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Oregon high school junior confronts anti-gay haters, launches beautiful counter-protest
Need a bit of inspiration this morning? I've got just the story for you. On Tuesday, two men showed up on a street corner in Tillamook, Oregon, with signs reading "Homo sex is sin" and "Jesus said ...
Chrislove 05/21/2015 121 426 4 -
Do I Really Want to Write This Diary?
I have been sitting here for thirty minutes struggling with that question. Why? Because of a diary sitting at the top of Community Spotlight section on Daily Kos written by kay3295 titled "My ...
unapologeticliberal777 05/16/2015 48 287 4 -
Texas AG Ken Paxton refuses to say whether state will defy SCOTUS on marriage equality
If you've been following the record-breaking flurry of anti-LGBT bills being filed by Republicans in the Texas legislature, you probably know about HB 4105, introduced by Rep. Cecil Bell, Jr. (R-...
Chrislove 05/13/2015 35 35 - -
My Statement re: HB2307 Conversion Therapy Ban in the State of Oregon
I am a mess at the moment, but this is vitally important to me. I have been getting very little sleep, and too much exercise and rain while without shelter. I'm in Salem today after biking down ...
Horace Boothroyd III 03/24/2015 11 29 1 -
Boycott Jamaica
TRIGGER WARNING after the fold. Tourism is tied with remittances as Jamaica's top source of revenue. The tourism industry earns over 50 percent of the country's total foreign exchange earnings and ...
Horace Boothroyd III 03/09/2015 8 16 - -
Breaking: Federal judge rules Alabama's marriage equality ban unconstitutional (Updated x6)
Here's some (very) breaking news coming out of Alabama, reported by Equality Case Files . U.S. District Judge Callie V. Granade just ruled that the "Alabama Sanctity of Marriage Amendment" and "...
Chrislove 01/23/2015 98 142 1 -
TX GOP state rep introduces bill to stop paying clerks who comply with marriage equality rulings
It's likely going to be a bad 84th legislative session for all Texans with Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick taking the helm, but it's shaping up to be a particularly defensive one for the LGBT community. ...
Chrislove 01/08/2015 41 72 - -
Haters, as shrill as ever, fire up effort to repeal LGBT non-discrimination ordinance in Plano, TX
You may remember that, back in December , the conservative Dallas suburb of Plano saw a glimmer of progress when it extended limited anti-discrimination protections to LGBT people. In a 5-3 vote (...
Chrislove 01/08/2015 19 28 - -
CA-26th State Senate District: A Chance to Vote for a Leader on LGBT Civil Rights: Ben Allen
On June 3rd of this year, voters in California's 26th State Senate District (which covers much of West Los Angeles and the South Bay and includes parts of Central Los Angeles) did something rather ...
SoCalLiberal 11/03/2014 6 7 - -
Happy National Coming Out Day!
Today is October 11, 2014. It's National Coming Out Day . Happy day to everyone. There's been quite a lot of good advancement in the cause of equality this past week, and one of the most important ...
vacantlook 10/11/2014 15 26 - -
Rally in PA for Hate Crimes Protections: Gay Rep. Brian Sims Blasts Legislative Inaction as "B.S."
The horrific bashing of a gay couple in Philadelphia by a mob of men and women has been well covered here, particularly by librarisingnsf ,
Chrislove 09/23/2014 5 21 - -
TX woman denied driver license because of her same-sex marriage
Well here's an infuriating story from the Texas Observer sure to add a little piss to your cornflakes this morning. Connie Wilson, who just moved from California to the Houston area with her wife ...
Chrislove 09/21/2014 318 318 6 -
Suspects in Philadelphia Gay Bashing ID'd via Social Media
A positive update to this horrific story. User librarisingnsf posted a diary on Monday detailing the event: From NBC 10 Philly : A violent attack on two gay men in Center ...
mconvente 09/17/2014 168 263 2 -
Watch: Straight couple barricade themselves from "Armagayddon" in marriage equality PSA
It's 2017 in Ireland, two years after the 2015 public referendum that brought marriage equality to the country. In dramatic found-footage fashion, a heterosexual couple document their struggle to ...
Chrislove 08/20/2014 100 209 5 -
AT&T Donates 75K To Anti-Gay Greg Abbott For His Campaign For Texas Governor
The gay community has a large number of corporate supporters including AT&T. The corporate giant has received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign list of corporate supporters in every ...
librarisingnsf 08/18/2014 21 19 1 -
Fredia Hurdle, plaintiff in PA's marriage equality case, has passed away
We owe much to Fredia Hurdle and her partner Lynn, who were among the plaintiffs in the case that paved the way for marriage equality in Pennsylvania. The New Civil Rights Movement reported this ...
Chrislove 08/13/2014 5 23 - -
No words
FreeRepublic.txt (@FreeRepublicTXT) tweeted at 3:15pm - 19 Jun 14: Homosexuals, after practicing this form of sexual activity become unbalanced. This is why the majority of serial killers are ...
Horace Boothroyd III 06/20/2014 47 44 - -
FRC Prays To Stop LGBT Pride Month
Pierre Bynum, the Family Research Council's prayer director, has called on members to pray to G-d to "stop the advance of this official celebration of sin." From Right Wing Watch : “Only heaven ...
librarisingnsf 05/29/2014 52 20 - -
East Texas restaurant to gay couple: "We just don't like fags."
If you caught *ericlewis0*'s diary last night, you know that Houston's City Council voted yesterday to approve an Equal Rights Ordinance banning discrimination against LGBT people (among other ...
Chrislove 05/29/2014 266 174 3 -
Must-Watch: How to Talk to Your Kids About Michael Sam
This could be my shortest diary ever. I'm just going to leave this video here without much commentary, because it needs none. If you've been paying much attention, you probably know about the St. ...
Chrislove 05/12/2014 49 103 2 -
First Same-Sex Marriages Take Place in Arkansas!
It began yesterday, with a judge's decision, issued after all the County Clerk offices in Arkansas closed for the day... Arkansas Front Page This Morning! Times They Are A Changing!
jpmassar 05/10/2014 28 54 - -
GOP Candidate Was Once a 'Female Impersonator' at a Gay Nightclub Because Of Course He Was
I am not one who typically cares about the college-age meanderings of a campaigning politician, regardless of party affiliation. However, when your platform includes opposition to same-sex marriage, ...
David Harris Gershon 05/03/2014 83 137 2 -
GOP State Lawmaker: "Gay sex is not good for the body or mind."
And we come to yet another ridiculous argument against same sex marriage. South Dakota Republican State House rep and pastor Steve Hickey is apparently so distraught at the prospect of his state ...
jawillie 05/02/2014 54 16 - -
Updated: United Church of Christ Files Lawsuit Against North Carolina's Marriage Ban
Another lawsuit being filed to strike down another marriage ban is nothing new. Every state without marriage equality has federal lawsuits against marriage bans except for four states. That number ...
librarisingnsf 04/28/2014 24 31 - -
Baptist pastor: Preaching against homosexuality now is akin to preaching against slavery
Surprised we missed this, but a prominent Southern Baptist pastor from my neck of the woods turned a lot of heads at the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission's ...
Christian Dem in NC 04/27/2014 26 33 - -
Christian band Jars of Clay front-man tweets support for marriage equality, backlash ensues
Another marriage equality endorsement domino falls, and this time from an unexpected place: the contemporary Christian music scene. This week, Dan Haseltine--the front-man for the very popular ...
Chrislove 04/24/2014 137 178 1 -
Portland right to marry vigil liveblog
The efforts of Basic Rights Oregon and their sister group Oregon United for Marriage are facing a new dawn tomorrow. The court case regarding the legal validity of the ban on LGB marriage in Oregon ...
Horace Boothroyd III 04/22/2014 5 10 - -
Houston Mayor Annise Parker unveils LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance
Well this was some good news to wake up and read. After much anticipation, Houston Mayor Annise Parker has released a draft of her proposed Equal Rights Ordinance, something she listed as a priority ...
Chrislove 04/22/2014 6 13 - -
So Marriage Equality is Heteronormative? So What?
I honestly didn't think I'd ever need to republish any of my diaries, but something tells me that this one didn't get enough readership the first time. Not when somebody decides to publish a diary ...
Dave in Northridge 04/20/2014 86 46 - -
Sorry about the 25 year old FBI story
I wondered why the FBI wasn't tooting their own horns far and wide about the arrest and dismissed it as institutional racism. My bad. I did check the date and apparently my eyes missed the May of ...
Horace Boothroyd III 04/16/2014 12 14 1 -
Louisiana: Where Getting Arrested for Gay Sex Has Been On the Books for 200 Yrs. And Will Remain So!
It was only fourteen years ago that the last state undid its anti-miscegenation laws , despite Loving v Virginia being decided in 1967. So it is perhaps not a surprise that Louisiana has refused to ...
jpmassar 04/15/2014 20 15 - -
Porno Pete arrested in Canada, charged with mischief
He was forbidden by campus security to be on the premises. I will update this breaking story as news comes available REGINA, Saskatchewan — , the leader of the anti-gay  Americans for Truth ...
Horace Boothroyd III 04/15/2014 15 22 - -
LOL: Community college students and instructors find awesome way to protest anti-gay "Porno Pete"
Here's something to brighten your day. Yesterday, "Porno Pete" LaBarbera of the SPLC-certified hate group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality showed up to give a "talk" at Sinclair Community ...
Chrislove 04/10/2014 117 250 3 -
The Hypocrisy Of Religious Conservatives
My definition of bigotry is the intolerance of any principles differing from one’s own; expressed in the desire to make one’s own principles law, at the expense of all others. The one thing ...
leftprogressive 04/05/2014 10 17 - -
Jay Carney: ENDA executive order would be "redundant"
As has been reported here before, the LGBT community and its allies have been pushing the White House to act on a proposed executive order that would bar federal contractors from discriminating ...
Chrislove 04/04/2014 6 16 - -
Vigils scheduled for 4-22 to support Oregons right to marry legal case
The rightwingers were able to convince voters in Oregon to prevent LGBT families from having any of the advantages marraige provides. This writing of discrimination rightfully has had a legal ...
Horace Boothroyd III 03/29/2014 7 7 - -
Dear Brian Brown: This Is Why You Get Called Bigots And Haters And Worse
I recently posted an entry about NOM's now-annual day of bigotry to fight marriage equality. In promoting the day, Brian Brown wrote the following. The emphasis is mine: And as these pro-marriage ...
leftprogressive 03/22/2014 5 16 1 -
Idaho Statesperson ordered to come out of the closet
In a symbolic protest former Idaho State Senator Nicole LeFavour hid in the closet on the Senate floor. She was discovered there and told to leave by the speaker. Since she was formerly seated her ...
Horace Boothroyd III 03/20/2014 4 33 1 -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) & CREDO Action Call On Obama To Sign Executive Order On ENDA
Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) and CREDO Action are teaming up put the pressure on President Obama to sign an executive order passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA):
poopdogcomedy 03/19/2014 5 8 - -
Gay "Promiscuity" Will Cause "National Suicide"
Gay promiscuity will lead to national suicide. Yes, a Republican made those claims. But not your Republican relative who sends you annoying right wing emails, or a writer for NewsMax, or even one ...
Steven D 03/16/2014 21 24 - -
Radio host Michael Medved: No state has ever banned gay marriage. 'That is a liberal lie.'
Um ... what? Conservative radio host Michael Medved said Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference that no state has ever banned gay marriage and any ...
Hunter 03/07/2014 205 63 - -
Republican scramble to distance themselves from Arizona discrimination bill begins
Sign posted at Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria , Tucson, Arizona.
Laura Clawson 02/24/2014 112 67 2 -
Southern Baptist pastor: Antichrist will be a gay man
When you listen to most black pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention, the only difference between them and their white counterparts is skin color. Case in point--an article by Dwight McKissic, ...
Christian Dem in NC 02/19/2014 71 31 - -
Dear Abby offers some advice to anti-gay couple in today's column
I'm sorry, but I have to share today's Dear Abby column , which features yet another takedown of anti-gay bigotry. You might remember the classic response to a homophobic writer from Pauline Phillips,
Chrislove 02/19/2014 229 443 1 -
CO-Sen: Mark Udall (D) Slams Ted Cruz's (R. TX) Anti-Gay Bill
Received this e-mail from Senator Mark Udall (D. CO) regarding Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz's (R. TX) anti-gay bill:
poopdogcomedy 02/17/2014 6 9 - -
CALL TO ACTION: Kansas Senate Considers Bailing on HB-2453, the Anti-Gay bill
For the last few hours, I've been occupied as we discuss with members of the state legislature the impact of Kansas HB-2453. Though several diaries have been written about this (I put up one ...
Chris Reeves 02/13/2014 6 20 - -
American Family Association calls for Holder's impeachment for expanding benefits for gay couples
Last weekend, Eric Holder announced an expanded package of federal benefits for same-sex couples --benefits that apply even in states where same-sex marriages aren't recognized. Per a Justice ...
Christian Dem in NC 02/13/2014 12 15 - -
New Olympic Sport (video)
I do not know if this has been shared. I just ran across it this morning. If you haven't seen it, you should. Sorry for the brevity. Sorry if this is repetitive...except not really. It's a ...
rserven 02/13/2014 11 21 - -
What is Genocide?
Our main historical reference to genocide is the murder of millions by Hitler's Germany. And that is understandable considering not only the motivation, ethnic cleansing, but the sheer number of ...
Horace Boothroyd III 02/12/2014 31 16 1 -
Louisiana please do not doom low income HIV patients to the Dark Ages
The State of Louisiana's low income insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield is refusing Federal grant dollars provided to ensure patients with HIV get lifesaving care. It has been repeatedly ...
Horace Boothroyd III 02/11/2014 6 15 - -
NFL spokespeople admit publicly the NFL will pay Sam LESS for being Gay
But they aren't homophobic or anything. Sam, a University of Missouri defensive end who came out on Sunday night, will drop in the draft, according to Sports Illustrated. The magazine spoke to ...
Horace Boothroyd III 02/10/2014 61 16 - -
American homophobes cry for attention: Being Gay is like prefering Kraft mac and cheese
Really someone from the Family Research Institute really made that argument. Without laughing. In a sense, there are no ‘homosexuals.’ The Apostle Paul condemns ‘males who have sex with males,�
Horace Boothroyd III 02/09/2014 31 21 - -
Coke is playing two parts of the left off each other
I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice this. The commercial embracing our melting pot is slated for Olympic viewing. An extended version even. The Olympics The very event being vociferously ...
Horace Boothroyd III 02/07/2014 55 12 - -
Russian Police: You're Gay, so of COURSE you were attacked
Yes, absolutely. Just in time for the opening of the Sochi Olympics, which is just two days away, Human Rights Watch has released a new video of gay men being attacked and beaten in Russia while the ...
Dave in Northridge 02/04/2014 17 41 1 -
The Battle Has Been Lost and Won: Scottish Parliament Approves Marriage Equality!
As The New Civil Rights Movement Reports... The Parliament of Scotland just passed a same-sex marriage bill by a very large 105-18 margin. The country of 5.3 million, established in the ninth ...
jpmassar 02/04/2014 23 48 - -
Rick Warren's, and American evangelicalism's, "huge lie"
Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with ...
Rachel191 02/02/2014 83 121 3 -
Anti-gay rapper needs to be set straight on black, lgbt history, identities
According to the Huffington Post : Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's marriage equality anthem "Same Love" may have rocked the Grammy Awards, but one Texas-based Christian rapper has condemned the track in ...
The Author 01/31/2014 20 30 - -
"...I’ll break you in half. Like a boi"-Grimm's Homophobic threat
A " boi " describes a boyish gay guy or a biological female with a male presentation When I first heard the words of the esteemed gentleman from New York I pictured an angry suit breaking a back ...
Horace Boothroyd III 01/31/2014 58 31 - -
HI-Sen: Brian Schatz (D) Introduces Bill For Discharged Gay Veterans
I like this:
poopdogcomedy 01/30/2014 8 19 - -
Twisted Idaho lawmaker seeks to let doctors deny treatment to LGBTs and still keep their licenses
But not just doctors. Lynn Luker, a Republican representative in the Idaho state legislature from Boise, [wants
Meteor Blades 01/30/2014 96 100 - -
Under LGBT activist fire, is Coca-Cola seeking to pinkwash the Super Bowl?
Not the ad that Coke is rumored to be running. In an effort to spin their way past protests over their sponsorship of the Sochi Olympics in Russia, Coca-Cola has contracted to place an ad in the ...
Scott Wooledge 01/30/2014 21 41 - -
Mayor of Sochi--"There Are No Gay People In Our City"
This is just getting creepier every day . The mayor of Sochi, host of the Winter Olympics, has said there are no gay people in the city. Anatoly Pakhomov said homosexuals were welcome at the ...
Dartagnan 01/27/2014 29 23 - -
Shocker... Bigotry might win again in the South.... Please Help!
Not long ago, in Chattanooga, TN, the city council voted to extend benefits to partners of same sex city workers ... Yay! Great day for Chattanooga. After all, this proud city was standing for ...
Tommy in TennyC 01/26/2014 6 13 - -
Coke Used to Want to Teach the World to Sing.
The irony of the disturbing images in this protest video is that this theme song originated from one of Coca-Cola's most effective advertising campaigns ever -- an advertising jingle, ''I'd ...
jpmassar 01/24/2014 10 21 - -
Houston Mayor Annise Parker's Response to GOP Critics of Her Marriage: "Get over it."
I love this. As you may remember from *Richard Lyons*' diary on the subject , openly lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker recently traveled to California with her partner of twenty-three years to get ...
Chrislove 01/24/2014 115 305 - -
Sochi has a sad
Not only are reservations down considerably compared to past Olympics. Getting arrested by Olympic police and placed in the hands of local anti-Gay police for unfurling a Rainbow flag would be a ...
Horace Boothroyd III 01/21/2014 62 86 1 -
Pastors and Radio Hosts: Why doesn't Rose Parade have float featuring "stoning of a homosexual"?
Well, here's your daily helping of Fundamentalist Christian Love. And it's a hearty one. If you watched the Rose Bowl last Wednesday--or even if you didn't--you're probably aware that the parade ...
Chrislove 01/07/2014 113 132 - -
A gay man discusses his sexual identity
Why on EARTH am I doing something like this? Because I left what I thought was a reasonable comment in (yet) another diary that tried to make the case for the idea that choice in one's sexual ...
Dave in Northridge 01/05/2014 148 103 - -
The Athlete Coming Out Project: A Postmortem
There's been a lot of activity on the homophobia in professional sports front of late, because, so far, it appears that it's not just BEING out (Jason Collins), it's also supporting LGBT Civil ...
Dave in Northridge 01/04/2014 33 46 1 -
Chris Kluwe (probably) WAS let go from the Vikings because of his support for gay marriage
Chris Kluwe finally reveals what some of us had suspected when the Minnesota Vikings let him go last year. Hello. My name is Chris Kluwe, and for eight years I was the punter for the Minnesota ...
BruinKid 01/02/2014 157 229 2 -
New Marriage Equality Campaign Launched in Texas: "Why Marriage Matters - Texas"
Yes folks, as Battleground Texas continues its push to turn Texas blue, opinions on LGBT equality in the Lone Star State continue to evolve. Equality Texas , the major statewide LGBT advocacy ...
Chrislove 01/01/2014 12 41 - -
Help Wanted: the Annotated Quest for an Attorney to Save Utah.
Come on, I couldn't make this up. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: OUTSIDE COUNSEL TO ASSIST WITH KITCHEN et al. v HERBERT et al. SAME SEX MARRIAGE CASE Our attorneys don't know shit about shit, ...
jpmassar 12/31/2013 30 32 - -
Marriage Equality: More than just White, Penis-Americans
It seems like every time there is new momentum for marriage equality or another LGBT civil rights issue, "gay rights groups" are criticized for their "laser" focus on marriage equality. Sometimes, ...
psychodrew 12/31/2013 84 56 1 -
How a sudden moment in the ER symbolized progress in social justice
In many ways, this has been yet another tough year for equality and fair treatment. We have witnessed the continued demonization of the poor, the persecution of rape victims, further examples of ...
ERdoc in PA 12/29/2013 127 484 2 -
A Woman's PERFECT Response to Her Anti-Gay Neighbors
Well here's a heartwarming day-after-Christmas story . Dr. Mary Pham, a resident of Irvine, California, decided last April to show her support for the LGBT community by raising a rainbow flag. Not ...
Chrislove 12/26/2013 318 596 5 -
The Culture Wars Go On: Duck Dynasty, The White Victims of Bigotry
I know. Not another diary on this. But the "Diary Me" command was strong here. I went to the Atlantic website to read what Ta-Nehisi Coates was saying, but on the front page, I found this article ...
Dave in Northridge 12/23/2013 48 22 - -
UPDATED: Eastside Catholic and the Fight To Keep Mr. Z
Yesterday word trickled, then flooded out about students at Eastside Catholic in Sammamish, Washington igniting a massive revolt against the forced resignation of their school Vice President by the ...
EagleOfFreedom 12/20/2013 22 51 - -
IG says Scott Bloch, Bush's head of OSC, purged office of gays
Via Erin Fuchs at Business Insider : A federal investigation has revealed that a lawyer who headed the Office of Special Counsel (OSP) in the George W. Bush administration allegedly disliked gay ...
acerimusdux 12/20/2013 49 156 5 -
Popular Russian Actor: "I myself would shove all live gays into a furnace."
Yet more horrifying news coming out of Russia. Not to mention, yet another look at the kind of hate Vladimir Putin and the anti-gay Duma are fostering and enabling. This time it's coming from Ivan ...
Chrislove 12/13/2013 115 122 1 -
Pat Robertson: Letting Lesbians in Your Home Will Make Your Children Lesbians
Pat Robertson is telling a viewer that she should not shun a childhood friend because she is a lesbian, but shun her nonetheless, don't let her in because she might turn your children into lesbians, ...
The Sheeping of America 12/12/2013 44 23 - -
Republican's inhumane rant about gays: They want 'free medical because they're ​;dying'
Dave Agema served as a Republican in the Michigan House of Representatives from the 74th District for three terms. He was a US Air Force ighter pilot for 27 years. He was a commercial airline ...
Egberto Willies 12/10/2013 21 18 - -
Don't Give to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers...They Don't Like LGBT
It's easy to forget that the Salvation Army isn't just a charitable organization which rings bells and collects donations around this time of year; they are also fairly conservative Christian ...
Dr Christopher Boerl 12/10/2013 27 28 - -
Top Comments: Thoughts on Tom Daley's Coming Out Edition
I'll admit, when I first ran across the Tom Daley story, my initial thoughts amounted to something like this: "Oh, sports, I don't care...WOW, he is hot!" If you've been living under a rock and ...
Chrislove 12/06/2013 78 58 3 -
Oregon marriage equality opponents shift gears, seek to protect bigoted florists and bakers
Maybe the backers of Oregon's "Protect ...
Laura Clawson 11/22/2013 106 39 1 5
Mayor Annise Parker announces Houston will offer benefits to same-sex spouses of city workers
Some excellent news coming out of Houston today. Our city will now join the ranks of other major Texas cities--such as Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, and San Antonio--that offer benefits to ...
Chrislove 11/20/2013 4 21 - -
Response from my Republican Rep. regarding ENDA
This is the response I got from my HRC generated email urging my Republican congressman to vote to pass ENDA. Dear Ms...... Thank you very mu ch for contacting me about the Employ ment Non-...
Lavender Menace 11/19/2013 7 6 - -
PA-Gov: Watch Chris Matthews Destroy Tom Corbett (R)
Received this e-mail today from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party featuring MSNBC's Hardball 's Chris Matthews rip Governor Tom Corbett (R. PA)
poopdogcomedy 11/18/2013 8 29 - -
University of Texas swimmer comes out to his team, finds warm acceptance
I saw this story a couple of days ago and meant to share it here for those who don't keep up with the LGBT blogosphere, but one thing after another kept getting in my way. I'd still like to share it ...
Chrislove 11/13/2013 18 45 - -
Sen. Marco Rubio to fundraise for anti-gay 'conversion therapy' group
A new low, and that is saying something.
Hunter 11/11/2013 56 75 - 2
Gay Bashing, Hate and Indifference: The Reason ENDA is So Important
Last night I again watched " The Laramie Project ", the story of a young, gay college student who had been robbed, beaten and left to die, hanging on a fence overlooking Laramie Wyoming. Matthew ...
fidlerten 11/11/2013 3 8 - -
God, Guns And A Gay: Why HI LGBT Rep. Jo Must Go
Rep. Georgette 'Jo' Jordan , who represents Hawaii's 44th State House District made history yesterday. She now has the dubious distinction of being the first openly gay LGBT legislator vote against ...
LiberalBrew 11/10/2013 37 36 2 -
PA-Gov: Allyson Schwartz (D) Calls On The PA House To End LGBT Workplace Discrimination
Received this e-mail today from Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz's (D. PA-13) gubernatorial campaign:
poopdogcomedy 11/09/2013 2 6 - -
Bigoted right-winger Dr. Chaps takes Right Wing Watch off Youtube.
This is a short diary, with some news: Gordon Klingenschmitt, aka Dr. Chaps, the disgraced and court-martialed former Air Force chaplain, who now spends his time spreading homophobic bigotry on the ...
ApostleOfCarlin 11/07/2013 10 20 - -
Illinois House Will Vote on Marriage Equality Today! Updates - Vote Soon!
It's almost official . Five months after many expected the vote to be taken - at the end of the normal legislative session, and in the last week of the Illinois' legislature's "veto session," the ...
jpmassar 11/05/2013 44 28 - -
OR-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D) Takes Up Mantle Of LGBT Equality From Ted Kennedy
Senator Ted Kennedy (D. MA) is smiling down on Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) today:
poopdogcomedy 11/04/2013 5 12 - -
'We never were ashamed of each other. There was nothing to be ashamed about.'
On Christmas day in 2009, tragedy struck : It is with ...
Jen Hayden 11/04/2013 35 120 - -
Chuck Hagel throws gauntlet down Part II. - Updated!
This is a follow on diary to the one I published earlier about Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel putting the wood to the nine states that have or are still, refusing to process requests for Federal ...
Nebraskablue 11/02/2013 11 41 - -
PA-Sen: Openly Gay State Rep. Brian Sims (D) Puts The Pressure On Pat Toomey (R) To Support ENDA
I love this guy:
poopdogcomedy 11/01/2013 1 9 - -
Vallejo City Council Race 2013 - Meme Warfare
It is unfortunate that a some members of our community and Vallejo’s Vice Mayor introduced the political shorthand “kill the gays in Uganda” in to the civic conversation surrounding the ...
linkage 10/28/2013 42 6 - -
Harvard University Dining Service stops serving Barilla pasta following CEO's homophobic remarks
Many of you remember the homophobic remarks said by Barilla pasta CEO Guido Barilla on an Italian radio station last month. For those who don't remember or missed the story he said: “Our family is ...
Rock Strongo 10/26/2013 19 25 - -
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