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Because America is the greatest country in the world, and don't you dare say otherwise.
I would hazard that most people across the globe believe that their countries are the greatest in the world, at least some of the time. Here is where Americans are different: We believe we are the ...
Aint I a Woman 07/15/2014 24 16 - -
Net Neutrality: My Letter to the Chair
Here is the text of the letter I sent Federal Communications Chairman Tom Wheeler, who says he pays particular attention to comments from the public about net neutrality. If you have a personal ...
Aint I a Woman 07/13/2014 5 6 - -
Oh, Say What Did They See at Murieta?
I recently broke my political silence on Facebook to decry the Murieta protests against the unaccompanied minor illegal immigrants en route to a USCIS (fka INS) facility said to be better equipped ...
Aint I a Woman 07/11/2014 19 19 - -
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