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Not plagiarism: Rand Paul quotes Wikipedia
(Reposted from Rachel Maddow ran a segment about how bad it was for Rand Paul to quote a Wikipedia article on Gattaca. It was bad, of course, because Paul continued the ...
Allan Masri 10/30/2013 62 4 - -
There you go again: Microsoft v i4i
Microsoft has a lot in common with the right wing of the Republican Party. First, their opponents are always wrong. Second, whenever there is an issue before the public, you will find their ...
Allan Masri 09/04/2009 17 2 - 10
Cyber Wars
Today, President Obama announced the creation of a new post, which he called Cyber Czar. This new position would have responsibilty for protecting world computer networks from attacks that cost the ...
Allan Masri 05/29/2009 6 2 - 38
Sean Hannity Accepts GM Bailout Money
Sean Hannity spent a solid 18 minutes on his show Monday railing at Obama's decision to fire GM's CEO and other aspects of the Federal Bailout plan. Then he went to commercial. The commercial was a ...
Allan Masri 04/01/2009 9 1 - 10
Bush Trials: What Lawyers Can and Can't Do
Many lawyers believe that their knowledge of the law places them beyond its reach. After all, they spend their lives inventing elaborate means for their clients to circumvent justice. But there ...
Allan Masri 03/19/2009 25 26 3 158
Limbaugh's Leadership Role
On January 23, President Obama told a group of Republican legislators, “You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.”
Allan Masri 03/05/2009 3 2 - 1
The Republican Party Must Go
President Obama has been avoiding the real fight he must take on if he is to guide this country out of the wilderness. He has been trying to propitiate the Republican Party. But the Republican Party ...
Allan Masri 01/16/2009 33 4 - 1
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