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Where shall we have lunch?
We've seen so many restaurant owners thinking that they are Atlas, that they can shrug and Go Galt, and that we just can't do anything about it. We've seen businesses cutting hours to avoid giving ...
A Citizen 01/11/2013 10 12 1 -
Minnesot's same sex marriage amendment. According to the office of the Minnesota Secretary of State's office, the amendment to the Minnesota state ...
A Citizen 11/07/2012 6 7 - -
Don't forget the downballot races!
Before you step into the voting booth, make sure you have researched the downballot races. Not just races for the House and Senate, even the races way on the bottom of the ballot are important.
A Citizen 11/02/2012 2 2 - -
Guess which leftist said this?
Guess which radical leftist said that people ought to contribute according to their ability to pay? "The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support of the government, as ...
A Citizen 12/15/2010 28 37 4 86
Pat Sajak: Public employees shouldn't be allowed to vote
Pat Sajak, host of the game show "Wheel of Fortune", wrote a piece for the right-...
A Citizen 10/13/2010 145 43 1 122
Rosh Hashanah, Tea Party Style
I was visiting my parents in northwestern Minnesota, and was flipping through some of the local papers, when I saw this advertisement.
A Citizen 09/07/2010 93 29 - 99
DailyKos TV - On your TV?
DailyKos TV is a great website. But you have to watch it on your computer. What if you could watch it on your TV set instead?
A Citizen 03/07/2010 5 - - 23
The next great human speciation event?
There have been events in our evolutionary history where our ancestors took different paths that lead to us. Is it possible that we are at another of these branching points? Isolation of pockets of ...
A Citizen 08/09/2009 36 10 1 24
Mike Pence (R-IN) Doesn't care what the results of our meddling in Iran might be
Mike Pence, the Republican Representative for Indiana's 6th District was on Hardball last night, and let something interesting slip. He was repeating Republican talking points claiming that ...
A Citizen 06/20/2009 34 12 1 121
How was your Syttende Mai celebration?
Today was the 17th of May, or in Norwegian, Syttende Mai . On May 17th, 1814, the Norwegian Constitution was signed. It's celebrated both by citizens of Norway and by Norwegian-Americans. ...
A Citizen 05/17/2009 38 6 1 2
Credit card companies suck.
That's my assessment. They suck. They really just suck. Well, maybe you want some more detailed analysis. There's the credit card commercials where commerce is moving along like a well-oiled machine,
A Citizen 10/06/2007 69 11 - 2
List of companies refusing to buy ads on Air America
A Citizen 11/11/2006 317 216 33 45
The Future of the Electric Car
A Citizen 07/27/2006 54 10 - 5
Uncle Sam and the Porcelain Goddess
A Citizen 04/06/2006 3 3 - 2
A Holiday Poem for Bill O'Reilly
A Citizen 12/21/2005 4 2 1 2
Vagrants as terrorist threat?
A Citizen 08/22/2005 5 3 1 1
Pat Robertson calls for assassination
A Citizen 08/22/2005 8 3 - -
Tom Delay says Houston is as Dangerous as Iraq
A Citizen 06/22/2005 10 2 - 2
The GOP plays to win... and to lose
A Citizen 06/19/2005 3 2 - 1
Voting Rights Ammendment
A Citizen 06/01/2005 7 3 - 2
Limbaugh's Religious Hate Talk Blasphemes Religion, Interfaith Alliance President Says
A Citizen 04/29/2005 17 14 - -
Blogging is just a start
A Citizen 04/19/2005 3 - - 1
The Elephant and the Lion
A Citizen 03/25/2005 3 4 - 1
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