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Please excuse my short teabag rant.
It is no use pretending that the tea party isn't a treasonous, fascist, Orwellian, Theocratic, Oligarchic, white supremacy, anti-Gay (marriage or anything else), anti-women's rights, Muslim-hating, ...
Acosta 07/27/2011 13 5 - 81
William Kristol is a nut sack, still.
So William Kristol actually said that anyone against the Boehner plan is essentially a supporter of President Barack Obama? I wonder if Dan Quayle agrees.
Acosta 07/27/2011 28 6 - 117
If Obama ends up using 14th amendment, will Republicans question it's legality in order to block it's use?
Acosta 07/27/2011 12 - - 60
Truth is actuality or actual existence
Sometimes ya just gotta blow off steam...the continuing adventures of the "Axis of Poo" - Bush-Cheney-...
Acosta 12/01/2006 1 1 1 7
U.S. Intel: al Qaeda Plotting 'Big Bang'
Acosta 03/02/2006 26 5 - 2
The Liberty Coalition Letter
Acosta 02/09/2006 - - - 4
Fox's Cameron parsed Bush's past statements: Bush "never actually said the word 'fired' "
Acosta 07/12/2005 4 3 - 4
'Plain Dealer' Holding Stories Because of Fear of Jail
Acosta 07/10/2005 24 3 - 3
Dear President Douche
Acosta 07/09/2005 9 4 - 2
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