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Help - need a 2014 "orange to blue" list!
I need help. Specifically, I need help directing my contributions. I get calls, emails and mail, but I know some of those are from candidates who are far ahead and don't really need more donations, ...
4fx 09/12/2014 25 2 - -
Orbital floor fractures - facts and speculation on Darren Wilson
If you're following the Michael Brown killing (and how many of us aren't?) you may have heard the latest allegation - that Wilson has an orbital floor fracture. Having seen comments in some of the ...
4fx 08/21/2014 64 99 - -
Breaking - early voting extended Orange County, Florida
Just saw this from AP via ABC - the judge ordered an extra day of early voting at the The Winter Park library site, a site that was closed for a while Saturday due to suspicious packages. Voters ...
4fx 11/04/2012 3 5 - -
Join My Challenge - I'll contribute up to $2012.00
I'm maxed out to Obama, but I feel it's important to keep giving - to ensure his election, to keep the Senate blue, to work to retake the House. In 2008, there was a diary suggesting contributions ...
4fx 09/16/2012 17 25 - 157
Ammunition: The Real Difference Between Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher
We've all heard a lot of rightwing garbage trying make the equivalence between Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher. There are a number of reasons why Maher's remarks (which I still condemn) were not even ...
4fx 03/15/2012 21 29 1 208
BREAKING - Hawaii station cancels Rush UPDATE
Since Thursday, I've been obsessively refreshing my news search for Rush Limbaugh and just found this Hilo, Hawaii March 5, 2012: New West Broadcasting announced today that it is discontinuing the ...
4fx 03/05/2012 161 424 3 2849
BREAKING: Another sponsor drops Rush
Just saw this from Citrix :Over the past day, we’ve heard from many great Citrix customers about our advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Show. These customers have expressed their growing concern ...
4fx 03/02/2012 29 65 - 546
Challenge Republican Women On Rush
News organizations should challenge all prominent Republican women about Limbaugh's recent disgusting statements. They should start with Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Olympia Snowe, Kay Bailey ...
4fx 03/02/2012 14 9 - 69
Contraception Rule - a comparison for opponents
The quotes are all over the news, how the moral Catholic church is being forced to pay to support something that goes against core beliefs. I offer some analogies: If the Jehovah's Witnesses ran ...
4fx 02/06/2012 16 13 1 105
Komen sponsor response - your opinion counts!
Think they don't read those "contact us" emails? Think again! Today I picked five companies off the sponsor list because I use their products, and sent my opinion via the email contact form. My ...
4fx 02/02/2012 14 30 - 219
Steaming Mad - Deceptive Signature Gathering! How to report?
I just came from a grocery store in Southern California where signature gatherers are asking shoppers to sign "to prevent the politicians from gerrymandering." Of course it is no such thing, it is ...
4fx 11/12/2011 20 13 1 140
Israel: What Did Reagan Advocate?
Would Reagan now be considered antisemitic? antiIsrael? Whatever your opinions on the right course, let's look at Republican hypocrisy. From Reagan'...
4fx 05/25/2011 11 4 - 64
Breaking - Mitch Daniels Out
This is a brief diary, but I just saw the posting on Politico - Mitch Daniels is not going to run. The reason given is his wife's concern. I can think of a few other possibilities of course - his ...
4fx 05/21/2011 20 12 - 185
No, of course race isn't involved...
I monitor the cesspool of FreeRepublic. They claim not to be racist. They claim their dislike of Obama has nothing to do with his race. Lately I've seen a surprising epithet for President Obama; ...
4fx 03/27/2011 6 3 - 122
Help! Judges for Los Angeles County?
I need help. I've been going through my Los Angeles County ballot, and am somewhat stumped on judges. When I google for information/recommendations, I get conservative and religious right sites that ...
4fx 10/19/2010 18 2 - 154
Ad proposal - make government shutdown an issue
Issues that knock your opponent off message are good, and the government shutdown idea seems tailor-made for a good embarrassing issue ad or specific ad. I'd love to see candidates pressed on ...
4fx 10/01/2010 8 1 - 32
How many chickens for your CPR?
Some pertinent facts, with some snark thrown in. We’ve all had a good laugh about Nevada Senator primary candidate Sue Lowden’s proposal that people pay for medical care with chickens ...
4fx 04/21/2010 32 8 - 15
Freepers go ballistic
With the Stupak press conference, the Freepers have completely lost it. Including advocating illegal/violent behavior. A sampling below the fold: Updating below with a few ...
4fx 03/21/2010 434 353 7 355
New GOP healthcare smear
They're insane. We know they're insane, and they'll use any lie they can to stop health care reform because they don't want Democrats to get the credit for passing a bill that helps ...
4fx 08/27/2009 20 10 - 3
Alhambra Town Hall - we turned out!
I was at Representative Adam Schiff's Alhambra townhall tonight, and I was proud to see a huge turnout of supporters of heath care reform. The event was moved from a library community room to the ...
4fx 08/11/2009 148 502 6 113
Debunkathon for Health care reform arguments
I monitor the freepnuts, and one of them just posted a list of "what's in the bill" giving page number and section citations. Of course the poster's "summary" of what each of those citations says is ...
4fx 08/09/2009 6 2 3 11
What's For Dinner - Sourdough Part 2
Yesterday’s diary dealt with obtaining and maintaining a sourdough starter, with a few odd recipes thrown in. Today’s diary gets to the heart of sourdough – sourdough bread. ...
4fx 06/28/2009 57 43 19 54
What's for Dinner - Sourdough Part 1
This will be a two parter. Part one covers obtaining a sourdough starter, and care and feeding of said starter. Because I can’t bear to see a “What’s for Dinner&...
4fx 06/27/2009 182 93 34 38
Forays into freeperville
Today's foray into freeperville is a truly disgusting descent. The freepi are once again obsessing about Obama's birth certificate, with nauseating additions. It's like a train wreck - one doesn't ...
4fx 06/14/2009 33 6 1 70
WHC Dinner and Sykes - An Opposing View
I am grateful to the diarist on the rec list for posting the video of the White House Correspondents dinner, and for many comments I agree with. I disagree with one aspect, and with several of the ...
4fx 05/10/2009 81 12 - 25
Atlas Shruggery
I encountered this quote about Atlas Shrugged a few weeks ago from Kung Fu Monkey “There are two novels ...
4fx 05/02/2009 724 470 35 382
What's for Dinner: Flatbreads and pan breads - FOCACCIA RECIPE FIXED
What’s for dinner (also for lunch, breakfast and snacks)? Bread, the easy version. Although I always loved to cook, when it came to baking, I passed – too fussy, too ...
4fx 03/21/2009 243 127 51 51
Freepnuts today - Grandiose much?
Like a few others here at Dkos, I have a perverse fascination for what the wingnuts are thinking, doing and saying. Today I hit the jackpot in an a ...
4fx 03/11/2009 51 15 - 25
The Rush Limbaugh strategy - Where next?
The Democratic party's exploitation of the Republican Rush Limbaugh problem has been hilarious and brilliant. Aside from watching and laughing hysterically as various Repubs go through contortions ...
4fx 03/06/2009 26 4 1 13
Freeptards - crazier by the day
I read them so you don't have to. And believe me, you don't want to, unless you have the same weird fascination I do for watching them rush toward complete meltdown. Their latest? Adulation for ...
4fx 03/01/2009 47 12 - 27
Michael Steele sounds nuts
I've just watched Stephanopoulis interviewing Michael Steele. Steele is claiming that projects funded by the government won't create jobs, because only business creates jobs. That because government ...
4fx 02/08/2009 77 20 - 13
Obama ad - I'm tearful
A short diary, but I just saw an Obama ad I hadn't seen before, and I thought it was great, an excellent "closer." It showed, as many ads do, pictures of Americans having a hard time - opening ...
4fx 11/02/2008 35 20 6 36
Bill Kristol - still deluded
Kristol has a column today that shows he is completely out of touch and deluded about what it would take for McCain to win. He ...
4fx 10/12/2008 21 6 - -
Phonebanking - need advice and encouragement
I am relatively new to phonebanking, and would love to have advice from those more experienced. I've seen some tips in diaries, but would like more. And especially for those rough patches. I ...
4fx 10/05/2008 30 13 - 1
Palin contradicts McCain's position
I saw this come across Americablog without links, and it's been spreading and has now been picked up by the ...
4fx 09/27/2008 19 16 - 6
Bob Lord just called me
For real, not a robocall. The candidate for congressman in Arizona O3 called, in person, based off an orange-to-blue contribution. He thanked me for the previous contribution, told me about his ...
4fx 09/25/2008 12 7 - 15
Repubs extending “disrespectful&rdqu​o; meme
On “This Week with George Stephanopolous” Carly Fiorino is arguing that any mention of John McCain’...
4fx 09/14/2008 25 2 - -
Will the Media cover the Big Lie?
The media have been skirting around the edges, starting to say that the Brigde to Nowhere line has been "debunked" or noting "significant evidence against it". This morning on NPR's Morning Edition ...
4fx 09/11/2008 8 4 - 1
McCain's cave and the Middle East
McCain has clearly caved to the Christian Right on the choice of VP. America should be concerned that if he caves to those in his own party that he's called "agents of intolerance," how can he stand ...
4fx 09/03/2008 9 - - 1
Who Vetted Sarah Palin for VP?
According to Max Blumenthal in the Nation , the pick came from Council ...
4fx 09/01/2008 48 35 1 59
Ayers footage used without permission, History Project demands AIP take ads down
The Ayers footage comes from a documentary, "The Weather Underground" produced by The Free History Project. The Project never gave permission for the footage to be used, and has demanded the ads be ...
4fx 08/26/2008 19 31 - 22
Unfreep this poll
The freepers are at it again, so if you feel like unskewing the Orange County Register poll on ...
4fx 08/16/2008 18 13 - 32
More fundraising scandal for McCain's bundler
A McClatchy article today highlights more questionable contributions bundled by Harry Sargeant, this time going to Charlie Crist in 2006. From the article,
4fx 08/10/2008 2 11 - 20
Response to latest "celeb" ad - my take
The second "celeb" ad cries out for a response, and to my mind, it should be based on McCain's lifelong disconnect from the financial problems of the average American family. It could come either ...
4fx 08/08/2008 6 1 - -
MSNBC highlights McCain's celebrity turn
Good for MSNBC! I was thinking of this as part of a response for the Obama campaign to the "celebrity" nonsense, but this morning I saw ...
4fx 08/06/2008 10 8 - -
Why are you wasting my contribution?
I've contributed through ActBlue in 2006 and 2008 to several campaigns. I want to see my contribution used for ads, for mailers to voters, for pizzas for phone bankers. I don't want to see it used ...
4fx 06/27/2008 25 5 - -
What they think of Jews at Free Republic - I read this garbage so you don't have to...
I periodically wander over and peer at the cesspool that is Free Republic. I know it's a morbid fascination, like a trainwreck that I just can't look away from. Tonight someone ...
4fx 05/12/2008 33 10 1 8
Townhall on McCain's Unsavory Connections
I read these sites so you don't have to. Free Republic just posted a Townhall article, "McCain Finds His Own Radical Friend" on McCain's relationship to G. Gordon Liddy. (The connection was posted ...
4fx 05/04/2008 16 6 - 10
More Huckabeeisms - What he thinks public schools should teach...
This is from an interview with CNS, published today. They were obviously looking for Huckabee to ...
4fx 12/28/2007 38 10 - 3
That Crazy Freeper Hypocrisy
AKA "We read Free Republic so you don't have to." Free Republic has been pushing the "war on Christmas" nonsense hard for a few years. I was vastly entertained today to see ...
4fx 12/20/2007 7 4 - 1
Huckabee: women's role in marriage is to "graciously submit"
Huckabee's opinion on gay marriage is out there, but we should also be publicizing Huckabee's opinions on heterosexual marriage. Specifically, what he believes about a women's role in a ...
4fx 12/10/2007 405 298 7 1973
Medically, what does the South Dakota bill mean?
4fx 03/06/2006 15 5 1 -
Government dictates to your family
4fx 02/27/2006 8 4 1 -
So. California screening of "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price"
4fx 12/07/2005 - - - -
Blanco vs. Bush on relief effort control
4fx 09/05/2005 11 6 - -
Anderson Cooper vs. Trent Lott
4fx 09/02/2005 15 6 2 -
George Allen's understanding of history
4fx 08/21/2005 8 6 1 -
Stem cells, Orthodox Judaism, and the National Review
4fx 05/28/2005 10 4 - -
An Open Letter to Bill Frist
4fx 03/20/2005 10 8 - -
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