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Call These People, and Make Them Listen
Under the First Amendment, you have the right to petition your government to redress your grievances. Now would be a good time to do that. Today. According to public reports, the 18 Democratic ...
Alan Grayson 06/01/2015 8 50 1 -
President Adopts Grayson Amendment Against Police Militarization
Yesterday, President Obama acted to restrict the Defense Department and other federal agencies from providing military equipment to local police departments. In essence, the President adopted, by ...
Alan Grayson 05/19/2015 4 44 2 -
The Price That You Pay For Rocking The Boat
Last month, I gave this tribute to Aaron Swartz, an internet activist, when I hosted a special Capitol Hill showing of the documentary Killswitch . Aaron was targeted for prosecution for his ...
Alan Grayson 03/27/2015 58 225 9 -
Our Trade Policy is Insane
This is a statement that I made at a D.C. news conference on trade policy last Thursday: Trade is a simple concept. You sell me yours, and I’ll sell you mine. That’s not what’s happening.
Alan Grayson 01/13/2015 105 70 2 -
Now the Nazis REALLY Hate Me
Yesterday I had the temerity, the gall, the (dare I say it?) chutzpah to point out that for the past five months, every single elected Republican in Congress was a white Christian. The Nazis are ...
Alan Grayson 01/07/2015 245 382 4 -
What's Really Wrong with the GOP
For a five-month period that ends this week, every single elected Republican in Congress was a white Christian. Let me repeat that: every elected GOP Member of the House and Senate was a white ...
Alan Grayson 01/06/2015 67 214 3 -
Legislating, circa 2014
Congress passed 296 bills during the past two years. There are 435 Congresspeeps. Do the math. Yes, that’s correct. During those two years, many, many Members of the House drew $348,000 in ...
Alan Grayson 12/29/2014 12 21 1 -
Your Grayson Christmas Gifts Are On Their Way
This year, during this holiday season, I am extending to you, John or Jane Q. Public, the same Christmas gifts that the millionaires and the billionaires and the multinational corporations get from ...
Alan Grayson 12/25/2014 31 185 5 -
The Womb Lottery
I'm happy that President Obama finally has moved forward with immigration reform. But the six-year-long White House Bad Messaging Plague (WHBMP) continues unabated. We’re in danger of losing the ...
Alan Grayson 11/21/2014 29 31 3 -
The "Issue" Was Obama-Hatred
The 2014 GOP Platform Last Wednesday, at EPCOT Center in Disney World, I heard a father shout this at a crying child ...
Alan Grayson 11/13/2014 175 303 5 -
GOP Idiocy: Imprison the Nephews for What the Uncles Did?
Last year the House Foreign Affairs Committee “marked up” an Iran Sanctions bill, taking amendments from committee members before sending the bill to the “Floor” for a House vote. I ...
Alan Grayson 10/06/2014 10 31 1 -
You Can't Defeat Somebody with Nobody
Flashback, 2000: At a military checkpoint on the side of a road in Lesotho, an officer pointed an automatic weapon at me, and asked for $20. I took out my business card, I handed it to him, and I ...
Alan Grayson 09/26/2014 32 59 - -
Abortion and Incest
This is the only note that you will receive from a Democrat during this election season regarding abortion. The only one. Because I may well be the only Democratic candidate who is willing to ...
Alan Grayson 09/24/2014 45 182 2 -
Ferguson: I did my best to prevent it
It has been widely reported that I recognized, several months before the martial law scenes from Ferguson, Missouri, how problematic it is to put military weapons and equipment in the hands of ...
Alan Grayson 09/05/2014 43 194 4 -
Acknowleging the Reality of Police Brutality
As recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, move from headlines to history, I would like to say a few words about two very sensitive subjects: police brutality, and racism. As we all know, recently a ...
Alan Grayson 08/29/2014 61 226 4 -
War in Afghanistan: Enough is Enough
At the end of George Washington’s second term as President, in his 1796 farewell address to a grateful nation, Washington urged America to avoid foreign entanglements. This is what he said: ��
Alan Grayson 07/09/2014 24 33 1 -
Frank Underwood, von Clausewitz, Rumsfeld and Yogi Berra
I need to get something off my chest. This past week, to absolutely no fanfare whatever, the last declared chemical weapons left Syria. (Isn’t it interesting how the drums of war earn endless ...
Alan Grayson 07/02/2014 7 20 1 -
The Right Wing Attacks Me Relentlessly – Out of Fear
The Urban Dictionary defines the term “Obama Derangement Syndrome” as follows: “The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the statements -- nay -- the ...
Alan Grayson 06/29/2014 66 153 3 -
Winning: Even Harder Than It Looks
So the GOP had us vote in the U.S. House of Representatives today on yet another malevolent bill, whose primary purpose evidently is to reduce Planet Earth to a burnt cinder. If the GOP were right ...
Alan Grayson 06/27/2014 9 24 2 -
The Letter That Changed the Law
The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword This morning, at 12:40 am, the U.S. House of Representatives did something that has eluded it for 42 years: it passed a law to prevent journalists from being ...
Alan Grayson 05/30/2014 25 215 3 -
What Made America Famous
Many Americans believe that the top 1% is responsible for the rising tide of inequality in America, which is swamping and drowning the other 99%. Professor Emmanuel Saez of the University of ...
Alan Grayson 05/17/2014 61 147 3 -
Death by Dogma: Charlene Dill Didn’t Have to Die
Republican-controlled States are refusing to take free federal money to expand Medicaid health care coverage to the working poor. My State, Florida, is one of them. The consequences of this callous ...
Alan Grayson 04/19/2014 29 93 2 -
The Ryan Budget: How I Spent My Weekend
The Ryan Budget Resolution was circulated to Members of Congress at 7 p.m. on Friday. It’s 100+ pages. Amendments were due at noon today, i.e., Monday. That’s the new normal in the GOP House ��
Alan Grayson 04/08/2014 19 58 3 -
Money, Money, Everywhere
This op-ed written by Congressman Alan Grayson was featured by In These Times last month. Read it and share it with your friends and family. I read a number of finance-industry newsletters. I want ...
Alan Grayson 04/06/2014 5 24 1 -
Come clean on deadly drone activities
Three years ago last week, a U.S. drone strike hit the small town of Datta Khel in Pakistan. Local business owners and leaders were in the midst of a two-day tribal council meeting, called to ...
Alan Grayson 03/27/2014 69 82 3 -
Tomorrow's News Today: The GOP on "How We Lost the House"
This is a leaked copy of a secret memo [from the future] written by the Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, dated Nov. 10, 2014: Dear Fellow Republicans: I hate to say that I ...
Alan Grayson 03/18/2014 94 204 5 -
Something You Don’t See Very Often: Self-Sacrifice
Let me tell you why Rep. Luis Gutierrez deserves our support in his primary tomorrow. Picture this: You’re driving in your car, making your typical morning commute. All of a sudden, federal ...
Alan Grayson 03/17/2014 5 24 1 -
Luis Gutierrez Hasn't Sold Out, And He Needs Our Help
Three years ago, I served with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) on the House Financial Services Committee, a/k/a "Cesspool of Corruption." At the time, the Sunlight Foundation bluntly noted that "top ...
Alan Grayson 03/16/2014 8 28 - -
It Would Be Nice If Someone In Congress Knew Something
I’m really getting tired of listening to people who don’t know what they’re talking about. One of the dirty little secrets of Congress is that many of us legislate in areas in which we are ...
Alan Grayson 03/14/2014 75 176 3 -
Comedian Bill Hicks – "It's Just a Ride"
Twenty years ago today, brilliant comedian Bill Hicks died of cancer, at the age of 32. Hicks's comedy has been an inspiration to me and millions of others. Hicks has been voted the fourth ...
Alan Grayson 02/26/2014 15 40 1 -
Drones in Pakistan: Peace . . . And Quiet
You probably didn't hear the news. In fact, I'm almost certain that you didn't hear the news, because the subject of drone warfare isn't on the approved list of what passes for news these days. ...
Alan Grayson 02/20/2014 11 25 - -
Trade Policy: This Is Worth 2000 Words
A picture is worth 1000 words. So let me show you two of them. On the left, our trade balance between 1962 and 1992, before so-called "free trade agreements." And on the right, our trade balance ...
Alan Grayson 01/21/2014 67 152 5 -
Peace: We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
Isaac Newton, the great physicist and astronomer, said, “If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” And so it is with us, and our quest for peace. When I was a child,
Alan Grayson 01/18/2014 7 32 - -
Our Strategy In 2014
[From a recent speech:] [Let me tell you] what our strategy is, [what the strategy of] the Democratic Party will be, for next year. Reach into your pocket. Take out a coin, any coin, and you'll ...
Alan Grayson 01/11/2014 9 25 - -
What Obamacare Really Is All About
One of the more frustrating elements of the debate about Obamacare is that the Right Wing has dictated the terms of that debate. Resolved: Does American Want Socialized Medicine? While the ...
Alan Grayson 01/09/2014 7 34 1 -
You Can't Do Nothing About Nothing
A few weeks ago, the Republicans unveiled their 2014 agenda, and it was . . . nothing. I kid you not. Here is how it was reported in Politico: "Last Thursday, a group of House Republicans filed ...
Alan Grayson 01/04/2014 108 414 9 -
How To Destroy An Entire Country
From a recent 188-page report by the World Health Organization come these ghastly and appalling factoids: Suicide rates rose 40% in the first six months of 2011 alone. Murder has doubled. 9,100 ...
Alan Grayson 12/14/2013 220 594 9 -
Cut Off One Head, and 50 More Spring Up
Driving in the car with my children recently, I mentioned a briefing on drone warfare that I hosted. One of my eight-year-old twins, Stone, said, "You mean that we go to the other side of the Earth ...
Alan Grayson 12/02/2013 46 179 3 -
We Put A Big Hurt On The Big Banks
According to the D.C. playbook, when I was elected to minority party in the U.S. House of Representatives last year, I was supposed to divide my time equally between: 1. Twiddling my thumbs, and 2. ...
Alan Grayson 12/01/2013 66 371 5 -
Has It Become Too Easy To Kill?
In September, on national TV, I said that “I am very disturbed by this idea that whenever we see something bad in the world, we should bomb it.” Last week I felt even more disturbed, when I met ...
Alan Grayson 11/06/2013 114 113 1 -
Your Opportunity To Stop Big Bank Bailouts
I’ve found an interesting and novel way to end Wall Street bailouts, and prove once and for all that no bank is “too big to fail.” And I need your help. This is a bit complex, but I think you'...
Alan Grayson 10/22/2013 39 149 3 -
How We Stopped a War - For Now
After three frenetic weeks, during which time Team Grayson was burning the midnight oil every night, it's time to take stock of what we've accomplished. Here were the headlines in late August, just ...
Alan Grayson 09/11/2013 23 26 - -
Who Cares About Climate Change?
Who cares about climate change? Ed Markey does. Ed Markey served as the one and only Chair of the U.S. House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, during its four years of ...
Alan Grayson 06/23/2013 9 45 1 -
Uncle Sam = Big Brother?
In George Orwell's novel 1984 , "Big Brother" is the dictator of Oceania. No one knows whether Big Brother is a real person, or simply the personification of the dictatorship. Big Brother spies on ...
Alan Grayson 06/14/2013 39 88 4 -
What If Richard Nixon Had Had Your E-Mail Password?
If he were President right now, Richard Nixon would absolutely adore today's National Security Agency. Nixon would be able to snoop, shadow and spy at will. He could read your e-mail; see what you'...
Alan Grayson 06/11/2013 129 126 1 -
A Day in the Life of a Congressman
One of the interesting things about this Congressjob is that at any given moment, there are three or four different things to do. What one has to show for one's time in Congress is, more than ...
Alan Grayson 06/10/2013 20 57 1 -
Letter from Birmingham Jail
Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the first publication of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” King was jailed for campaigning against racial segregation in ...
Alan Grayson 05/18/2013 5 28 - -
Trade Sell-Out: Out of the Mouths of Citizens….
If you have received my e-mails for a while, you know that I sometimes refer to you all, affectionately, as "Alan's Army." You are passionate, smart and dedicated. But last week you were something ...
Alan Grayson 05/15/2013 10 36 - -
Let’s Whip the GOP on Social Security
How to protect Social Security, in two easy steps: Step One: enlist an army. We've done that – 3,000,000 people have signed petitions demanding "No Cuts" to Social Security and Medicare benefits. ...
Alan Grayson 05/13/2013 51 68 6 -
Sequester Threatens Top-Secret Military Research
One of the nice things about being a Member of Congress is that I have security clearance, and you don't. (Sorry!) So I know about the threat that the looming sequester poses to a crucial top-secret ...
Alan Grayson 02/23/2013 29 39 - -
Aaron Swartz, R.I.P.
Aaron Swartz was an internet leader and free-speech advocate. He helped organize the worldwide movement to keep the internet free from censorship and corporate control. After Aaron downloaded a ...
Alan Grayson 02/21/2013 57 132 2 -
"Would You Like To Buy A Pen?" She Asked Me
As we approach the self-immolation known as "The Sequester," I find myself thinking about a woman in West Africa, asking people, "Would you like to buy a pen?" She was a middle-aged woman, wearing ...
Alan Grayson 02/18/2013 94 417 4 -
Humpty Dumpty Constitutionalism
A few days ago, I pointed out that the House Republicans' five-page bill to raise the debt ceiling offends two different provisions in the Constitution.  I wish this were an isolated instance.  It'...
Alan Grayson 01/31/2013 14 23 1 -
An Unconstitutional Twofer
This week, the Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives did something that you wouldn’t think is even possible: they introduced (and then the House passed) a five-page bill that,
Alan Grayson 01/27/2013 58 364 2 -
Why Unions Are Different
When I was elected to Congress in 2008, I asked to join the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). Why? Because I was a government employee. The AFGE negotiates benefits for government ...
Alan Grayson 01/15/2013 28 96 3 -
Legislation Constipation
Here are what I modestly and humbly refer to as “Grayson’s Laws of Legislating”: (1) Vote for what you’re in favor of. (2) Vote for what you can live with, if you must do that to get what ...
Alan Grayson 12/26/2012 23 44 - -
The “Chained CPI” Cut – “If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance . . .”
Let me get right to the point. I'm against the proposed "chained CPI" cut in Social Security because it substantially undermines the protection against inflation that Social Security recipients ...
Alan Grayson 12/20/2012 262 353 6 -
My Thanksgiving – A Turkey Sandwich at WalMart
I did not spend Thanksgiving evening with my wife and my five children. I spent it, instead, handing out turkey sandwiches to workers in WalMart. And showing my support for one brave soul who walked ...
Alan Grayson 11/24/2012 76 331 6 -
Idiot Wind: “A Socialist Nightmare Hellscape”
Yesterday, I mentioned that my opponent Todd Long has concocted a bizarre End-of-Days scenario if I win, which has me removing the Bible from people’s homes, and “kicking Christianity out of the ...
Alan Grayson 11/04/2012 24 34 - -
An Eye For An Eye, Unless You’re Rich
As we lurch uncontrollably toward Election Day, choosing our next set of lawmakers, I’ve been looking for a way to cast some light on what is at stake. I think that I’ve found it in the oldest ...
Alan Grayson 10/28/2012 4 16 - -
Put A Little Love in Our Hearts
Good news and bad news. The good news is that President Obama won last night’s debate. The bad news is that the entire debate, questions and answers, seemed premised on the false assumption that ...
Alan Grayson 10/23/2012 12 18 1 -
"Congressman Joe the Plumber"? OMG.
Do you remember “Joe the Plumber”? If not, you’re better off. But let me remind you – because “Joe the Plumber” might be elected to Congress in two weeks. “Joe the Plumber” is not ...
Alan Grayson 10/21/2012 57 121 1 -
He Shouldn’t Be In Congress
As I noted a few months ago, a tsunami isn’t normal sea water. It’s a filthy sludge, brimming with dead fish and farm animals, dead trees, construction debris, garbage, mud and sewage. A giant ...
Alan Grayson 10/19/2012 9 34 - -
Romney’s Secret Plan to [Fill In The Blank]
I watched the Presidential Debate last night. There was a general absence of NASCAR moments, although Romney's insistence that the President actually didn't say what the President actually did say ...
Alan Grayson 10/17/2012 9 10 - -
Romney Can't Dance
The choreography for the Romney Presidential Campaign couldn’t possibly have been any simpler: During the primary, two steps to the right. During the general election, two steps to the left. God,
Alan Grayson 09/26/2012 19 25 - 167
They Want to Destroy Social Security (circa 1935)
Yesterday, I wrote that all the crocodile tears that the Right Wing sheds for the supposed insolvency of Social Security are just a cover story for what they really want to do, i.e. , destroy Social ...
Alan Grayson 09/22/2012 32 119 2 473
They Don't Want to Save Social Security; They Want to Destroy It
So I was in a debate against my Republican opponent Todd Long a few days ago, and the subject of Social Security came up. He spat out the usual buzzwords about how Social Security is broke, how the ...
Alan Grayson 09/21/2012 56 38 1 284
BREAKING NEWS: My Opponent Was “Very Abusive” to His Ex-Wife
The local CBS affiliate in Orlando, WKMG, has reported that my opponent, Todd Long, was “very abusive” to his ex-wife. Given Long’s history of severe alcoholism , this should surprise no one.
Alan Grayson 09/19/2012 289 38 - 2119
Voter Suppression: Don't Take My Word For It
It may interest you to know that Jim Greer, the disgraced former head of the Republican Party of Florida, has confessed to Republican voter suppression , in brutally honest terms. Greer testified ...
Alan Grayson 09/17/2012 3 24 1 109
Lincoln and Losing
My opponent often brings up the inconvenient truth that I ran for Congress in 2010 and lost, as if there were a giant letter “L” carved into my forehead. (Any Nathaniel Hawthorne fans out there?)
Alan Grayson 09/13/2012 11 22 1 98
Moody’s: Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Yesterday, Moody’s Investor Service said that it might downgrade federal debt because the deficit is in danger of going . . . down. Moody’s is one of the “Big Three” credit rating agencies.
Alan Grayson 09/12/2012 9 18 - 76
The First Space Alien
No one in classical times knew about the existence of other worlds; the planets simply were wandering points of light in the night sky. So you won’t find any mention of aliens from space in ...
Alan Grayson 09/10/2012 13 39 1 244
No News Is Good News
In all of the speeches that I heard in Charlotte last week, I didn’t hear anyone praise President Obama for what might be his greatest accomplishment – getting us through almost four years, ...
Alan Grayson 09/09/2012 13 27 - 118
Kissing Up to the Koch Brothers
Almost 100,000 people like you have contributed to our campaign, our People Power campaign. Yesterday, my Republican opponent Todd Long tried to cancel all that out by soliciting the support of just ...
Alan Grayson 08/31/2012 7 26 - 99
The Second Civil War
This weekend marks the anniversary of the most brutal confrontation in the history of the American labor movement, the Battle of Blair Mountain. For one week during 1921, armed, striking coal miners ...
Alan Grayson 08/26/2012 105 398 26 1539
"The Boss Works Me Like a Dog. The Union Treats Me Like a Man.”
We have Rep. Raul Grijalva in Congress thanks to the Bracero Program, a “guest worker” program that brought Mexicans into the United States. “Bracero” means “strong arm.” Braceros ...
Alan Grayson 08/24/2012 7 28 - 58
He Was Just Chillin'
I’d like to tell you how I met Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ). There is a gorgeous hall in the Cannon House Office Building. It has high ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, enormous windows, etc. After ...
Alan Grayson 08/22/2012 5 19 - 83
The Great Dictator
If you have spent any time listening to Hate TV and Hate Radio lately (and given Hate TV/Radio’s monopolization of the airwaves, who hasn’t?), you have heard Messrs. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck et al.
Alan Grayson 08/21/2012 9 21 1 184
As Seen On TV: A Fetus
In one of the first talk show interviews that I ever did, a woman called in and asked me how it felt to be a "baby killer." I asked her how it felt to be rude. Now Congressman Keith Ellison is ...
Alan Grayson 08/13/2012 8 32 1 189
The Courage That Comes From Being Different
Congressman Keith Ellison started life outside the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant English-Speaking Straight mainstream. He is African-American, and he was raised as a Catholic. Many people who find ...
Alan Grayson 08/10/2012 9 23 - 71
Darcy Burner's Second Act
In his notes for his unfinished novel, “The Last Tycoon,” F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “There are no second acts in American life.” Progressive House candidate Darcy Burner is out to prove him ...
Alan Grayson 08/06/2012 5 34 1 112
He Called Me "The Most Anti-Christian Congressman in History"
On Wednesday, the Huffington Post reported on a video in which my Republican opponent Todd Long called me "the most anti-Christian Congressman that we've ever had in our history." He added, for good ...
Alan Grayson 08/04/2012 137 198 3 1263
What She Wore When Her House Burned Down
Translation: Stop the War. When Darcy Burner was running for Congress in 2008, her house burned down. No one was hurt, but she and her husband and son had to leave, quickly. So everyone got to see ...
Alan Grayson 07/30/2012 41 193 1 1065
Too Old For Congress?
Next Tuesday, civil rights legend Congressman John Lewis faces a primary. His opponent is attacking Lewis for being too old to serve in Congress. Lewis is 72 years old. Ronald Reagan was one year ...
Alan Grayson 07/27/2012 12 13 - 68
More Things I Won't Do
Last week, one of my opponents put out an ad saying that if I'm elected, then next year, I will triple gas prices, prohibit guns and ammunition, and close down children's lemonade stands. I ...
Alan Grayson 07/23/2012 20 28 1 117
I Won't Close the Lemonade Stands
One of my opponents has a new ad, claiming that I will shut down all children's lemonade stands. Seriously. He says that I won't be acting alone, of course. I will do it in concert with my "...
Alan Grayson 07/19/2012 16 23 - 105
What it Was Like in the Sixties
There is a general impression, on the part of many, that the Sixties was a decade-long haze of drugs and free love. I can't really say, since I was born in 1958. I know one person, however, who ...
Alan Grayson 07/14/2012 60 155 4 735
True Independence
Happy Fourth of July - Independence Day. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence. The Fourth of July is a holiday marking national independence, ...
Alan Grayson 07/04/2012 4 33 - 84
Moneybomb: Why We Are Doing This
A few people have asked me why we are doing a “Fight Corporate Smears” Moneybomb this week. The answer is that we have to. We have to. There is no alternative.
Alan Grayson 06/26/2012 19 16 - 109
A Tsunami of Dirty Money
People often picture a tsunami as a towering wall of water slamming into the shore, as in the movies "2012" or "Deep Impact." Generally, that's not the way it works. Instead, a tsunami is like a ...
Alan Grayson 06/18/2012 5 19 - 59
… And the Poor Get Poorer
The Federal Reserve just released its Survey of Consumer Finances, the only government survey of wealth in America. The Survey is conducted every three years. This survey, conducted in 2010, is the ...
Alan Grayson 06/14/2012 51 98 3 305
How You Can Tell When the Deficit is a Problem
A few days ago, I was stuck in the car for a long drive. Because of the complete absence of progressive talk from Orlando's airwaves, I had no real choice but to listen to the nasal maundering of ...
Alan Grayson 06/08/2012 29 40 1 186
11 Years Ago Today
As I mentioned on MSNBC last night, today marks 11 years since the Bush tax breaks for the rich were enacted. President George W. Bush signed the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act on ...
Alan Grayson 06/07/2012 9 27 - 93
Yesterday: The Lowest Interest Rates in History
Yesterday, the 10-year Treasury note hit its lowest interest rate in history. For the third day in a row. I didn't hear that reported. Did you? Treasury notes started trading in substantial amounts ...
Alan Grayson 06/02/2012 116 150 7 776
Feeding the Berbers to the Tigers
Yesterday, I visited Tipaza, in Algeria. Tipaza is more than 2,000 years old. It was founded by Phoenician traders, and then occupied by Rome. The Roman Army made it a military base. And the first ...
Alan Grayson 05/29/2012 14 5 1 116
Dumb Rich People
A few weeks ago, it was reported that some right-wing rich guys' club had pledged $100 million to defeat President Obama. The Koch Brothers led the way, pledging $60 mil. Which is pocket change, ...
Alan Grayson 05/25/2012 70 253 5 1031
Support the Candidate Who Spent 40 Days in Jail
I'm asking you to support a candidate, Norman Solomon, who spent 40 days in jail. Usually, that's a bad thing. But in some cases, it's a good thing. Nelson Mandela was arrested on August 5, 1962. ...
Alan Grayson 05/22/2012 5 23 1 75
The FBI Had a File on Him When He Was 14
I have five children. Sometimes I try to explain to them what it was like to live in America in the Sixties and Seventies. When the federal government listened in on phone conversations of civil ...
Alan Grayson 05/21/2012 28 50 - 324
Unemployment: Why.
I recently happened to be at an event where billionaire George Soros was being interviewed. The right wing hates Soros because he is: (a) liberal, (b) rich, and (c) fearless. [I could also make a ...
Alan Grayson 05/14/2012 8 42 - 124
A Not-Dumb War
Yesterday, I wrote about President Obama's announcement last week that he had signed an agreement to extend the U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan for twelve more years. I said that at this ...
Alan Grayson 05/10/2012 18 16 - 113
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