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Bernie Sanders on Last Night's Colbert
Seantor Sanders (I-VT) was on last night's episode of the Report. After seeing Obama on the Daily Show I was happy to see another strong progressive talking with Stephen. If you missed last ...
AUEagle 04/22/2008 21 17 1 15
There are too many snark diaries
There are way too many snark diaries. The amount of time people are spending on reading and writing these is horrible. We could be putting so much energy into the movement. Rather, we just ...
AUEagle 03/15/2007 181 5 - 7
CT-SEN: New Hard-Hitting Lamont Ad (w/poll)
AUEagle 07/02/2006 16 15 - 9
Texas Redistricting Case and Voting Rights Act renewal!
AUEagle 06/28/2006 6 2 - -
UPDATED!: Senate votes 66-34 on flag burning ammendment (W/ ROLL CALL)
AUEagle 06/27/2006 141 26 - 11
The Estate Tax. Don't EVER call it the Death Tax. + thoughts on Luntz
AUEagle 06/26/2006 15 5 - -
The Need for Information Security
AUEagle 06/18/2006 4 1 - -
DNC vs DSCC and DCCC, The DC Bubble (w/ Poll)
AUEagle 06/17/2006 13 2 - -
CA-50 Dean says race isn't over
AUEagle 06/13/2006 26 12 - 13
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