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NC Early Voting - 2nd Day Report
Turnout is way up, but Republicans are outperforming their 2008 numbers. Sunday will see "souls to the polls" rallies, and a likely spike in the African-American percentage. UPDATE: Here's an ...
AZDem 10/20/2012 30 16 - -
NC Early Voting - 1st Day Results
I voted today...line was long, wait was about 1 hour. Yesterday was the first day of in-person early voting in North Carolina. So how did we do compared to 2008? See below the squiggle.
AZDem 10/19/2012 20 14 - -
Gallup R+2 (and why that's good news)
Today's Gallup tracking poll remains at Romney 49 Obama 47 (LV) and Obama 48 Romney 46 (RV). Why is that good news (and not for John McCain)?
AZDem 10/15/2012 19 6 - -
Our government is NOT ignoring climate change
Cynicism about government is a plague on our country. Democrats (who should know better) encourage the attitude that "government does nothing to solve our problems" when we act as if Congress and ...
AZDem 10/11/2012 9 17 1 -
NC - The ground game is awesome
In 2008, the Obama campaign's ground game in North Carolina was one of the best in the country -- maybe one of the best ever. In 2012, it's even better. More volunteers, more staff, and a plan ...
AZDem 10/03/2012 125 230 4 1430
TV Ad Barrage Against Ryan Begins
It's from the DCCC: DCCC Opens TV Ad Barrage Against ...
AZDem 08/16/2012 11 16 - 180
SCOTUS did NOT reject Arizona's voter suppression law
At this moment, the top rated diary on the Rec List claims that the Supreme Court rejected Arizona's law requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote. The diary is based on a misunderstanding ...
AZDem 07/01/2012 8 24 - 248
Chief Justice Roberts: Did He Tip His Hand?
In a little over three hours, we'll know the outcome of the three Affordable Care Act cases. Either the individual mandate and the ACA will prevail, or Chief Justice Roberts will be quoted against ...
AZDem 06/28/2012 205 222 1 2739
Wisconsin turnout -- 57%
Remember all that hype election night about turnout in Wisconsin? It turned out to be good for a gubernatorial election, but fell short of the 60% - 65% predicted by elections officials -- and way ...
AZDem 06/07/2012 118 6 - 342
SEC sues six Fannie & Freddie execs for securities fraud
The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed complaints against three former executives at Fannie Mae – its chief executive, Daniel H. Mudd; chief risk officer, Enrico Dallavecchia; and ...
AZDem 12/16/2011 28 23 1 120
"It's the economy, stupid." Which way does that cut in 2012?
James Carville's famous 1992 reminder, "It's the economy, stupid," kept the Clinton campaign focused and helped beat an incumbent President. Will that happen again? The political and economic ...
AZDem 12/16/2011 5 2 - 36
Gingrich gets $20M from billionaire
Billionaire Sheldon Adelson has committed $20 million to a Super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich. The check will be written as early as next week, allowing Gingrich to get on the air in Iowa and New ...
AZDem 12/15/2011 20 10 - 199
No Health Care Waiver for Florida
The biggest health policy news today isn't the Ryan/Wyden plan. That after all, isn't going anywhere in the short term. And it's really a vindication of Obamacare.... it proposes Obamacare with a ...
AZDem 12/15/2011 9 9 - 70
Now That You've Made Yourselves Irrelevant...
The real import of the President's remarks at his Press Conference yesterday is that the Loud Left has made itself irrelevant. The purist, sanctimonious faction of the party won't be part of the ...
AZDem 12/08/2010 217 27 1 89
Kos:  Where's the diary on Aqua Buddha backlash?
We were treated to a front page article by the Big Orange, full of contempt for people offended by Jack Conway's "aqua buddha" ad. Here's what Kos said, in part: No one cared, of course,
AZDem 10/26/2010 65 7 - 112
Early Voting Results and the Enthusiasm Gap
Early voting numbers are beginning to accumulate, allowing some measure of the "enthusiasm gap" at this early stage of voting. An invaluable resource for tracking early voting trends ...
AZDem 10/21/2010 35 15 - 131
Elizabeth Warren says: "Pull up our socks"
Accepting her job as an adviser on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Elizabeth Warren wrote this on the White House blog: “When she was 16, my grandmother, Hannie Reed, ...
AZDem 09/17/2010 797 517 4 90
Tonight... for the first time... health care is a right!
Tonight, when the President signs the Senate bill, health care becomes a right in this country, not a privilege. That is the message of overriding importance. Details are of secondary import, and ...
AZDem 03/21/2010 55 9 - 8
The Non-liberal Left: Why Progressives Fail
In an important piece (blogged here in Bruin Kid's Diary ; and full article ...
AZDem 12/21/2009 34 14 - 32
HCR Expert:  Senate Bill is "Best Effort Anyone Has Ever Made"
Marc Ambinder on Saturday wrote a blog entry regarding his conversation with Jonathan Gruber, "a leading health economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is consulted by politicians ...
AZDem 11/22/2009 245 103 4 119
Huffington Post Misleads Again
I don't like having a Fox News type organization representing "liberal" positions. Huffington Post has become downright dishonest, especially in its Drudge-like headlines. Today it's: ...
AZDem 11/15/2009 55 27 - 101
How LBJ Weakened the Civil Rights Act so it would pass
James Clyburn, the Civil Rights warrior, now Congressman from South Carolina and House Whip, has been telling the Democratic Caucus the story of how LBJ took heat from progressives for weakening the ...
AZDem 11/05/2009 46 22 - 28
I'm Uninsured; don't let purity kill me.
My wife and I are uninsured. She is uninsurable because of pre-existing conditions. I cannot afford the $1,500 per month it would cost to insure me. We exemplify this country's problem. On Labor ...
AZDem 11/01/2009 722 173 1 125
What Baucus Got Right
Ronald Brownstein's Atlantic blog makes some points we all need to consider. It's becoming clear why the White House worked so closely with the Senate Finance Committee: they were working ...
AZDem 09/23/2009 24 15 - 19
Mr. President, we have your back
In a few hours, Mr. President, you will give the most important speech of your first eight months as President of the United States. On behalf of millions who worked for your election and are ...
AZDem 09/09/2009 153 36 - 17
Show Me? Please?
Can anyone demonstrate to me that the public option will have a significant impact? I want a public option, because I think we need to test the theory that competition will have a significant ...
AZDem 08/18/2009 7 - - 2
Let them filibuster?
Let them make a spectacle of themselves? One of the approaches suggested by some to the threat of filibuster of health reform has been "let them filibuster; let them stand up on ...
AZDem 08/16/2009 15 2 - 9
LBJ and Medicare:  How the Job Got Done
As many here have pointed out, it took Lyndon Johnson 18 months to get Medicare passed by a Democratic House and Senate. By comparison, Health Care Reform is moving at warp speed. How Johnson got ...
AZDem 08/11/2009 47 85 7 376
Liberal Heroes: History re Health Care
Today, we stand at the brink of historic health care legislation. President Obama has brought us to this point less than seven months after inauguration. To understand how remarkable that is, it ...
AZDem 08/10/2009 6 7 - 25
Even intelligent people are repeating the rumors
Today, in an adult class at Church, a doctor -- one of the smartest of my friends -- stood up and told 20 of us that HR 3200 includes a requirement that medical schools admit 50% "people of color." ...
AZDem 08/09/2009 41 14 - 30
President Obama Has NOT Broken His Promise re Signing Statements
A recent diary by David Swanson asserts, in part, that President Obama as a candidate said of signing statements that "It is a clear abuse of power to use such statements as a license to evade laws ...
AZDem 07/20/2009 23 19 2 288
Doing Justice: Obama, Liberals & Daily Kos II
Yesterday, I wrote a diary, The Myth of Certainty: Obama, Liberals & Daily Kos which ...
AZDem 07/10/2009 32 9 - -
The Myth of Certainty: Obama, Liberals & Daily Kos
James B. Comey, Jr. was Deputy Attorney General under President George W. Bush. As second in command to John Ashcroft, Comey ran the day-to-day operations of the Justice Department. During the ...
AZDem 07/09/2009 1145 545 11 105
60th Dem Senator?
News that President Obama is considering Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) for the post of Secretary of Commerce opens the possibility that Democrats may soon have 60 Senators.
AZDem 01/30/2009 25 10 - 28
Sarah Palin's Tax Returns
I practiced before the U.S. Tax Court for 15 years, and have at least a modest understanding of current tax laws. Sarah Palin's recently released tax returns understate her gross income by $17,000.
AZDem 10/04/2008 43 24 - 16
Boinking Cindy: State of the Race Today
Can you imagine Barack Obama offering up Michelle for a topless, raunchy "beauty contest?" When was the last time John McCain looked Presidential? When was the last time John McCain did ...
AZDem 08/06/2008 27 3 2 -
Newsweek's Alter: McCain Campaign in Despair
Here's a key quote from Jonathan's Alter's Newsweek column: The list of troubling portents is growing long.... and an angry, bunker mentality among aides that one GOP operative, ...
AZDem 08/04/2008 40 36 1 22
US Missile Attack on Al Qaeda in Pakistan: Bush Continues to Follow Obama Policy
The AP reports this morning: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan investigated reports Tuesday that a senior al-Qaida figure was among six people killed in a suspected U.S. missile strike ...
AZDem 07/29/2008 4 9 - -
Rasmussen and Gallup: Obama Bounce Continues
Today's Rasmussen Tracking Poll: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that the bounce is continuing for Barack Obama. The presumptive Democratic ...
AZDem 07/26/2008 338 226 3 65
ABC: McCain confuses Iraq with Afganistan (updated with link)
From ABC's The Note: And it was McCain who owns the first big gaffe of the trip -- appearing to confuse Iraq and Afghanistan. Asked by ABC's Diane Sawyer Monday morning whether the "...
AZDem 07/21/2008 337 280 8 201
In 2000, 51% of McCain Supporters Said They Would Not Vote for Bush
There has been much made of exit polls in which supporters of Sen. Clinton indicate they will not vote for Sen. Obama in the fall (or vice versa). Pundits seem to think this signals deep trouble ...
AZDem 05/07/2008 22 20 2 18
New Hampshire - in reverse
A sense of foreboding seems to exist among Obama supports, and a narrative of lost momentum is driving the news media. It reminds me so much of the day of the New Hampshire primary. Clinton ...
AZDem 03/04/2008 32 13 - 1
Zogby (I Know, I Know) Says Obama +2 in Ohio
In the Zogby daily tracking poll, Obama passed Clinton in Ohio for the first time today.
AZDem 03/03/2008 57 3 - 4
Have You Seen This Photo?
No comment necessary, I think:
AZDem 02/29/2008 36 22 1 10
John Lewis and Byron Dorgan endorse Obama
John Lewis, the civil rights hero and congressman from Georgia has switched his support to Barack Obama. UPDATE: Byron Dorgan, a red state Democratic Senator from North Dakota says he's looking ...
AZDem 02/27/2008 14 9 - 1
"Last Resort of a Scoundrel"
"Patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel." Samuel Johnson. The attacks on Sen. Obama's patriotism are just beginning, but they are not something he fears. He deliberately set the stage for ...
AZDem 02/25/2008 9 13 - 2
Obama: 350,000 donors so far in 2008
When the Obama campaign reached $7.5 million raised since Feb 5, they turned off their money counter. The news media was caught up in Clinton dollars v. Obama dollars, so the Obama campaign changed ...
AZDem 02/09/2008 33 9 - 2
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