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When we learned Charles Koch opposes Ayn Rand
Yesterday, Charles Koch announced a $200,000 ad campaign in Wichita, Kansas. The campaign is intended to advance the ideas of economic freedom and government overreach. It is not clear why Mr. ...
ABlueKansas 07/11/2013 109 25 - -
Kris Kobach threatens Kansas immigration protesters
What is a Kansas resident supposed to make of this? The immigration reform group Sunflower Community Action staged a protest this weekend at the home of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. The ...
ABlueKansas 06/17/2013 13 13 - -
"Beijing, because it can do this sort of thing"
The National Journal wrote a nice piece this week on Solar Energy's Sunny Future. I really did enjoy it. Push back against the Solyndra hyperbole, an argument in favor of increased investment in ...
ABlueKansas 06/02/2013 56 31 1 -
Human People vs. Corporate People in Texas and Boston
Laura Clawson is spot on. We basically have agreed that disasters like this are, as Kim puts it, "the presumed cost of living in a modern, industrialized economy." We should take disasters like ...
ABlueKansas 04/22/2013 37 58 1 -
Republican unicorn math in Kansas
I think it is important to investigate whether or not the Republican attack on education - school funding, testing standards, collective bargaining - is just an attempt to subvert an education ...
ABlueKansas 03/09/2013 9 9 - -
What will happen when Gen Y is the age of the Republican base?
When our generation is the age of the current Republican base, will we be even less likely to cooperate? We're already well-versed in attacking each other online and we are much more entrenched in ...
ABlueKansas 03/06/2013 2 - - -
My hope for Kansas
Governor Sam Brownback and his conservative brethren are on a mission. In his 2013 State of the State speech in early February, the Governor warned “watch out Texas, here comes Kansas,” in ...
ABlueKansas 02/24/2013 39 49 - -
Government waste! Political interference! Free market! And so forth!
Why do Republicans and free market advocates scream breathlessly about government picking winners and losers when it comes to new technology they oppose (for reasons that remain unclear) but have no ...
ABlueKansas 02/17/2013 3 2 - -
I guess it depends what you mean by subsidy
I read two stories that got me thinking about subsidies. One, a New York Times piece about streaming music, discussed new business models for the music industry after Napster destroyed the old ...
ABlueKansas 01/30/2013 1 3 - -
Kansas to consider opposition to wind energy
The legislature of the great state of Kansas, is preparing to consider a bill that would eliminate the renewable energy portfolio standard. The RPS requires investor-owned utilities in the state to ...
ABlueKansas 01/27/2013 102 134 - -
John Mackey wants sick workers handling your fruits and vegetables
Or, why shop at Whole Foods? When the CEO and founder, John Mackey, goes from calling the Affordable Care Act "socialism" in the Wall Street Journal last year to "fascism" on NPR this week to "...
ABlueKansas 01/20/2013 22 16 - -
Who wants to move a business to Kansas?
A Shawnee County District Court three judge panel ruled Friday that the Kansas legislature continues to violate the Kansas constitution by underfunding public K-12 education. The decision follows a ...
ABlueKansas 01/12/2013 7 7 1 -
Why isn’t Senator Heidi Heitkamp on the Energy Committee?
Or, what can Senator Heidi Heitkamp do for energy on the Agriculture Committee? Senator Heidi Heitkamp finds herself in an excellent position with regard to the creation of a new energy economy. ...
ABlueKansas 01/06/2013 18 2 - -
Dear Republican Leadership
Speaker of the House John Boehner did not deliver his home state of Ohio. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor did not deliver his home state of Virginia. Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan did not ...
ABlueKansas 11/06/2012 3 3 - -
It's not just the Cayman Islands for Paul Ryan
Jed Lewison's front page story this morning about Paul Ryan's comment that the "Cayman Islands "is the place you hide your money" caught my eye for a different reason. Rep. Ryan didn't just single ...
ABlueKansas 09/24/2012 1 7 - 92
If you want to know why the traditional media is dead, read this NYT piece
If you want to know why the traditional media is dead, read this article. Tax Credit in Doubt, Wind Power Industry Is Withering "A campaign wedge issue" "Galvanized Republicans in Congress ...
ABlueKansas 09/21/2012 10 12 - 201
Romney's sweet Bain deal
The Washington Post, among many other outlets, is now covering the special tax arrangements Gov. Romney and other Bain Capital employees enjoy. In particular, Gov. Romney and others were permitted ...
ABlueKansas 09/03/2012 3 4 1 51
There is a monkey with herpes running wild in Ohio!
I can't believe what's going on in this country.
ABlueKansas 10/19/2011 18 2 - 167
Obama has won Liberal, Kansas
How well will Senator Obama do on Tuesday evening? Will he win Virginia and/or North Carolina and we'll all be able to rest easy early in the night? Or will it be a nail biter, all of us waiting ...
ABlueKansas 11/02/2008 16 13 - 6
Obama supporters: the antithesis of Barack Obama
Hey Obama supporters, did you read Markos' post on Geraldine Ferraro's comments? If you have not and you are still ...
ABlueKansas 05/19/2008 196 7 1 25
Unitary Executive Line-Item Veto
So I felt I owed it to myself to offer President Bush the courtesy of watching his final State of the Union address last night.
ABlueKansas 01/29/2008 12 5 - 144
Stop Big Media
I'm not sure if everyone has seen this, but it is a great YouTube video linked apparently to a group that is trying to prevent the FCC from changing rules regarding media consolidation.
ABlueKansas 12/13/2007 2 3 - -
KDHE denies air quality permit (Sometimes we win one)
For some reason, this is really surprising to me, especially with all of the FISA/SCHIP/etc. news continuing to drag down progressives across the country and world. For those not following, ...
ABlueKansas 10/18/2007 8 10 - 18
Drop the shock and indigination
Who is surprised that Harriet Miers refused to even show up to state her name in front of the House Judiciary Committee? Anyone? Anybody? Let's do a Wolf Blitzer show of hands. Hello? Didn't ...
ABlueKansas 07/12/2007 7 2 - -
An Offer We Cannot Refuse
Someone has finally breathed new life into the Bush administration, and it has come for a most unlikely source: the Department of Defense. At last, an indication that someone on the inside is ...
ABlueKansas 05/10/2007 3 3 - -
What I Didn't Know About Lebron James
As many may already be aware, former NBA player John Amaechi became the first current or former openly gay NBA player. What I didn't know is that Lebron James is homophobic.
ABlueKansas 02/09/2007 58 6 1 10
KS-02: Nancy Boyda
ABlueKansas 09/18/2006 3 1 - 13
Fear on 9/11
ABlueKansas 09/11/2006 - - - 13
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