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Kos Katalogue Blogathon: Malls? We doan need no stinkin' malls! We got each other!
I gave up on shopping in malls several decades ago. If you find me in a mall these days, it's only because I had no other choice (that's where the local Apple Store is in Ann Arbor, unfortunately, ...
Eclectablog 11/13/2013 14 47 1 -
The time for talk is over. It's time to get involved. Get Out The Vote (GOTV) starts this weekend!
Fired up! Ready to go! We've spent a LOT of time talking about this election but now it's time to take our conversation to the streets and Get Out The Vote (GOTV)! A recent Gallup poll showed that ...
Eclectablog 10/19/2012 48 132 - -
Koch Bros. launch $6.1 million attack ad against Obama, Obama campaign responds with the phrase "BS"
We're not taking this BS lying down This has gone crazy viral with over 100,000 185,000 views at Eclectablog so I thought I'd share it here, too.
Eclectablog 05/04/2012 188 653 14 3577
Enthusiasm gap right on your behind! 100+ activists turn out to opening of Ann Arbor Obama office
After several years of hearing how Democrats are demoralized and unwilling to get involved in politics and elections, an event in Ann Arbor showed that the so-called "enthusiasm gap" is slimming and ...
Eclectablog 11/07/2011 24 41 - 174
I still get goose bumps ...
I was looking around for political inspiration this week and nothing inspires me more than stories, videos, and photos of President Barack Obama doing the job we hired him to do. This past week ...
JanF 09/17/2011 56 39 1 294
PHOTOS: Obama in Detroit on Labor Day defies the laughable myth that his "base" has deserted him
Detroit's a special place. On Labor Day, it doesn't just have one labor union parade. It has two . Yes, in Detroit both the building trades union and the AFL-CIO both held simultaneous ...
Eclectablog 09/06/2011 603 331 4 2256
Finally, a pundit with a clue explains Obama to progressives
Many progressive pundits seem to be stuck in the past. They expect Obama to be another Bill Clinton. Even before the inauguration he was accused of being the next DLC conservative Democratic sell-...
Willinois 07/28/2011 1513 696 30 6610
Obama wows Ireland - 100K turnout in Dublin
"My name is Barack Obama, of the Moneygall Obamas, and I've come home to find the apostrophe we lost along the way." You can find clearer versions of the speech that Obama gave in College Green ...
Louise 05/23/2011 251 333 8 1842
Yeah, Okay, I Was Wrong
After the elections last November, I was all for running President Obama out of town on a rail. Oh, me of little faith!
Jon Stafford 05/10/2011 27 33 1 306
Kat's Obama Administration Report, 4/21/11
Hi, all. Today's report features the Race to the Top Commencement Challenge. - The President encourages all Americans to rate each of the six finalist schools in the 2011 Race to the Top ...
Kat 4 Obama 04/22/2011 5 17 - 38
Obama Townhall - Good Response Social Security
So Obama was asked a question about SS in his townhall and my ears perked up. SS is what worries me in these "bipartisan talks", much more than cuts to Medicare. The President and Democrats have ...
ai002h 04/19/2011 187 204 2 1380
ABC-Washington Post poll: SoaringĀ pessimism about economy
Much of the chatter will focus on ...
Jed Lewison 04/19/2011 131 18 - 288
President Obama gave a barn burner of a speech in Chicago
Watch below. I could not find a transcript.
LWelsch 04/16/2011 18 22 1 263
What the Republican budget plans tell us about Republican values
Wikimedia ...
Laurence Lewis 04/10/2011 155 86 17 617
President Barack Obama announces reelection campaign for 2012
In case any of you were wondering if President Obama was going to run for reelection, there is no more need to wonder, yes he is, and Yes he Can, WIN!!! Today the President sent an E-Mail to all of ...
David Phillips 04/04/2011 98 23 - 201
LIVEBLOG: Obama at Georgetown to Address Energy Security
Just a couple weeks out from the start of military operations in Libya, President Obama will address an audience at Georgetown University today at 11:20 AM EDT. Here's the announcement from the ...
Benintn 03/30/2011 33 9 - 141
An antidote to despair (photo diary)
I started my day yesterday in a bit of a funk. I had woken up early and was unable to go back to sleep, for the second night in a row. The first thing I did was check Twitter, where I read more ...
casperr 03/14/2011 35 81 3 493
YOU were supposed to have the Audacity of Hope
No great movement can overwhelm its opposition by gutting its own morale. We have the potential to be a great movement, even beyond what Obama led in 2008. In fact, we must become that movement, ...
Stephen Daugherty 03/04/2011 61 32 4 262
Kat's Obama Administration Report, 3/2/11
Hi, all. Today's report features: Behind the Scenes at "In Performance": Join John Legend behind the scenes with performers including Jamie Foxx, Sheryl Crow, Nick Jonas, Seal, ...
Kat 4 Obama 03/02/2011 4 13 - 69
Kat's Obama Administration Report, 3/1/11
Hi, all. Today's report features: POTUS & VPOTUS Address Governors: The President and Vice President speak to the Nation's governors about their plans to work with the states to ...
Kat 4 Obama 03/01/2011 8 17 - 50
Kat's Obama Administration Report, 2/28/11
Hi, all. Today's report features: Community College Summit Livestream: Watch it live this morning at 9 a.m. EST; the summit focus is ā€œTransitioning Adult Learners to Community ...
Kat 4 Obama 02/28/2011 5 14 - 53
A KosBusters! Help Series - Groups: Joining or Following; That is the Question
Have a question about the new DK4 Groups feature? You are not alone. This diary hopes to help with that, and answers a few basic questions to get you started.
OLinda 02/27/2011 69 32 5 360
Introducing 4more (Volunteers for Obama 2012): Organizing Early and Often
It was almost exactly four years ago, some time in February of 2007, when I showed up to a meeting in a rented church hall with a lot of like minded individuals from my community for the first ...
Femlaw 02/24/2011 23 39 - 170
Clarity on groups
I know this has been written about some here, but I'm still seeing some confusion. Just the other day I was explaining to someone about how I used to believe it was talking down to people to repeat ...
Julie Waters 02/19/2011 170 62 9 497
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