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AZ-SEN : Politico hack piece on Carmona is Rovian tactics' new low
If you can't win on policy, or accomplishments, or ... well, anything really substantive, what do you do? Especially if your opponent is a decorated veteran, respected hero with a made-for-...
AZ Independent 05/21/2012 9 15 - 127
The next logical step in the War On Women (TM)
As the state of Arizona slips ever toward the dark dystopia of Airstrip 1 and Orwellian Newspeak, I had time to contemplate (while its still legal, of course- no thoughtcrimes yet!) recent ...
AZ Independent 05/08/2012 10 8 1 62
What's up
Hi Kossacks. It's been awhile, no? Do you even remember me? That's ok- things have been busy lately, I understand. I've been pretty busy as well- juggling family time, mandatory unpaid overtime, ...
AZ Independent 04/26/2012 12 7 - 42
Arizona Republicans go nuclear in class war
Apart from the stories detailed by fellow Valley of the Sun-based Kossack Mother Mags about the Arizona GOP's 1) Efforts ...
AZ Independent 02/01/2012 19 22 1 161
Followup: Mega in miniature, UK citizen caught in US's "sites"
A piece related to my article yesterday about the MegaUpload seizure was just brought ...
AZ Independent 01/20/2012 2 13 - 88
MegaUpload goes down, who needs SOPA?
I have to make this short, but a big... no, HUGE development today: In one of the most massive copyright infringement cases in history, law enforcement authorities have shut down and ...
AZ Independent 01/19/2012 48 21 - 272
AZ Redistricting Approved
The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC), chaired by the "unsinkable" Colleen Mathis, has approved maps for the next decade. The maps vary little from the drafts proposed on 16 ...
AZ Independent 12/21/2011 8 19 - 106
Open Letter to Former Sen Russ Pearce
Dear Former Senator Pearce, (Caution, explicit language) F*#^& You, ...
AZ Independent 11/09/2011 4 5 - 72
UK's first privatized prison - operator literally loses the keys
O, private sector Gods, why have Ye forsaken me? - G4S Birmingham Prison inmates were locked in their cells for almost a full day after a set of keys fitting every cell door ...
AZ Independent 10/21/2011 1 7 - 67
AZ GOP goes to war against AIRC and voters
As I sat in the room awaiting my turn to coment, a visibly disturbed Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission chairwoman got up from her seat in the middle of a comment from an attendee, and ...
AZ Independent 10/06/2011 25 25 - 110
If anyone was wondering why the Navajo and Hopi will share a district:
Take a look at how the current representation in Arizona is representing them: U.S. Rep. Trent Franks urged a key House panel on Tuesday to support his bill to bar the Tohono O'odham ...
AZ Independent 10/05/2011 5 24 - 121
ACTION: AZ Redistricting- Speak now, or hold your peace!
Yesterday, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission voted in favor of newly revised maps on a 3-2 margin. The two Democrats sided ...
AZ Independent 10/04/2011 9 6 - 38
Six degrees of Socialism? RW bloggers are really reaching.
From the known-for-moderation Gateway Pundit : It�
AZ Independent 09/29/2011 9 12 - 111
How do you use social media?
Hi there, fellow Kossacks! If you don't mind, and have 5 minutes or so of time to spare, would you join me below the squiggle of doom for a few short questions about blogging and social media? ...
AZ Independent 09/26/2011 16 2 1 53
BREAKING AZ-SEN: Don Bivens is in!
Short sweet and to the point: Don Bivens is jumping in for the open Arizona Senate seat being vacated by Jon Kyl. He's the first prominent Democrat to jump in the race (though Carmona remains ...
AZ Independent 09/26/2011 13 11 - 88
Dave Schweikert (R-AZ): COINS will save us!
You know, sometimes I wonder if the Republicans in congress are even trying. Dave Schweikert, foreclosure vulture, disgraced Maricopa County treasurer, and all around guy-who-you-wouldn't-trust-with-
AZ Independent 09/21/2011 9 4 - 85
Solidarity! I missed the memo
I'm going on a limb here, and asking that followers of APA Kos join in solidarity with the great DK Boycott of 2011 until next Sunday. The Asian/ Pac Islander community here must deal with the same ...
AZ Independent 09/12/2011 22 6 - 261
Jon Kyl disrespects Americans on 9/11
Jon Kyl, the Senate Republicans' #2 man. Jon Kyl, Arizona's junior Senator. Jon Kyl, avowed "patriotic American." The same Jon Kyl who said Obama would come close ...
AZ Independent 09/11/2011 11 20 - 204
Why San Diego went dark- the secret Achilles Heel of America [ACTION]
I wanted to follow up on The Orchid's post from yesterday about the power outage ...
AZ Independent 09/09/2011 175 266 7 1959
In which, American Thinker outs the Republican War on America
The Republican War On America - let's trademark it. Why, you ask? Because of this... horrifyingly ...
AZ Independent 09/07/2011 14 15 - 95
Woman ordered to leave job, or get sued
This is interesting. Mrs. Angela Dominguez accepted a new job with a towing ...
AZ Independent 08/31/2011 37 24 - 318
Phoenix elections results in: A mixed bag
Yesterday, August 30th, Phoenix voters went to the polls to pick a new mayor as well as five council members (out of eight). Well, the results ...
AZ Independent 08/31/2011 5 9 - 94
Arizona AG Horne challenges Voting Rights Act (Updates)
In another show of how Republicans just don't want _you_ to be a voter, Arizona Attorney General Tom "banned for life from the SEC" Horne has done it again: Arizona Attorney General Tom ...
AZ Independent 08/25/2011 18 15 - 150
Private Prison update: "We will go into litigation if we have to"
Just a quick update on a story/diary/article I wrote a week and a half ago about ...
AZ Independent 08/24/2011 8 16 - 123
Your iPad wants a tax break
I figured this might be as good a time as any to get my thoughts out on this matter. After Apple surpassed Exxon-Mobil as ...
AZ Independent 08/22/2011 23 1 - 137
Fed up with the move to a left Red State
Listen, fellow Kossacks- I've not been here as long as you have. And maybe this is the medication and pain talking. But I'm sick to my stomach about how this "community" is coming along. I came ...
AZ Independent 08/18/2011 36 16 - 210
The Republican party - McCain v. Tea Party, by proxy
The race for the Mayor's seat in Phoenix, Arizona is shaping up to be something of a proxy battle between the two wings of the GOP. On one side, you have the establishment "old guard" comprising ...
AZ Independent 08/15/2011 3 4 - 42
"If this area had a Scottsdale ZIP code, we wouldn't be holding this meeting tonight."
Understandably, Goodyear, Arizona resident Barb Julien is frustrated . ...
AZ Independent 08/12/2011 33 95 - 884
Sen. Blunt: To reduce FEMA spending, don't declare as many disasters
This will be short, but to the point: Sen. Roy Blunt's solution to "out of control" spending at FEMA for disaster relief?
AZ Independent 08/11/2011 19 13 - 85
Arizona dam in disrepair- another example of our decay
"Most of the dams are built for a 50-year life, which, in theory, means at the end of 50 years you've reached when they no longer serve their purpose,"
AZ Independent 08/11/2011 36 44 - 414
"Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim..."
I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but here goes. I was listening to SiriusXM's POTUS channel this morning, and the host had an interview with Sen. Alan Simpson. In a way, it was almost ...
AZ Independent 08/10/2011 2 - - 57
Oldy but goody: Obama bans fiscal trickery c. 2009
I figured I would post this, lest we all forgot how much Bush the younger had us all bent over WAY prior to the Fall 2008 collapse: Obama Bans Gimmicks, and Deficit ...
AZ Independent 08/09/2011 6 10 - 39
AZ Redistricting witch-hunt continues: Cooperate or else
The Arizona GOP has succeeded in getting the Arizona Attorney General's office to investigate the ...
AZ Independent 08/05/2011 5 14 - 52
PHX anti-union councilman to be investigated by AZ Atty General
Phoenix, AZ councilman Sal DiCiccio is in the news again - for all the wrong reasons. An investigation into the way a Phoenix City Council member used his city e-mail account has been ...
AZ Independent 08/04/2011 8 14 1 56
AZ SoS (R) is coming for Arizona's guns!
Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett (R), is spearheading an effort to collect the last of Arizona's guns at the State Capitol complex. Why would a Republican take on this issue?
AZ Independent 08/03/2011 6 7 - 99
Awesome-sauce: Kyl says Obama is trying to destroy military
Arizona Senator Jon Kyl decided to let his hypocrite/stupid flag fly today. "Can you imagine anything more irresponsible than for the commander in chief of the military to promote, not ...
AZ Independent 08/02/2011 24 8 - 138
"You're white" - My story about white-washing and my identity
I wanted to share with the community a story - my story - on finding "who" I am, my family's history, and how it has changed my life. I'm going to start this story at about where I started on my ...
AZ Independent 08/01/2011 100 116 1 630
The extradition of Avtar Grewal, and South Asian Domestic Violence
It was reported here in local news that Avtar Grewal would be returning to the ...
AZ Independent 07/28/2011 6 2 1 35
Congressional Republicans ducking constituents?
So far, I've seen two other incidents of Republicans' office aides that "can't speak" for the congress critters. Apparently, the Congress Critters think WE, the American people, don't deserve to ...
AZ Independent 07/26/2011 11 10 - 93
ACTION: Arizona Congressional Delegation Contact info
If we all don't let our representatives in DC know where we stand, we have only ourselves to blame if they act against our interests. Encourage EVERYONE you know to call or write. Arizona ...
AZ Independent 07/26/2011 11 3 - 28
My contribution to BS Meta of the Moment
I seem to be reminded of a particular rallying cry when I see these pie fights occurring. United we Stand, Divided- We Fall It's safe to say that we are all disappointed ...
AZ Independent 07/22/2011 8 6 - 65
Victim of Embezzlement? You're now "questionable"
Greg Stanton is a candidate for the Phoenix mayor position. He's also the lone "moderate" in the race. As I'...
AZ Independent 07/21/2011 3 5 - 86
AZ-SEN : Is Don Bivens in? Who the heck is he?!
Last night as I was washing dishes- and my wife and daughter were enjoying Dora the Explorer - my cell rang. I was hoping it wasn't someone too chatty, because I had some crab fishing to ...
AZ Independent 07/20/2011 36 13 - 138
Pearce challenges recall- heads to court
Russell Pearce, the first state legislator to be recalled in Arizona history, has filed a legal challenge as a last ditch effort to hold on to his power at the State Capitol. It seems that the GOP ...
AZ Independent 07/19/2011 5 16 - 119
Thia Megia - 'Who Says', a beautiful, empowering moment
Last night, I had the privilege of attending the American Idol Live Tour. It was, in itself, an amazing show with amazing talent. But one singer - and one song - stuck with me last night. It struck ...
AZ Independent 07/18/2011 1 - - 21
Question: why are veiled insults OK? - Solved.
This is going to be a sucky diary. Just a forewarning. Here's my problem: In interacting with different people on this site, I come across plenty of backhanded insults: Comparing a commenter/author'
AZ Independent 07/18/2011 56 3 - 256
APA Kos: The White House and Asian/Pacific American outreach
APA Kos boiler plate and Seal of Approval™ APA Kos is a group for exploring issues that affect the Asian/Pacific American community. Themes such as APA history and ...
AZ Independent 07/15/2011 9 2 - 55
Sheriff Joe's "nukular illegal" FAIL
Apparently, an undocumented immigrant was arrested after working at the Palo ...
AZ Independent 07/14/2011 4 22 - 206
APA Kos: Introduction, Call for editors, Open Thread!
Hi there Kossacks! I'd like to introduce to you an idea that has been rattling around in my mind for the past few months. That idea is APA Kos, a group for the discussion of the issues important to ...
AZ Independent 07/14/2011 13 7 - 103
Russell Pearce recall set for Nov. 8!
Great news! Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has set the recall date for recalled SB1070 author Russell Pearce. On Friday afternoon, the Secretary of State's Office certified there were enough ...
AZ Independent 07/13/2011 2 15 - 57
ACTION: AZ GOP redistricting power grab!
I just got an email from Andrei Cherny of the AZ Democratic party. Here are the highlights: Republicans and Tea Partiers have been organizing protests at redistricting commission ...
AZ Independent 07/12/2011 10 13 - 99
Mining on the High Seas - an introduction to conversation
Since verasoie has written a great writeup about the recent rare-earth find by Japanese ...
AZ Independent 07/08/2011 10 5 - 45
Recall target complains of anonymous cash; Is conservative?!
Sal DiCiccio, a conservative (Republican) member of the officially non-partisan Phoenix City Council, is facing a recall threat. One of the big efforts behind this threat is a little non-profit ...
AZ Independent 07/06/2011 1 12 - 141
DailyKos is like getting the news early: Phoenix local edition
This is going to be somewhat short, and really a plug for why local races (and the new group Virtual America ) matter here at the DK. ...
AZ Independent 07/05/2011 6 9 - 93
New alloy produces electricity from heat
A new alloy has been discovered that could add efficiency and new power generation opportunities: A new alloy with unique properties can convert heat directly into electricity, ...
AZ Independent 06/23/2011 61 19 1 299
Phoenix creates 8,000 jobs, the right way
I found this little tidbit this morning: City leaders and airport officials said the (ed: sky train) extension will ensure that passengers have rail access to and from all three ...
AZ Independent 06/17/2011 10 18 - 118
AZ Leg sets up "I Didn't Pay Enough" fund, hilarity ensues
When you try to pull a political stunt to make a point, try to make sure it won't backfire on you and make you out to be exactly the dimwit you are: Fed up with people complaining that ...
AZ Independent 05/25/2011 8 14 - 194
In which, Obama is lectured in "reality"
Just a bit of daily outrage: He ( Netenyahu ) then proceeded to lecture the American president in the Oval Office on the realities of the Middle East.
AZ Independent 05/24/2011 9 3 - 117
Russ Pearce (SB1070 author) recall effort kneecapped!
It seems mighty convenient that Arizona State Senate President and SB1070 mastermind (and Nazi socializer) Russell Pearce's recall election has hit a roadbump: Arizona's elections ...
AZ Independent 05/20/2011 36 113 - 907
Phoenix elections: of partisans and "puppets"
The Phoenix City elections slated for August 30, 2011 seem to be getting very little coverage here at the Great Orange Satan. So, I'll try to do my best with a brief rundown on what's been happening ...
AZ Independent 05/18/2011 4 4 - 49
Jan Brewer wants a third (unconstitutional!) term
Just Great. Brewer, a Republican, floated the possibility ...
AZ Independent 05/05/2011 25 13 - 161
Take(n by) the HighGround, Inc.
Sometimes, hiring a lobbyist as your chief of staff can come off as a desperate attempt to pay off your financiers. But here in Arizona, its just business as usual. The 2010 governor's race with ...
AZ Independent 04/04/2011 2 4 - 33
AZ-SEN 2012 starts today; Flake to announce!
Today, conservative Republican Jeff Flake (AZ-06) will announce that he will seek Junior Arizona Senator Jon Kyl's seat. What does this ...
AZ Independent 02/14/2011 15 14 - 94
Franks FAIL; John Thrasher presents job-creating solutions, Franks worries about EMPs (AZ02)
Last night, I had the pleasure of watching Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) get his rear-end handed to him by proud Democrat John Thrasher. The only debate in the District 2 race took place at Arizona ...
AZ Independent 10/26/2010 13 9 - 109
AZ-02 : What has Trent Franks done for you? Nothing.
Trent Franks is running to be re-elected to his fifth term in Congress. As a representative of District 2 for Arizona, what has Trent Franks ...
AZ Independent 10/22/2010 12 16 - 136
"Know-Nothing" Ruth McClung's racist endorsement gets wiped off the web (AZ-07)
From Pamela Powers of the Tucson Citizen: Last week in my article Ruth McClung: Brought to you by the Republican Party Machine, I reported that the right-wing extremist political ...
AZ Independent 10/19/2010 18 22 - 177
Arizona, ballots are out! BIG GOTV push this weekend!
Arizona Kossacks! Pay attention, you'll be hearing this only a million times! And from nearly every campaign! But this diary supplements the emails and phone calls you are probably ignoring ...
AZ Independent 10/15/2010 20 13 - 54
AZ-02 : A short Q&A with John Thrasher
Before you read John's answers to my questions below, I just wanted to share a quick story with you. Three years ago, a young man and his wife bought their first house, a house in Buckeye, ...
AZ Independent 10/14/2010 8 11 - 108
Tim Kaine, you're full of $#!*
So, Tim Kaine, Chairman of the DNC, was on SiriusXM's POTUS channel this morning. I thought to myself, "Well, at least he'll probably stick to the GOTV line..." Which he did pretty well. I know, ...
AZ Independent 10/06/2010 73 17 - 66
AZ-GOV : Jan cuts kid's programs, declares "Arizona Child Health Day"
After Jan's "hard decisions" on health care for grownups started exacting tolls on its first ...
AZ Independent 10/04/2010 21 50 - 120
AZ-GOV : Jan Brewer's "hard decisions" kill
This has already been widely reported, but I think I'll take another shot at it. This past week, a tragic story came to light. Because of Jan Brewer's budget priorities, $5 million dollars was ...
AZ Independent 10/03/2010 19 29 - 157
AZ-02 : Trent Franks votes against America
In the face of doing what's right for America, Trent Franks has shown his true colors. For Representative Franks, that color is dollar-bill green. Three bills passed the House yesterday with ...
AZ Independent 09/30/2010 14 11 - 74
AZ-GOV : Goddard goes for Jan's jugular
Things couldn't get any worse for Jan "Headless Bodies" Brewer right now. With her completely embarrassing 16 seconds of silence, our candidate, Terry ...
AZ Independent 09/28/2010 28 44 - 61
AZ-02 : "This is beyond a tragedy, this is treason"
What we've seen since the 1973 oil crisis has been disgusting. Only lip service has been paid to solving the threat to our security that ...
AZ Independent 09/25/2010 84 243 2 149
AZ-02 : Knocking on doors in 110 degrees
Yesterday marked my first foray into the 2010 elections: An hour and a half canvassing my neighborhood. Let me tell you, even though it ...
AZ Independent 09/20/2010 44 30 - 95
Arizona's border problem - My Perspective
Let me preface this diary by saying that I'm a firm believer in a comprehensive solution to our immigration and border problem. Too many who want to come to America to seek a better life ...
AZ Independent 09/10/2010 57 2 1 42
Dirty Politics in AZ
It shouldn't be a surprise, really. Today, all the big GOP players in the state have gone full steam ahead with their negative campaigning, all releasing nearly identical press releases designed ...
AZ Independent 09/01/2010 13 12 - 25
With the teabagger rally today, why no coordinated counter protest?
I see alot of news today on the big "Anti-Obamacare" teabagger rally at the Capitol today, but I haven't seen hide nor hair of any type of counter-protest on behalf of the dKos community. Is ...
AZ Independent 03/16/2010 19 5 - 10
The $250,000 question; Or, Class Warfare for Dummies
We all know the tired argument played over and over again. "Taxes are bad!!" or "You can't tax the high wage earners, trickle-down economics!" Well, I decided to see how full of crap these ...
AZ Independent 02/02/2010 10 10 - 87
Republican Health bill "non-starter": Rep. Franks aide
After much of the hullabaloo involving Minority Leader Boehner's much anticipated amendment/bill, which does absolutely nothing to fix the problems with out health care system, even Republicans are ...
AZ Independent 11/04/2009 12 2 - 14
Switching from PND to D in Arizona
After a lot of thought, I've finally made the switch. For the first 5 years of my political life, I had vowed to heed the advice of some of our first founding fathers (George Washington) had to say ...
AZ Independent 10/28/2009 45 13 - 155
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