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Why Net Neutrality? Because We Paid For It!
The central, indispensable role of the US government (and of the American taxpayer) in the development of computing and the internet is detailed in a book created by the National Research Council ...
AceDeuceLady 04/26/2014 17 22 2 -
Earth Day: Climate Action!
During the last Ice Age the global average temperature was only about 5°C cooler than now. Since man began farming, the average temperature has stayed within a 1-2°C range. With a business-as-...
AceDeuceLady 04/07/2014 3 9 1 -
New Hope for a Carbon Tax?
British Columbia has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates (10%) in the Group of 8 wealthy nations, the lowest personal income tax rate in Canada on people making less than $119,000 a year, ...
AceDeuceLady 08/01/2012 5 3 - 34
Reactor Running on Nuclear Waste by Early 2020s?
The March/April edition of MIT's Technology Review has an article on traveling-wave reactors , a new design for a nuclear reactor that only ...
AceDeuceLady 03/13/2009 64 19 2 39
Remember the State Courts
In the excitement of the presidential and congressional campaigns, it's easy to forget about elections to the state courts. It's crucially important to get name recognition for the right people, ...
AceDeuceLady 10/19/2008 3 7 1 -
Stupid Terrorist Trick at Glasgow Airport [Updated]
Update: I'm not trying to trivialize terrorism by pointing to the apparently amateur nature of these incidents. In fact, the amateurishness is a particularly disturbing ...
AceDeuceLady 06/30/2007 103 4 - 18
Recommend Jerome or I'll Shoot This Diary!
Please get Jerome a Paris' diary about the National Day of Climate Action TOMORROW onto the Recommended List. (That is, don't ...
AceDeuceLady 04/13/2007 17 5 - 1
If I'd Only Known!
Like many people with ADHD liberated women, I hate housework. Much of my childhood was spent hiding behind the couch reading the encyclopedia, hoping my mom wouln't notice that I hadn't ...
AceDeuceLady 02/13/2007 18 8 - 2
Action: Save the EPA Libraries, Cont'd
This issue was diaried Friday evening, which is not the best time to contact officials. The Union of Concerned Scientists ...
AceDeuceLady 12/12/2006 4 13 - -
What's up in the State Houses? MI House has gone Dem.
AceDeuceLady 11/08/2006 8 2 - 12
Misinfo to Poll Workers from MI Secretary of State
AceDeuceLady 11/07/2006 2 3 - 5
Crucial, overlooked issue in Michigan -- Judges on ballot
AceDeuceLady 11/04/2006 15 6 - -
Gen. Odom Points to Impeachment
AceDeuceLady 09/29/2006 131 577 28 42
"Doubt is our product" -- The Global Warming Denial Industry
AceDeuceLady 09/19/2006 8 18 1 8
The MSOC Story in WaPo is an Important Opportunity
AceDeuceLady 04/15/2006 19 2 - 1
Not Just Part of a Cycle: Hurricane Records that Fell in 2005
AceDeuceLady 12/03/2005 6 3 2 2
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