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Cartoon: Burdens
Ampersand 09/17/2007 3 5 - 7
Cartoon: What Will We Do To Fight Global Warming?
Sorry I haven't posted new cartoons in the last couple of weeks. I actually have been doing a cartoon a week, but the one two weeks ago is being published by Dollars & Sense magazine, so I felt ...
Ampersand 09/12/2007 10 10 1 38
Cartoon: Free Trade
Ampersand 08/15/2007 14 14 1 3
Cartoon: White Lies
Another cartoon, this one from a couple of weeks ago, about racism and white denial. This cartoon generated a remarkable amount of hate email, including a lot of anti-semitic email, which is a bit ...
Ampersand 08/13/2007 6 5 - 1
Cartoon: It's A Tidy System
This is my latest political cartoon; hope folks like it. The subject is health care, but more broadly the way our system of lobbyists, money-driven elections and compliant media combines to keep our ...
Ampersand 08/10/2007 16 14 1 1
Round-Up Of Blog Posts Responding To Gonzales v Carhart
This is a round-up of many good posts that feminist bloggers have written in response to the Supreme Court's upholding of the federal "Partial Birth" abortion ban. About 20 posts are quoted from and ...
Ampersand 04/20/2007 2 8 - 1
Gonzales vs Carhart: The Biggest Threat Is Buried Deep In The Decision
Gonzales vs. Carhart , today's Supreme Court decision upholding the Federal "Partial Birth" abortion (PBA) ban (here's ...
Ampersand 04/18/2007 13 49 3 151
Largo, Florida Fires City Manager For Being Transsexual
Led by born-again Republican Mary Black, the City Commissioners of Largo, Florida voted to fire City Manager Steve Stanton. Stanton had been City Commissioner for 15 years, but once his intention to ...
Ampersand 02/28/2007 37 13 - 8
The Long Beach Beating Case And Race
Some right-wingers have been pointing to The Long Beach beating case, in which a group of nine black youths were given a slap on the wrist for the hate crime beating of three white women, as ...
Ampersand 02/27/2007 9 4 2 243
More On Prison Rape
Ilya Somin , a libertarian, and ...
Ampersand 02/20/2007 8 7 1 9
Idaho Republican: Coercing Women Not To Have Abortions Shouldn't Be Penalized
Via F-Words and Eye on Boise , I learned that ...
Ampersand 02/16/2007 14 6 1 144
"Baby AIDS," Mandatory Newborn Testing, And Preventing Mother-To-Baby Transmission Of HIV
Right-wingers are attacking Democrats for scuttling "the Ryan White Early Diagnosis Grant Program," or as they call it, the "baby AIDS" bill. Why are liberals against helping babies with AIDS, they ...
Ampersand 02/15/2007 8 8 1 236
Round-Up Of Blog Posts Regarding Prison Rape
"The opposite of compassion is not hatred, it's indifference." --Anonymous prisoner quoted by Human Rights Watch In response to Ezra Klein's ...
Ampersand 02/13/2007 17 14 1 -
University Investigates College Republicans For Stepping On Hezbollah And Hamas Flags
From FIRE : San Francisco State University (SFSU) is investigating its College Republicans for hosting an anti-terrorism ...
Ampersand 02/10/2007 43 25 1 9
Initiative Would Make Procreation A Requirement Of Marriage
A group called The Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance is proposing to modify Washington state's marriage laws to better comport with a recent ...
Ampersand 02/09/2007 9 6 - 5
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