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Options for violence
Bush's war in Iraq should have never been fought. There is no disagreement among honest people about that. It was a spectacular waste of political and economic capital. I believe the same will be ...
Anglico 02/28/2009 41 - - 6
Upper crust or dead meat?
I cross-posted my commentary about the need for the rich to go on a shopping spree on Facebook yesterday. It caught the attention of ...
Anglico 02/26/2009 21 9 1 33
On the upper crust
As the reality of the recession sinks in, consumer confidence has reached frightening lows. People all across the income spectrum are hunkering down – and worse. With job losses reaching ...
Anglico 02/25/2009 6 6 - 84
Sunday fun
As some of you know, I'm on a global mission to promote the wisdom of Do good, be nice, have fun. Just in time for the new Obama administration. So I was more ...
Anglico 02/01/2009 7 2 1 1
My first sermon
Yesterday I had the privilege of being a guest speaker at the Unitarian Univeralist Congregation of Hillsborough (North Carolina). I was asked to talk about the philosophy captured in my new novel,
Anglico 01/26/2009 14 6 - 9
Independent Progressive Blogger Needed
There's a Big Happening this Sunday in the Big Apple, and the conference organizers are looking for a blogger to report out to the Intertubes. If you're interested in attending the event for free ...
Anglico 01/23/2009 20 2 1 7
Thank you, Jesus General
One of the most wonderful things about online living is the amazing sense of community that can get built in the click of a mouse. A few weeks ago, ...
Anglico 01/17/2009 14 20 - 18
Writing on writing: The perfect swarm
As part of the communications plan for Jesus Swept , my new novel, I was asked to write a column about writing. This is the sort of thing I usually float ...
Anglico 01/13/2009 23 4 - -
The longest night
The tubes today are bristling with seasonal commentary. As real news slows to a trickle, writers everywhere turn their ...
Anglico 12/21/2008 7 6 1 4
Jesus Swept:  My first novel is published!
After eight crazy years in the making, I'm happy to announce that my first novel, Jesus Swept , is now available for your reading enjoyment, at the ...
Anglico 12/20/2008 160 169 6 46
Mismanaging risk
After 30 years in business, I know a thing or two about risk. For example, I know that there are two fundamentally different kinds of risk: rewarded risk and unrewarded risk. The former is smart ...
Anglico 12/13/2008 17 7 1 27
Junior Johnson, NASCAR Hall of Famer, endorses Obama
Junior Johnson has just endorsed Barack Obama blogging at BlueNC .
Anglico 11/01/2008 22 9 1 6
All times approximate
It's a small victory, but I'll take what I can get. Today I woke up at 5:30 AM to drive the airport for an 8:00 flight. I had to be in New York by 11:00 for a meeting, with a plan to ...
Anglico 10/09/2008 19 8 - 2
From one Naval Academy grad to another
You may have heard bizarre stories about how upperclassmen abused plebes at the US Naval Academy back in the day. But no matter what you may have heard, the truth is even stranger. You see, ...
Anglico 09/26/2008 9 7 - 9
Daddy needs to whip their ass
I changed my registration early this year from Democrat to unaffiliated, hoping to gain a clearer look at the political landscape. It worked. I feel little sense of obligation to the Democratic Party.
Anglico 09/11/2008 6 9 - 5
By when?
Upsets happen every day. We spill our coffee. The water heater fails. We have a fender-bender. The contractor doesn't show up. Somebody says mean stuff about us or our friends or some candidate we ...
Anglico 06/09/2008 12 6 - 1
NC Governors Debate on BlueNC Tonight
How cool is this? The first-ever virtual (online) debate among the Democratic candidates for Governor in North Carolina. It's been months in the making and tonight it'...
Anglico 03/31/2008 3 9 - 12
When you've lost my wife, you've lost
My wife Jane is a feminist's feminist from way back. In the 60s, she helped poor women in Kentucky get to New York for safe abortions. Her office at her university is cluttered with decades of Ms. ...
Anglico 03/25/2008 47 60 - 9
Obama. The bigger picture.
With so much drama being generated in the Primary Wars, I've found myself getting burned out on blogging. I told the other front-pagers at BlueNC on Friday that I was slipping into an obsessive ...
Anglico 02/03/2008 16 37 - 20
More Blackwater Bullshit
Blackwater isn't doing its own political dirty work this time, they're depending on a wannabe used car salesman. Marshall Adame, Democratic Congressional candidate in NC-3, received the ...
Anglico 01/30/2008 10 16 1 8
Blackwater intimidation ignored by NC media
Yesterday you learned about Blackwater's organized campaign of intimidation against Marshall Adame, a Democratic ...
Anglico 01/20/2008 8 21 - 19
Blackwater VP Threatens NC-3 Dem Candidate?
Updated with question mark at the end of the title. Some are arguing this doesn't constitute a threat. So let's frame it as a question. Threat? Pure stupidity? What'...
Anglico 01/18/2008 245 433 6 187
The folly of abstinence-only
Back in October, I wrote about the unintended impact of Robin Hayes' abstinence only agenda on teen ...
Anglico 12/15/2007 18 22 - 149
Charlotte Headline: Did Dems Avoid Gay Candidate?
It's funny that the Charlotte Observer bills this story as an exclusive given how much it has been debated and discussed ...
Anglico 11/18/2007 49 31 - 12
He was so sad
Veterans Day arrives every year like a hand grenade that has been ...
Anglico 11/11/2007 130 330 3 30
Blue in NC: I registered as an Independent today
I've been working for Democrats since 1972 when I went door to door for McGovern. I was an Ensign in the Navy at the time, and I learned first-hand what it's like to be on the receiving end of right-...
Anglico 11/01/2007 377 253 5 1339
Out gay businessman challenges Dole: NC newspapers yawn
If you weren't at BlueNC on Saturday morning , you missed the biggest story in North Carolina politics in decades. Live-blogging for an hour, ...
Anglico 10/22/2007 45 21 - 8
Will Jim Neal beat Liddy Dole?
If you weren't around BlueNC yesterday morning , you missed what may very well be the biggest story in North Carolina politics in decades. ...
Anglico 10/21/2007 121 125 1 16
The Army is turning
Much of the debate at Leavenworth has centered on a scathing article, “A Failure in Generalship,” written last May for Armed Forces Journal by Lt. Col. Paul Yingling, an Iraq ...
Anglico 10/13/2007 12 18 3 7
If boiling people alive best served the interests of the American people
If boiling people alive best served the interests of the American people, then it would neither be moral or immoral.
Anglico 10/05/2007 14 27 - 98
New rule
While I appreciate the hard work of Congressman Price to begin the long process of bringing mercenary armies under control, the legislation approved today goes not nearly far enough to mend the ...
Anglico 10/04/2007 31 11 - -
Breaking Blackwater: Prince Cancels Real Estate Deal
When we look back at how the Blackwater Empire came tumbling down, one of the most important dates will be September 26th, the day Blackwater backed out of a contract ...
Anglico 09/29/2007 230 307 9 70
How To Take Down Blackwater
Over the past five years, the United States of America has become a heinous distortion of itself. We are now outsourcing our wars to mercenaries with a vested interest in conflict without end. That ...
Anglico 09/27/2007 23 18 - 12
Pro choice? Cancel your Verizon service
I just did. Because of this unbelievable stupidity. Saying it had the right to block “controversial or ...
Anglico 09/26/2007 37 24 - 91
NCPOG Denounces Markos
The chair of the North Carolina Party of Greed today denounced Markos, calling for Tarheel Democrats to repudiate the hate-...
Anglico 09/24/2007 63 29 - 12
I'm in.
I add my voice to those demanding the real thing. Filibuster. It's time to go nuclear. Push the red button, Harry. Demand REAL filibuster. Shut down the god-forsaken government, one unpassed ...
Anglico 09/19/2007 21 15 - 2
Not so fast, Liddy
Now that the wheels have been completely blown off Republicans' Insane War in Iraq, and now that public opinion has pegged the bottom of the barrel in judging this administration and it's ...
Anglico 09/15/2007 11 9 - 4
Let's make a deal.
One risk of being as partisan as I am is the risk of myopia. Indeed, it’s easy to buy into whatever the power-brokers serve up, even when you don't know you’re doing it. For example, ...
Anglico 09/02/2007 12 2 - 8
NC Wacko Rep: ' You liberals can . . . '
Here in the purple hinterlands, we find ourselves dealing with a special breed of moron on a regular basis: elected officials in the North Carolina House. One such creature is a man named Larry Brown.
Anglico 06/10/2007 39 10 - 10
Up against the wall in North Carolina
I've learned there are lots of NC Kossacks who don't read BlueNC. So I'm writing to ask for you to all come out of the woodwork and help us with a gigantic budget crisis: I'm ...
Anglico 06/01/2007 17 16 - 10
Justice Ginsburg speaks for me
A fascinating story in the Times about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her new-found voice dissenting with her ...
Anglico 05/30/2007 7 13 1 -
**** you, Mr. President
I hate this chickenshit coward. On Monday, Bush will mark his sixth Memorial Day as a wartime president with a visit to Arlington National Cemetery. He is to lay a wreath at the Tomb of ...
Anglico 05/26/2007 290 314 3 20
Mostly when I'm pointing people to other sites, I'm blog-whoring for my darling BlueNC. But tonight I'm doing god's work for a site I know nothing about other than the fact that it totally rocks. ...
Anglico 04/30/2007 12 10 1 -
Breaking? Rudy Sez 'Troops in Retreat'
After Rudy Giuliani's performance in Raleigh today, it's hard to say who's more pathetic - the crowd of Republicans drooling over the hapless ex-mayor or the pandering clown himself. Either way, it'...
Anglico 04/27/2007 28 11 - 15
BlueNC Veterans Day
Veteran. It’s such a weird word, implying all sorts of common ground in terms of experience and patriotism. And yet we are as varied as our fingerprints. For my part, I have struggled with my ...
Anglico 04/19/2007 8 10 - 11
First we dump Dole. Then Burr.
I'm a fan of Jack Betts, the Charlotte Observer columnist and blogger. He's all over the junior senator for North Carolina, Richard Burr, and he's already softening him up for 2010. Betts'
Anglico 04/02/2007 27 12 - 20
The Child King Visits Walter Reed
The Child King paid a visit to Walter Reed hospital today, eager for a photo-op with the troops to bolster his illusion of leadership. He was ...
Anglico 03/30/2007 29 15 - 7
Pace's Problem: Army of None
By now you've heard the solemn words of the Theocrat currently serving as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Anglico 03/13/2007 33 7 - 10
NC veterans fight again: This time for peace
Among the many things that anger me these days, the widely held belief that the Republican party represents people in the military is at the top of my list. Nothing could be farther from the truth. ...
Anglico 03/12/2007 14 17 1 14
The sexualization of Girls: Mrs. Anglico on CNN
I don't write much about my wonderful wife, but today I feel obliged to ...
Anglico 02/23/2007 29 30 - 15
Admirals sell out troops . . . Dole joins them
Anglico 02/02/2007 28 17 - 25
Bush Issues Gag Order: Screw the Goose
This should be surprising, but it's not. This is typical of strong-arm tactics being used by the United States Navy to deprive North Carolina family farmers access to information they can ...
Anglico 02/01/2007 61 43 1 33
BlueNC and Presidential Politics
Unlike lots of other political blogs, BlueNC is not a forum that's focused on the 2008 presidential race. Yes we have folks who are strong and vocal supporters of individual candidates, but by and ...
Anglico 01/19/2007 20 17 - 22
Stand up, stand down, fight, fight, fight
If I hear the Child King talking about this one more time I'm just about going to go postal. It makes me sick.
Anglico 01/13/2007 5 5 - -
Hayes (NC-8): Iraq hinges on "spreading message of Jesus"
Originally posted by LiberalNC at BlueNC. Our local weekly ...
Anglico 12/22/2006 32 16 1 13
NRSC's Nick Dumps Dole For Another Loser
How Stupid Is Brian Nick? You know things are falling apart in the Party of Greed when an aspiring gubernatorial candidate in North Carolina has to scrape ...
Anglico 12/20/2006 14 8 - 17
BlueNC is one year old!
I know one year is equal to a gazillion years out here on the Internets, but all the same, I want to take this opportunity to celebrate. Our little micro-Kos in North Carolina is officially one year ...
Anglico 12/17/2006 19 9 - 6
Elizabeth Dole in hospital: Death possible
As you may have read at BlueNC , Elizabeth Dole, the Very Senior Senator from North Carolina was hospitalized this week for hip ...
Anglico 12/14/2006 394 376 4 34
Why not 30,000?
I did my time in the military (Navy) and trained at Annapolis and I can tell you this: 20,000 is just an arbitrary bullshit number that somebody pulled out of his ass. It means nothing. It could be ...
Anglico 11/19/2006 7 9 1 -
Clear as glass in North Carolina
Anglico 11/15/2006 38 14 - 22
Veterans Day Confession
Anglico 11/10/2006 17 28 - 17
Going postal
Anglico 11/05/2006 9 5 - -
NC Chief Justice Candidate Plagiarizes Bork!
Anglico 11/02/2006 9 5 - 9
Charles Taylor (R): Iraq = Quagmire
Anglico 10/28/2006 10 4 - -
Things that break your heart
Anglico 10/23/2006 9 15 - 18
Updated: Redstate Founder Endorses Brad Miller for Congress!
Anglico 10/14/2006 104 97 - 36
BlueNC to Republican Voters: Join Us!
Anglico 10/08/2006 12 16 1 16
Called 2 Hate?
Anglico 09/16/2006 11 12 - 10
How BlueNC Took Down the Puppetmaster
Anglico 09/11/2006 19 45 2 135
UPDATED: It's time to bomb England.
Anglico 08/10/2006 49 13 - 27
Whack-a-mole: North Carolina-style
Anglico 07/24/2006 4 6 1 -
In case you haven't noticed
Anglico 07/15/2006 15 7 - 8
Another reason
Anglico 07/03/2006 12 7 - -
Delusional Newt
Anglico 06/30/2006 8 1 - -
Flag burning vote UNDERWAY NOW
Anglico 06/27/2006 55 3 - -
NC Wackos On the March - Only They're Dems
Anglico 06/21/2006 40 6 - 9
See Dick (Burr) Cry
Anglico 06/14/2006 8 7 - -
Senate Poised to Send Me to Jail
Anglico 06/13/2006 52 23 - 18
US House Thinks About Doing Its Damn Job
Anglico 06/12/2006 10 8 - -
Update on the NC Coup: Email Trail of Slime
Anglico 06/10/2006 5 6 - 8
Taking sides in the NC coup attempt
Anglico 06/06/2006 9 13 - -
When Liars Lie: Wingers Staging Coup In North Carolina
Anglico 06/05/2006 75 252 4 26
Meet Art Pope: NC's very own Karl Rove
Anglico 06/04/2006 15 25 - 112
Decoration day
Anglico 05/28/2006 3 3 - -
Markos comes to NC and all hell breaks loose
Anglico 05/11/2006 14 11 - 6
North Carolina Coup
Anglico 05/03/2006 11 15 1 11
Just in case there is any confusion
Anglico 04/21/2006 12 6 - 7
Killing them softly
Anglico 04/12/2006 8 6 1 -
Tarheel Wingnuts Hold Pity Party
Anglico 04/09/2006 10 9 - -
SD Governor Explains Abortion Law
Anglico 04/04/2006 13 8 - -
Sorry Sergeant Major
Anglico 03/31/2006 18 8 - -
Hypocritical hypocrites
Anglico 03/27/2006 11 6 1 -
Fighting Dems. What about Fighting School Teachers?
Anglico 03/26/2006 55 19 - 14
Anglico 03/19/2006 24 6 - -
Dear women ricochets
Anglico 03/17/2006 30 12 - -
God: Ok to whip kids with plastic pipes
Anglico 03/16/2006 35 19 - -
NC-4: In praise of moderation
Anglico 03/15/2006 6 11 - 10
'Wait Wait' Laughs at Dems
Anglico 03/12/2006 10 5 - 2
Delaware Dem Does Dkos
Anglico 03/11/2006 12 14 - 1
Dem Strategy: Problem Solved
Anglico 03/07/2006 7 4 - -
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