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Shutdown kills scientific research
This diary will be brief, mainly an announcement. Yesterday, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory ceased most operations as a result of the government shutdown. According to the NRAO web site:
AbbeFaria 10/05/2013 6 17 2 -
Dump Romney at the RNC
Some stray thoughts from that lovely half-awake state in the early dawn.
AbbeFaria 08/15/2012 9 4 - 130
Easing out of the closet
Though I am an everyday reader here, I only post occasionally. I've mainly posted with family stories and other minor matters, but more importantly I've posted when I want advice from the Kos ...
AbbeFaria 06/26/2012 8 7 - 80
Reason Rally Washington DC
Today I attended the Reason Rally on the National Mall in Washington DC.
AbbeFaria 03/24/2012 28 16 1 158
We are the Catholic 99%
I am watching the discussion about how the Catholic Bishops are pushing back hard ...
AbbeFaria 01/28/2012 60 14 1 159
DADT in 1944
My father and I discussed Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) extensively when it was first introduced. He thought it is among the ...
AbbeFaria 02/01/2010 7 13 - 23
Driving while brown?  Advice needed...
My son related that he experienced a rather disturbing incident this morning. After he finished his story, he asked what he should do if this happens in the future. I had no idea. Can you help?
AbbeFaria 05/10/2009 82 10 - 26
Remembering my father
During the election season, and especially on this Veterans Day, I have been remembering my late father and some lessons he taught me. I miss him terribly, and I wish we could have talked about the ...
AbbeFaria 11/11/2008 7 10 - -
Marriage equals "civil union"
While we were in the shower this morning, my spouse of 23 years and I were discussing the positions of the Democratic candidates on the issue of gay marriage.
AbbeFaria 08/10/2007 28 2 - -
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