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Apollo 13 : NASA's Iconic Achievement
Tom Hanks' movie about the incredible success story that was the recovery of the Apollo 13 crew, was great. It's one of those movies that I hate to see when I'm flipping, because I'll compulsively ...
3rdOption 04/17/2015 98 112 3 -
☾ Partyin' Saudis - Likker & Hookers (in the basement...) ☽
While US corporate media is lionizing and mourning the death of Saudi Arabia's beheader-in-chief: "He was really quite (an) extraordinary figure. He was probably the most progressive and liberal-...
3rdOption 01/23/2015 18 19 - -
Codependent Progressives; Dobby in the Service of the Malfoys.
Some say a more populist Democratic Party will soon emerge. It won’t happen as long as these leaders and this system are in place. - Bill Curry, from via Alternet Virtually your entire ...
3rdOption 12/30/2014 52 18 2 -
Pres. Obama NEEDS A Republican Congress while he's a Lame Duck.
Just like Bill Clinton did. And when Clinton got one, he gave us: the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, and NAFTA The combination of which resulted in the meltdown of '08, and thus ...
3rdOption 12/12/2014 16 13 1 -
Another Republican candidate implodes by telling the truth (update x6, Chieftain video)
This time in a televised local debate, in front of an audience of interested voters and party loyalists. A spectacular fail, and I'm not exaggerating. "Legitimate rape", "Macaca", "47%", when we ...
3rdOption 09/10/2014 194 550 8 -
UPDATED! - The Democrats' big FAIL in Colorado.
Update at the bottom. 14:05 24 Sep 13 The big fail in Colorado, especially Pueblo, was caused by Democratic cowardice. Not lack of Democratic turnout. Democratic cowardice. There was a diary ...
3rdOption 09/23/2013 459 370 4 -
Updated: Pueblo, Colorado Recall: Voter turnout *didn't* cause loss.
UPDATE: Nope, it didn't. See the update with an unpublished PPP poll at the bottom of this diary... These facts refute speculation in other diaries posted today. Data from the Pueblo County ...
3rdOption 09/11/2013 72 14 1 -
CO Recall - A "collosal waste of taxpayer money" (w/ poll)
“Let’s just say I think this a colossal waste of taxpayer money,” one older man volunteered as his wife nodded. “We voted for (Giron) three years ago and she would be up for election next ...
3rdOption 09/06/2013 9 16 - -
Music Lovers: Kristin Chenoweth invites audience member onstage for duet. Awesomeness ensues.
Kristin Chenoweth, performing at the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Philharmonic, talked to a couple of audience members, asking them if they knew the song "For Good". She chose a female, who had ...
3rdOption 08/25/2013 103 190 6 -
Recalling Colorado Democrats Not Popular in CO. (new poll data)
A Quinnipiac poll published yesterday tells us that Coloradoans oppose recalling two Democratic state senators, while also opposing the gun laws which sparked the recalls. This is the first polling ...
3rdOption 08/23/2013 8 19 - -
Cutting Our Throats While Feeling Our Pain
"What’s the matter with Liberal Land? Why do they continue to support politicians who frequently work against their economic self-interest? Are social issues being used on liberals the same way ...
3rdOption 07/10/2013 7 4 - -
Edith sasses Archie over Big Gulps. (w/ poll)
Scarborough threw everything at Mika short of telling her to "Stifle it" on yet another unwatchable edition of "Morning Joe".
3rdOption 03/12/2013 2 1 - -
Good Cop/Bad Cop. That's wtf is goin' on.
If you look at what's been happening at the federal level of our government at least as far back as W's two terms, you've been wtf'ing yourself silly for over twelve years. You keep asking yourself, "
3rdOption 03/05/2013 47 19 2 -
DON'T FIRE McChrystal, relieve him.
This is the plan. McChrystal slaps Obama across the face in a way that *every* flag officer knows is inexcusable, unprofessional, illegal (by the UCMJ), and is guaranteed to instantly trigger the ...
3rdOption 06/22/2010 96 14 - 51
Bipartisanship, Centrism, and Corruption
Al Franken wins, and it's put Corrupt Democrats in a bind. They've just lost their "60 Vote" excuse for inaction. So it's time for Old Reliable to go on steroids; using "bipartisanship" and "...
3rdOption 07/07/2009 1 - - 21
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