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Link to Broadcast.  Show will air Sunday, August 31 at 8 p.m. EDT.

Leslie Salzillo – a pro-choice activist, political commentator, visual artist and music publisher – will be the Special Guest Host of The Authentic Woman on August 31.  She regularly contributes articles to Daily Kos and Liberals Unite, though political writing was never in Salzillo’s plans.

In 1989, she built an award-winning song publishing company. When time allowed, Leslie would embark on protest trips to Washington DC with NARAL and Planned Parenthood. In 2012, after hearing Rush Limbaugh call Sandra Fluke a “slut” on air for advocating insurance-paid birth control – and after witnessing hundreds of misogynist laws being passed around the country – Leslie jumped into politics, full force.

Leslie Salzillo’s Bachelor of Science Degree, from Middle Tennessee State University, prepped her in creating petitions and Facebook activist pages that promote the rights of women, minorities, and LGBT, as well as advocate gun sense, equal pay, raising the minimum wage, and lowering student debt. She founded FB’s Pro-Choice Liberals, was a core member of StopRush, and is a participant and advocate of Moral Mondays.  Leslie now runs the largest Rush Limbaugh Boycott Page on Facebook, with approximately 90,000 followers.

Salzillo asserts, “The key to reducing misogyny is to first expose it. Social media is an amazing vehicle. Through public awareness, we can seek and find solutions.”  On August 31, Leslie Salzillo will interview fellow women’s rights activists, Kimberley A. Johnson and Madison Kimrey, to discuss the upcoming  We Are Women Rally and social media activism.  Follow Leslie on Facebook.

Kimberley A. Johnson is a feminist blogger on Liberals Unite.  She is known for her outspoken stance on the need to enshrine women’s rights into the U.S. Constitution by ratifying the ERA. Johnson entered the women’s rights movement as the spokeswoman for RTSV United in 2012, and she gave a speech at the We Are Woman March at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.  Kimberley A. Johnson is the author of three nonfiction books: The Virgin Diaries; Ain’t No Sunshine: Men Reveal the Pain of Heartbreak; and her recent release, AMERICAN WOMAN The Poll Dance: Women and Voting.  Also an actress, Johnson portrayed a police officer on the popular daytime drama Days of Our Lives for over seven years. Follow Kimberley on Facebook and Twitter.

Madison Kimrey is a 13 year old writer, activist, and actress from NC. She founded NC Youth Rock with the goal of restoring the opportunity for 16 and 17 to pre-register to vote. Madison is also passionate about LBGT rights, women's rights, and the humane treatment of animals. She is a Davidson Young Scholar Ambassador and recipient of her local NAACP chapter's Youth Social Justice Award. You can follow her writing on her blog, Functional Human Being, and on Liberals Unite.    Follow Madison on Twitter.

The Authentic Woman is a weekly radio show on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network that is regularly hosted by women's rights leader, Shannon Fisher.  The show offers perspectives on the female experience through the eyes of her guests. The show delves deeply into the worlds of writers, artists, celebrities, and community leaders - discovering their personal inspiration and passions.  Shannon is a writer, civic leader, and social justice advocate. Named among the “Richmonders of the Year” in 2012 by Style Weekly Magazine for her activism in women’s rights, Shannon sits on the Board of Directors for, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocacy organization. Follow Shannon on Facebook and Twitter.

Reposted from Shannon Fisher by FisherShannon Editor's Note: BIG radio show coming up on Sunday! -- FisherShannon
The Authentic Woman, a weekly radio show highlighting the wide variety of experiences women have in America, is airing a special edition on Sunday, August 24 at 8 p.m. EDT aimed solely at sharing information about all of the issues affecting women in America. The show will feature the presidents of two national women’s organizations: Terry O’Neill (National Organization for Women) and Karen Teegarden (  The pair will highlight the economic, social, political and societal issues facing women in America today.

“Terry and Karen spend most of their waking hours dedicated to the betterment of the world for women,” said Shannon Fisher, host of The Authentic Woman. “I invited them as my expert panel on the topic of women’s rights due to the urgency with which we must address women’s issues within our national and local governments.”

Shannon Fisher, Host of The Authentic Woman
“Since 2010, there have been a number of bills supporting women that passed in the Senate but were blocked in the House, as well as some anti-women bills that passed in the House but were blocked by the Senate,” said Teegarden. “The legislative balance in Congress is very delicate; we need more candidates who support women in the House of Representatives and to make sure women-friendly legislators maintain control of the Senate. If the 2014 elections do not turn out in our favor, our fight for women’s equality will face even more virulent opposition.”

“Women continue to perceive the inequality and injustices in our society; much of which come from institutions actively working to keep women down,” said O’Neill. “This inequality and injustice are faced by people of color, the LGBTQIA communities – indeed all marginalized communities, and are felt even more strongly for those whose identities results in interlocking societal oppressions.”

Terry O'Neill, President of NOW
O’Neill continued, “There is an active cultural war with the intention of ‘putting women in their place,’ particularly demonizing single mothers. Conservative leaders are pushing the idea that all of women’s concerns would disappear if they would live in a nuclear family with traditional gender roles. Their only suggestion for access to health care, economic security and other concerns is marriage and dependency on a mate. It is crucial that we elect women-friendly candidates to halt this war.”

“There are several campaigns in this country that are organized with the intention of sending our society backwards in time into a patriarchal model that no longer fits the modern family and modern economy,” added Fisher. “Our legislatures need to pass legislation that is in keeping with society as it exists today, not as it existed in a time in history that can never be re-created. I am looking forward to this discussion with Terry O’Neill and Karen Teegarden to really reach our listeners and hopefully give them a wider perspective on many women’s issues.”

Karen Teeegarden, President of
“I am eager to talk about these issues and impart to the listeners how important the upcoming elections are at both the local and national levels. We are going to explain many topics in detail so women will understand why it is so important for them to get to the polls in November and vote!” said Teegarden. “We thought we got past this outdated ideology years ago, but it slowly crept back into the forefront of the public conversation around the country and has now reached a fever pitch,” she added. “Our young people have never experienced the cultural stereotypes from the 1950s that are being thrust upon us in legislative bodies all over the country in 2014. My hope is that they never do have to experience the lack of independence and autonomy that women experienced before the feminist revolution. We will address young people directly during the show and help them relate to the history that we are fighting to keep in the history books instead of the law books.”

“Most of the topics we will discuss in the show are not debatable in my mind, in regards to what helps women and what does not. And yet, opposition persists,” said Fisher. “I normally steer clear of political topics on The Authentic Woman, but the issues we will be discussing are so universally important to all women – regardless of race, socio-economic status, political ideology and marital status that I feel strongly compelled to have a public conversation about the State of Women’s Rights in this country right now. There seems to be a lack of compassion in society as a whole that must be addressed. Hopefully some listeners will have an ‘Ah-ha moment’ while learning about the manner in which women in all demographics are affected by legislation around the country.”

The show will air at 8 p.m. EDT on Sunday, August 24. Listen on Blog Talk Radio or link to the broadcast via the Authors on the Air, The Authentic Woman.   (UPDATE: The podcast of this powerful interview is now available using the same links.)

Pictured: Karen Teegarden, Krystal Ransome, Shannon Fisher and Terry O’Neill at the Suffrage Centennial Celebration in Washington, DC
Karen Teegarden, Krystal Ransome, Shannon Fisher and Terry O’Neill at the Suffrage Centennial Celebration in Washington, DC
About Terry O’Neill: Terry O’Neill, a feminist attorney, professor and activist for social justice, was elected president of NOW in June 2009. She is also president of the NOW Foundation and chair of the NOW Political Action Committees. O’Neill oversees NOW’s multi-issue agenda, which includes: advancing reproductive freedom, promoting diversity and ending racism, stopping violence against women, winning LGBTQIA rights, ensuring economic justice, ending sex discrimination and achieving constitutional equality for women.

O’Neill’s feminist activism began in the 1990s, fighting right-wing extremists in the Deep South, including David Duke. A former law professor, O’Neill taught at Tulane in New Orleans and at the University of California at Davis, where her courses included feminist legal theory and international women’s rights law, in addition to corporate law and legal ethics. She has testified before committees in the Maryland House of Delegates and has written federal amicus briefs on abortion rights for Louisiana NOW, Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union. O’Neill holds a bachelor’s degree in French with distinction from Northwestern University and a law degree magna cum laude from Tulane University.

About Karen Teegarden: Karen Teegarden is the President and CEO of and ACTION. After having held 55 simultaneous rallies in 45 States as Unite Against the War on Women, to shine a spotlight on the influx of anti-women legislation and rhetoric around the country, Teegarden parlayed the event network into a national women’s rights organization, She manages’s broad range of issues which include economic equality, reproductive justice, LGBTQ rights, violence against women, Unite Against Rape, voting rights, any type of injustice that affects women and their families, the environment and achieving full equality in our Constitution.

Teegarden’s passion for politics and fighting injustice was ignited while working with Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign in 2008 and the fans are still being flamed. Prior to founding and managing, Karen was President of Karen Teegarden & Associates, a marketing sales company based in Michigan. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a B.A. in music.

About Shannon Fisher: Shannon Fisher is the host of the radio talk show, The Authentic Woman – Perspectives on the Female Experience in America on the Authors on the Air radio network. She is a biographer, profiling one person or group each week on her show, and a prominent women’s rights advocate – having been named one of the “2012 Richmonders of the Year” by Style Weekly for her activism in the Virginia General Assembly. Shannon is a member of the Board of Directors of, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocacy organization, and she co-founded and directed that organization’s Unite Against Rape program, which made strides in raising public awareness of the issues of rape, human trafficking and violence against women.

Fisher is a graduate of both The College of William and Mary and the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at The University of Virginia. She has been writing and working in the fields of public and community relations since the mid-1990s. Her articles and essays have been published in newspapers, magazines, anthologies, news sites and blogs. Shannon has worked with Universal Studios, PBS, The Theatre of Note, The Music Theatre of Southern California, and the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.

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Look around the world. Consider the status of women in "pro-life" countries, particularly as relates to the "life of the mother". In countries like Ireland or the Dominican Republic, where laws that directly or indirectly grant "personhood" to fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses necessarily put pregnant women's lives in jeopardy -- because to interfere with said fertilized egg is tantamount to murder (even if the zygote/embryo/fetus has zero chance of surviving anyway, as its continued existence will kill the pregnant woman upon whom it depends). Even in countries where the law does not utterly prohibit the medical rights of women and girls, the Church is quick to insert its vitriol -- a nine year old impregnated by a rapist step father, whose tiny body will surely be destroyed if the pregnancy is allowed to continue (as happened in Brazil -- a country that allows abortion only in instances of rape and medical emergency), must be subjected to that hideous fate. Or else those who assist her, those who save her life, will be excommunicated (notably, the church did not excommunicate the rapist, who abused and endangered the child's life -- but the victim's mother and physician, who saved the child's life, that pious institution took to task).

In our own nation, where the Supreme Court has ruled that women have the constitutional right to procure abortions, the "religious right" maintains a fierce opposition to the procedure. And from tracking women who have abortions to shuttering abortion facilities on a state by state basis to introducing personhood measures on the federal level to murdering abortion doctors, they are not-so-slowly but very-steadily-indeed encroaching on that right. The difference between us and Ireland as far as women's health is effectively non-existent to a poor woman living in the deep south, where abortion clinics are being forced closed for hundreds of miles around; and with the "personhood" push, we, as a nation, are at risk of becoming yet another "pro-life" nation that slays pregnant women on the altar of fetal rights. In Catholic hospitals around the country, a pregnant woman's life is already in very real jeopardy -- because the heart beat of a dying fetus is more important to the pro-life movement than the actual life of the pregnant woman. (Is it any wonder that our rates of pregnancy related maternal death are so high in this country, when so many of our health care institutions utterly devalue a pregnant women's existence?)

But take a minute to think about what would happen if hardcore pro-lifers (who are the ones setting the direction of the movement) actually got their way here. American women would have less rights over their bodies than corpses.

A corpse's wishes as to what happens to its body are respected. If a person wanted to take perfectly healthy organs with them to the grave, we shrug our shoulders, and say, "Well, so be it. That's his choice." And no matter how many lives those organs would have saved, we tell the dying people what amounts to, "Tough shit. We have to respect that corpse's wishes." Not only are pro-lifers not actively campaigning to save these wasted organs -- and all the people that they'd preserve -- but many pro-lifers actually actively campaign against the dead giving organs (generally with scare tactics like these). So, to the pro-lifer, the corpse's right to stuff its organs into a concrete hole to rot is either undisputed or sacred. But a living woman, deciding who will use her body? Even if she's evicting a fetus that's killing her? Even if that fetus will not survive her death? Based on how anti-choice laws are implemented all over the globe and in "pro-life" medical facilities right here in the States it's clear: the "pro-life" view is that she does not have a right to preserve her own body and/or life. Unlike every other "threatening situation" (from, "oh my god, there's a black kid carrying skittles as he walks down the sidewalk!" to "I'm having a heart attack; quick, save me!"), the religious right argues that she alone doesn't get to take the steps necessary to save her life. She doesn't get to take the step necessary to preserve her bodily integrity. She has to die, even if the fetus dies too. Because, unlike the corpse, a pregnant woman's rights cease to matter in the pro-life worldview.

In areas -- be they countries, states or medical establishments -- where "pro-life" thought reigns, women's rights effectively cease to exist. Women, indeed, have fewer rights to bodily autonomy than a corpse. Women have fewer rights to life than a non-sentient glob of human tissue, that has zero chance of survival if the woman dies. In the pro-life worldview, women matter less and are accorded fewer rights than dead and non-sentient bodies. And the irony in all this? These lunatics and hypocrites declare their lunacy and hypocrisy to be the "moral" choice, and that anything short of imposing these barbarous restrictions on women's health is extreme immorality. And millions upon millions of well-meaning but deluded people nod in agreement, without ever stopping to think about what they're doing, or to consider the practical import of their opposition to women's rights: that they support a system that reduces their mothers, sisters, wives, or -- oftentimes -- themselves to a special class of citizen with less rights than a corpse.

Originally posted at Rachel's Hobbit Hole

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                                                         A Texas First But Not Last
The picture is a photograph I took at La Piedad Cemetery in McAllen, Texas of the grave of Rosaura (Rosie) Jimenez, who died in 1977 from sepsis after several days of excruciating pain and suffering in a McAllen hospital following an illegal abortion across the Texas border in Mexico.

Bill Work Cover
Rosie was a financially disadvantaged, unmarried twenty-seven year old college student who already had a daughter. She couldn't afford private health insurance so she was on Texas Medicaid. Tragically for her, in 1976 U.S. Congressman from Illinois, Henry Hyde, a devout so-called “pro-life” Roman Catholic, had introduced a restrictive antiabortion bill, since known as the Hyde Amendment, that had gone into effect in 1977, barring Medicaid from covering an abortion. The result was that Rosie was unable to obtain a safe legal abortion in Texas. As is the case with many women and teenage girls with unwanted pregnancies, Rosie was so desperate to have an abortion that she was willing to gamble with her life to obtain a dangerous illegal abortion. She crossed over into Mexico where she obtained an illegal abortion that she could afford, but it ended up costing her her life and leaving her daughter an orphan. Hers was the first known death in the nation attributable to the Hyde Amendment. The tragic story of Rosie is one of many similar cases that have since resulted when desperate women and teenage girls were blocked by discriminatory laws from acquiring safe legal abortions.

Moral: Never underestimate a person’s feelings of desperation and hopelessness.

Rosie was the first, but not the last, to die from dangerous illegal abortion after the Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade resulted in safe legal abortion being available and accessible to women and teenage girls throughout the United States. There have been more similarly unnecessary injuries and deaths from illegal abortion since hers. Tragically, our Texas Tea Party Republican dominated government under our uber-Godly Governor, Rick "Oops" Perry, has seen to it that there will be many more due to their sweeping uber-draconian anti-abortion law, HB2, a law that originated in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that has virtually wiped out safe legal abortion in Texas and is being introduced in state legislatures all over the country.

Do you spot the tragic irony in the photograph? (Answer at end of diary)
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The Fifth Circuit Court has struck down the law that would have closed The Jackson Women's Health Organization, the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi.

See article here:

More later as it's digested.

UPDATE:  Clinic owner Diane Derzis said:

"It's so refreshing when a Republican court actually does the right thing."

With permission from
David S. Cohen
Associate Professor of Law
Drexel University School of Law
(215) 571-4714

I just skimmed the MS decision from today and the basis of the decision was that 1) closing the one remaining clinic would force women to go to other states and 2) one state cannot satisfy its constitutional obligations by sending people to another state.  It is not at all about admitting privileges generally and is very much about the specific facts in MS.  It doesn't question the prior TX Fifth Circuit decision at all, instead accepting it and the principle from it that admitting privileges laws generally have a rational basis.
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Hm, not sure if the Catholic men on the Supreme Court saw this one coming.  But you know, unintended consequences and all.

In a statement, the Satanic Temple said that it will use the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby decision to exempt its believers from state-mandated informed consent laws that require women considering abortions to read pro-life material.

Informed consent or “right to know” laws state that women seeking elective abortions be provided with information about alternatives to the procedure, often couched in language that attempts to personify the fetus. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 35 states currently have informed consent laws, and of those, 33 require that the woman be told the gestational age of the fetus.

In some states, that information consists of pro-life propaganda that links abortion to a higher incidence of breast and ovarian cancers, or discusses “post-abortion syndrome,” a mental condition not recognized by any major medical or psychiatric organization.

Because the Satanic Temple bases its belief “regarding personal health…on the best scientific understanding of the world, regardless of the religious or political beliefs of others,” it claims that state-mandated information with no basis in scientific fact violates its “religious” beliefs.

And they're making this available to ALL women.
The Satanic Temple set up a website where women seeking an abortion can print out a letter for her healthcare provider explaining why she is exempt from informed consent mandates.

The letter reads that “[a]ll women who share our deeply held belief that their personal choices should be made with access to the best available information, undiluted by biased or false information, are free to seek protection with this exemption whether they are members of the Satanic Temple or not.”

Can't wait to hear how the pro-life Hobby Lobby supporters respond to this.
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KELLY: OK. The controversy there is that some women abused that when it was allowed and would get a doctor to say, yes, her health requires a late term abortion. And then this happened in the case of Dr. Tiller, who wound up murdered, that he was providing late term abortions based on health concerns, when you had a viable fetus, a baby, growing in the third trimester. And no one really wants to return to those days, Patricia, do they?
Well I must admit this is the first time I have heard this reasoning.

You have to really have a twisted mind to come up with this type of perverted logic.


Women who have late term abortions for health reasons endanger the lives of their physician, and if they keep doing it then that can only result in one thing. More dead physicians. Now you don't want their blood on your hands, now do you?


Yep, rather than saying anything about the whole hate filled circus that lead to Dr Tiller's death we just have to hold up our hands and endanger women instead.

Now some like myself would consider this not only negotiating with terrorists, but enabling them as well. Just kill a few people based on hate and we will pass laws accommodating this hate.

Real Murikan thunkin thar Megyn.

I'm beginning to get into this conservative mindset, and gosh does it reek vilely.

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Dear Lord, please fly me to the moon in Your oxcart.

THE SILENT SCAM: As Republican politicians and so-called “pro-lifers” speciously proclaim
their extreme “Godliness” women and teenage girls suffer and die, and that ain’t all.

by William West, M.D. (aka Beket)
General and Child Psychiatry
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Disenfranchised Abortion Care Provider

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Hi, there!

I just wanted to formally introduce myself to you.

My nom de guerre is TigerMom.  I'm 48 years old, married 17 years this September to the love of my life.

I'm the mother of two fantastic boys, aged 12 and 10.

And I'm on birth control - an IUD, Mirena™ to be specific, and have been ever since the birth of my second child.

No, I don't sleep around or cheat on my husband, and yes, I wanted another child, but that was not a safe, reasonable path for me.  And no, the 16 other forms of contraception were not acceptable for my health.

Come!  Let me tell you my story how long, hard-thought decisions made amongst me, my husband and my healthcare providers made me a scourge of the right.

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The thing that I keep hearing from people who support the Hobby Lobby decision tends to be things like "Well, you don't have to work there" and that "Can't you afford $9/Month to buy your own Pills?" but the thing they don't seem to realize is that Hobby Lobby wasn't just trying to avoid paying for Birth Control methods they considered to be "abortiafacient" - they wanted to block them from being able to Consult with their Doctor about them.

First I'll let Amanda Marcotte at Slate explain, then I'll get to the text of the actual Hobby Lobby Lawsuit.

Arguments in front of the Supreme Court start next week in the Hobby Lobby case. Hobby Lobby is suing for a religious exemption from the Department of Health and Human Services mandate requiring that employer-provided health insurance cover contraception. Most of the coverage of the case has focused on Hobby Lobby's objection to the contraception itself and how, if the business prevails, its employees will have to pay out of pocket for things like birth control pills or IUDs. But, as Tara Culp-Ressler at ThinkProgress explained on Wednesday, Hobby Lobby and their co-plaintiff, Conestoga Wood Specialties, are also objecting to insurance plans covering "related education and counseling" for contraception. In other words, these for-profit businesses aren't just asking their female employees to pay for their own contraception, even though they are already paying for their own contraception by paying for their insurance coverage. These companies want to elbow their way into doctor's offices and call the shots on what doctors can and cannot say to Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood employees.
And that my friends, now the Supreme Court has held in favor of Hobby Lobby is an entirely different kettle of Gefilte Fish than we've been told so far.
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Hobby Lobby's owner, and a not unsubstantial portion of the American population, believe that life begins at the very point of conception--the very moment sperm penetrates egg. And that conception begins at the point of ejaculation (this is what the lying conservative evangelical tribe actually believes). And that life is a complete human being. And preventing that life using emergency contraception, birth control pills, or IUDs is abortion and therefore murder. Therefore anything that inhibits sperm from meeting egg is abortion.

And the belief, despite being fucking WRONG, seems to be spreading and working. It's not how it works though. It's not how any of it works.

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Wed Jul 16, 2014 at 02:13 PM PDT

The Rise of the DIY Abortion in Texas

by Hendy

Reposted from Hendy by annrose

A pill that revolutionized reproductive rights in Latin America is now gaining ground on the black market in South Texas.

The Atlantic, By Erica Hellerstein, June 27

The Alamo flea market sits right off South Texas's lengthy Highway 83; a sprawling, dusty, labyrinth of a place. Under canopies in the converted parking lot, vendors in dark sunglasses stand behind tables heaped with piles of clothing, barking in Spanish and hawking their wares. The air is hot and muggy, thick with the scent of grilled corn and chili.

Customers browse simple items-miracle-diet teas, Barbie dolls or turquoise jeans stretched over curvy mannequins-but there are also shoppers scanning the market for goods that aren't displayed in the stalls. Tables lined with bottles of medicine like Tylenol and NyQuil have double-meanings to those in the know: The over-the-counter drugs on top provide cover for the prescription drugs smuggled over the border from nearby cities in Mexico. Those, the dealer keeps out of sight.

I'm here to look for a small, white, hexagonal pill called misoprostol. Also known as miso or Cytotec, the drug induces an abortion that appears like a miscarriage during the early stages of a woman's pregnancy. For women living in Latin America and other countries that have traditionally outlawed abortion, miso has been a lifeline-it's been called "a noble medication," "world-shaking" and "revolutionary." But now, it's not just an asset of the developing world.

As policies restricting access to abortion roll out in Texas and elsewhere, the use of miso is quickly becoming a part of this country's story. It has already made its way into the black market here in Texas's Rio Grande Valley, where abortion restrictions are tightening, and it is likely to continue its trajectory if anti-abortion legislation does not ease up and clinics continue to be closed.

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