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and can we finally blame the GOP obstructionism for something
So the former DHS/TSA heads get lucrative private sector jobs, the minimum wage workers cop stuff like tablets out of your bags, and the delays in approving agency heads and funding by an ...
annieli 06/02/2015 3
I'm STILL slack-jawed.
At the nightly meeting [withheld amount of time] ago, one of our managers asked us to please bring in any spare box cutters we might have laying around so that we might have enough for the new people.
Jimmy Rustler 06/01/2015 10
Change At The DNC Is Overdue
DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs to be removed. He or she does not have to be progressive but they need to wake up every morning looking to grow the party. They need to be able to go head ...
J49proctor 06/01/2015 4
Top Comments: Springtime in the Rockies Edition (Photo Heavy)
Last Monday, my partner and I took visiting family members on a day trip by road, into the Canadian Rockies. We were headed to the towns of Banff and Lake Louise , nestled in the Rockies, and well-...
lotac 06/01/2015 37
Cluster of medium magnitude Earthquakes off Oregon Coast along edge of Juan de Fuca Plate
Over the past 24 hours there have been 5 medium magnitude earthquakes a little over 300 miles off of the Central Oregon Coast. Three of those quakes have registered at least 5.5 magnitude, and they ...
Lefty Coaster 06/01/2015 24
$10 Million Spidey Hole Senses at Zero Dark Thirty
The ideal solution for his GoFundMe campaign is to open a pizza parlor that only caters to straight weddings in Indiana or raffles of AR-!5 rifles for unlicensed plumbers in Ohio. But in a world ...
annieli 06/01/2015 14
The Evening Blues - 6-1-15
Welcome! " The Evening Blues" is a casual community diary (published Monday - Friday, 8:00 PM Eastern) where we hang out, share and talk about news, music, photography and other things of ...
joe shikspack 06/01/2015 39
A call for scientific activism
We are living in a very dangerous time. The voices we hear every day are those of insane people. Yes I mean insane ! They populate our government and are in control. Scientists by their nature ...
don mikulecky 06/01/2015 11
Small Organic Business of Minority Owner Needs Your 2 Clicks
Flora's Organics is the tiny one-woman organic seedling/plant/flower/veg/fruit nursery of VERY LOW INCOME kosak Mona Twocats-Romero, a Native American in the running at the WellsFargo Works Project ...
mettle fatigue 06/01/2015 111
2 Year Fracking Moratorium becomes law in Maryland
Republican Governor Larry Hogan (a fracking supporter) took a pass on vetoing a two year Fracking Moratorium that had passed by veto proof majority in the state House and a smaller margin in the ...
Lefty Coaster 06/01/2015 2
How the Trans-Pacific Partnership is the Core of the U.S. Pivot to China
With the conflict over the Senkaku-Diaoyu Islands between Japan and China coming to the forefront in the discussion over the U.S. pivot to China, the Trans-Pacific Partnership now seems more like a ...
Stephen Benavides 06/01/2015 19
Florida police murder black computer engineer as he listens to music; attempted coverup exposed
Jermaine McBean selfie on the left, with his family on the right On July 31st, 2013, Jermaine McBean, an experienced 33 year old computer engineer with no criminal record whatsoever, paid $100 for ...
Shaun King 06/01/2015 135
CIRA Useful and quite catchy
The corporate/investor rights agreement , much better and far more precise than TPP, TTIP. Nothing to do with fair Nothing to do with trade Just more money for the same people with extra sprinkles.
LaFeminista 06/01/2015 15
Minnesota hospitals will soon be allowed to dispense medical marijuana
Minnesota hospitals will soon have more treatment options for patients Hospitals in Minnesota will soon be allowed to dispense marijuana:
Jen Hayden 06/01/2015 8
Congressman: Senate Vote 'Exonerates Snowden'
A lot of people are puzzled why Senator McConnell pushed so hard to preventing any needed reforms of the Patriot Act. The failure to do so partially discredited his leadership. Republican ...
gjohnsit 06/01/2015 84
Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones to WFM: "Awaken the slumbering giant from his long dream of ages."
You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Thursday ...
JayRaye 06/01/2015 7
Moondai Furbutts: The Moon In June Haz A Spoon
I think I got in all the cheesy rhymes for June... Dis iz mai spoon... Welcome to my version of Moondais....with furbutts and pooties and woozles and such. Hope you ...
The Marti 06/01/2015 86
What a Paulista - Clintonista digital campaign battle might look like
Of course the idiots at Fortune don't know the states where certain small colleges are located. Fortunately, HRC will most likely not have to battle the Paulista infowarriors in 2016.
annieli 06/01/2015 4
Unarmed black teen. William Chapman, killed by officer who just came off suspension for killing
18-year-old William Chapman On April 22, the Portsmouth, Virginia, Police Department claimed that 18-year-old William Chapman was suspected of shoplifting from a local Walmart. Completely unarmed, ...
Shaun King 06/01/2015 104
Police crush, kill man begging for his life, screaming he was suffocating until his ears turned blue
Robert Minjarez Jr. with his mother Some are calling Robert Minjarez Jr. the Latino Eric Garner. Sadly, the comparison is uncanny— including ...
Shaun King 06/01/2015 155
Anti-TPP Top Dem Rosa DeLauro: POTUS "is in bed with the multinational corporations"
The gloves are off, the sides have been clearly drawn. It's the president, the Republican Party and business versus the people, workers, labor and most of the Democratic Party. And a top House ...
Tasini 06/01/2015 83
BREAKING: MURDER CHARGES Against Rana Plaza Owners Who Killed 1,137 Human Beings
I have written often that the only way we stop the killing of workers and the widespread thievery of billions of dollars is to put executives in jail. Fines are complete nonsense and a cost of doing ...
Tasini 06/01/2015 40
Standing for What You Believe
Would you be willing to risk your job to stand up for the rights that you believe in? For postal worker Henry Gerber, the answer to that question was a resounding yes. And so On this day in ...
The Rick Smith Show 06/01/2015 1
"Holy Schnikes, Jeb!" The GOP continues 19th Century Liberalism with a RW bobble-face
Jeb Bush is the corporatist GOP's Lawn Gnome, much like yesterday was ...
annieli 06/01/2015 6
Disappeared video footage in the death of Laquan McDonald & Why do cops get to choose the jury pool?
In October of 2014 seventeen year old Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times and killed by police. At the time of the shooting, the Chicago police department did not offer an account of the ...
Eric Nelson 05/31/2015 8
Road Trip to Germany Day 4: Happy Birthday!
Village Vet at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina, with his friend the anorexic giant bison More below the tangled orange border fence.
Village Vet 05/31/2015 7
Chris Day
I've known Chris forever... like 35 years or so. His folks ran a peony farm in Northfield where Chris did all the planting and tending of acres of plants. People came from all over the country to ...
drudau 05/31/2015 4
Jeb Bush says George after 9/11 "to respond the way he did is ADMIRABLE, and I've learned from that"
This Morning on Face the Nation Jeb Bush had almost nothing but praise for his brother George's foreign and national security policies including his unprovoked invasion of Iraq, and its ...
Lefty Coaster 05/31/2015 28
Finding jobs while homeless (and roses)
Terrance, Aaron, Chelsie, Makala This is another entry in my series on a homeless family I've been trying to help. Fundraiser link: Previous diaries are here:
patrickz 05/31/2015 10
My Asperger's, my Politics
The author (middle), in traditional garb reflecting his European ancestry. I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in the summer of 2010, at the age of 39. I've always been quirky, kind of a nerd,
JJR1971 05/31/2015 37
Kosability: Readers' Choice
Readers' Choice discussion: What topics/issues/conditions would you like to see covered in future diaries? If you're thinking of writing, what health matters would you cover? Would you like to find ...
postmodernista 05/31/2015 53
DK Quilt Guild: DK VA Hospital Service Project
DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time. Join us and share your thoughts, projects, questions, ...
Sara R 05/31/2015 53
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Beltaine with Walter Crane
Note 1: This was supposed to be "Part 2" of a single Beltaine Diary of which my Diary entitled "Bringing In The May: The Heroes of Haymarket" was to be "Part 1". (So I'm posting this now, even ...
thanatokephaloides 05/31/2015 48
Deputy got commendation for shooting unarmed Black man and now there might have been a cover-up
So a guy buys a pellet gun at a pawn shop, is walking home with his unloaded purchase and gets gunned down by cops because of frightened 911 callers. Now his killer, who received a commendation ...
annieli 05/31/2015 14
Troubling pattern: A 143% increase in arms sales to 17 Clinton Foundation donor countries
In the US arms sales to foreign countries need State Department approval rather than leaving it up to the discretion of the weapons manufactures. Under Hillary Clinton's three year tenure as ...
Lefty Coaster 05/31/2015 138
Embracing the Dark Reality of Iraq
The Fall of Ramadi is becoming a game-changer. Not for the defeat itself, but for the response. In particular, the military offensive to retake Ramadi. The most obvious element of how things ...
gjohnsit 05/31/2015 25
drones in Mexico panic crowds
Not what you think... NEW YORK (FOX) – Enrique Iglesias was recovering Sunday after some of his fingers were sliced when he grabbed a drone during ...
annieli 05/31/2015 1
No longer girls, they are military veterans
Blue Butterfly Village Laydia Mockabee was one of the lucky ones. The homeless veteran finally found a place for herself and her children at the ...
Susan Grigsby 05/31/2015 52
Hellraisers Journal: " uphold every act of your executives [who] employed these gunmen."
One of the most terrible parts of the Ludlow massacre was when the associated militia took the corpse of a boy, shot and burned, to his father and said, "Here, take the damn thing.” -Judge ...
JayRaye 05/31/2015 7
Labor for Bernie!
Bernie Sanders - The President We ...
StewartAcuff 05/31/2015 10
Robert Reich: Strong Unions Mean a Strong Middle Class
In a recent blog and video , former Bill Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich noted that the decimation of the American labor movement is directly related to the diminution of the middle class. ...
StewartAcuff 05/31/2015 2
Actual journalism: WaPo documents police shootings, more than 2 per day
Finally someone is gathering the information necessary to the debate about police killings and it is not the Federal government. The Washington Post has an excellent article "Fatal police shootings ...
Athenian 05/31/2015 11
Jury sees through Reefer Madness, acquits man on felony marijuana charges
AlterNet , which does an excellent job of keeping THIS ISSUE front and center, as any genuine progressive/liberal media entity would. It is essentially a medical marijuana story wherein cops, again,
xxdr zombiexx 05/31/2015 153
The Flood
On this day in Labor History the year was 1889. Nestled in western Pennsylvania was the community known as Johnstown. The town and surrounding area was home to 23,000 people, families of ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/31/2015 7
A Link To Send The Biden Family Condolences & And An Excerpt From President Obama's Statement
Many of us are feeling great sadness after hearing the news, via David Nir, of Beau Biden 's passing. The ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/31/2015 19
Dear Rand Paul: Not Only Does The Brand "Suck"
Everything your party believes in Sucks. Rand Paul Matthews later said he appreciated Paul's "millennial" observation that current Republican Party "sucks." "No, no!" Paul said, smiling. "I said ...
LaFeminista 05/31/2015 56
Jeb's Brother as enabler of Daesh with the Neo-Con version of "the management of savagery"
Despite their inability to want to relate to me as a geezer, I have great faith in the coming generation of 19-year olds, other than their inability to listen or pay attention. A ...
annieli 05/31/2015 8
Why 2 Years of free college is a brilliant idea.
Imagine what would dominate the national political conversation if overall unemployment was still hovering at 12, 15 or ever 20 percent. Well those statistics are still a shocking reality for ...
windsong01 05/30/2015 18
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 05/30/2015: Tag Sales every 1st & 3rd Saturday
Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of the evening around a virtual kitchen table with kossacks who are caring and supportive of one another. So bring your ...
annieli 05/30/2015 73
This week in the war on workers: Did Kevin Johnson destroy black mayors group over charter schools?
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Former All-Star NBA point guard Kevin Johnson is now the mayor of Sacramento, California—and the destroyer of the 40-year-old National Conference of Black Mayors. ...
Laura Clawson 05/30/2015 55 the biggest battle since Jutland
Admiral Josh Painter: This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it. Jeffrey ...
annieli 05/30/2015 11
Economics Of The Poor Part 2: How A More Equitable World Is Possible
After mentioning life at the bottom in my previous diary, I thought I'd mention policy prescriptions that could and would help the lower classes. Some of which we might already have were Congress ...
KantV420 05/30/2015 1
Electrical Workers Union (UE) Comes out for Bernie Sanders
It's not secret that much of labor is not happy with Hilary Clinton, and are even considering sitting out the 2016 Presidential race if she gets the nomination without taking a strong stance against ...
ManfromMiddletown 05/30/2015 28
Hellraisers Journal: Pummeled! "Frank Walsh Knocks Out Young Rockefeller in Three Days' Battle"
You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Sunday ...
JayRaye 05/30/2015 9
Bernie Sanders is polling better than EVERY Republican candidate
Bernie Sanders is "wacko", "crazy", "not to be taken seriously", and "He's a protest candidate. That's all" . At least if you listen to the mainstream news media. For some reason a large ...
gjohnsit 05/30/2015 397
My speech at IBEW Local #47's conference
Here's my recent speech at IBEW Local #47's 2015 Annual Stewards & Safety Conference .
StewartAcuff 05/30/2015 1
1199 President Henry Nicholas to Kick Off Major Labor-Environmental-Commu​nity Forum
On Tuesday June 2nd, iconic 1199 President Henry Nicholas will kick off a major forum at the Electricians Local 98 Union Hall in Philly. The forum will include trade unionists, ...
StewartAcuff 05/30/2015 4
Dear Idiot Americans
Greetings, all you white supremacists, you Neo-Nazi Nutbags, you teabaggers and all you other racist Hatriots spreading your ignorant Islamaphobia all over this country; all you who equate 'science" ...
xxdr zombiexx 05/30/2015 162
Memorial Day Massacre
On this day in Labor History the year was 1937. It was a day that would become known as the Memorial Day Massacre. Ten demonstrators were killed by police bullets, while protesting at Republic ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/30/2015 2
Gaius Publius: “Sinking the Sanders Campaign Beneath a Wave of Silence”
[Diarist’s Note: Gaius Publius has provided written authorization to the diarist to reproduce their work in its entirety for the benefit of the Daily Kos community.] As long as one ignores a ...
bobswern 05/30/2015 294
The Sepp Blatter Saga: Best Utter Nonsense Competition Winner Of The Day
It's all the fault of the US btw On Friday, Blatter defied critics and his opponents within Fifa to secure a fifth term at the helm, and vowed to fix things. He said: “Starting tomorrow … I’m ...
LaFeminista 05/30/2015 10
NE-Gov Plans to Go Forward with Executions Despite Repeal | Road Trip to Germany Continues
Writing from the safety of Saskatchewan tonight: Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (R) says he plans to continue with the executions of the ten men on death row as soon as the drugs ordered from a ...
Village Vet 05/30/2015 75
Global Warming Makes Me Sick(er)
I can't remember a year like this one, as bad as this one. I've been feeling wiped out since I got home from the long weekend on Tuesday. My neighborhood is enveloped in an invisible fog of grass ...
Lefty Coaster 05/29/2015 14
I Declare June 27th to be Draw Thomas The Tank Engine Day!!
Inspired by these leather-clad patriots and their masterstroke of wit and satire, I was ready to fly to Arizona, go to a mosque, and get my sacrilege on. I had my crayons all set to draw some stick ...
ThaMothership 05/29/2015 9
LiveBlog & Live Stream - The Phoenix Mosque Cartoon "protest" 102 degrees @ 6:15pm PT RWNJ Cosplay
So along with Sons of Anarchy stars at Comicon in Phoenix, some cosplay will occur with RWNJs in 30 minutes, as Jon Ritzheimer tries for his 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, the bar designated ...
annieli 05/29/2015 25
Silence by Hillary Clinton on #TPP is The Same as Supporting It
As Fast Track Authority for #TPP is set to hit the House floor next week, Democratic Presidential Primary candidate Hillary Clinton remains silent on organized labors biggest trade fight in a ...
Stephen Benavides 05/29/2015 66
Hellraisers Journal: The Appeal to Reason Covers the Show-Down Between John D Jr & Frank P Walsh
You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Saturday ...
JayRaye 05/29/2015 13
60-million-year-old fish fossil discovered—by one of Canada's most well-known creationists
60-million-year-old fish fossil—give or take 59,994,000 years or so. A Canadian man from Alberta discovered the fossils of five 60-million-year-old fish in a Calgary basement.
Walter Einenkel 05/29/2015 17
“The road to hell is too often paved with Jazz steps.”
On this day in Labor History the year was 1912. That was the day fifteen women lost their jobs for dancing on their lunch break. The women worked for the Curtis Publishing Company in ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/29/2015 2
How to stop the empire through media
The question many of the refugees from the Occupy Wall Street movement are asking themselves is a perennial one. Simply put, if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one to hear the sound, will ...
MisterbadExample 05/28/2015 1

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