2007 10 4 1 1
God FU#*#NG Damn it, when will we get this right?
It makes me nuts to read posts here in DailyKos about stem cell research. Oh, I don't really understand the issue! I haven't actually read the bill! Isn't this one good for Democrats? Can't ...
2kate2 06/20/2007 315 556 17 27
Some GREAT news, plus a PONY! Update: Help please?
Hey Kosters! Remember when I told you a while back that a bunch of wheelchair people were going to go to DC for a rally and to lobby our esteemed congress members?
2kate2 05/30/2007 7 5 - -
It's WHEELCHAIR people day in DC ~
As promised, we're here. In case you missed my diary a couple of weeks ago, the story is that a gang of uppity gimps is staging a rally on the Upper Senate Lawn today at 11 am . I'...
2kate2 04/24/2007 4 7 - -
New Title: If Bush vetoes stem cell research again, Republicans must pay.
So, of course we care about stem cells research here. Sorry if I offended anyone by seeming to suggest otherwise. We care because it's right, because waste is stupid, and because the politics of ...
2kate2 04/10/2007 195 408 8 32
Bush's Other Veto: Serendipity Time
When Christopher Reeve died suddenly in October of 2004, we lost a voice. I'm using "we" here not in the Kossack sense, but in the paralyzed community sense . . .my family has lived for some time ...
2kate2 03/31/2007 7 26 - 7
WA 08 I Think I Gotta Do This
2kate2 09/20/2006 20 1 - 2
Okay, who wants to help think of a proper greeting for Karl Rove in WA 08?
2kate2 09/06/2006 18 2 - 9
What the Hell
2kate2 03/21/2006 13 3 - -
It's possible I have been wiretapped
2kate2 01/28/2006 37 6 1 7
Stem cells work--stem cells work--stem cells work
2kate2 09/19/2005 16 30 1 -
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