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Obama's unrequited generosity made it 1980 all over again
Obama acknowledged we tortured detainees, but instead of prosecuting anyone, we just moved along. You'd think the intelligence community would be grateful, but they repaid him by totally missing the ...
Andrew Lazarus 11/04/2014 3 8 - -
Trying to vaccinate against cowardice failed
While researching my earlier diary on vaccination and misuse of statistics, I landed at as part of a Google Search. Turns out, they have a "Vaccination Debate" forum where a few ...
Andrew Lazarus 04/19/2014 181 20 2 -
Helmet law data display FAIL at the New York Times
The New York Times web version has a section called Visuals, which looks like an attempt to be relevant in the age of Big Data. This week features Fewer Helmets, More Deaths , which seems so common-...
Andrew Lazarus 04/01/2014 19 1 - -
Welfare for scientists: The killer asteroid is overhyped
Phil Plait , of Bad Astronomy at Slate, is usually a great read, and Bill Nye a great science entertainer, but I don't know what's up with them, with their calls to spend major money defending ...
Andrew Lazarus 02/14/2014 75 4 - -
Two arguments about natural born citizenship that refuse to die
First, that the fact President Obama was allegedly a British/Kenyan citizen or Ted Cruz a Canadian citizen at birth is relevant. Second, that the child born to US citizens who are overseas is not a ...
Andrew Lazarus 01/19/2014 11 - - -
Two surprises from the Sharon Administration
Given the many mistakes (to be charitable) that Ariel Sharon made in his career, I don't think his passing should go without mention of two Nixon-to-China moments. And I don't mean evacuating Gaza. ...
Andrew Lazarus 01/11/2014 9 2 - -
Public Citizen on NAFTA — an opportunity forfeited through deception
I paid less attention than I might have (should have?) to NAFTA when it was passed twenty years ago. On one hand, most of the proponents were Bad Guys and many Good Guys were opposed. On the other ...
Andrew Lazarus 01/09/2014 65 25 1 -
Arrival in Israel — Chapter One of the book I never wrote
After my family returned from three years resident as temporary workers in Israel, my mother told me to write a book about the experience. Israel provides a wealth of material. American Jews who ...
Andrew Lazarus 12/02/2013 6 5 - -
Today I crossed a threshold most of my friends already knew
Until today, I was the oldest person I knew (at least, without thinking long and hard) with two living parents. And now I'm not. More below.
Andrew Lazarus 11/23/2013 69 185 1 -
Vaccinate yourself against statistical idiocy
This week’s hot Internet story was Julia Ioffe writing in The New Republic about her whooping cough. [Mention on DK FP ; Volokh Conspiracy ;
Andrew Lazarus 11/16/2013 276 252 20 -
The JNF map of Israel
I often hear about how the Palestinian Authority must be arguing in bad faith , given that their maps don’t show Israel. (Same complaint here , here , and here .) So today my family ...
Andrew Lazarus 10/30/2013 17 16 - -
Niall Ferguson tries again, roll the tape
When I noticed that Paul Krugman, aka Krugtron the Invincible, wasn't going to bother with Niall Ferguson's turgid jeremiad at HuffPo, I thought I could step into the breach. Except it turns out, ...
Andrew Lazarus 10/12/2013 18 25 1 -
Statistical folly: the LA Times and GOP grass roots “success”
From LA Times, 9/3/2013 Remember when Republicans discovered that “ ...
Andrew Lazarus 09/25/2013 2 1 - -
Conservative Statistical Fraud, Forbes 9/23 edition
The most popular story on the website at this moment (Monday afternoon) is headlined “ Obamacare Will Increase Health Spending By $7,450 For A Typical Family of Four ”. Wow! That ...
Andrew Lazarus 09/23/2013 39 116 4 -
Prevailing wage and where is Organized Labor going?
The recent front page diary reports on the arrest of a man who signed a contract to pay "prevailing wage" (which really means union wage) on a government construction contract, and then forced the ...
Andrew Lazarus 02/05/2013 25 2 - -
BPA and the Sandy Hook massacre
Bushmaster ad One of today's discoveries relevant to Sandy Hook is the longstanding ad campaign for the Bushmaster rifle used by Adam Lanza, and also by the Washington D.C. area snipers. (Image ...
Andrew Lazarus 12/17/2012 5 3 - -
Nate is up for tonight. In both senses of up.
77.4% Estimated 299 EV. All the competitive states look a little bluer tinged.
Andrew Lazarus 10/30/2012 4 5 - -
David Brooks, patrician Republican, knows Romney has blundered
This is not meant as an "even David Brooks" diary. Because it is not remarkable that Brooks, writing as an intellectual from the noblesse oblige wing of the conservative movement, sees that Romney's ...
Andrew Lazarus 09/17/2012 13 19 - 299
Cain, Abel, and Al Qaeda
A few vignettes from almost 30 years in the Bay Area. One tiny Marxist-Leninist faction (the one that supported Albanian Enver Hoxha) saw itself as the true inheritors of the Working Class ...
Andrew Lazarus 11/28/2010 11 4 - 48
In my son's 11th grade science class at public school
My younger son is in an AP Environmental Science class at the local public school. Today the teacher said for the second time this year that humans are the only animals with opposable thumbs—...
Andrew Lazarus 10/19/2010 189 14 1 64
Why am I supposed to support the Cranicks?
Today my email inbox has several pitches about evil conservatives and their support of the rural Fire Department that let the Cranicks house burn down. In case you were living on Mars this week, the ...
Andrew Lazarus 10/07/2010 275 2 - 83
The NY Times' quaint obituary on torture [w poll]
[h/t Greenwald and ...
Andrew Lazarus 05/08/2009 8 8 - 4
CyClone Dairy ad is hoax or April Fool's
My DKos front page is getting a thumbnail add for "CyClone Dairy" featuring milk from sustainable cloned cows.
Andrew Lazarus 03/31/2009 24 - - 14
Django Reinhardt and the Republican response to the stimulus package
Josh TPM Marshall and Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly both comment on the Republican Senators’ incomprehensible attitude towards the stimulus. Most of the Republicans, taking their ...
Andrew Lazarus 02/07/2009 14 13 - -
US Air crash, Bush Alternate Reality edition
One reason America is so excited by the dramatic rescue of US Air flight 1549 is that we have become habituated to incompetence and pathetic excuses. I now present how the flight would have ended ...
Andrew Lazarus 01/18/2009 13 2 - 3
Check out Palin’s glasses at the debate (w poll)
After seeing the Couric/Palin interview (in either the original or SNL-enhanced version), I think we can conclude that the McCain campaign's cram sessions have not been effective. Palin is walking ...
Andrew Lazarus 09/29/2008 86 3 - -
Jar-Jar says
While everyone else is watching the FISA vote, I've been keeping an eye on the real show in Coruscant . There, the latest story is the new Binks ...
Andrew Lazarus 07/09/2008 12 1 - -
But it IS like Germany, just the wrong one
The latest excuse for our permanent presence in Iraq is: Hey, we still have troops in Germany and Japan. John McCain picked this up and the YouTube video is going viral.
Andrew Lazarus 06/11/2008 5 9 - 5
Where do I sign up to scab?
I've been meaning to write more here—actually, I've been meaning to write more everywhere, from Facebook to documenting my computer code at the office—and what a fine opportunity ...
Andrew Lazarus 03/14/2008 16 10 - 2
My letter to JetBlue CEO David Neeleman
Better late than never. I had to finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows first. Please note that the street address and ...
Andrew Lazarus 07/21/2007 6 6 - 1
YKos Trivia Teammates wanted
Tonight I go to the Yearly Kos schedule to plan out some in-law-family time in Chicago. And there it is. Pub Trivia contest , for teams of 4 ...
Andrew Lazarus 07/18/2007 8 2 - -
The Washington Times doubles down on its lies
You may remember that the Washington Times created a dry run terrorist threat out of the hysterical fulminations of one Annie Jacobsen (a Michelle Malkin wannabe) about the behavior of some Middle ...
Andrew Lazarus 05/27/2007 9 17 - 166
CNN headline writer taking lessons from Fox
Here's the headline running at CNN now. Bush veto forces Dems to weigh difficult concessions ...
Andrew Lazarus 05/02/2007 6 4 - -
Give the GOP its Wellstone Funeral moment
Andrew Lazarus 10/28/2006 10 2 1 76
NY Times rips Richard Posner's book
Andrew Lazarus 09/19/2006 25 26 - 9
Is Alan Schlesinger a good ActBlue candidate?
Andrew Lazarus 09/07/2006 9 3 - -
Calif county returns link
Andrew Lazarus 11/08/2005 8 1 - -
Gerrymandering Jujitsu
Andrew Lazarus 01/07/2005 9 2 - -
So, where exactly was the record turnout??
Andrew Lazarus 11/03/2004 9 - - -
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