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The failure of Daily Kos
Daily Kos is a failure. Although it is a vibrant blog community, the logic of its founder has failed the test of political reality. The central assumption of Markos Moulitsas is simply unsound:
ANKOSS 08/05/2007 237 24 2 5
Mendacity meets reality: America hits the wall
As the irresistible mendacity of BushCo approaches the immovable wall of physical reality, we are about to witness a classic encounter between untruth and truth. Mendacity is the art that has ruled ...
ANKOSS 08/04/2007 14 15 5 136
The killing machines
Slowly and quietly, a generation of killing machines is being born in the laboratories of the American Military Industrial Complex. These robotic killing systems began as remotely-controlled aircraft,
ANKOSS 08/03/2007 6 3 2 2
What the Hell is going on?
Although I spend a great deal of time following the news online, I have been reduced to helpless frustration by the inability of our Congress to determine and/or explain what the BushCo gang has ...
ANKOSS 08/02/2007 48 10 - 2
Is DKos a reality-based community?
I used to think that this was a community of well-educated and fairly rational individuals, a respectable part of what a BushCo operative dismissively termed the "reality-based community," but the ...
ANKOSS 07/23/2007 101 6 - 27
The groundhog surge in Iraq
What will happen in September regarding BushCo policy in Iraq? Exactly nothing. Son of Surge will be unveiled as the talented General Petraeus requests time for yet another reconfigured, last-ditch ...
ANKOSS 07/13/2007 6 3 - 1
The Democratic Party Matrix
I've been asking myself what's wrong with DKos for a long time, and I have narrowed it down to the irrational denial of what the Democratic Party really supports. The prevailing view here is that ...
ANKOSS 07/12/2007 40 13 - 10
The Democratic deal with the devil
What the Democratic leadership fears most is that the disastrous administration of George Bush will end before the 2008 election and that a competent Republican caretaker President will take office. ...
ANKOSS 07/09/2007 10 11 - 1
Out of control
I am the Lizard King, I can do anything -- Jim Morrison Short of shouting this memorable declaration, Bush could not have demonstrated more clearly his unchecked power than ...
ANKOSS 07/03/2007 20 4 - 1
The arithmetic of defeat in Iraq
A few months ago, I observed that the insurgents in Iraq have much more room for improvement in their effectiveness than US forces, and this is becoming evident in the poor results of the current US "
ANKOSS 06/29/2007 25 13 - 135
The dawn of Big Brother Media
Thanks to their feeble experiments with blog posting, the US Mainstream "news" media have revealed their decision to fully decouple from public opinion and dedicate their resources to The Party, ...
ANKOSS 06/19/2007 8 6 - 2
Mad Max Iraq
For some time, I have been puzzling over the US insistance on Iraqi passage of the notorious "Oil Law" that grants petroleum extraction rights to US companies on highly favorable terms. What good is ...
ANKOSS 06/18/2007 14 4 - 3
De-legitimizing the mainstream media
The electronic broadcast media are the crucial tool by which the American plutocracy maintains control of the US Government. Since the 1950s, American elections have been won by expensive TV ...
ANKOSS 06/16/2007 26 13 - 6
Sopranos America
Sometimes the truth just whacks you like a bullet. We live in Sopranos America. The most popular television program is an accurate mirror of what makes America tick. Criminality is the residue of pre-
ANKOSS 06/13/2007 20 4 - 2
The Hand and the Fist: the existential dilemma of DKos
How can a group of people committed to principles of openness and honesty support another group committed to concealment and dishonesty? That is the question this diary explores, and the answer is ...
ANKOSS 05/30/2007 27 13 - 2
The steam-powered rigging of DKos
May 24 is a day that will live in infamy in the history of the Democratic Party. It is the day that the Netroots were told exactly how much power they have in the US political establishment: zero. ...
ANKOSS 05/28/2007 112 20 2 2
Support the rape of Iraq
SUPPORT THE TROOPS! That is the battle cry that defeated the cowardly democrats. It defeated them because it means you have to support anything that the troops have been ordered to do. Let's take a ...
ANKOSS 05/25/2007 9 2 - 2
The Placebo Party
A placebo is a fake drug. Interestingly, many people benefit from taking placebos, because it gives them hope. Today's funding of the Iraq war by the Democratic politicians who were elected to end ...
ANKOSS 05/24/2007 22 3 - 2
The Jack Bauer of extermination
I hear a lot about Jack Bauer. I've never watched "24," but I am impressed that this fictional character has legitimized torture for a majority of the American public. The propaganda machinery that ...
ANKOSS 05/23/2007 40 1 - -
Nader was right
Behold the Democratic majorities in the Senate and House agreeing to continue funding the war in Iraq. Nader said that both parties are owned by the corporations, and the corporations clearly still ...
ANKOSS 05/22/2007 270 29 1 17
Gonzales must be impeached
The notion that Gonzales will be compelled to resign through increasing political pressure is nonsense. Gonzales is the firewall behind which Rove, Cheney, and the whole sick BushCo crew are ...
ANKOSS 05/18/2007 19 17 - 22
Overload: Bush's exit strategy
The decision not to impeach Bush will go down in history as a fateful error, because it is likely that Bush will leave office just as a series of calamities strikes multiple sectors of American ...
ANKOSS 05/17/2007 35 20 2 19
Bush will fold on Iraq funding
Bush will not be able to force the Democratic majority in Congress to give him a blank check to continue the Iraq war. The Defense Department budget has vast sums allocated to high-tech defense ...
ANKOSS 05/09/2007 16 9 - -
The Iraq Surge will succeed by declaration
Given the consistent mendacity of the Bush administration, it is truly astonishing that political observers expect some kind of moment of truth to occur in August or September that renders a verdict ...
ANKOSS 05/07/2007 10 5 - -
Taking "on the table" off the table
Lexical fetishism is my term for the increasing prevalence of empty slogans and buzzwords in American political life. At first I thought that this ritualized repetition of meaningless words was ...
ANKOSS 05/04/2007 8 10 - -
Tyranny and treason
Under some circumstances, the rule of law must yield to the need for energy. So writes Professor Harvey Mansfield in the Wall Street Journal.
ANKOSS 05/03/2007 9 10 - -
Will the US military defend the Constitution?
Glenn Greenwald wrote a stunning and frightening blog article today on the naked claims made by Bush administration sympathizers that the US President should ignore the law to be a more effective ...
ANKOSS 05/02/2007 38 20 1 8
The Oil War of 2013
The Army has set 2012 as its target date for a force expansion to 547,000 troops, but Gen. George Casey said Saturday that he has told his staff to have the soldiers ready earlier.
ANKOSS 04/29/2007 29 16 1 13
The orange revolution in media
The color of the revolution in media is orange. When you see telephone workers unwinding a big spool of orange colored cable, it means fiber optic cable is replacing the copper wire in your ...
ANKOSS 04/27/2007 13 12 1 -
Victory vanishes from Roveworld
The usual Orwellian trappings were there. Huge "Plan for Victory" signs were all over the speaking platform at the Naval Academy on November 30, 2005. President Rove, wearing his GWB cowboy costume,
ANKOSS 04/25/2007 9 10 - -
President Rove pulls up the drawbridge
President Rove has commenced his final battle for political survival. By refusing to dismiss Gonzales and issuing fantastic claims about improving conditions in Iraq, he has cut the final ...
ANKOSS 04/23/2007 14 18 1 6
Taking madness off the table
Democratic politicians had no sooner congratulated themselves on giving up on gun control (so as to make progress on more important issues) when a deranged college student used a 9mm pistol to kill ...
ANKOSS 04/17/2007 68 9 - -
Will the rule of law prevail?
One would never think of missing emails as a tipping point in American history, but we appear to be approaching a crucial test of our nation. The crisis created by the incredible declarations of ...
ANKOSS 04/13/2007 4 4 - -
Bush restarts the Cold War
Not content with grinding up our armed forces and trashing the Constitution, BushCo has decided to restart the Cold War by making an in-your-face deployment of antimissile systems in the Czech ...
ANKOSS 04/11/2007 22 5 - 9
Blog addiction and the collective mind
Are you addicted to the blogosphere? This diary takes an affirmative view of the powerful attraction of the blog world, suggesting that the global growth of intensive blog participation is early ...
ANKOSS 04/10/2007 7 8 - -
Fighting for Decision in Mass Media Political Discourse
The metaphors of war are all around us in politics, but we have yet to apply the revolutionary concept of decisive warfare, introduced by the ancient Greeks, to the frustrating struggle between the ...
ANKOSS 04/09/2007 3 1 - -
McCain goes off the cliff
The funniest of the Road Runner cartoons is an episode in which Wiley Coyote skis off a cliff wearing a ridiculous snow-making machine laying a path of snow before his skis. The hilarity of the ...
ANKOSS 04/02/2007 37 18 - 10
"I now have an RNC Blackberry"
I now have an RNC blackberry which you can use to e-mail me at any time. No security issues like my WH email. So says Susan Ralston, Karl Rove's assistant, and Jack Abramoff'
ANKOSS 03/30/2007 159 287 8 24
America attacks the Rovian Virus
It is often hard to gain sufficient perspective on the panoply of squalor and scandal that is the last months of BushCo, but it appears to me to be best understood through the metaphor of a massive ...
ANKOSS 03/29/2007 9 14 - 139
The Demolition of the White House
A few years ago, I first used the phrase "assassination of the Presidency" to express the true significance of the installation of Bush, an animatronic non-entity programmed to do the bidding of the ...
ANKOSS 03/28/2007 13 18 1 5
Karl Rove's one percent solution
I confess that after reading thousands of pages of investigative reporting on Turdblossom, until the last few days, I had still not understood the overarching strategy with which Rove intended to ...
ANKOSS 03/25/2007 17 39 2 128
No one is safe
If David Brooks is a reliable indicator of hard core Bush authoritarian sentiment, an important tipping point has been reached. Mr. Brooks has finally discovered that there is no "honor" in the ...
ANKOSS 03/22/2007 19 14 - -
Rove's Nixonian twilight
With today's adamant and probably doomed attempt by Bush to protect Rove from questioning under oath, the final act begins for Karl Rove's strange recreation of the Nixon administration. Vietnam has ...
ANKOSS 03/20/2007 7 7 1 7
Bush's departure will not end US militarism
It is now evident to me that all the elements are in place for Bush to run out the clock until the end of his term, avoiding ending the Iraq war and being removed from office. BushCo understands ...
ANKOSS 03/19/2007 11 5 - -
The Resignation of President Bush
This diary makes the case for concerted action aimed at the resignation of GW Bush, President of the United States. In the past, Bush resignation demands have been viewed as futile gestures, best ...
ANKOSS 03/14/2007 52 24 4 9
How are the Democrats working out for you?
This is a Democratic political blog. Markos, to his great credit, has created and nurtured one of the most vibrant online communities in history. But DKos was and is a Democratic blog. So, to all ...
ANKOSS 03/14/2007 263 13 - 7
Impeach Gonzales and roll them up
The tactical problem with impeachment has been that progressives want to start at the top. Prosecutors have always found it more efficient to unravel criminal conspricies from the bottom up. By ...
ANKOSS 03/03/2007 7 9 - -
Letting Bush lose the war
The charge of cowardice is an easy one to throw at congressional Democrats for their failure to de-fund the war, but I begin to believe that there is a different motive at work. The reason bitter ...
ANKOSS 03/01/2007 26 8 - -
BushCo's mob control technology
Although some ambitious analysis has been devoted to the "framing" of Conservative political messages, little study has been done on the functional core of the BushCo PR machine. I believe that a ...
ANKOSS 02/28/2007 7 13 2 -
New York Times ignores theft of Iraq's oil
Today brings us a fresh "success" in the American plundering of Iraq. If you read the New York Times, you learn on the front page that the Iraqis have accomplished something worthy, the equitable ...
ANKOSS 02/27/2007 28 12 1 10
Senate Kabuki theater and the golden geese
So Democrats are queueing up another bill in the Senate to curtail Bush's reign of error. So what? They don't have 60 votes to avert a filibuster. They also don't have a veto-proof majority. A ...
ANKOSS 02/23/2007 4 3 - -
Americas sacred soldiers: a pernicious myth
I believe history will record that a major contributor to the decline of America at the turn of the 21st century was the rise of a cult of the soldier. This cult is not a simple militaristic ...
ANKOSS 02/18/2007 65 34 - 162
Losing the road network in Iraq
As Stirling Newberry observed some time ago, the American army in Iraq will be defeated if it loses control of the road network. Today's NYT reveals some disturbing statistics on rapidly increasing ...
ANKOSS 02/12/2007 9 13 - 1
China, Russia, and the danger of war with Iran
We know that Iran posesses a significant number of weapons that can strike US naval forces. Our navy has wisely decided to position some of its ships in the Indian Ocean, assuming that Iranian ...
ANKOSS 02/10/2007 12 10 1 -
Missiles and Music: Technology Whores at Work
What do missiles and music have in common in America? It is something very remarkable, something that is at the root of much of the enormous waste and folly that is rapidly robbing America of its ...
ANKOSS 02/09/2007 3 2 - 2
BushCo corruption crippling the Army and Marines
A funny thing is happening in the Iraq war, and it is exactly the reverse of the American experience in WWII. The Army and Marines are running out of equipment. I'm not talking about exotic, high-...
ANKOSS 02/07/2007 5 11 - 6
America is committing suicide
Watching the drift of America toward war with Iran is like watching a suicidal person slowly walk toward the edge of a cliff. The disturbed mind of the suicidal person sees no alternatives to self ...
ANKOSS 02/05/2007 100 22 1 4
Setting up Iran
Bush seems to be making headway in crafting a casus belli for war on Iran based on Iranian "attacks" on US troops in Iraq. Compared to the difficulty of faking thousands of tons of Saddam's WMD, ...
ANKOSS 01/30/2007 13 10 - 1
Cheney's precious synthetic "existential threat"
You can't keep the US military-industrial-complex running on low-grade terrorism and sporadic international crime. The billions and trillions generated by a high-tech war machine can only be raised ...
ANKOSS 01/28/2007 8 4 1 -
It's up to the US military to prevent war on Iran
When Bush picks up the phone to order airstrikes on Iran, the only people who can stop him will be the uniformed military of the United States. Congress won't be able to stop him. The people won't ...
ANKOSS 01/27/2007 38 3 - -
Street fighting in Baghdad
A few days ago, the ever insightful Stirling Newberry observed, on the Agonist Blog, that the Bush "surge" isn't really a new offensive; it is a desperate attempt to keep Baghdad under US military ...
ANKOSS 01/25/2007 55 10 - -
The future of dishonesty
Does dishonesty have a future as a major component of US politics? If you read the polls and look at the US Government's budget, the answer would be a big YES, but the long-term trends don't favor a ...
ANKOSS 01/23/2007 6 3 - -
Racing toward defeat: US defense corruption and its consequences
The recent successful test of a Chinese satellite interceptor weapon is an uncomfortable reminder of an invisible arms race that America is losing. While most of the world has been disracted by the ...
ANKOSS 01/22/2007 9 8 - 2
We are the deer in the headlights
Bush is frequently mocked as the proverbial "deer in the headlights" frozen into inaction by overwhelming fear and deep ignorance. But, faced with the possibility of a ruinous war with Iran, who is ...
ANKOSS 01/17/2007 15 3 - 5
What war with Iran means
When war comes with Iran, there will be two phases: the conventional high-tech war, and the follow-on asymmetric conflict. Both phases are likely to be risky and costly to the United States. A ...
ANKOSS 01/15/2007 8 5 - -
A military provocation primer
Let's say you want to start a shooting war with another country. Although the American public is militaristic and loves a good war on TV, it doesn't like to see its forces portrayed as aggressors, ...
ANKOSS 01/14/2007 12 5 - 2
Nation wrecking: a strategy for US dominance
The creation of failed states in the Mideast has typically been viewed as a highly undesirable outcome, but a theoretical case can be made for a deliberate policy of nation wrecking tied to the goal ...
ANKOSS 01/13/2007 23 7 - 9
But theriouthly folkths . . .
Let us bow down to the great God Seriousness. We are lectured, again and again by right wing gasbags that critics of the Bush administration lack a "serious" approach to the problems of global ...
ANKOSS 01/12/2007 4 4 - -
Impeach Bush before he attacks Iran
Anyone familiar with the tempo of action in Congress understands that impeachment proceedings must begin now if a war with Iran is to be averted. Knowledgeable observers are predicting that Bush ...
ANKOSS 01/11/2007 16 13 - 5
Lexical fetishism
Perhaps the most telling symptom of the general retreat from reality that has afflicted America in the Bush era is the rise of Lexical fetishism. What is a fetish? Here is the online Webster's ...
ANKOSS 01/10/2007 3 6 - -
Bush is the ticking bomb
Much is made of the "ticking bomb" terrorism scenario: a situation in which a terrorist in our custody has set a bomb to explode, but he refuses to reveal the time and place. This scenario is used ...
ANKOSS 01/08/2007 7 7 - -
Israeli threat invites direct transfer of nuclear weapons
The alarming report today of Israel's plans for a nuclear strike on Iran's nuclear technology development sites shows that Israel's hawkish government cannot see beyond the next military operation.
ANKOSS 01/06/2007 19 4 - -
How to end the Iraq war this year
It is puzzling to me that nobody has publicly explained the de-funding tactic that is sure to end the disastrous Iraq war in short order. This tactic neatly avoids the challenge of "not supporting ...
ANKOSS 01/04/2007 1 3 - -
The victors
It is a widespread delusion that the decline of Bush's popularity marks some kind of defeat for authoritarian militarism in the United States. But by every practical measure, the militarists have ...
ANKOSS 01/03/2007 2 3 - -
The forbidden zone: political malfeasance and respectful journalism
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as Aretha Franklin put it, seems to be the key to the mystery of why the MSM plays straight man to the comedians of the Bush administration. Today's tangled tale of misplaced respect ...
ANKOSS 01/02/2007 9 5 - -
Bush's theater of horror
There are too many unexplained coincidences in BushWorld. Today I consider the consistently horrible character of events under the Bush administration and seek an explanation. To give this ...
ANKOSS 12/31/2006 7 2 - -
Bush has flunked the Presidency
The best metaphor for Bush's Presidency is a flunk-out. Sure, he has been in the White House, worn the Presidential seal, and participated in ceremonies. He has pretended to do his homework and told ...
ANKOSS 12/30/2006 35 7 - -
The guilty silence of America
Where are the protests? Bush is preparing to escalate a failed war of conquest, and all we hear is faint mutterings from the "opposition" party, a party terrified of offending our sacred military. ...
ANKOSS 12/29/2006 7 1 - -
Waiting for Cambodia
It seems that nothing can stop the high-speed replay of Vietnam that we call the Iraq war. We are now getting the "surge" escalation that parallels the Westmoreland escalation up to 500,000 troops ...
ANKOSS 12/28/2006 6 3 - 6
Bush "Surge" sinks McCain
I believe that the destruction of the Presidential ambitions of John McCain may now be considered part of the collateral damage of the Iraq War. BlunderBush is intent in preserving a record of ...
ANKOSS 12/27/2006 12 6 - 3
There is no end to escalation in Iraq
Once we get on the Iraq escalator, we should understand that it has no end point. We will end up cluster-bombing Sadr City and killing the Iraqi soldiers we have trained. Once you accept escalation ...
ANKOSS 12/22/2006 - 2 - -
The impeachment ultimatum
By his recent statements, indicating that he intends to escalate the Iraq war - contrary to the wishes of the American people and the military leadership, Bush has thrown down the gauntlet. He is ...
ANKOSS 12/21/2006 6 3 - -
Democratic Party Militarism
You can call it DPM for short. Democratic Party Militarism is the ironic "reward" progressives get for taking control of both houses of Congress. It will be the DEMOCRATS who will shatter all ...
ANKOSS 12/20/2006 36 3 - 8
FriedBrooks, the two-headed conservative pundit geek
The public pundit face of "conservative" apologetics is the twin-headed geek called FriedBrooks. Although each head pretends to be an individual writer, simple analysis shows that they are joined to ...
ANKOSS 12/19/2006 4 4 - 3
America's mercenary poor
We have two kinds of mercenary armies in Iraq: the professionals, who are well-paid, ex-elite US military personnel; and the desperate kids who have been promised college money and and veterans ...
ANKOSS 12/18/2006 7 1 - -
Iraq is John McCain's war
Iraq is now John McCain's war. He has steadily advocated the policy that Bush is about to adopt: sending more troops to quell the insurgency. It is extremely important for progressives to tie the ...
ANKOSS 12/17/2006 2 5 - 5
Defranchising the pundits
Despite increasing evidence that people like David Brooks and Tom Friedman are simply fools, with bad judgement and no predictive powers, whose writing is demonstrably inferior to that of dozens of ...
ANKOSS 12/13/2006 7 5 1 -
Impeaching America
How does one impeach 20-30% of the American electorate? You know the ones I am talking about, the bloodthirsty militarists who think guns and bombs are the answers to most foreign policy problems. ...
ANKOSS 12/08/2006 11 3 - -
The viability of permanent US bases in Iraq
The fantasy world of the Bush administration is proving remarkably resistant to facts on the ground. It appears that Bush's refusal to withdraw from Iraq is connected to the notion that US forces ...
ANKOSS 12/01/2006 26 7 1 -
Fight or flight: the great pundit panic of 2006
The panic of defeat is throwing even the most seasoned members of the punditocracy into instinctive behaviors that are highly amusing when compared to their smug pre-election conduct. Like ...
ANKOSS 11/30/2006 7 4 - -
Reparations for Iraq
ANKOSS 11/08/2006 40 8 - 1
Iraq sniper videos: the camera is the weapon
ANKOSS 10/19/2006 14 4 - 10
In praise of nuclear weapons
ANKOSS 10/10/2006 42 2 - -
We are back in Vietnam
ANKOSS 10/01/2006 11 7 1 1
Welcome to INGSOC
ANKOSS 09/28/2006 8 9 - 5
Say goodbye to the Democrats
ANKOSS 09/26/2006 175 4 1 8
Our weapons want to be used
ANKOSS 09/22/2006 3 2 - -
Bush, Bossism, and spying at Hewlett-Packard
ANKOSS 09/20/2006 4 1 - -
The Regressive's Creed
ANKOSS 09/19/2006 3 1 - 1
Bush is a cornered criminal, armed and dangerous
ANKOSS 09/15/2006 45 29 2 8
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