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Florida movie theater shooter released on bail Curtis Reeves, the suspect in the Florida movie theater shooting has ...
According to Fish 07/12/2014 121 108 1 -
Zimmerman Verdict is in
A verdict has been reached and will be announced within the next 15 minutes.
According to Fish 07/13/2013 1 1 - -
Minimum Number of States to Win Electoral College?
What do you think is the minimum number of states a presidential candidate could win and still claim the presidency without worrying about a tie?
According to Fish 11/05/2012 34 1 - -
Another Excellent Polling Aggregator
I have been so impressed this election cycle with the hard work and diligence of the "numbers guys" (guys used colloquially here to mean both sexes). Sam Wang at Princeton Election Consortium has ...
According to Fish 11/02/2012 4 5 1 -
Is Romney Rigging Elections?
I have been reading this article by Michael Collins on OpEdNews where he makes ...
According to Fish 10/26/2012 31 6 - -
Feature on Mitt's Pregnancy Problem
I realize this was published in the last edition of the San Jose Metro, but I hadn't seen it referenced here and thought others might have missed it as well.
According to Fish 10/19/2012 2 2 - -
Post-Debate Analysis: Right topics, wrong quotes
After watching the post-debate analysis and the discussion that has occurred, I think the topics being focused on are the correct ones - Mitt Romney stepped in the dog doo-doo on women's issues and ...
According to Fish 10/18/2012 1 - - -
The "Jobs Numbers" Meme
The pundits were out in force this past week clutching their pearls and spewing talking points and nonsense about the jobs numbers released at the end of the week. The problem with this "Jobs ...
According to Fish 09/09/2012 11 1 - 54
The real serious smearing of Obama is about to start
Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives is set to launch a media campaign, including ...
According to Fish 08/15/2012 37 17 - 318
Obama needs to tie it all together
President Obama has the Republicans on their heels again trying to defend their obsession with keeping tax cuts for the rich. We are hearing the Republicans going back to their tried and true, "...
According to Fish 07/09/2012 6 3 - 39
Military Industrial Complex Blackmail Threat
Lockheed Martin is flexing its power as a member of the Military Industrial Complex by threatening to issue layoff notices to 123,000 employees right before the election if the current sequestration ...
According to Fish 06/25/2012 16 9 - 82
Gay Conservative Group Endorses Romney
Here is the link: The gay conservative group GOProud will be endorsing Mitt Romney. Excuse me while I get ...
According to Fish 06/20/2012 50 7 - 203
GA Student Body President Ousted for Discussion on Allowing a Gay Prom Court It really irritates me when school officials try to interject their hatred on kids ...
According to Fish 03/25/2012 14 26 - 194
Why police possibly didn't arrest Zimmerman
Police almost always protect their own against horrendous acts, but it is unusual for them to close ranks around a wanna-be cop. In fact, in my experience, police cannot stand wanna-be's and their ...
According to Fish 03/24/2012 36 20 - 567
Is the MHP show as bad as I think it is?
I caught the Melissa Harris Perry (MHP) show for the second time this morning. I couldn't make it through the whole show and it wasn't because there was something more compelling on another channel,
According to Fish 03/03/2012 36 1 - 318
Does Kos Care?
Does Kos care about this community when he does this sort of thing? Did he really think it was a good idea or is this a stunt for press coverage and more traffic ? He either hasn't stuck around to ...
According to Fish 02/15/2012 46 11 - 318
A True Capitalist Speaks...
I just was reading this Time Swampland article on Warren Buffett and his fight with ...
According to Fish 01/11/2012 1 5 - 55
Obama knocks it out of the park!
President Obama finally discusses the economic inequality in this country and destroys the nonsensical Reagan and conservative positions that have harmed our country over these last decades. I am ...
According to Fish 12/06/2011 39 7 - 212
OWS supporters and DKos
As DKos is a gathering spot for those wanting to elect better Democrats, I am curious why certain OWS supporters are registered users and spend so much time here. I am talking about those who ...
According to Fish 11/30/2011 44 8 - 234
Huckabee looks to be gearing up for a run
I just got robo-called by Huckabee for some Obama health-care repeal act campaign. He was asking for volunteers to help and also donations. To me, this is a clear sign that he is going to run for ...
According to Fish 04/26/2011 41 4 - 151
The Future of Education?
I just watched Sal Khan's presentation on internet-based education and I was quite impressed. I have been promoting this sort of change to our education system for years and I have been very ...
According to Fish 04/02/2011 16 3 - 77
This is the problem with the promotion of false equivalencies
Jon Stewart's rally this summer promoted the concept that both sides were to blame for the hostile, vile and violent environment forming around politics. Video clips from both left and right ...
According to Fish 01/09/2011 29 15 1 51
Democratic Talking Points on Tax Cuts
I cannot believe that the Democrats still don't have adequate talking points on the issue of extension of the Bush tax cuts. Republicans as usual are spewing nonsensical messages about business ...
According to Fish 12/04/2010 27 6 - 70
Tax Cut Proposal Misconceptions
I think the President and fellow Democrats are making a mistake not to combat the current Republican talking points and misconceptions about letting the Bush tax cuts to the rich expire. I am no ...
According to Fish 11/19/2010 11 15 2 281
Republican Marketing Strategies Win Again
I tip my cap to the marketing and messaging geniuses in the Republican Party. The ability to continue to control the media to buy into their nonsensical positions and their re-writing of history ...
According to Fish 11/03/2010 12 11 - 61
Does the President believe that DADT is unconstitutional?
If you asked me this question yesterday I would have said, "yes", but after watching Meet the Press this morning, I'm thinking I'd have to now say "no". When Robert Gibbs was directly asked by ...
According to Fish 10/17/2010 200 25 - 57
Hey MSNBC, Move Forward Instead of Just Leaning
For those not really paying attention or who don't watch MSNBC, they have a new slogan, "Lean Forward". I can only imagine that the viewer demographics of available cable viewers in the morning ...
According to Fish 10/14/2010 26 4 - 48
Is DKOS a community or a place to dump Democratic PR?
The recent diary by Dawn Josephson, My Backyard Meeting with President Obama got me thinking about how members feel about Daily Kos. ...
According to Fish 10/07/2010 192 23 - 57
Let this be a lesson to those who advocate for Nuclear Power
Please let the lessons of the recent disasters in the financial sector and the drilling and mining sectors be a warning Klaxon towards any further advancements to increase our domestic nuclear power ...
According to Fish 05/14/2010 400 23 - 81
Core Republican Belief Dismantled Beyond Repair
One of the core beliefs of the Republican Party has been that government regulation is bad and stifles innovation, creativity and profitability of industry. They believe that industry, because of ...
According to Fish 05/02/2010 62 29 - 47
What is the purpose of the Coffee Party?
I have read the Coffee Party Movement's agenda and I just don't get it as other than a quick gag on the Tea Party Movement. Here's my take on this. The Tea Party is mostly made up of the extreme ...
According to Fish 02/28/2010 111 10 1 94
I know you read Daily Kos since you refer to comments from the site in your recent AP article entitled, "Analysis: Untruths have consequences in politics". It is almost comical how you try to ...
According to Fish 02/20/2010 26 34 - 30
East Coast Bias once again rears its ugly head
Sorry for the non-political diary, but I am getting sick and tired of the media acting like the east coast is the only game in town. They treat the rest of the country as an afterthought. I speak ...
According to Fish 02/15/2010 98 8 - 28
John McCain -- Homophobe
Using antiquated arguments such as "unit cohesion" and "service members sometimes have to work in close intimate quarters", John McCain pushed for the continuation of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy ...
According to Fish 02/02/2010 51 15 - 73
Today's SCOTUS decision may not be the doomsday scenario being predicted
I'm not so sure that today's decision will lead to the doomsday scenario that's being predicted on all of the talk shows today. The reason that I believe that this may not lead to a corporate take-...
According to Fish 01/21/2010 64 7 1 28
"Hate the sin, love the sinner"
How many times have gays and lesbians heard this in response to requests for being treated equally and with dignity? Do the Christians saying this understand how totally offensive and bigoted this ...
According to Fish 11/15/2009 88 15 - 153
Help me understand why Democrats against opening exchange to those with employer based insurance
Please help me understand something. I heard this morning that Snowe is proposing amendments that will open up the exchange to everyone - even those with employer based insurance. After hearing ...
According to Fish 09/23/2009 48 5 - 12
More toxic waste on the way
The first usage of embedded video in a magazine is happening. See . The first ...
According to Fish 09/18/2009 9 2 - 26
"Public Option" suffering as code word for handout
I have spoken to several of my relatives back in conservative areas of PA about health care and what is being discussed. I was curious if I could find out why support for the Public Option and ...
According to Fish 09/06/2009 27 7 - 23
The "Obama is punishing small business" lie
It annoyed me in the general election when McCain/Palin kept repeating this lie and now it has been resurrected by the Senate and House Republicans against the budget proposal. The lie is that ...
According to Fish 02/26/2009 48 18 3 20
How will Corps justify H-1B's in the current economy?
I work in Silicon Valley in high-tech as a computer scientist. I have been working in the field for over 20 years for companies of all shapes and sizes. I have watched with intense interest as the ...
According to Fish 01/30/2009 27 13 - 18
Proposition 8 has poked a hornets' nest!
I find it totally ironic that the people who sponsored Proposition 8 have probably done more for energizing and bringing together the LGBT community than anyone else has in the last decade. Even my ...
According to Fish 11/08/2008 65 12 - 14
Californians: Statewide Community Gatherings Tonight on Prop 8
There will be statewide community gatherings tonight on the hateful Proposition 8. (updated to change protests to community gatherings) Check here for times and locations in your areas.
According to Fish 11/05/2008 427 428 - 42
Comedy and Politics...
Something has been bothering me since the Al Smith dinner where I first saw the candidates themselves mixing comedy with politics. I was amused by some of the comments but I also had a disturbing ...
According to Fish 11/02/2008 13 2 - 12
A very sad day for Democracy
We should all be extremely embarrassed that in our great technological and intelligent nation we have people waiting in line for over 8 hours to vote in Atlanta, Georgia. What is more fundamental ...
According to Fish 10/31/2008 2 2 - 8
Upset with Rahm Emanuel's performance on ABC today
I guess maybe I've never been as impressed with Rahm Emanuel as I've been told I should be. His appearance today with Lindsay Graham on ABC news didn't change my opinion at all. Here is the ...
According to Fish 10/26/2008 100 10 - 24
Palin is tolerant towards gays?
Please, give us all a break and just spout out your "hate the sin, love the sinner" line that has been engrained in your tiny little mind. Did anyone else notice that Sarah Palin repeated several ...
According to Fish 10/02/2008 70 9 2 1
Election will come down to Celebrity versus Race
I believe that there is a tremendous amount of hidden racial prejudice in the electorate. In the general population, the percentage of people harboring these feelings increases with age. There are ...
According to Fish 09/21/2008 24 1 - 4
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