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Six Free or Low-cost Ways to Defeat Right-wing Propaganda and Turn Your State Blue!
[EDIT 12/2/2014 - We got slaughtered in the midterms. But I didn't see or hear about anyone trying these 6 ideas. So to prevent future slaughters, let's start trying these now!] The November 4th mid-
AndrewR9 09/01/2014 18 23 1 -
The Influence of Right-wing Pressure Groups on Media Coverage
Ever heard of the Media Research Center? They are one of several right-wing groups with the focus of "exposing and stopping liberal media bias", i.e. - pressuring mainstream media to move even ...
AndrewR9 11/12/2013 20 6 - -
How to Debunk the "Liberal Media" Myth
Next time you hear a right-winger accuse the mainstream media of "liberal bias", please feel free to forward, cut and paste (keep in mind the links are abbreviated & will need to be re-typed), or ...
AndrewR9 04/23/2013 136 275 68 -
Milwaukee Talk's Most Dangerous Propagandist
Talkers magazine just released the 2013 edition of the "Heavy Hundred", the top 100 most important talk-radio hosts in the country. (tabulated using a variety of data, including estimated audience ...
AndrewR9 03/13/2013 7 5 - -
Another Doozy from Doocy the Douche-y
This morning on FOX and Friends, they had another one of their fear-mongering "anti-God secularists are coming to get you" segments. The big horror this time, apparently, is that the Daughters of ...
AndrewR9 01/03/2013 128 278 27 -
The Mark Belling Files (Part 3) - The WISN emails
[ A follow up to and
AndrewR9 12/12/2012 3 6 1 -
The Mark Belling Files - A Portrait in Propaganda (Part Two)
This is the follow-up to If reading this disgusts you as much as listening to it disgusted ...
AndrewR9 12/06/2012 3 2 - -
The Mark Belling Files - A Portrait in Propaganda (Part One)
This past May, as part of my work with the Media Action Center (, I had the opportunity to monitor and record two weeks of the Mark Belling show. Mark Belling is ...
AndrewR9 12/05/2012 7 6 2 -
BREAKING: Country Music Superstar Toby Keith Admits To Being Deep-Cover Russian Spy
Nov 29, 4:28 PM EST NASHVILLE (AP) -- In a stunning development that has rattled both Music City and Langley, Virginia, Nashville hitmaker Toby Keith revealed today that he is actually a Russian ...
AndrewR9 11/29/2012 29 31 1 -
How to Win the Wisconsin Recalls
In the latest letter from DFA all their subscribers received, Kaili Lambe first tells us, "A new poll out this week shows right-wing Gov. Scott Walker just a few points ahead. But more importantly --
AndrewR9 04/21/2012 26 12 - 191
What's Really Going On Here?
I wrote this piece because I've been frustrated by the scarcity of material written by progressives with the purpose of persuading conservatives and undecideds. So much of our writing is directed ...
AndrewR9 08/23/2011 17 9 1 157
Why we lost and what we MUST do to win
Last year, a month before the predictably disastrous 2010 midterms, I posted my first diary urging us to focus more on outreach strategies and less on preaching to the choir/calling only the base, ...
AndrewR9 08/11/2011 23 - - 101
If We Lose, We Will Have Only Ourselves To Blame – 7 ideas for outreach
(UPDATE - July 27,2014: This was originally written for the 2010 midterm campaigns but is equally relevant for 2014. If you're reading it this year, your suggestions and feedback are appreciated. I ...
AndrewR9 10/05/2010 64 6 2 86
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