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The Dilemma of Today’s Liberal in the United States
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Benjamin Franklin This was Franklin&...
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/29/2010 14 5 - 42
I admit freely that I drank from the Democratic/Obama Kool-Aid punch bowl. The taste of that Kool-Aid has now soured beyond the point of drinkability. Make no mistake; the Bush/McCain/Republican ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 02/20/2009 20 - - 23
Liars and Promises
I spent some time with my eighty year old father yesterday. He is retired and spends much of his time watching the cable news channels. I never watch these channels or listen to the talking pinheads ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 11/24/2008 3 1 - 2
Keeping the Glimmer of Hope
Keeping the Glimmer of Hope Barack Obama is the president-elect. We now have a glimmer of hope. We might even become optimistic if given a chance. If the last twenty-eight years ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 11/11/2008 2 - - -
How Big a Clothespin?
How Big a Clothespin? It has been several months since I have posted in this blog. One reason has been the work that has been required getting the over 58,000 names posted in ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 06/22/2008 2 1 - -
How Many More Scandals in Reserve?
How Many More Scandals in Reserve? Last week's events seemed at first blush a very good thing that were long overdue. George W. "War Criminal" Bush had been PROVEN and ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 12/11/2007 6 3 - -
JFK and Thanksgiving: 44 Years Later
Thanksgiving this year falls on the anniversary of the assassination John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It was forty-four years ago in Dallas that the direction of this country was irrevocably changed. ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 11/22/2007 9 6 - 4
(They're Still) Running the World (on the) Eve of Destruction For What It's Worth
When I thought about writing this piece based on three protest songs (1. Running the World , Written and Recorded by Jarvis Cocker; 2. Eve of Destruction , Written by P. F. Sloan, ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 10/13/2007 17 12 2 1
Living Blue in a Red State Part 2
Living Blue in a Red State Part 2 I saw the following bumper sticker the other day that brought on an instant headache: I Support President Bush and Our ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 05/09/2007 7 1 - -
The House of Representatives passed a funding bill for the Iraqi War that included a timetable for withdrawal yesterday. Bush announced that any such legislation would be vetoed because he felt ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 03/24/2007 10 13 1 -
There is But One Top Priority
There is But One Top Priority If I were to list the top 100 things that need doing in America, numbers 1 to 90 would all be the same: GET US OUT OF IRAQ ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 01/23/2007 3 1 - -
Still Insane After All These Years
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." I have seen this quote attributed to both Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. No matter its true source, ...
A Proud AZ Liberal 12/29/2006 - 2 - 3
1984 Kool-Aid Drinkers
A Proud AZ Liberal 11/02/2006 2 4 1 1
I Never Thought I Would Miss Nixon......Then Again
A Proud AZ Liberal 10/17/2006 8 5 - -
Mark Foley, A Different View: A Misdirection Ploy
A Proud AZ Liberal 10/11/2006 34 7 - 31
A Proud AZ Liberal 10/09/2006 3 7 - 6
September 20, 1187 - Saladin begins the Siege of Jerusalem
A Proud AZ Liberal 09/20/2006 9 5 2 13
Rockey Who?
A Proud AZ Liberal 09/03/2006 1 1 1 2
American Exceptionalism = H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/26/2006 2 6 - -
Who is the most fascist like, al Qaeda or the Bush Administration?
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/18/2006 13 3 - -
The Current Generation Gap
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/16/2006 17 8 - 5
The (Un?)intended Effects of the "War on Drugs"
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/14/2006 25 15 - 10
In First Veto Bush Once Again Shuns Science
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/12/2006 - 1 - -
Bush Administration: Cries Wolf, Fires Police, and Hires Army; End Result More Terrorists not Less
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/11/2006 1 12 - -
Bush Says No to Supreme Court -- An ACLU Call to Action
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/10/2006 5 25 - 20
Living Blue in a Red State
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/08/2006 14 6 - -
What is a Proud Liberal?
A Proud AZ Liberal 08/07/2006 5 4 - -
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