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"we do not spare ammo – we unload, we use as much as possible" - Breaking the Silence on Gaza
In the summer of 2014, 2,205 people were killed in Gaza. 547 children were among those killed and over 1,000 were permanently disabled. Entire families died in their homes as a result of IDF bombs.
subir 05/04/2015 24 22 - -
Tel Aviv looked like Baltimore today
CNNI was covering in detail racial protests turned violent in Tel Aviv Israel today. While the first video I found of it was from April 30th, the protests continue today in Tel Aviv. The protests ...
Havoth 05/03/2015 37 41 - -
Corker seeks to keep poison amendments out of Iran review bill. Boehner: no veto override possible
Bob Corker has his work cut out for him keeping poison pill amendments out of Iran nuclear deal review bill.
Meteor Blades 04/27/2015 22 38 1 -
547 children killed, 1,000+ permanently disabled: Gaza report
Palestinian child sits by a wall riddled with shrapnel Defense for Children International is an non-
subir 04/23/2015 37 54 1 -
58% of Israelis want a one-state solution. 48% want apartheid or permanent military occupation.
Haaretz ordered a survey to gauge public support for various solutions once the peace talks broke down last year . The survey was conducted between June 9-11, 2014 and published in July last year. ...
subir 04/22/2015 92 38 - -
Saudis Ending Yemen Bombing Fail
Hey, let's go bomb somebody! Then lets go invade on the ground! Middle East Saudis Announce Halt to Yemen Bombing Campaign By RICK GLADSTONEAPRIL 21, 2015 Civil war. Religious War. GWOT. ...
divineorder 04/21/2015 11 21 - -
Filastin: Shooting kids in the back, segregating female soldiers, state-sanctioned theft
This is a roundup of news related to Palestine with a particular focus on grassroots action and peaceful civil disobedience in the Occupied Territories and within the borders of Israel proper. We ...
subir 04/19/2015 8 23 1 -
Israel High Court approves confiscating Jerusalem homes of "absentee" Palestinians forced out in '67
When it rains it pours, and if you're a Palestinian it seems you're stuck in a perpetual monsoon. I wouldn't normally publish back to back diaries on Israel Supreme Court rulings , but this one is ...
subir 04/16/2015 31 30 - -
Israel Supreme Court: Boycott/Divest is "Political Terrorism". Publishers can be sued for speech.
In 2011, the Knesset passed a law banning calls for boycotts of Israel . The law read in part: In this bill, "a boycott against the State of Israel" is defined as: deliberately avoiding economic, ...
subir 04/16/2015 134 57 1 -
Senate Foreign Relations panel okays watered-down Iran nuclear review bill in 19-0 vote
Sen. Bob Corker answers reporters' questions Tuesday. The unanimous vote of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday in support of an amended bill authorizing a congressional review of any ...
Meteor Blades 04/14/2015 72 54 1 -
Iran's government has delivered on health, well-being, education, which is why Iranians tolerate it.
The NY Times has been running a "Man (Woman) on the Street" series with ordinary Iranians for the past few weeks. Even for someone like me who is interested and has followed Iranian events, it ...
subir 04/14/2015 31 24 - -
Filastin week: Yarmouk refugees, NYU divestment letter, Terrorizing Children
This is a roundup of news related to Palestine with a particular focus on grassroots action and peaceful civil disobedience in the Occupied Territories and within the borders of Israel proper. We ...
subir 04/12/2015 1 8 1 -
Netanyahu tells cabinet his biggest fear is that Iran honors nuke deal in all respects.
No, this is not from the land of make-believe. Haaretz is carrying this story: Netanyahu told cabinet: Our biggest fear is that Iran will honor nuclear deal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said ...
subir 04/12/2015 127 139 - -
"I will never call IDF the most moral army" - top Army lawyer. Hamas will hand over officials to ICC
Jerusalem Post reports that Hamas says willing to cooperate with ICC to advance Palestinian cause Hamas announced on Friday that the Palestinian Islamist group is willing to cooperate with the ...
subir 04/10/2015 48 28 1 -
LOL! The White House Just Trolled Netanyahu on Twitter
Many of you might recall Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the UN General Assembly in 2012, during which he produced a cartoon bomb drawing to help explain how Iran was vewy vewy scawy. Here's the ...
Flyswatterbanjo 04/08/2015 133 610 6 -
Democrats Blast Schumer Threat to Kill Iran Deal
Democratic constituency groups opposed to war with Iran are furious that New York Democrat and Senate Minority Leader "heir apparent" Chuck Schumer is threatening to scuttle the possibility of a ...
Robert Naiman 04/08/2015 125 199 3 -
Sen. Schumer and 7 other Democrats are making a terrible choice siding with GOP on Iran bill
Ready and willing to botch an agreement with Iran. Chuck Schumer, the expected ...
Meteor Blades 04/07/2015 465 319 4 -
Israel will lobby Congress on Corker bill to hamper Iran deal (Haaretz quoting senior official)
From Haaretz: Israel to push Congress to pass bill to hamper Iran deal Israel will adopt two lines of attack as it tries to thwart – or at least modify – the international nuclear agreement ...
subir 04/07/2015 140 71 3 -
Did President Obama just offer Israel a security guarantee?
The New York Times on Sunday featured a fascinating interview with President Obama conducted by columnist Tom Friedman. In the U.S., most analysts focused on the president's ...
Jon Perr 04/06/2015 17 18 1 -
The Obama doctrine of engagement requires empathy towards Iran's legitimate suspicion of the west.
Though the negotiations are with the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany, it's clearly the US view that matters since we're the driving force behind sanctions on Iran. I don'...
subir 04/06/2015 29 24 1 -
Filastin Week: Segregated Streets in Hebron, Palestinians observe Land Day
This is a roundup of news related to Palestine with a particular focus on grassroots action and peaceful civil disobedience in the Occupied Territories and within the borders of Israel proper. We ...
subir 04/05/2015 16 15 - -
Tom Cotton got over $2.1 million in campaign ad support from pro-Israel donors
The NY Times is running a story on how contributions from a small group of single-issue mega-wealthy donors is impacting the Republican party's stance on Israel. GOP's Israel Support Deepens as ...
subir 04/05/2015 85 103 - -
Silly Palestinians, if only they'd accepted the state offered in 1947.
Ron Prosor (Israel's man at the UN) wrote an Op-Ed in the Times on March 31 titled The U.N.’s War on Israel . I found it extremely annoying, but after a few deep breaths I managed to channel my ...
subir 04/02/2015 152 123 29 -
Ayn Rand v. Murray Rothbard: A deep dive into the Libertarian view of Israel/Palestine
I've been mulling over why Libertarians haven't been more critical of Israeli policy towards Palestinians (it turns out some have been for decades). I'll get to my own views later, first, let's ...
subir 03/31/2015 18 12 2 -
Filasṭin Week by Week: A March for the Bedouin, A License to Kill & To Teach the Nakba
Haaretz reports a few dozen people, including members of the Arab-Jewish Joint-List have begun a Four-day march to Jerusalem for Bedouin rights President Reuven Rivlin had ...
subir 03/29/2015 2 11 1 -
France to begin push for UN Security Council resolution on Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Haaretz is reporting the following: France to begin push for UN Security Council resolution on Israeli-Palestinian conflict France plans to start discussions with partners in the "coming weeks" on ...
subir 03/27/2015 26 24 - -
The failure of the Evian conference and Likud's insistence on a "Jewish State".
Many see me as a pro-Palestinian voice on this site. A couple of recent conversations made me think about the Evian conference which I’ve only discussed in passing on DKos . There was a diary ...
subir 03/26/2015 59 26 1 -
NYTimes Editors say US should support Security Council resolution on Palestinian state & 1967 lines
The NY Times has an editorial (this is not an Op-Ed, it is the entire Editorial Board) today titled Keeping Palestinian Hopes Alive : Since negotiations seem impossible, President Obama has told Mr.
subir 03/24/2015 241 176 5 -
+972mag: Herzog's Anti-Arab Campaign, Bill Maher and the One-State Solution
For those of you who are unfamiliar with it: +972 is a blog-based web magazine that is jointly owned by a group of journalists, bloggers and photographers whose goal is to provide fresh, original,
subir 03/23/2015 23 25 2 -
White House Chief of Staff: Israel's 50-year occupation must end
Originally published in Tikkun Daily Speaking at the J Street conference in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough amplified President Obama's policy rift with ...
David Harris Gershon 03/23/2015 193 373 2 -
Ruminating on a one-state solution in Israel-Palestine.
I've said before that the two-state solution for Israel/Palestine is a zombie . Most people acknowledge that the present reality is a single state with a couple of enclaves where some authority is ...
subir 03/22/2015 60 25 1 -
I am now a 'Pro-Pressure' Jew
Originally published in Tikkun Daily Israel's Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has obliterated what it means to be 'pro-Israel,' setting Israel on a course ...
David Harris Gershon 03/21/2015 478 349 5 -
Obama is being "nasty" to Netanyahu says the Anti-Defamation League
Bib Netanyahui's statements about Arabs "voting in droves", using settlements to separate Jerusalem from Palestinian Bethlehem and his rejection of the two-state plan shocked many Americans, ...
subir 03/20/2015 111 155 6 -
The issue isn't really that Netanyahu is a liar
The issue is that Israeli voters put him over the top after he said there would not be a Palestinian state. That is what makes a Palestinian state impossible under the current conditions.
Flyswatterbanjo 03/20/2015 21 25 - -
UN Security Council: Right Venue for Iran Deal, Right Venue for Israel-Palestine
In the wake of the Israeli election - in which now re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spectacularly unmasked himself and his supporters as diehard opponents of a diplomatic resolution to ...
Robert Naiman 03/19/2015 22 19 - -
Tony Judt knew the two-state plan was dead. In 2003.
As I caught up on the news reports and pundit pronouncements on Israel's election this week, I realized there was one voice I was missing. True, there was very little coverage of the views of ...
subir 03/19/2015 50 38 2 -
Benjamin Netanyahu, America's friend without benefits
Whatever happens in Tuesday's elections in Israel, Americans will have learned two valuable lessons. For starters, when it mattered most on U.S. policy toward Iran, Republicans supported a foreign ...
Jon Perr 03/17/2015 5 18 1 -
Israeli Elections Tomorrow: A Primer, and What to Watch for (UPDATE beautiful chart)
Ok, I guess it's time for my traditional pre-Israeli-elections diary. I posted one in 2009 and two in 2012/3 ( one and two ). ...
Assaf 03/16/2015 29 36 3 -
AP: 75%-90% of Deaths from Israel's "Precision" Air Strikes Last Summer were Civilians
In my last diary a couple of weeks ago , I promised to be more "in your face", writing more regularly about Gaza rather than wait for the next round of mayhem or warfare. Since then I've been a bit ...
Assaf 03/13/2015 151 168 3 -
Israeli foreign minister calls for beheadings of certain Arab citizens. Yes really.
I know it's election season and everything, but seriously? The minister, leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party and an outspoken critic of Israel’s Arab population, made the controversial remarks ...
Flyswatterbanjo 03/10/2015 36 27 - -
Senator Dianne Feinstein indirectly says that Benjamin Netanyahu is no ally of the Unites States
Egberto Willies 03/08/2015 62 63 - -
Massive anti-Netanyahu rally draws over 50,000 in Israel as elections loom
Originally published in Tikkun Daily Days after Israel's Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, claimed to be speaking for " the entire Jewish people " in his speech ...
David Harris Gershon 03/07/2015 142 330 4 -
Ex-Mossad Chief Calls Netanyahu’s Iran Speech ‘Bullshit’
I don't bother reading the Times of Israel. As newspapers go, it's rather too right-wing for my taste. It isn't as harshly right-wing as some other Israeli publications, but a champion of the left ...
Celtic Merlin 03/06/2015 69 176 3 -
Iranian ambassador's response to Netanyahu's speech is worth reading
The NY Times published an Op-Ed by Iran's ambassador to the UN, Gholamali Khoshroo, today. It's titled Netanyahu's Nuclear Deceptions . Like many other readers, I found it to be an engaging ...
subir 03/04/2015 61 204 3 -
The day the Nakba arrived at Khirbet Khizeh.
As Benjamin Netanyahu's spoke to congress about his administration's view on Iran, I largely ignored it and took the time to hear another Israeli voice, one who describes the events in different war,
subir 03/04/2015 9 27 4 -
Leader of only nuclear-armed nation in Middle East says bad nuclear deal with Iran will lead to war
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ...
Meteor Blades 03/03/2015 317 136 2 -
Netanyahu's other U.S. mission: Invent a single, global Islamic threat
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington with two transparent objectives on his agenda. First, of course, is to secure his reelection back home. The second, aided and ...
Jon Perr 03/02/2015 19 20 - -
Senator Feinstein on "arrogant" Netanyahu's claim to represent all Jews: "He doesn't speak for me."
Originally published in Tikkun Daily Senator Dianne Feinstein today blasted Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, for claiming that he will be speaking on behalf of "
David Harris Gershon 03/01/2015 71 205 3 -
Hilarious Full-Page Ad in NYT Skewers Boehner
The ad kind of speaks for itself.
Flyswatterbanjo 02/21/2015 252 517 3 -
Over 1,000 Muslims form 'ring of peace' around Oslo synagogue, chanting "No to anti-Semitism."
Originally published in Tikkun Daily An anti-hate campaign launched by Norway's Muslim community last week, after a tragic attack on a Denmark synagogue, culminated tonight with over 1,000 Muslims ...
David Harris Gershon 02/21/2015 65 182 3 -
White House to Snub AIPAC Conference Over Netanyahu Speech
Originally published in Tikkun Daily A significant development in the ongoing rift between the Obama administration and Israel's government: it appears White House plans to snub AIPAC's upcoming ...
David Harris Gershon 02/21/2015 171 247 3 -
Guess what Topic is *NOT* Mentioned by the Main Contenders in Israel's Election?
Shuja'iyya, Gaza, Winter 2015: a resident walks in what used to be a street. (Anne Paq / Activestills ) Yes, the same Gaza that reigning ...
Assaf 02/19/2015 66 39 - -
Don't lose sight of the real story in the alliance between Netanyahu and the GOP
All he is saying, is give war a chance Benjamin Netanyahu seems to think that standing and speaking before the Congress of the United States will make him look big right before an election back home.
Laurence Lewis 02/10/2015 262 542 5 -
No, you will NOT be speaking for me or "the entire Jewish people" before Congress, Netanyahu.
Originally published in Tikkun Daily Israel's Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, said yesterday that he will be speaking for " the entire Jewish people " in his controversial speech before ...
David Harris Gershon 02/09/2015 168 287 2 -
Abe Foxman & Isaac Herzog: Cancel Bibi’s Speech to Congress
As the controversy surrounding Benjamin Netanyahu proposed speech to Congress on March 3rd reaches new heights, one of the Jewish community’s top leaders is calling on the Israeli prime minister ...
Robert Naiman 02/07/2015 54 24 - -
What Gets Democrats Angry at Jerusalem?
So Democrats in Washington are ticked off at the Israeli government. This is a pretty big turn of events. What exactly was it that pushed Democrats over the edge?
psychodrew 02/05/2015 33 25 - -
Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Boycotting Netanyahu Speech
Originally published in Tikkun Daily The Democratic revolt over Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress continues to grow. Indeed, more Democratic representatives have ...
David Harris Gershon 02/05/2015 86 260 2 -
3,300 year old city to be wiped off the map
The city of Rafah has survived the invading armies of Assyria, Greece, and Rome, among others. It has outlasted Napoleon's armies, the Mamluks, the British, and the Ottoman Empire, just to name ...
gjohnsit 02/03/2015 325 266 4 -
Bush and Cheney's Littlest Victims
Angelina Jolie is a filmmaker, special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and co-founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. Movie stars occupy a ...
Dartagnan 01/30/2015 10 53 1 -
75 Senators Sign Letter to Kerry Defending Israeli War Crimes, Demanding More Palestinian Suffering
Yesterday, Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) led a group of 75 senators in writing a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to counter the Palestinian Authority's effort ...
Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees 01/30/2015 206 115 2 -
Rep. Yarmuth (D-KY): 'As a Jew in Congress my first obligation is to the United States, not Israel.'
Originally published in Tikkun Daily An unusual moment occurred on the Stephanie Miller Show last Friday. That'...
David Harris Gershon 01/30/2015 161 163 - -
It's April 15: Can I Take a Tax-Deduction on My Donation to Israeli Settlements in Palestine?
Haaretz reports today on the news that Israeli authorities have requested bids to construct 450 housing units in settlements beyond the 1967 borders. The piece is titled: U.S. says Israeli ...
subir 01/30/2015 7 13 1 -
B'Tselem reports on Israeli precision bombs that destroyed 70 homes in Gaza, killing entire families
B'Tselem (The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories) issued a report today titled Black Flag: The legal and moral implications of the policy of attacking ...
subir 01/28/2015 30 37 2 -
Dear President Obama: Please Invite Me to the White House During Netanyahu's Congressional Speech
Originally published in Tikkun Daily Dear President Obama, You don't know my name, though you know the names of those who represent hundreds of thousands of American Jews who, like me, publicly ...
David Harris Gershon 01/24/2015 237 369 4 -
The UK, France & Germany Co-Write WaPo Op-Ed Begging Goposaurs Not to Sabotage Iran Nuke Deal
The following appears as an op-ed in the Washington Post. It was co-written by France’s minister of foreign affairs, Britain’s foreign secretary, Germany’s federal minister for foreign affairs,
ericlewis0 01/23/2015 97 178 2 -
U.S. Official--Netanyahu "Spat In Our Face And There Will Be A Price."
Please stay out of my country's foreign policy, Mr. Netanyahu. From Haaretz, (firewall) and The Times of Israel : The White House’s outrage over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to ...
Dartagnan 01/23/2015 480 614 7 -
Top academics volunteer to take 100 lashes for Raif
In the latest of a number of incredibly inspiring efforts on behalf of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, (above) sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for his moderate and ...
SeattleProgressive 01/22/2015 16 43 2 -
Republicans outsource U.S. foreign policy to Israel's Netanyahu
Less than one month ago, Republican Senator and possible 2016 presidential candidate Lindsey Graham (R-SC) traveled to Jerusalem to deliver a simple message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ...
Jon Perr 01/21/2015 23 28 - -
Bibi Has the Vapors As ICC Announces Preliminary Investigation
The Israel Prime Minister has done his usual angry man act and hit out at the announcement of the International Criminal Court's Chief Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda , that she would be conducting a ...
Lib Dem FoP 01/17/2015 74 84 1 -
Israel plans to build West Bank settlements to house Jewish immigrants from France
Israel's Construction Minister Uri Ariel is proposing expanding West Bank settlements to house Jewish immigrants from France (Times of Israel). There is some opposition and the proposal is scheduled ...
subir 01/16/2015 18 14 - -
Rand Paul: Kicking Palestinians is a Freebie
[A slightly different version of this piece is at Huffington Post .] Folks who are still sure that Rand Paul offers a meaningful alternative to Hillary as far as excessively zealous support for the ...
Robert Naiman 01/10/2015 28 7 - -
Senator Lindsey Graham Just Kissed Netanyahu's Ass
South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham, at a joint news conference in Jerusalem, has pledged to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his support in conflicts involving Hamas and Iran. He has ...
Gwennedd 01/04/2015 42 18 - -
I/P This makes no sense
The Palestinian Authority wants to join 122 States that are already signatories of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The US and Israel have both refused to ratify this accord ...
LaFeminista 01/04/2015 406 189 1 -
In 2015, Let’s Not Punish the Palestinians for Joining the ICC
A proposed New Year's Resolution: in 2015, let's not punish the Palestinians for joining the International Criminal Court . No doubt some Members of Congress - presumably, the ones who aren't busy ...
Robert Naiman 01/01/2015 29 29 - -
The Palestinians just petitioned to join the ICC
I'm really surprised this hasn't seen more attention today. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has formally launched a bid to join the International Criminal Court (ICC). .... Membership could ...
Rejoinder 12/31/2014 116 27 - -
Santa Claus in Gaza
The Shujaiyeh district in Gaza City was decimated during this summer's shelling by Israel, where today children live amidst ruins and are amongst the hundreds of thousands of displaced civilians in ...
David Harris Gershon 12/25/2014 11 40 1 -
Liberal Zionism's impending demise: as narrated by the NYTimes magazine.
This weekend's Times magazine will contain an article titled Can Liberal Zionists Count on Hillary Clinton? It has everything you could want from engaging hand-wringing over Israel, including: The ...
subir 12/18/2014 113 24 - -
Jen Marlowe: One Family, Two Doors, Nowhere to Run
This article originally appeared at To receive TomDispatch in your inbox three times a week, click here .  During the Israeli attacks on Gaza this past summer, U.S. officials were ...
TomDispatch 12/08/2014 3 12 - -
A "political pyromaniac" shaping a "future apartheid state"
The Israeli press is far harder on Israeli politicians and policies than media state-side. This weekend's Haaretz for example has the following opinion pieces. Zeev Sternhell writes in What Israel'...
subir 12/06/2014 14 26 - -
Brookings Poll: Evangelicals Care More about Jewishness of Israel than Jews Do
The Brookings Institution released a new poll on American attitudes toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, presumably timed to coincide with the Saban Forum organized by the Center for Middle East ...
Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees 12/05/2014 30 18 - -
Israeli President blasts Netanyahu's proposed Law proclaiming only Jews possess "National Rights"
Israel's President Reuven Rivlin a member of Netanyahu's Likud Party blasted Bibi's proposed new law that proclaims that only Israel's Jewish citizens possess "national rights". Israeli president ...
Lefty Coaster 11/28/2014 49 41 2 -
Most of Europe will recognize Palestine
Next week, the French Parliament will vote on a non-binding resolution to recognize Palestine as a state. Sweden has already recognized Palestine. The parliaments of Britain, Ireland and Spain ...
BelgianBastard 11/28/2014 58 12 - -
If no deal emerges from latest extension of nuclear talks with Iran, then what?
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has been personally engaged in the nuclear talks along with Secretary of State John Kerry and their counterparts from five other nations. Iran and the ...
Meteor Blades 11/24/2014 109 37 - -
On Obama quoting the Book of Exodus: "We shall not oppress a stranger"
Originally published in Tikkun Daily A powerful moment in President Obama's immigration reform speech came when, after telling the emotional story of a young immigrant, he quoted ...
David Harris Gershon 11/22/2014 130 169 5 -
A Third Intifada: Al-Aqsa and the Temple Mount
There has been a lot of inflammatory discussion in recent weeks about what the status of various monuments and places of worship in Jerusalem is and should be. An Op-Ed in Haaretz ...
subir 11/19/2014 54 30 1 -
The meeting lasted well into the night, with the campus paper Daily Bruin unable to get a report out until after 11:30 PM Tuesday night. The final vote was 8 For, 2 Against, and 2 Abstentions. ...
Celtic Merlin 11/19/2014 26 23 - -
Jon Stewart passionately speaks for me & all Jews called 'anti-Semitic' for critiquing Israel
Originally published in Tikkun Daily "Go f-ck yourself," Jon Stewart said in a moment of perceptible anger. This wasn't the usual, lighthearted barb during a satirical ...
David Harris Gershon 11/13/2014 202 422 5 -
Palestinian Youths Make Powerful Statement As They Break Through Separation Wall (Image)
This striking image is capturing the attention of people around the world. Last weekend, in peaceful protest, young activists from the Palestinian Popular Struggle Coordination Committee against ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/12/2014 14 33 - -
Netanyahu tells Arab-Israelis protesting police brutality to leave Israel
Originally published in Tikkun Daily Imagine for a moment that President Obama, during the height of Occupy Wall Street protests, suggested that activists move to Canada. Better yet, imagine that ...
David Harris Gershon 11/10/2014 50 74 1 -
Ferguson Just Happened Again
Originally published in Tikkun Daily The fatal police shooting of a 22-year-old minority last night, this time caught on video, has once again brought angry community members into the streets to ...
David Harris Gershon 11/08/2014 65 197 1 -
This Absurd & Offensive Story Represents How US Jewish Institutions Often Misrepresent US Jews
Originally published in Tikkun Daily This is a strange and deeply revealing story. It is the story of how a major American (and global) Jewish ...
David Harris Gershon 11/07/2014 219 145 1 -
Stay home, Bibi
The news that an unnamed Obama administration official called Benjamin Netanyahu "chickenshit" has put U.S.-Israeli relations on a hot boil. While the anonymous remark was neither helpful nor ...
Jon Perr 10/31/2014 99 135 4 -
Sweden Officially Recognized Palestine Today
Sweden has become the first European Union member state to recognize the State of Palestine. This move was not expected to happen so soon. Newly elected Prime Minister Stefan Lofven first announced ...
Flyswatterbanjo 10/30/2014 133 90 - -
Major American Jewish Institutions Endorse Single-State Solution for Israel/Palestine
Originally published in Tikkun Daily For the last two decades, the largest and most influential Jewish institutions in the United States have publicly supported the creation of a Palestinian state ...
David Harris Gershon 10/26/2014 96 49 - -
Under Israeli Apartheid, Palestinians Cannot Ride Israeli Buses
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has officially banned Palestinians from traveling on Israeli-run public transportation in the West Bank, according to a new report by Haaretz , Israel’s ...
BenNorton 10/26/2014 208 92 5 -
Israeli Army Shoot Dead Another Child, This Time A 14 Year-Old US Citizen
A week after shooting dead a Palestinian 13 year-old for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails, the Israeli army has shot dead another teenager. This time the dead child is 14 year-old Orwah Hammad, ...
Retroactive Genius 10/24/2014 171 107 - -
Weekend read: Excerpts from UK House of Commons debate on Palestinian statehood
The House of Commons debate on recognizing Palestinian statehood is striking in both quality and content. I would recommend reading it in full. Perhaps we should send some members of our House of ...
subir 10/24/2014 18 11 - -
To Be A Liberal is to Face Facts: We Are Shrinking Violets When Compared To Islam
A diary earlier dealt with this in part The Roman Empire: Gentle folks, never hurt anyone. The Byzantine Empire: Kept Up the Roman tradition of non conquest and peace. The Holy Roman Empire: Such ...
LaFeminista 10/23/2014 72 87 1 -
FT: Israeli Minister calls for "new models" instead of Palestinian state
Naftali Bennett was interviewed by the FT this week and said out loud what we know has been the Israeli right's position for decades. The FT article: Israeli Minister calls for ‘new models’ ...
subir 10/22/2014 41 23 - -
Israeli Settler Ran Over Two Palestinian Girls
Numerous sources in Israel-Palestine are reporting that an Israeli settler ran over two young Palestinian girls with a car, killing 5-year-old Enas Shawkat and injuring the other, outside a ...
BenNorton 10/19/2014 183 130 1 -
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