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Elon Musk announces his new Powerwall project - a revolutionary breakthrough or marketing hype?
Renewable energy has been making great strides the past few years, as the supply of photovoltaic solar cells has increased dramatically while the cost of those cells has also dropped considerably.
728huey 05/03/2015 72 31 2 -
Why The Interview may be the most important, groundbreaking film of the last 40 years
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past six months, you probably are well aware of all the drama going on at Sony Pictures involving a very sophisticated hack of their computer network,
728huey 12/25/2014 27 17 - -
World on fire...or if President Obama had listened to the right wing echo chamber
The scene...a war torn Syrian village in tatters. Thousands of people dead or dying in the streets, many of them women and children being brutalized by militant forces. Splinter groups fighting to ...
728huey 08/28/2014 5 1 - -
The extremist religious caliphate threatening the freedom of Americans
When I got home from work yesterday, I turned on NBC Nightly News, and their lead story was about the Sunni extremist religious group called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that has taken ...
728huey 07/01/2014 11 22 1 -
Favorite songs: Gun violence edition
Someone diaried last night about the lack of music threads on DKos recently, so I thought I's come up with one for people to ponder. Unfortunately, gun violence has become all too common in the USA,
728huey 06/12/2014 51 7 - -
Michael Sam drafted by St. Louis Rams
It took nearly to the end of the seventh and final round of this year's NFL Draft, but Michael Sam, the 2013 SEC co-Defensive Player of the Year from the University of Missouri and the first openly ...
728huey 05/10/2014 16 25 - -
BREAKING: Putin asks Russian parliament for military intervention in Ukraine
It appears the crisis in the Crimean section of Ukraine is amping up big time. Russian president Vladimir Putin is asking his parliament for authorization to use military force in Ukraine. ...
728huey 03/01/2014 37 10 - -
Banned from the Super Bowl: a look at commercials
We're only a week away from the biggest sporting event of the year in the USA, and while some wonder whether Peyton Manning will cement his legacy as possibly the greatest quarterback to ever play ...
728huey 01/26/2014 12 7 - -
Why Edward Snowden, Anthony Weiner, the Mayor of San Diego, and the Royal Baby can all shove it.
I was going to title this diary, "Why Edward Snowden, Anthony Weiner, the Mayor of San Diego, and the Royal Baby can all go to Hell!" but I didn't want people to think I was really having bitter, ...
728huey 07/29/2013 13 5 - -
So we went to war in Iraq to benefit...China?
According to the New York Times, it appears the biggest beneficiary of the post-Iraq War oil boom is China. China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom The article states that China is ...
728huey 06/03/2013 22 6 - -
About those overswamped Veterans and other government agencies
There's been a lot of news lately about the failure of some of our government agencies to perform their proper duties due to backlogs, incompetence, and sometimes even "scandalous" targeting of ...
728huey 05/27/2013 3 5 - -
Jon Stewart to take a sabbatical from The Daily Show
This just in: Jon Stewart is scheduled to be taking a break from his hosting duties of The Daily Show to direct a movie from a script he wrote. The film is called "Rosewater," which is adapted ...
728huey 03/05/2013 20 25 - -
God made a (Latino) farmer
There's been a huge amount of buzz and discussion taking place over the Dodge Ram Super Bowl ad that featured the classic radio voice of Paul Harvey addressing the Future Farmers of America in 1978 ...
728huey 02/06/2013 18 8 - -
Extreme weather update
Yikes! I'm not a huge fan of cold weather in the winter, but I hate extreme weather even more. Yesterday, my hometown of Rockford, Illinois, just 75 miles northwest of Chicago, was in the middle of ...
728huey 01/28/2013 7 13 - -
Favorite songs: End of days edition
Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably heard anything and everything related to the Mayan calendar prophecy which states that tomorrow marks the end of the world. Of course, ...
728huey 12/20/2012 39 7 - -
Musings and thoughts on the War on Thanksgiving
No one wants to admit it, except maybe the crazies at Fox News, but there really is a War on Thanksgiving. The holiday is supposed to be a celebration of the survival and bountiful harvest of the ...
728huey 11/14/2012 4 8 2 -
Why RGIII and the Redskins must win today
Hey all Kos football Fans. I think it's absolutely essential to show some love for Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins as they host the Carolina Panthers today. Our very future may ...
728huey 11/04/2012 25 3 - -
Update on Mitt Romney's "zinger" strategy
As we are now on the eve of the first Presidential debate, Mitt Romney is struggling to connect with voters and is trailing in the polls. So he plans on distracting and upending President Obama by ...
728huey 10/02/2012 14 9 - 272
Please don't vote for President Obama on November 6th...if you don't have to
OMG! Before you freak out and think I've gone to the dark side (GOP) and are trolling for Mitt Romney, I'm just stating that we should take advantage of the early voting deadlines. You can vote ...
728huey 09/27/2012 13 10 - 212
Favorite songs: Labor Day "We Built That" edition
My apologies to poligirl and her regular favorite music diaries, but since this is Labor Day weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to do a music diary celebrating this holiday dedicated to the ...
728huey 09/02/2012 44 12 - 153
And then they expect you to pick a career...
I was watching the nightly news a couple of nights ago, and I came across a segment which sort of bothered me.
728huey 07/08/2012 14 5 - 136
Our government is broke. Why don't you give up your 401(k)?
Since 2008 the economy has been in freefall. and thanks to the bailout of the big Wall Street banks, the auto industry, and high unemployment, the federal and state deficits have ballooned out of ...
728huey 05/06/2012 13 6 - 196
Thoughts on Rush Limbaugh, Jeremiah Wright, and Teachable Moments
I don't want to spend a whole lot of time talking about Rush Limbaugh and his utterly offensive comments towards Sandra Fluke; I believe this has been covered extensively in the mainstream media and ...
728huey 03/07/2012 4 3 - 43
Tony Blankley has died at age 63
This just in: according to the Washington Times, Tony Blankley, the former editorial page editor for that newspaper and the former press secretary for Newt Gingrich, died earlier today after a long ...
728huey 01/08/2012 32 11 - 581
My bold prediction for 2012
We're only a few days away from the first Presidential contest of the 2012 elections, and the GOP candidates have been feverishly campaigning all across Iowa to win the votes of the people in their ...
728huey 12/29/2011 16 4 - 106
The 4 Hour Workweek and Observations about Black Friday Madness
A few years ago I was going into a Barnes & Noble bookstore I attended frequently to check out some new reading material. (This was about a few months before the introduction of the Amazon Kindle ...
728huey 11/25/2011 3 7 2 82
#Occupy Black Friday
Just saw a post on the Occupy Wall Street site asking people to take some their efforts on OWS to use it on Black Friday. http://...
728huey 11/02/2011 7 3 - 67
Why I've had it up to HERE with all the 9/11 remembrances
Before I get people all riled up, I just want to say to anyone who was a survivor or family member of the victims of the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania, I ...
728huey 09/06/2011 12 8 - 112
Let the deadline pass without a debt ceiling agreement
After hearing all of the negative comments on this board and across the internet about how the US economy will go into a tailspin if we don't increase the debt ceiling on August 2nd, and how the ...
728huey 07/25/2011 34 6 - 135
Man buys $300,000 Texas house for $16; neighbors are upset
In a rare case of working people getting a good break, a story just broke out of the Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs in which a man bought a house in a wealthy suburban neighborhood for just $16.00. The ...
728huey 07/17/2011 272 142 3 2462
Japan wins Women's World Cup
Just finished. The Japanese women's World Cup team survives the USA onslaught and wins the final game 2 (3) - 2 (1) on penalty kicks after scoring a decisive tying goal in the 115th minute of extra ...
728huey 07/17/2011 60 11 - 207
Loving America, Imperfections and All
Today is Independence Day in the USA, the 4th of July, the day we celebrate our nation declaring its independence from the British Empire which created the colonies which would form this country. ...
728huey 07/04/2011 3 6 - 24
Why I see hope in the latest housing numbers
If you've paid attention to any of the news lately not involving pictures of a certain congressman's hidden but bulging private parts being posted on Twitter, you may have noticed that the housing ...
728huey 06/07/2011 9 5 - 100
What do we do in a post-Osama world?
When two American planes were hijacked by Islamic terrorists loyal to a former Soviet-Afghan war soldier named Osama bin Laden and crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center and two ...
728huey 05/05/2011 6 3 - 33
Getting the government we deserve
Yesterday was election day in a lot of states and municipalities across the country, and while some elections had extenuating circumstances with political reverberations that spread across the ...
728huey 04/06/2011 1 1 - 14
Why I'm pessimistic about the unions in Wisconsin
I really don't want to throw a wet blanket on the protesters fighting to keep their collective bargaining rights in the Badger state, but they are already at a huge disadvantage in shaping and ...
728huey 02/28/2011 2 1 - 43
In defense of Sarah Palin...sort of
Before everyone here freaks out and wonder why I've turned to the dark side or wonder what recreational drugs I have been ingesting into my body, I just want to say that in light of the tragedy that ...
728huey 01/12/2011 24 - - 54
Is America headed for permanent collapse?
This has been a tough week for progressive Americans, with the passing of a Democratic stalwart and the apparent capitulation of the President on tax cuts for the rich. And while I am not one to ...
728huey 12/07/2010 61 10 1 54
For God's sake, the sky hasn't fallen...yet
I watched the midterm election results like everyone else here did, and I was quite disturbed that the tea-party supported GOP took back the House of Representatives so handily while make a few ...
728huey 11/17/2010 6 12 - 18
A novel view on the future of outsourcing manufacturing jobs
As you all are aware, the Democrats took a huge drubbing in the midterm elections a couple of nights ago, losing control of the House of Representatives by a sizable margin while barely holding on ...
728huey 11/04/2010 29 3 2 237
November is NOT the Season of the Witch
Just announced on MSNBC: as expected, Chris Coons, the Democratic candidate for Senator in Delaware, is projected to cruise to an easy victory over his teabag GOP opponent Christine O'Donnell.
728huey 11/02/2010 20 7 - 37
Decision Points: Where's all the hype?
We're less than a month away from the release of the official memoirs of former President George Walker Bush, called Decision Points . The way the MSM has been covering the upcoming midterm ...
728huey 10/17/2010 2 - - 51
Holy crap! Rachel Maddow should be running the DNC
Maybe I'm using a little bit of hyperbole here, but after this absolutely enlightening segment on her show tonight, she has given any Democrat running for Congress, the Senate or state governorship ...
728huey 10/08/2010 238 380 6 142
Thanks a lot, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert?
About a week ago, both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced that they each planned to hold a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on October 30th; in Jon's case, it's his Rally To Restore ...
728huey 09/28/2010 24 8 - 32
Right wing distraction of the week
For who knows how long, the Republicans and their conservative supporters have been using scare tactics and distractions to keep people's focus off the important issues affecting them in order to ...
728huey 09/17/2010 3 1 - 27
Government is completely useless....until you need it
For about the past 40 years, the conservative right-wing of America has been railing against the size of government, claiming that there are far too many bureaucrats who do little to nothing of any ...
728huey 09/11/2010 10 9 1 30
"Ichabod" Jan Brewer and the Legend of Sedona Hollow
With apologies to Washington Irving, if Rip Van Winkle were living in Arizona and had fallen asleep in 1990, at the height of the Martin Luther King Holiday crisis, and woke up this year, he ...
728huey 09/07/2010 13 7 - 62
Commercial real estate: Is the other shoe dropping?
The residential real estate market has been plummeting since the global financial crisis of 2008, and the number of foreclosures in residential real estate continue to rise. But some economists ...
728huey 08/25/2010 22 17 - 55
Could foreclosed homeowners get their homes free and clear?
As everyone is aware, the foreclosure crisis in the United States is at its highest levels since the Great Depression, and it has kept rising, despite the efforts of the Obama administration to stop ...
728huey 08/22/2010 23 16 2 278
Pretty hate/distraction machine
Once again the news headlines are being dominated by ridiculous accusations initially spread by right wing and GOP operatives about President Obama's faith, especially in light of recent polls ...
728huey 08/21/2010 6 3 - 23
Bracing for impact: The May jobs report and GOP cruelty
Tomorrow the U.S. employment report for May, 2010 will be released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and while I hope that it will utterly shock and amaze us with much better than expected ...
728huey 07/01/2010 16 7 - 29
Tea party consultant spills the beans to Playboy magazine
Everyone here knows about Playboy magazine. Of course, we all read it just for the informative articles, right? Well, for once, there is a juicy article worthy of attention. It comes from an ...
728huey 06/18/2010 36 26 1 45
What President Obama didn't say last night - but needed to
Last night, President Obama held his first Oval Office address to the nation to update and discuss his actions on the ongoing disaster of the BP oilpocalypse. He informed us that he was working ...
728huey 06/16/2010 24 3 - 38
Immigration Reform: Sifting through the angry voices
As everyone knows, the State of Arizona recently passed an immigration bill which is draconian in scope and threatens the civil liberties of not only undocumented immigrant citizens but legal ...
728huey 05/01/2010 17 5 - 51
Holy crap! The Aral sea is almost completely dry.
Just came across a story from Nature showing how the Aral Sea in Russia, which was once the fourth largest freshwater body on the planet, is 90% dry.
728huey 04/04/2010 319 217 4 114
Observations on Media Punditry Bombast (by Generations)
A lot of people have made comments about how the mainstream media, the netroots, and even here at DKos have occasionally angered and/or turned off people from participating in creating a progressive ...
728huey 12/27/2009 7 - - 42
SNL takes on Sarah Palin
On last night's SNL episode, they aired a fake movie trailer about Sarah Palin's election in 2012 that was inspired by the bloated CGI disaster movie currently playing in theaters.
728huey 11/22/2009 205 22 - 171
Unseen victims of the recession
As everyone knows, this current recession has been harsh on the American people and small businesses alike, with jobs disappearing, foreclosures rising at a rapid pace, banks failing, and many ...
728huey 10/08/2009 2 1 - 25
Senator Ted Kennedy and the Generational Shift in Congress
With the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy this week, Congress has lost one of its most dedicated servants, and the American people have lost an icon. Eulogies have poured out from both the left ...
728huey 08/28/2009 13 1 1 34
CNN Fail: The Role of the Mainstream Media in the Social Networking Age
As most of the dKos readers know, we have seen an absolutely stunning confluence of events in this weekend's Iranian presidential elections and the aftermath which followed. Record numbers of ...
728huey 06/15/2009 17 14 - 153
Dead Mall Syndrome
Much has been documented about the current economic crisis and its effects on the overall economy including the loss of jobs, the large numbers of people losing their homes to foreclosure, and the ...
728huey 04/12/2009 52 31 1 48
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