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Praise for Joy of Fishes
A short diary, praising the kindness, dedication, compassion, and steadfast good spirit who is known here as Joy of Fishes. More may be forthcoming from others Kossacks. I'll merely remark that she ...
43north 05/23/2015 24 42 - -
Morning Open Threads -- CelticLassie's Kitchen
Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) We're known as the MOTley Crew and you can find us here every morning at 7:00 am Eastern (and perhaps sometimes earlier!). Feel free to ...
Joy of Fishes 05/16/2015 105 22 - -
DKos Asheville: Celtic Lassie's Quilt
DKos Ashevillians traveled to Tennesee Wednesday to present Sara and Ann's amazing community quilt to Celtic Lassie with Otteray Scribe. A worthy dose of love from Kossacks. Gordon20024 drove down ...
randallt 05/15/2015 22 65 1 -
Remember how Comcast sued Chattanooga, wouldn't build high speed internet? Well...
So, having a better working alternative means we have to get our act together? Comcast sued Chattanooga Electric Power Board (EPB)
Walter Einenkel 05/12/2015 98 316 4 -
The Quilt is done. Now we need to get it to Otteray and his Celtic Lassie by Tomorrow
The quilt is done. In spite of Sara and Ann both being hit with illness, they have bent time to make it so. The messages of love and support from all of you are there ...
Onomastic 05/11/2015 45 76 1 -
Community Quilt for Otteray Scribe's Daughter, CelticLassie URGENT
TrueBlueMajority's quilt It breaks my heart that this quilt is needed -- yet it is needed, urgently. UPDATE: The situation is dire. CelticLassie's brother and sister-in-law are on their way. ...
Sara R 05/02/2015 148 167 2 -
Reproductive health anti-discrimination act, will it be overturned in D.C?
The war on women just added another notch to the belt, this time is Washington, D.C.
harryreardon 05/02/2015 20 20 - -
Tennessee Republican: Rape is often 'not verifiable,' so no exemption on anti-abortion bill
Waiting periods mean women have to pass these charmers twice. Republican state legislators across the country continue looking for ways to make it ...
Laura Clawson 04/23/2015 143 110 - -
Pain, Poverty, Homelessness, and Hunger
Ten years ago, if anyone had told me where I would be today, I would have laughed at the absurdity of it. I lived in my half-million dollar dream home. My husband ...
vlboyd53 04/17/2015 8 15 - -
The TN solution: Allow weapons, ban squirt guns.
To solve the nearly non-existent problem of crime in parks, the Tennessee legislature has come up with an intriguing solution: Eliminate all local regulations against guns in parks, but ban squirt ...
fiddler crabby 04/03/2015 5 8 - -
Tennessee lawmaker denies health care to 280,000, calls constituent 'asshole' for questioning him
A second effort in the Tennessee legislature to take up Medicaid expansion failed this week, meaning 280,000 Tennesseans still remain, needlessly, without any kind of healthcare coverage. When ...
Joan McCarter 04/03/2015 115 194 7 -
America Needs Vandenberg, We've Got Corker
“It is important that we wait to see the specific details of today’s announcement, and as the P5-plus-one works toward any final deal, we must remain clear-eyed regarding Iran’s continued ...
PeterBalesHistoryTales 04/03/2015 6 4 1 -
Nashville Koskats!! Action and Meet-up Diary.
Insure Tennessee SJR 93 - Authorizes implementation of Insure Tennessee as described in TennCare Demonstration Amendment #25. This would authorize Gov. Haslam to proceed with plans to use federal ...
ZenTrainer 03/30/2015 5 6 - -
Please Donate to NaNoWriMo, a Charity That Inspires Writers
★Please Donate ...
vlboyd53 03/27/2015 1 5 - -
We Mailed All Our FOIA Requests! #LetOurPoorPeopleLive #STDDs, Week 28
The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has made a difference in the ...
JoanMar 03/14/2015 75 51 2 -
Dear Rs: The Kraken doesn't have an off button. Ask Yor Folks In Tennessee.
Rs in Tennessee who have the responsibility of governing just discovered that when you "let loose the Kraken" (hint: last of the Titans) you are truly (what a surprise) unable to control the monster ...
ATexican 02/27/2015 11 22 - -
I was pulled over by the police, and feared for my life.
I'm a 40 year old white male, living in a sleepy southern city. I teach in an inner-city school in a larger city, so I get to see both sides of the issues between police and minorities. I always ...
Teacherman1978 02/24/2015 358 278 4 -
TN and Net Neutrality
Last week, I received a reply from Chuck Fleischmann, my "Representative" in the House, concerning my support for net neutrality. Much of it's the usual noncommittal "I'm taking this issue seriously"
RevBobMIB 02/24/2015 1 4 1 -
Koch-funded Tennesseeans aren't a part of Koch Brothers, because "They didn't get paid."
In a news story that is very insightful to the minds of many TEA-party East Tennesseeans (motto: "We don't care what we are against, as long as Obama is for it"), A couple of people from Blount ...
Teacherman1978 02/16/2015 11 5 - -
Nashville Blues
Welcome. This is the inaugural edition of Nashville Blues. As the clever name suggests (chosen because no one else seemed to have it) I intend that this diary should focus, but not be limited to, ...
programmer 02/16/2015 34 29 1 -
The F-84 series aircraft was one of the more versatile designs used in the 1950's. It first flew in 1946 and was the second jet fighter to enter mass production for the USAF. Built by Republic ...
scurrvydog 02/15/2015 14 13 - -
Tennessee just wasted a lot of money drug testing welfare recipients
Kids, your conservative representatives might be on drugs Tennessee's new policy of drug testing citizens who have applied for public assistance is going great!
Walter Einenkel 02/13/2015 97 82 2 -
Tenn. State Rep. Introduces Bill to Make Bible Official State Book | Essay
Text of Tennessee House Bill HB 615 And the third Dixie state comes on board with such a measure, because Dixie states have nothing better to do with their constituent’s tax money than slap all ...
Village Vet 02/11/2015 90 70 1 -
Koch brothers killed Medicaid expansion in Tennessee, and they're coming for your state
The GOP's CEO, David Koch Tennessee's Republican Gov. Bill Haslam spent ...
Joan McCarter 02/09/2015 94 110 2 -
My Appeal to TN Speaker of The House Beth Harwell
Our hopes for Medicaid Expansion in TN have been crushed. Thanks ...
vlboyd53 02/09/2015 12 13 - -
Victoria Jackson ain't no Al Franken
There's another SNL alum throwing a hat in the ring, running for public office. But not in the tradition of Al Franken, who's a serious guy (Stuart Smalley notwithstanding) and knowledgeable about ...
Land of Enchantment 02/08/2015 39 24 - -
Mississippi Republican switched to Democratic Party because GOP refused Obamacare's Medicaid
Former Republican Mississippi State Senator Tim Johnson is likely the tip of the iceberg. He gave a news conference on Wednesday where he stated that he will be leaving the Republicans. He joined ...
Egberto Willies 02/07/2015 154 219 5 -
Medicaid expansion killed in Tennessee
Gov. Bill Haslam Gov. ...
Joan McCarter 02/05/2015 68 46 - -
Christian minister opens Tennessee Senate with prayer to end Medicaid expansion
Oh, Lord! Please save us from reasonably priced healthcare plans! This is one of the strangest invocation and prayers you ever will see. June Griffin, a "longtime ...
Jen Hayden 02/04/2015 237 199 2 -
DKos Asheville: Open Thread
Good day and welcome to DKos Asheville. This is the weekly DKos Asheville open thread for Saturday, January 31st. We try to get together every weekend to share with everyone what we're all up to in ...
randallt 01/31/2015 19 16 - -
The Real Cost of Tennessee's New Pain Management Laws
In 2012 I moved back to the Chattanooga TN area from Colorado. I am an older (61) disabled widow. I support my adult son, who is also disabled. He has not yet been approved for his SS ...
vlboyd53 01/19/2015 193 136 1 -
I Am Asking For Your Help - No Money Involved
When I began posting diaries here, I decided to never ask for help. Several of my diaries have been about my personal fall into poverty, and the horrible struggle we have been living through. My ...
vlboyd53 01/18/2015 20 51 1 -
Encourage President Obama To Extend Overtime Pay
Robert Reich, Former Secretary of Labor, in partnership with Democracy for America, sent the call to action which I have included below the fold. I hate to admitt it, but I have never ...
vlboyd53 01/15/2015 1 2 - -
This is a very personal diary today. It deals with a topic that is near to my heart, because I am currently homeless. The path that led me here is a story that could belong to anybody. My husband ...
vlboyd53 01/04/2015 38 137 4 -
Little Jimmy Dickens
For any of us who grew up with country music, especially listening to the Grand Ole Opry, a giant has slipped from our fingers. Little Jimmy Dickens, a man of short stature, made the very best of ...
Yo Bubba 01/03/2015 27 16 - -
TN Woman Points Gun at Police; Taken Into Custody Without Incident
I couldn't decide if this a story about a "gun fail" or about white privilege or a story about the police that would likely have had a much different ending had it taken place in a black (or Latino) ...
n8vtnn 12/28/2014 58 186 3 -
A Red State Police Chief Addresses Protests - With Brilliance
The Metro Nashville (TN) Police Department (MNPD) is one of the 40 largest local police departments in the US, according to the 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies ; in that year,
wesmorgan1 12/28/2014 87 460 13 -
Tennessee's GOP governor proposes Medicaid expansion plan
Gov. Bill Haslam (R-TN) It looks like Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has gotten tired of all those maps showing Tennessee with ...
Laura Clawson 12/15/2014 27 15 - -
Morning Open Thread - The Otteray
Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread (MOT) We're known as the MOTley Crew and you can find us here every morning at 7:00 am Eastern (and perhaps sometimes earlier!). Feel free to ...
Joy of Fishes 12/07/2014 51 26 - -
GOP Staffer to Obama's Teenage Daughters: "Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar."
Follow me on dKos, friend. -- The major papers are picking up a story that a communications director for Stephen Fincher, Republican Congressman from Tennessee, has done the incredible and ...
therehastobeaway 11/30/2014 247 214 5 -
Dolly Parton and her 'lack of judgment'
Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. The fact that Dolly Parton has become such a beloved entertainer across so wide a spectrum of American audiences is a unique story. She is one of ...
Steven Payne 11/16/2014 318 378 6 -
BREAKING: Volkswagen To Recognize UAW In Tennessee
A common myth: the auto industry is dying. The reality: no, it's increasing employment but largely in NON-UNION assembly plants in the South owned by foreign companies like Mercedes and Nissan, and ...
Tasini 11/12/2014 144 308 2 -
Couples in 6th Circuit Loss Heading to the Supreme Court
Just in... Chris Geidner reporting from BuzzFeed News: Same-Sex Couples Heading To Supreme Court After Appeals Court ...
cooper888 11/07/2014 9 9 - -
It's a good year to be an immoral, scandal-plagued hypocrite
A man of strong values, if you ignore the having affairs with multiple patients and getting one pregnant and pressuring her to get an abortion part. You would almost think you could come ...
Hunter 09/20/2014 69 65 1 -
Transgender woman shot to death in north Memphis
Alejandra Leos was, by all accounts, a very kind woman. This is how family friend Melisa Smith described her, with tears coming to her eyes: You don't have a jacket? I'll give it to you. It was ...
rserven 09/07/2014 33 103 1 -
Violence Erupts at Tennessee Juvenile Center
The underlying problem here has been going on for years. The Justice Department studied the problem but went no further.
Superpole 09/04/2014 10 31 - -
My nickname was Bucky Beaver!
Long ago Bucky was my name, Bucky Beaver teeth led the way. Teeth too large for mouth Mouth too small for teeth.
people power granny 09/04/2014 6 6 - -
Fastest Internet in US? It's Chattanooga, TN, Thanks to Local and Fed $$$ (Ps. Big Cable Very Angry)
Yes, you read that right. Internet speeds as fast as 1 gigabit gigabyte per second are the norm in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee . Not the spot you might have predicted, would you. Certainly ...
Steven D 08/30/2014 111 357 9 -
Next red state up for Medicaid expansion: Tennessee
Joan McCarter 08/29/2014 32 35 2 1
Tennessee VW "UAW Local 42" So Successful Righty Is Freaking Out
There's a Union under that Tennessee roof - and it's freaking Righty out An update on the battle for an American labor movement in the 21st Century,
Reinvented Daddy 08/27/2014 58 232 5 -
Abortion-loving Republican wins GOP primary
Scott DesJarlais With the vote finally certified in Tennessee's Aug. 7 primary, state Sen. Jim Tracy has now conceded to Rep. Scott DesJarlais, who ...
David Nir 08/25/2014 83 39 1 1
The toddler drank espresso...
Some days ago, our 22 month old son, Jack, grabbed my (fortunately cooled) cafe' mocha, which contained FOUR shots of espresso, off the table and sucked it down... For everyone who has called, ...
Aviator Doc 08/21/2014 153 184 2 -
When the sound of a child crying is the sweetest music there is...
Perhaps those of you who work in medicine, or the helping professions can relate to this. When you work in an ER you get to see some strange things, some horrible things, and sometimes, some truly ...
Aviator Doc 08/12/2014 56 191 1 -
An open letter to the Tennessee Democratic Party
Where the hell are you?! (More below the fold)
Yellow Dog Dem Woman 08/09/2014 30 28 1 -
Tennessee State Judge Upholds State's Marriage Ban; Could Be First Ruling Like It Since Windsor
A Tennessee state circuit judge has ruled to uphold that state's same-sex marriage ban in a court case involving a divorce sought by a couple married in Iowa. The ruling only applies to the ...
librarisingnsf 08/09/2014 32 14 - -
TN-04: An embarrassment for the GOP either way
I can’t imagine a bigger electoral dilemma than trying to decide which Republican primary contender is more deserving of my schadenfreude. To wit, the results -- as yet incomplete -- in the TN-04 ...
gas28man 08/09/2014 16 38 1 -
Daily Kos Elections: Tennessee primary preview
Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander is the latest member of Congress to face a tea party primary challenge Voters in Tennessee go to the polls Aug. 7 in the nation's only Thursday primary (the state ...
Jeff Singer 08/07/2014 12 11 1 1
Nashville KosKats Meet-up. August 16th
So how about a meet-up at the lake? I know of 2 places. One is the Shipwreck Cove at the Elm Hill Marina. Kind of a floating restaurant on a barge serving typical bar food but with a great view. I ...
ZenTrainer 07/28/2014 14 9 - -
Anti-vaccine movement gains more victims
Anti-vaccine fears aren't just for vaccines anymore. The anti-vaccination forces are gaining new victims : In May, the Tennessean ...
Hunter 07/28/2014 398 336 2 -
Tennessee Democrats, Let’s Talk: It's Time to Kick That Crossover Voting Habit
As in other places, the Volunteer State’s open primary can be a blessing or a curse---which one it will be for the 2014 mid-terms depends upon the ability of Tennessee’s progressive voters to ...
Noelle Bivens 07/25/2014 17 14 - -
The Diary Of An American Hater & A Missing 16-Year Old Girl In Tennessee
Take a look at what homegrown hatred looks like full stop. This disgusting comment was made by Barry Dile about a missing 16-year old girl from Tennessee. An ...
Leslie Salzillo 07/24/2014 184 207 1 -
State of Tennessee Sued for Depriving Residents of Medicaid Coverage
The Southern Poverty Law Center has just filed a class-action lawsuit against the state of Tennessee claiming damages for several Tennessee residents who are suffering health problems because of the ...
liberaldad2 07/23/2014 110 274 4 -
On the horns of a dillema: Do I vote in the Republican Primary to unseat Stacey Campfield?
You may or may not recognize his name, but you have probably seen some of his extreme and crazy positions and statements over the years. Unfortunately, my State Senator, Stacey Campfield is a ...
bhouston79 07/15/2014 12 3 - -
UAW Strikes Back: "Local 42" Now In Tennessee VW Plant - May Be Future Of Labor
Their is a Union Local under that roof today Unions are dead. Long live labor unions. The Supreme Court has finally stacked the deck enough that the 20th century paradigm of union organizing can ...
Reinvented Daddy 07/15/2014 49 224 6 -
On Death and Dying
I have been driven to write this diary because of two diaries I have read within the past two days. The first was a kind of farewell to life by one Kossack, speaking for themself. The other was a ...
Bud Fields 07/13/2014 48 92 1 -
A TN couple is forced to divorce so that both can get insurance.
Tennessee Couple Larry And Linda Drain Forced To Separate After 33 Years To Keep Insurance The state of Tennessee refusal to expand medicare is hurting real Americans. In TN if your household ...
prettymeadow 07/12/2014 7 5 - -
Tennessee Republican family values in the Medicaid fight
Here's ...
Joan McCarter 07/07/2014 76 145 2 2
The Battle of King's Mountain: A Fourth of July Story
By early September 1780, General Charles Cornwallis had just defeated the Continental troops under the command of General Horatio Gates. Cornwallis was in the area of Charlotte, NC, but a ...
Otteray Scribe 07/04/2014 49 70 1 -
We Are Our Mountain's Keeper: The Fight for the Soil & Soul of Appalachia
West Virginia is no country for young men. Nor is it a country for old men, brown men, poor men or women. West Virginia is a country for rich men; men with no names and no faces who live far away ...
Virally Suppressed 06/28/2014 34 135 6 -
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: VA Medicaid, Presbyterian gay weddings
Vox : In March, WFAA reported on a recent Ku Klux Klan ...
Greg Dworkin 06/21/2014 88 40 - 3
TN-Sen/TN-Gov/TN-05: The next in dynasties?
The success of both of our nominees for state-wide office in Georgia, CEO Michelle Nunn, daughter of former Senator Sam Nunn, and State Senator Jason Carter, grandson of former President and ...
El Hombre Azul 06/16/2014 15 1 - -
Want Public Records? Let Us Search Your House
A man who says all he wanted was some public information instead got a visit from a Middle Tennessee sheriff. And he says the sheriff is going through great lengths to cover up alleged misconduct at ...
dadadata 06/08/2014 4 11 1 -
My climate change letter botched and butchered by our conservative newspaper in Chattanooga
A couple of weeks ago, I sent the Chattanooga Times Free Press a letter regarding climate change. It is right at 200 words, which is all they allow. They edited and redacted out the facts and ...
Sandy on Signal 06/01/2014 115 166 2 -
It's Memorial Day, not Mattress Sale Day
The salutation, "Happy Memorial Day," makes me cringe. The image below is what Memorial Day is about. This is Mountain Home National Cemetery, in Tennessee. Memorial Day was originally known as ...
Otteray Scribe 05/26/2014 100 104 2 -
Tennessee Delays Report Cards Because Can't Get Scores From Standardized Testing
Several areas around Tennessee, including Nashville and Knoxville, have had to tell parents to expect long delays in getting the final report cards for their students. For some counties, like Knox,
Teacherman1978 05/21/2014 4 9 1 -
Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander defends McCutcheon decision
Shortly after the McCutcheon decision, I sent my senators feedback about how disappointed I was in the decision, and urged them to support measures to reverse it. I didn’t think the responses I ...
RevBobMIB 05/21/2014 5 7 - -
Tennessee Republican compares Obamacare to the Holocaust, and means it
Oh, right. That guy . ...
Hunter 05/13/2014 186 164 2 3
Another Deluded GOPer says Yeah, but, see ObamaCare is So Too Holocaust-y
Sometimes I think the best thing for Dems in 2014 is to just let Crackpot GOP Conspiracy Cultists talk and talk and talk... because the more they say, they more insane they sound. Like this guy... ...
Frank Vyan Walton 05/13/2014 18 14 - -
Update on the "Hobby Lobby" Bible Curriculum for Public Schools
I hate using that name for it, but it is the one that attracts attention. If you are not up to speed on the issue, Steve Green (CEO of Hobby Lobby) sponsors a group called The Green Scholars ...
illinifan17 05/13/2014 5 8 - -
PPTS: May 4, 2014 The Battle For Reason (Part II)
" Progressive Politics:Tennessee Style " (PPTS) has been looking, for some time now, at " The War on the Poor! ". I have determined eight "battlefields" upon which a majority of this war, from my ...
Bud Fields 05/04/2014 1 - - -
TN Sheriff's Deputy who smiled while choking student unconscious is fired...
Sheriff's Deputy Frank Phillips,47,who was recorded choking a college student into unconsciousness, and then hitting him around his head, while several other officers were cuffing him, has been ...
old mark 05/04/2014 107 208 3 -
Update: VW has secured other offers out of TN & Haslam reneged $300,000,000 deal with VW over UAW
This story has been updated, see bottom of story for details. After negotiations went sour between Tennessee's Gov. Haslam and Volkswagen, Volkswagen warned they had other offers in alternative ...
Sandy on Signal 04/25/2014 251 408 5 -
Third World Health Care Documented by The Daily Show
And the Republicans can't understand why so many Americans are signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
Celtic Merlin 04/25/2014 6 3 - -
Drug-Addicted Mothers Need Treatment, Not Punishment
National Public Radio reported yesterday about a new bill in Tennessee waiting for the governor's signature that will make it a crime for women to give birth to drug-addicted babies. Though the bill ...
J Graham 04/22/2014 17 5 - -
Landmark Decision Transforms Tennessee Into Ground Zero for Whistleblower Protection
The April 4, 2014 decision by Tennessee's Consumer Assistance Program in cases 14000431-14000433 is reason to celebrate!
The Law Project 04/15/2014 23 4 - -
Marsha Blackburn finds your war on women rhetoric silly
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) went on Face the Nation today to do the dirty work for Republicans in an attempt to deflect well-earned criticism for their lockstep vote to deny women equal pay for ...
Steven Payne 04/13/2014 46 34 - -
Gov. Haslam & Sen. Corker got served!
Tennessee's Governor (Bill Haslam) and Senator Bob Corker, along with 22 other state and local officials have been served subpoena's for their inteference in the unionizing vote at VW plant in ...
voices carry 04/10/2014 66 444 3 -
Volkswagen considers adopting UAW and tossing out old election
Reports are circulating that Volkswagen is planning on accepting UAW in Chattanooga and tossing out the recent election of February 14, 2014, which was sabotaged by right-wing, anti-union groups and ...
Sandy on Signal 04/07/2014 189 439 3 -
Sunday Train: Koch Brothers Aim to Screw Tennessee Transit Riders & Motorists
In a move to squash the freedom and local political autonomy of Nashville residents, the Koch Brothers-finded Americans For Prosperity turn out to be supporting a proposed State of Tennessee law ...
BruceMcF 04/06/2014 56 80 4 -
CelticLassie has insurance!
Our CelticLassie was diagnosed with a malignant teratoma in the form of an endodermal sinus tumor at the age of seven months. It had grown so large that it ...
Otteray Scribe 04/02/2014 47 169 - -
TN-Sen: Lamar Alexander (R) Asks How Equal Pay Bill Makes Sure Men Aren't Paid Less Than Women
It's been a slow day of blogging and I had a busy day at work. But I figured I'd end the day with this:
poopdogcomedy 04/02/2014 8 22 - -
TN-06: See Amos Powers -Democratic Challenger to Rep. Diane Black- At Dem Candidate Forum April 12
Rep. Diane Black isn't exactly an ideal target for the Democratic Party. Her district, per Cook Political Report, has a PVI of R+21 and she first elected 2010 with 69.6% of the votes, taking over ...
BoxMachine 04/01/2014 2 5 - -
TN Gov. Haslam offered VW $300 million in incentives, if no UAW
On February 14, 2014, Volkswagen and UAW were set to join forces in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This would have been a historical event for the South because both the company and the workers wanted ...
Sandy on Signal 04/01/2014 52 169 3 -
Will Tennessee Republicans prove tomorrow that they have no free market principles on HB 1242 vote?
Many Republicans in the Tennessee General Assembly have been waging a war on themselves for awhile to prove that they really do not have free market/free enterprise/anti-regulation principles, or at ...
FreeMarkets 03/26/2014 3 2 - -
TN-07: Meet Credo Amouzouvik -Dem Challenger to Rep. Blackburn- At Town Hall March 25
Aside from the Wicked Witch of Congress (aka Michelle Bachmann), Renee Ellmers Fudd, Diane Black (no relationship to the late actress Karen Black) and Kristi Noem (last name not to be confused with ...
BoxMachine 03/23/2014 4 4 - -
Tennessee student schools the school board.
Offered without comment other than, please make it go viral.
Shakespeares Sister 03/23/2014 103 156 5 -
When you have lost someone, it seems like all you have are anniversaries. The date of their death is a sad day. Their birthday becomes a somber day. It is the anniversary of their birth and reminds ...
SisTwo 03/21/2014 44 42 - -
Tennessee attorney general: Bill banning union picketing is unconstitutional
Soon to be ...
Laura Clawson 03/20/2014 53 95 2 -
A Hard Rain Fell on the Soul: An Afghanistan Vets Story
In the following diary, I've attempted to bare my soul, in a cathartic attempt to share what it is to be a veteran in america. This is my own experience. There are points in this diary that are ...
docreed2003 03/16/2014 91 124 7 -
BREAKING: Marriage Equality begins for Tennessee
Federal Judge Aleta Trauger issued a preliminary injunction requiring the state to recognize the out-of-state marriages of three Tennessee couples. The ruling is limited to the plaintiffs, but Judge ...
fiddler crabby 03/14/2014 29 78 1 -
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