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Please send these form letters to the 47
Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am resigning from my position as [Senator] with [United States of America]. My last day will be [your last day—usually two weeks from the ...
88kathy 03/11/2015 6 5 - -
47 Letters of Resignation
[How To Write A Resignation Letter]
88kathy 03/10/2015 5 7 - -
The Ever Changing Story . . .
First, an innocent mother teaching her daughter to drive was gunned down in her driveway.
88kathy 02/18/2015 9 9 - -
REVISED FOR CLARITY: Water conservation test question
What uses more water a small drip so the water is hot when you turn it on or running the water full-blast to get hot water? FROZEN pipes aren't an issue.
88kathy 02/16/2015 28 5 - -
ACTION - Ban Armor Piercing Bullets - ACTION
Hat Tip to TXConservative for the [heads up on this.] Send in your comments to the ATF now ---- ...
88kathy 02/15/2015 17 10 - -
They have no idea how to KEEP and bear arms
[Toddler wounds both parents with 1 shot from handgun] ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. mother's purse 3 year-old reached for an ...
88kathy 02/01/2015 17 18 - -
Are guns like cars?
This morning I happened to glance at this news flash on Yahoo. Death-proof cars? Study finds nine models with zero driver fatalities [link
88kathy 01/30/2015 87 8 - -
Extreme Chocolate Cake
Happy New Year. All Recipes dot com [for the cake
88kathy 01/01/2015 20 15 - -
Can a child demand a gun free place to live?
I saw this video complained about on Yahoo. It does bring up some interesting questions. The number of children being shot every GunFAIL diary is predictable and static. Can a child demand a gun ...
88kathy 12/23/2014 24 6 - -
We are getting ourselves a new Prosecuting Attorney
* Murder has no statute of limitations. * The Grand Jury did not invoke double jeopardy for a jury trial. * When we get our ducks in a row we will prosecute with a prosecuting attorney of our ...
88kathy 11/27/2014 31 24 - -
If you guys wanted to ID the Vote
I would contribute to that project. My friend here in Hawaii is 88 years old. She needs $40 to get her new Hawaii ID. She needs to furnish them with marriage certificates to a marriage she doesn't ...
88kathy 11/12/2014 4 3 - -
An Open Letter to Dear Young People
Voting is a muscle if not flexed it has no power. Voting is a muscle if not used it atrophies. So what if you vote for the wrong person. The important thing is that THEY know you elect people and ...
88kathy 11/09/2014 18 3 - -
Patricia Maher For Congress, you get Gun Control and so much more
The Patricia Maher For Congress, Democrat, NEW YORK 2nd District, recently submitted sent me this strongly worded Gun Control Message from her campaign. I have reprinted it here with permission and ...
88kathy 09/25/2014 3 4 - -
HRC did a bad thing. No one did a good thing though.
I am just pointing out that HRC, did the bad thing, I don't have anyone in mind that did the good thing HRC was supposed to have done. I don't even know what the good thing would have been. PS I am ...
88kathy 06/14/2014 14 2 - -
The FBI - what's it good for?
Hunter has been talking about it. The questions are starting to be asked. [Jerad Miller was at Bundy Ranch giving interviews
88kathy 06/10/2014 30 16 1 -
Interactive Gun Video - They just want my guns
All we are saying is get your heads in the game. Don't drift off on statistics. Don't drift off on hunting. Don't drift off on varmints. Don't drift off on politics. Don't drift off on blog games. ...
88kathy 04/18/2014 52 12 - -
So what would you think?
88kathy 04/11/2014 4 5 - -
Nice Pep Talk, a diary about nothing.
So in the olden days a volunteer was typing the minutes of our YMCA swim team meeting. She posted the minutes. Louie gave us a pap talk. Yep.
88kathy 03/15/2014 5 1 - -
Putting the KEEP in 'keep and bear'
My daughter just posted this nifty little gadget. It sells for from $225 to $475, there is an additional $75 annual fee. [The Gun Box ‘smart safe’ shipping in December, taking pre-orders (VIDEO)
88kathy 02/05/2014 34 9 - -
A dangerous mental lapse, oopsie, it happens all the time
The AR-15 semiautomatic had been left behind by model Lauren Tannehill, the wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. ------------ “Though dangerous if it would have landed in the ...
88kathy 01/16/2014 31 22 1 -
Medicare Here I Come.
I signed up for an HMO to handle my Medicare account. I got what I wanted, and I still have a lot of questions or stuff I don't want to think about. I don't pay anything, ZERO, nothing. So where do ...
88kathy 01/11/2014 20 7 - -
We Are All Newtown: Silence is not what we need now. Can we get this on TV?
[Mayors Against Illegal Guns want to put this on TV you can donate.]
88kathy 12/14/2013 32 36 - -
Mandela and Sixto Rodriguez
[Searching for Sugar Man] winner of the [link] "BAFTA Award for Best Documentary at the 66th ...
88kathy 12/06/2013 5 7 - -
Statistical Salad or Conceal Carry permit holders have less crime
They say that conceal carry holders in Texas have less crime, but calling for registration of gun owners, as required for conceal carry in Texas for example, would be fought tooth and nail as pre-...
88kathy 12/02/2013 159 16 - -
J. D. Salinger and Ayn Rand
J. D. Salinger was assigned, Ayn Rand was not. I read everything by both of them. I left Ayn Rand when she killed herself off in 'We the Living'. I remember thinking, 'then's what's the point Ayn'. ...
88kathy 10/28/2013 24 9 - -
3 Students 'winged' at Gun Safety Demonstration
[3 students hurt when cop's gun discharges at school safety demo,0,4940473.story#axzz2iefYnq6o] Students ages - ...
88kathy 10/24/2013 60 17 - -
Shutdown Smutdown, it happens all the time.
So I'm tooling around on Facebook. And I get hammered with, 'there have been 18 previous shutdowns since 1970' . What is this about? Here's the [USA Today article they are citing. http://www....
88kathy 10/15/2013 16 2 - -
Pass this bill or we'll shut down the Government
End the sequestration or we'll shut down the government. Pass this jobs bill or we'll shut down the government. Pass this farm bill or we'll shut down the government. Pass this immigration bill or we'
88kathy 10/01/2013 9 24 - -
Hey, Starbucks, we know the difference between Open Carry and a Gun Party
I got my reply from Starbucks Thank you for your feedback regarding Starbucks' policy on open carry laws. At Starbucks, we deeply respect the views of our customers and recognize that there is ...
88kathy 08/11/2013 82 18 - -
The Detroit ship is being scuttled.
These are zombies aren't in Detroit Zombie Town, but they look just like it.
88kathy 07/22/2013 29 5 - -
6 things you should know from Stop the NRA
Can you tell me what diary covered these subjects. 1. More Gun Deaths Since Newtown Than U.S. Troops Killed In Iraq 2. NJ's New Senator Wants To Take ‘Lethal Weapons Out Of Circulation’ 3. ...
88kathy 06/10/2013 10 14 - -
Say what you will about Kansas
I love the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library.
88kathy 05/02/2013 17 17 - -
We are sitting on a pile of 5,000 nuclear war heads, arguing about drones
Truman dropped 2 atomic bombs. But a drone, that would be wrong. The USA has enough weapons of mass destruction to kill everyone on the planet. What are people talking about. If we can't draw ...
88kathy 03/06/2013 73 13 - -
Force gun owners to argue Guns are Uncontrollable
My petition has stirred up much howling from the resident RkBAers here at dKos. They argue there many situations in which they could lose control of their gun. This lack of control could not be ...
88kathy 01/16/2013 46 5 - -
Fantasy - Biden's letter to Linn County Board of Commissioners
This is my fantasy letter for VPOTUS to reply to this drivel. "Politicians are attempting to exploit the deaths of innocent victims by advocating for laws that would prevent honest, law abiding ...
88kathy 01/15/2013 6 2 - -
It's time to Boom the White House Petition Site
After working our asses off, well mostly, your asses off, to get a second term, and we sit back and let the horses asses throw spit wads at the White House Petition web site. I'm embarrassed. I'm ...
88kathy 01/12/2013 23 2 - -
Everyone should KEEP their guns, or how a comment changed into a diary
Ok this is the way I look at it. There is you gun (0 / 0) You lost control of you gun. It is in the hands of someone one whose evil runs the gamut from a murder to someone who just wanted another ...
88kathy 01/06/2013 51 4 - -
Tsunami Warning in Hawaii
[Tsunami Warning in Hawaii]
88kathy 10/27/2012 61 23 - -
Run like Clint Eastwood is Gaining on You - Rawhide
I know it looks bad for the GOP now. They are the underdogs. The home team is taking a beating. They are in a tight spot. "My hair!" can be heard from all quarters. The Democratic party is ...
88kathy 02/28/2012 3 - - 51
I am sorry Dick Cheney 3 years of success don't validate 8 years of failure.
Dick Cheney you fought the Al Queada in the most expensive in life and treasure way possible. You are a rich man now and you presided over the unnecessary death of millions.
88kathy 10/03/2011 2 1 - 52
And The Winner is . . . The Newbery Award
John Newbery, a publisher in the 18th century, published children's books for the first time. Newbery sold children's books cheap and made his profit from a patent medicine. ...
88kathy 05/30/2011 10 10 1 72
And The Winner is . . . Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism
I was casting about trying to find an award to talk about this week when AdmiralNaismith published one of the best [best 100 lists
88kathy 05/23/2011 12 4 - 53
And The Winner is . . . Akutagawa Prize and the Yomiuri Prize
Two famous and generous, million dollar prizes, Japanese literary awards are the Yomiuri and the Akutagawa Prizes. My first question, how many of these are in English? I randomly selected Kaizu by ...
88kathy 05/16/2011 5 7 - 28
And The Winner Is . . . The Locus Index to Science Fiction
Two weeks ago I diaried the Hugo Awards. The Hugo is an award for science fiction. I didn't know the Hugo is not the only one. There are between 132 and 134 major awards for science fiction. I ...
88kathy 05/09/2011 20 16 - 133
And the winner is . . . The Diagram Prize
I know in these diaries I have mercilessly added to your reading list. Not only asking you to read the winners, but also the entire short list. Then when you have extra time on your hands, I plop ...
88kathy 05/02/2011 13 4 1 79
And the winner is . . . The Hugo Awards
You can vote for the winner. Members vote. You can become a [member]. There are several levels of membership. I am not sure which would allow you to vote. It looks ...
88kathy 04/25/2011 29 20 - 186
And the winner is . . . the Edgar® Awards
On Edgar Allen Poe's birthday, January 19, in 2011, for the 65th time the finalists for the coveted Edgar Award were announced. The winner will be announced April 28, 2011. They are going to honor ...
88kathy 04/18/2011 18 16 3 131
And the winner is . . . The Man Booker Prize
Ian Fleming didn't want to pay his taxes on his estate. He was dying young and still felt the need to protect his family. In England the taxes for artists are mighty and his friend, Jock Campbell, ...
88kathy 04/11/2011 22 10 1 115
And The Winner is . . .The Caine Prize for African Writing
The Caine Prize's nickname is the African Booker. Many here know and love the Booker Prize. Sir Michael Caine was the CEO or Chairman of the Booker prize from 1975 to his retirement in 1993. As a ...
88kathy 04/04/2011 5 6 - 36
And The Winner is . . .The OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature
April 2011 will be the first time the prize of US$10,000, sponsored by [One Caribbean Media], will be awarded. The short list for the [OCM Bocas Prize for ...
88kathy 03/28/2011 10 6 1 50
And The Winner is . . .The New Zealand Society of Authors Hubert Church Best First Book Award
Suppose a literary award was the only thing standing between you and a lobotomy. That's the way it happened in New Zealand in 1951. I first learned about Janet Frame watching An Angel at My ...
88kathy 03/21/2011 10 8 - 52
Meta Warts- Redirect Negative Energy to Republican Maggot Factory Instead of the Fly in Your Soup
You are depressed. Obama has a wart. You know what, I doubt Obama is skating without any criticism. So if you want him brought down, others will do that for you. You need only to sit back and ...
88kathy 03/20/2011 3 1 - 21
And the winner is . . . Commonwealth Writer's Prize - South East Asia and Pacific Quarter
The Commonwealth Writers' Prize is an ambitious prize. It awards £10,000 for the best book winner and £5,000 for the best first book winner. The finalists from a short list of 48, 12 in each ...
88kathy 03/14/2011 6 6 - 42
And the winner is . . . Commonwealth Writer's Prize - South Asia and Europe Quarter
My crystal ball of Kindle availability proved right for last week. Room by Emma Donahue (Canada) was announced the winner of her group and will be going to Sydney for the big winner party.
88kathy 03/07/2011 11 3 - 53
And the winner is . . . Commonwealth Writer's Prize - Canada and Caribbean Quarter
"The sun never sets on the British Empire." If you want to get through the finalist reading list for the Commonwealth Writer's Prize, that is a good thing. The Commonwealth Writer's Prize is ...
88kathy 02/28/2011 26 10 - 87
And the winner is . . . Commonwealth Writer's Prize - Africa Quarter
The Commonwealth Writer's Prize has the biggest scope of the major awards I looked at for this series. By announcing the finalists, I would think the Commonwealth Writer's Prize sells books. It is ...
88kathy 02/21/2011 7 5 1 55
Health Care Reform Debate LiveBlog-Shuttlepod 5
Please DON'T Rec this diary .. Rec the [Mothership] by Adam Blomeke This is the FIFTH shuttlepod diary on the health care ...
88kathy 03/21/2010 253 11 - 29
I'd like to see a Death Panel for Corporations
Why are we discussing Grannie Death? Why is this getting more than a snort? While we are defending Grannie's right to know the insurance corporations, and they are corporations not companies, have ...
88kathy 08/14/2009 5 3 - 2
[LIVEBLOG] Sotomayor Conf. (day 2) Hearings Child #4
DO NOT recommend this diary. PLEASE RECOMMEND the MOTHERSHIP diary [located here
88kathy 07/14/2009 258 1 - 21
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