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The Case for Creationism
There are some things that can be known and other things which must be taken on faith, like science. Either you believe that or you do not, and both sides have equal standing. These postulates are ...
AWhitneyBrown 12/02/2012 139 286 7 -
James McMurtry & Me, Live On Your PC - Tonight at 8:45
If you don't know who James McMurtry is, he's a fantastic singer-songer and progressive activist. You might have heard some his recent songs, like Cheney's Tool, We Can't Make It Here, Choctaw Bingo,
AWhitneyBrown 01/15/2010 22 34 - 37
Yes On The Bill
I have been following this as close as a normal person should, and I think Howard Dean finally learned a lesson from Lieberman and decided to come out against the bill so they'd stop watering it down.
AWhitneyBrown 12/20/2009 50 24 - 34
Call Me Ishmael
With no apologies to Richard Cohen .
AWhitneyBrown 09/01/2009 22 46 1 35
Obama Health Care Plan Will Annex Sudetenland!
All these comparisons of Obama with Hitler scared me so badly that I just HAD to investigate it. Because it's just not possible that so many people with the exact same skin color as mine could be ...
AWhitneyBrown 08/07/2009 228 343 3 198
Michael, Marilyn, Elvis: Does the Work Stand Up?
This diary is not about Michael Jackson, since I didn't know Michael Jackson, there is nothing I can say about him with certainty, although that doesn't seem to stop everyone else. Instead, it's ...
AWhitneyBrown 06/26/2009 141 16 1 91
Breaking: Senator Lindsay Graham Switches from Straight to Gay
In a move that surprised very few, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham left the heterosexual community of which he is thought to have been a part for many years and announced that henceforth he will ...
AWhitneyBrown 04/28/2009 447 543 4 294
They Are Telling Us They Will Torture Again
And I think we better listen to them. If you haven't heard that promise in the arguments they're making, let me point them out, because that is what they are saying, very clearly. The latest ...
AWhitneyBrown 04/25/2009 456 723 9 116
Craigslist Killer Got Money, Sex, He Could Not Have Obtained Any Other Way
I am deeply concerned by this headlong rush to judgement against the alleged Craigslist Killer and his so-called crimes. Before we leap to any conclusions about whether his actions were legal or ...
AWhitneyBrown 04/24/2009 378 360 8 59
But Is Rape Effective?
Although I'm not one who has spoken out against rape before, and in fact, I may even have defended it once or twice, it looks the tide of public opinion is now turning decisively against rape, so I ...
AWhitneyBrown 04/23/2009 218 84 3 54
Remembrance of an Easter Past
And there came a time when a new governor was chosen among the people, and there was rejoicing among the multitudes, for the people were much oppressed and there was a great thirst among them for ...
AWhitneyBrown 04/11/2009 17 35 3 24
For Unity, Why Not Donate to the DNC?
I just did, and it felt pretty good. We all know that the DNC is just about broke, partly because it has been pushing all the money out the door to the states as fast as it comes in, and partly ...
AWhitneyBrown 06/05/2008 47 33 - 31
Al Gore Is Watching All of This
Who is the man known as the Goracle? Who is the man who won a Nobel Prize, an Emmy, an Oscar, and the Tennessee Amateur Bowling League Team Championship in the same year? Al Gore, of course. Who's ...
AWhitneyBrown 04/02/2008 98 75 5 17
Obama Supporters: Shut up and Win Something!
I was an Edwards supporter, and after Iowa I switched to Obama. My opposition to Clinton is nothing personal; I am rabidly against royal political dynasties. Can you name the countries that have ...
AWhitneyBrown 03/29/2008 64 29 - 13
Spoiler: America Is The New Phillipines (And Michael Is The New Omar)
What kind of country elects the wife of a former President to be the new President? The easy answers might include Phillipines ,
AWhitneyBrown 03/05/2008 24 22 1 8
My Caucus Experience (Updated!)
My caucus was scheduled to take place in a church that was desanctified during the secular re-awakening of some local sect of mono-theists. So naturally I got there early. It currently houses non-...
AWhitneyBrown 03/04/2008 98 181 5 25
John Edwards Has Had 6 Years To Make His Case
It was a good case John made. It spoke to me. I think he's right on the issues. Far more Americans are killed by our corrupt corporate overlords than have ever been killed by terrorists. And they ...
AWhitneyBrown 01/19/2008 122 24 - 17
An Edwards Supporter Faces The Hard Choice Coming
My candidate preference order has always been Edwards, Obama, Clinton, with a particular antipathy toward Senator Clinton. I really have never liked her much. I suppose it's because she's a woman, ...
AWhitneyBrown 01/17/2008 108 23 - 9
Letter To My Nephew - On Attending the AF Academy
My nephew is scary smart, a math and physics whiz, very athletic, handsome, and with an incredibly bright future. He's in high school now and is considering attending the Air Force Academy in ...
AWhitneyBrown 09/03/2007 18 46 4 22
Message to Values Voters: Craig is the Tip of The Iceberg
Wake Up America! This is a message to those voters, like me, who care about 'Family Values', to those who believe, as do I, that America is falling ever further down the slippery slope of semen ...
AWhitneyBrown 08/28/2007 44 25 1 -
The Real Reason Gonzales Resigned
In this unpublicized, hitherto secret hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, the true horrors of the Gonzales reign of terror are revealed. This video was about to made public tomorrow, and shows ...
AWhitneyBrown 08/27/2007 51 39 1 7
Oklahoma Floods: A Culture of Dependence?
All day the cable news networks have been showing helicopter rescues taking place in the flooded county of Kingfisher, Oklahoma. People are being plucked by State Police helicopters out of rising ...
AWhitneyBrown 08/19/2007 28 31 1 12
We Need Another Black Death
The world is going to hell in a handbasket, as everyone knows. Global warming, crushing debt, wars, occupations, terrorism, and moral decay assault us on every hand. Such things make me weep for ...
AWhitneyBrown 08/15/2007 273 122 2 4
I Still Support Our Troops!
Main Entry: Moral Part of Speech: adjective Definition: ethical 1. A rule or habit of conduct with regard to right and wrong or a body of such rules and habits. Concerned with ...
AWhitneyBrown 07/30/2007 206 29 - 112
Bush Reveals New Terror Threat
There is a new Enemy, as the Press Conference reveals! There will always be an enemy. There has always been an enemy. The enemy is terrifying. Sometimes the enemy changes, and yet the enemy has ...
AWhitneyBrown 07/26/2007 45 41 1 13
I Support The Troops
There! I finally said it. It's something that needs to be said, it seems that no one in American politics is willing to say it, so let the chips fall where they may, I'm taking a stand. For those ...
AWhitneyBrown 07/23/2007 367 178 5 152
The Archbishop is also a Primate!
NY Times October 7, 1991 Poland's Catholic Primate Visits St. Patrick's RTE News Sep 30 2006 Paisley to meet with Catholic Primate BBC 1 December, 1997 Polish Roman Catholic primate critical of ...
AWhitneyBrown 07/17/2007 37 19 - 19
The True Horrors Inside the Gonzales Justice Department
We already know about the obscene politicization of the Department of Justice under Abu Gonzalez. We know about document destruction, voter caging, selective prosecution of Democrats, delay and ...
AWhitneyBrown 06/20/2007 38 36 - -
Censored Press Conference Shows Bush Losing It
I just don't understand why these things don't get reported in the mainstream press. Sometimes I think if we weren't so rich, fat, entitled, and armed to the teeth with every kind of death dealing ...
AWhitneyBrown 05/31/2007 216 553 25 80
The BIG Question John Kerry Must Answer
AWhitneyBrown 10/15/2006 594 167 1 30
Denny Hastert is NOT Gay (and neither is his boyfriend)
AWhitneyBrown 10/13/2006 382 242 9 33
I'm a media myth, but my crazy roommate Is real
AWhitneyBrown 07/18/2006 305 262 14 57
Corrupt Blogger Shills Are Driving Me Away From This Site
AWhitneyBrown 07/13/2006 485 260 7 17
Lieberman To Keep Senate Seat Even If He Loses General Election
AWhitneyBrown 07/03/2006 245 454 6 80
Betting on the Un-manliness of the Iraqis
AWhitneyBrown 06/13/2006 38 23 1 7
Peter Beinart is Pathetic
AWhitneyBrown 06/08/2006 35 19 3 -
What the NSA is REALLY Doing?
AWhitneyBrown 05/11/2006 94 46 2 15
The Pressure of Representing the Left Wing Blogosphere is Really Getting to Me
AWhitneyBrown 04/17/2006 424 285 11 66
When Elected Representatives Post
AWhitneyBrown 04/06/2006 26 9 3 23
The Reconstruction
AWhitneyBrown 09/15/2005 45 34 1 -
Bush Baffles UN
AWhitneyBrown 09/14/2005 24 29 - -
It was racism that killed thousands.
AWhitneyBrown 09/06/2005 10 5 1 -
Division of Labor
AWhitneyBrown 07/27/2005 23 13 - -
Site Question: Front Page Code Errors
AWhitneyBrown 07/20/2005 10 1 - -
Someone didn't close a tag on the front page again
AWhitneyBrown 07/19/2005 9 - - -
Air America Radio Website Changes
AWhitneyBrown 06/30/2005 31 7 - 9
Fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here.
AWhitneyBrown 06/29/2005 53 19 - 24
Corrupt Democrats Play the Party Card
AWhitneyBrown 03/23/2005 24 8 - -
Who Will Rid Me of This Meddlesome Senator?
AWhitneyBrown 03/22/2005 24 2 - -
Unique Astronomical Event to Occur Sunday
AWhitneyBrown 02/04/2005 17 8 - -
I am now supporting the Iraqi resistance.
AWhitneyBrown 11/04/2004 99 1 - 17
Yo! Peep it out! Slambush!
AWhitneyBrown 09/22/2004 4 6 - -
Plausible Electoral Ties
AWhitneyBrown 09/22/2004 6 - - -
Kerry terrified of debating Bush
AWhitneyBrown 09/20/2004 31 18 - -
Letter to my Congressman
AWhitneyBrown 09/19/2004 7 2 1 -
Don't think of an Elephant
AWhitneyBrown 09/19/2004 16 6 - 9
Is Rumsfeld at it again? You bet!
AWhitneyBrown 09/10/2004 5 3 - -
Zell Miller and The Great Re-Alignment
AWhitneyBrown 09/02/2004 7 9 - -
New Swift Boat Ad
AWhitneyBrown 08/20/2004 15 6 - -
Powell as a Verb
AWhitneyBrown 08/09/2004 22 - - -
AWhitneyBrown 08/08/2004 39 - - 1
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