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uber-Freeper Kristinn was on my front porch
Wow, talk about a small world. My parents sent a gift for my daughter's 9th birthday, and the gift was delivered by a local business. I answer the door to see a relatively short man, with stringy ...
AdrianInFlorida 12/18/2010 48 17 - 55
Freepers say they want a revolution
I say they're inciting treason, sedition and posting vile threats against The President and Congress. Jim Robinson, head keyboard commando over there, posted another screed. This one is regarding ...
AdrianInFlorida 07/18/2009 484 223 - 42
Major Cook - Majorly Rejected A federal judge this morning dismissed the suit filed here by a U.S. Army reservist who says he shouldn't have to go to Afghanistan ...
AdrianInFlorida 07/16/2009 22 7 - 9
Tell me again how "That Site" isn't a racist cesspool
While trolling the underbelly of the internet, also known as Free Republic, (I don't know why, it must be like driving past an accident and not being able to look away) I was once again reminded how ...
AdrianInFlorida 07/09/2009 54 15 - 28
Palin to run as AIP candidate in 2012?
Well, I guess she copuld always run for President under the Alaska Independence Party banner, since Mikey doesn't want her on the GOP ticket, apparently. Palin had cited attacks on ...
AdrianInFlorida 07/07/2009 48 6 - 31
Slandering (?!?!) Cheney
Wow, this boggles the mind. Now that he's left the bunker, gone on his never ending farewell tour(Or maybe not farewell, but "I'm still here" tour), Dick has been doing everything ahort of calling ...
AdrianInFlorida 06/15/2009 18 7 - 12
Now Judge Sotomayor is too Catholic???
Just when you thought you'd heard it all...She's a bigot, a racist, not smart enough, too boring, no landmark rulings, the new talking point for the party of "No" is.....Judge Sotomayor will cause a ...
AdrianInFlorida 06/12/2009 24 3 - 2
Freepers hoping for another shooting?
Well, this post over there (Which I've PDF'd for posterity in case Jim Robinson decides to pull it later) links to a site posting names, addresses and photos of the other Abortion doctors they want ...
AdrianInFlorida 06/02/2009 17 8 1 464
The Morning After
It's an incredible feeling to wake up to a democratic President-Elect, larger House and Senate majorities and a general feeling that, truly, "Yes we can, and we did".
AdrianInFlorida 11/05/2008 5 2 1 -
Freepers hit new low
Wandering into that cesspool known as Free Republic, I happened across this little gem, a story about a 93 year old woman that absentee voted for Obam, literally an hour before she died. The Freeper ...
AdrianInFlorida 10/30/2008 61 45 2 16
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