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An Open Letter from a Transwoman to Michael Weiner (AKA The Savage)
Michael, I've chosen to refer to you as Weiner out of the spirit of keeping it real. That is your real name isn't it? I feel like it's dishonest of you to pretend you're a Savage when you're ...
Andrea Spande 02/25/2015 11 7 - -
Passing Quickly and the Myth of Tiresias
So I am passing. That is transgender-speak for I Appear To Be A Woman. People who do not know me do not know. Period. It's one of the main reasons we transition. I have been so for almost 5 ...
Andrea Spande 12/16/2014 4 8 - -
A Surreal Stop in the Uncanny Valley: Transition Really Kicks In
I'm a transwoman in my mid '40's. I awakened, as I say it, about four months ago. With my 'male' life almost literally in flames around me. I endured a frightening assault by the person who lived ...
Andrea Spande 10/25/2014 16 68 - -
Andrea's Angels - An Atheist Transgender Believes in Something
I'm a transwoman. I've been a transwoman my entire life. I've always known something was not right about me. I've never quite belonged. In my previous diary I talked some about how I got here, ...
Andrea Spande 08/08/2014 12 29 - -
Walking Towards Womanhood - A Transgender Awakens
I've been a woman my whole life. Inside. For 44 years, I looked in the mirror at my face and asked him, "What the hell are you?" The question was deeply existential to me, it encompassed ...
Andrea Spande 08/07/2014 30 37 - -
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