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AR-Gov: Bill Halter's Bold College Education Plan
Remember Bill Halter, the guy those of us here in Arkansas and many of you in the netroots drafted to run against Blanche Lincoln back in '10? Well, he may have fallen just short in that valient ...
ARDem 03/19/2013 2 6 - -
Jonesboro's Police Chief Has History Of Racial Controversy
Let me start by saying this much-I live in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the town where Chavis Carter turned up dead in the back of a police car, supposedly having shot himself despite being searched twice ...
ARDem 08/14/2012 1 12 - 48
Updates On The Arkansas Cat Killing: Good/Bad/Ugly
Last week was a rough one here in Arkansas. For those that were living under a rock, the Democratic campaign manager for the Ken Aden campaign (AR-03) came ...
ARDem 02/02/2012 41 210 1 1430
Updates On Cat Killing In Arkansas
Some updates on the tragic killing of a Dem campaign manager's cat in Arkansas: First, as many have inquired, the Russellville police have opened up an investigation. As far as assigning guilt or ...
ARDem 01/24/2012 115 387 3 2925
Stand Up To Rightwing Terrorism; Support Aden For Congress!
By now most of you know the horrifying story of Gato, the cat who belonged to Jake Burris, campaign manager for the Ken Aden for Congress campaign in Arkansas. Sunday night, Jake and his young ...
ARDem 01/24/2012 8 18 - 62
Dem Campaign Manager's Cat Killed; "LIBERAL" Written On Corpse
This is a gruesome story and contains a link to an image that may be found to be disturbing. I won't post the pic in the diary but will provide a link. I've gone back and forth on the merits of ...
ARDem 01/23/2012 73 169 1 911
Republican Congressman Swiftboats Democratic Opponent-Hillarity Ensues
Democrat Ken Aden, running in an incredibly tough district (Arkansas's third), has apparently managed to do something no Democrat has ever managed to do against a sitting Republican in that district.
ARDem 11/04/2011 33 141 - 1135
Congressman Steve Womack Refuses To Talk To Father Of Missing Soldier
On May 8th of this year, a young soldier stationed at a base in Utah named Joseph Bushling went missing . Since then,
ARDem 10/03/2011 13 33 - 260
AR-01: Rick Crawford's Townhall Flop
Cross posted on Blue Arkansas. Earlier tonight [now yesterday], Rick Crawford held a “town hall” in Jonesboro, and of course I went with my ...
ARDem 04/29/2011 10 31 - 147
Our Congressmen Promised Not To Touch Social Security-Did Yours?
Remember last year when Republicans were running on the "scare grandma" platform? Remember how they went out of their way to pledge never to cut social security or Medicare? Well in Arkansas, we ...
ARDem 03/22/2011 6 8 - 52
Tim Griffin, Keep Your Slimey Hands Off Social Security
Cross posted from Blue Arkansas . Tim Griffin has been having “conversations” with the members of his district of late. To be fair, it’s not an ...
ARDem 02/20/2011 4 7 - 39
That Health Care Question Works; They Don't Want To Answer It
Here in Arkansas, I've been working my butt off trying to get repeal advocates, Republicans and the few Democrats alike, to answer one simple question, inspired by the national campaign Dailykos has ...
ARDem 02/08/2011 13 13 - 94
How To Launch A Successful Draft Effort-Lessons From Draft Halter
Last year, I had an opportunity to be a part of something I will never forget. I got to be part of a draft effort that shook up the 2010 election season, if just for the primary season, and ...
ARDem 01/26/2011 8 9 2 303
House Republicans Appoint A Criminal To The Judiciary Committee
Randall Prausa had no idea his right to vote had been infringed. At the time, he was fighting overseas in Bush's war, unaware that as he served his country the man who had lied to put him in harm's ...
ARDem 01/03/2011 12 22 - 125
This Week My Town Stood Up To Teabaggers
Last Tuesday there was a little town forum in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to discuss using federal funds to build a bike path through town. You'd think that such a thing wouldn't be controversial in this ...
ARDem 12/17/2010 262 460 5 414
Dem Senator Set To Side With Bigots On DADT/DREAM
With Dems like this, who needs Republicans. Pryor, who dodged my question entirely, now tells ...
ARDem 11/28/2010 67 74 1 142
AR-02: How Tim Griffin Supported The Troops
Republican Tim Griffin likes to run ads emphasing his own military service in his bid for Congress in AR-02. However, in his old gig at the ...
ARDem 08/24/2010 3 8 - 21
AR-02: Someone Ya'll Should Get To Know
ARDem 08/13/2010 8 10 - 32
AR-02: Joe Barton Buys His Candidate; Help Joyce Elliott Fight Back
By now, you are all familiar with Mr. Apologize, Joe Barton (R-BP). But have you seen just how many House races Barton ...
ARDem 06/23/2010 1 3 - 29
AR-01: Meet David Cook
For the longest time, I (and the rest of the Blue Arkansas community) have been feeling unenthusiastic about our choices in the AR-01 Democratic primary.
ARDem 04/22/2010 9 6 - 90
AR-01: Meet Tim Wooldridge-Worse Than A Lieberdem
What would you say if I told you that there's a candidate running for Congress who sits on the board of a group that blames gay people for "undermining traditional family structure" and claims that ...
ARDem 04/21/2010 2 9 - 109
AR-Sen: A Tale Of Two Campaigns
Things are really heating up here in Arkansas and the differences between Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter are becoming more apparent every day. And trust me, you guys have got to see and hear this ...
ARDem 04/08/2010 7 9 - 19
Halter Outraises Lincoln
This is awesome! After being in the race for a month, Bill Halter has raised over 2 million for sure, the exact figure is still waiting to be ...
ARDem 04/01/2010 22 35 - 53
Congressman Vic Snyder Targeted For Assassination
This is sickening. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder of Arkansas says a letter ...
ARDem 03/26/2010 92 83 - 133
AR-Sen: Halter Has Momentum-Help Him Win This Thing!
Reporting from the ground in Arkansas, it's becoming increasingly obvious that Bill Halter has massive momentum in the U.S. Senate race. But he needs our help to capitalize on it. Halter has shown ...
ARDem 03/16/2010 15 21 1 64
Bill Halter Touts Endorsements From Local African American Politicians
Here on the ground in Arkansas, you can feel the winds of change beginning to blow, and it's being felt across a vast array of communities. Bill Halter might not have support from the Arkansas ...
ARDem 03/05/2010 13 21 - 41
Bill Halter Is On Track To Raise 1 Million In His First Week-Help Him Get There!
Okay, those of us who were pushing this draft effort since late last year knew we were going to need a ton of money to go toe to toe with Blanche Lincoln. We knew there was a lot of excitement ...
ARDem 03/02/2010 47 27 1 199
AR-01: Democratic Candidate Served On The Board Of A Hate Group
I broke this story over on Blue Arkansas and I'm sharing it here to get the word out. A candidate for Congress from Arkansas' 1st District sits on ...
ARDem 02/11/2010 24 16 - 72
AR-Sen: The rumor is that Bill Halter is in...
Word is circulating around Arkansas fast that Bill Halter is about to pull the trigger on the Senate race. There's no confirmation yet, but this is coming in the wake of the facebook group's phone ...
ARDem 02/10/2010 66 38 - 42
Halter for Senate Phone Bomb Outstanding Success!
Today in Arkansas, grassroots activists called Lieutenent Governor Bill Halter's campaign office to encourage him to run against Blanche Lincoln. The action was incredibly successful, with people ...
ARDem 02/08/2010 22 39 - 46
Could someone help me with a health care question.
Have a health care question, or rather a question about the details of the House health care bill, and it relates to a Congressional race and a choice in the Democratic primary for that race...
ARDem 01/30/2010 22 7 - 21
Republican Troll Andy Sere Disses Potential Candidate's Military Service
Remember Andy Sere? The NRCC's regional press secretary who was all to happy to use gay ...
ARDem 01/18/2010 6 2 - 20
Official Draft Bill Halter Site Up and Running!
Finally, after much hard work and some hosting issues, the Draft Halter for U.S. Senate site is up and running. It's a simple site, but it provides ...
ARDem 01/12/2010 4 11 - 16
Draft Bill Halter On ActBlue!
Our good team on the Draft Bill Halter Facebook page got to work this morning telling ActBlue we wanted a Bill Halter draft ...
ARDem 12/16/2009 5 2 - 44
Let's Not Forget Lieberman's Lieutenant-Blanche Lincoln
Right now there's a lot of people that deserve our ire and rage over the death of the public option. Senator Reid, Rahm Emanuel, and, of course, Joe Lieberman jump to mind immediately. But while ...
ARDem 12/15/2009 6 7 - 49
AR-Sen: Lincoln's Incumbent Protection Racket Kicks In-Show Bill Halter You've Got His Back!
The Arkansas Democratic Party has a new add up praising Lincoln for her work on healthcare reform. I shit you not! They're not ...
ARDem 12/11/2009 18 15 - 73
Halter Seriously Looking at Challenging Blanche Lincoln
File this under the much needed good news file. It looks like Arkansas Lt. Gov Bill Halter may be getting serious ...
ARDem 12/09/2009 29 29 - 71
REPOSTED: Want to see what a REAL Arkansas Democrat looks like?
Since Kos was nice enough to provide a link in the post on AR-Sen I thought I'd repost this: Meet Bill Halter,
ARDem 12/03/2009 7 16 1 181
Draft Bill Halter Facebook Page
This is not my doings but I'm happy to promote it. A draft page has been launched on Facebook encouraging Bill Halter to ...
ARDem 12/02/2009 5 7 - 152
Question for activists: how do we change the Arkansas Democratic Party?
Okay, you guys have all seen how bad we Democrats have it in Arkansas...or rather, how bad some so called Democrats from Arkansas are. Part of that larger problem is the good ol' boy system we have ...
ARDem 11/24/2009 11 6 - 164
Want to see what a REAL Arkansas Democrat looks like?
Meet Bill Halter, my state's Lt. Gov and the man a lot of folks are hoping will shake up the Arkansas political scene, perhaps even with a primary to Senator Blanche Lincoln...
ARDem 11/18/2009 12 35 3 316
Marion Berry and Vic Snyder voted for us-now let's show them we've got their backs.
220-215. That was the vote count on healthcare reform. If three Democrats had shifted into the no column, the bill would have failed, President Obama and the Democrats would have been dealt a ...
ARDem 11/11/2009 12 4 - 125
I experienced a tiny dose of hate last night.
"Faggots go to hell!" Those are the words that were screamed at me and my partner last night as we left the fair grounds. Granted, compared to what others have seen and been through, compared to ...
ARDem 09/27/2009 215 403 5 42
Bill Clinton's Former Chief of Staff In Serious/Unfair Legal Trouble
As the name suggests, I'm from Arkansas. In this state, most people have pretty fond memories of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Bill's tenure in the Governor's Mansion. The Clinton years also ...
ARDem 08/13/2009 16 10 - 17
40 years since stonewall...from an Arkansan born long after the riots.
(Posted this over at Pam's House Blend and on Blue Arkansas . Thought I'd share here as well ...
ARDem 06/29/2009 3 3 - 14
Obama's Cairo Speech-My impressions
Ok, I just finished watching Obama's speech in Cairo and Youtube and wanted to share my thoughts. Now Obama is almost always excellent at the podium or on the stump, and this was no exception. It ...
ARDem 06/04/2009 4 3 - 12
The Man Who Could Take Down John McCain
Since Janet Napolitano went to Obama's cabinet and McCain announced (repeatedly) that he was running for reelection, Arizona has seemed off the table for us. This, being followed by Sebelius's ...
ARDem 03/07/2009 26 23 - 104
The Perfect Job for Hillary Clinton
First, let me explain where I'm coming from here. I'm an Obama supporter. I have been since he made it official, though I haven't touted it much and stayed out of the stupid candidate flame wars. ...
ARDem 06/07/2008 29 2 - 5
Obama Administration would "immediately review" potential Bush Administration crimes.
Just caught this, courtesy of, and it made my jaw drop. When asked "whether an Obama administration would seek to prosecute officials of a former Bush administration on the revelations ...
ARDem 04/15/2008 5 2 - 6
Conversation with Bob Nash:Hillary's Deputy Campaign Manager
Sadly, this diary won't be half as long as I'd like it to be. It's just a recording of a short, but insightful experience I had recently when Bob Nash (a long with a number of other former Clinton ...
ARDem 04/02/2008 29 15 1 4
Senate Democrats-Mark Pryor
Following up with my attempt to catalog the records and positions of Congressional Democrats , my next subject is the Jr. ...
ARDem 02/29/2008 29 7 - 31
Senate Democrat Blanche Lincoln
I've been wanting to profile members of our Congress that serve on our side of the isle for sometime now. The idea came to me after the whole FISA fiasco and I was looking over how my senators voted.
ARDem 02/27/2008 38 15 - 16
Ralph Nader has good ideas...and we should steal them.
First let me say that I am certainly not, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be, a Ralph Nader supporter. Now that you've all slightly lowered your guns, let me explain.
ARDem 02/26/2008 14 11 - 1
"For the last freakin time, he's not a Muslim!"
I'm supporting Barack Obama for president...but that's not what I'm writing about here. What I'm writing about here is something that all of us, I'm sure, is absolutely disgusting and could present ...
ARDem 11/11/2007 31 9 - 2
Just a pep talk.
The 2007-2008 cycle is shaping up, by most accounts, to be a bad cycle for liberals/progressives/whateveryouprefer. Hillary Clinton, someone who a lot of us in the netroots (myself included) have ...
ARDem 11/03/2007 1 1 - -
What a little wine and revulsion can accomplish.
I didn't sleep last night. Hell, I never sleep at night. Last night though I mixed a little wine into the equation to see if that put me under. It didn't. But it did give me an interesting blog ...
ARDem 05/17/2007 5 - - -
New friends of a different stripe.
It's been a long time since I posted a diary, but now that school's out for me I should be able to do so more frequently. I had originally intended to kick off my return to normalcy with an entry ...
ARDem 04/30/2007 25 3 - -
The Other Side's Horses
It's becoming more and more interesting to watch the Democrats posture for '08. But to be honest, I'm having more fun watching the Republicans. With Frist and Allen gone, a massive hole as been ...
ARDem 12/31/2006 5 1 - -
To Primary or Not To Primary
I'll state the obvious and say there's been a lot of fussing back and forth about Ellen Tauscher here as of late. Most of the arguing revolves around kos posting certain pictures, two of which ...
ARDem 12/19/2006 7 - - 31
Reflections on a changing South.
When I was growing up, I remember my parents talking about how my grandparents were living down the road from a "salt and pepper couple". When I asked what that meant, I was told that it referred ...
ARDem 12/15/2006 49 25 2 133
Hillary's Real Problem
First things first, I'm not a Hillary hater, nor would I throw myself in front of a truck for her. I like the lady, I really do. She was my first lady here in Arkansas where she did a lot of good ...
ARDem 12/14/2006 41 11 - 5
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