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Poor old Saint Joseph
Husband of Mary. Carpenter (sort of). Saint. That's pretty much it. A cosmic cuckold and barely that. The Holy Spirit got in first and Joseph had to pretend he was Jesus' dad. I can just see him now ...
Anne Elk 03/13/2013 16 3 - -
Breaking: Hugo Chavez dead at 58
BBC is reporting that Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, has died of a respiratory infection after battling cancer. BBC : Last May, he said he had recovered from an unspecified cancer, after ...
Anne Elk 03/05/2013 16 10 - -
Get rid of the 4-year term!
Americans are famous for believing that, if there is anything that ails any part of society, an election will effect an almost miraculous cure. Ironically, they evince an almost equal disdain for ...
Anne Elk 11/04/2012 23 10 - -
European meltdown
Haven't seen a diary on this today and that's a bit surreal. Europe's economy actually today's biggest news. Italy's 10-year bond is at 7.5%. Greece cannot agree on a new PM to replace Papandreou. ...
Anne Elk 11/09/2011 26 9 1 176
Funerals for miscarriages
A probably successful effort to amend Mississippi's Constitution would confer personhood on fertilized human eggs, affording them thereby all of the protections of the laws that apply to post-birth ...
Anne Elk 10/26/2011 39 16 - 181
The Iran frame-up
Have to call BS on this latest news. So Iran hires some guys in the Mexico drug world to blow up the Saudi ambassador in DC? Oh, puh-lease! Could there be a more incredibly lame plot than that? Who ...
Anne Elk 10/12/2011 41 14 - 240
The right way to grow jobs
I have seen a lot of the calls for a jobs program here, including the Schakowsky proposal ( Nulwee'
Anne Elk 08/11/2011 1 2 - 18
A Series of Unfortunate Events
There is often a strange interlude in world affairs. We have a dramatic turn of events and then a period of quiet until the full effect of an unfolding disaster launches itself with a severity and ...
Anne Elk 08/04/2011 11 7 1 66
Australia's new female PM?
Looks like Kevin Rudd's Party, the ALP, will ditch him as Prime Minister today in favor of his deputy PM, giving Australia its first female Prime Minister.
Anne Elk 06/23/2010 36 6 1 53
Convenient Amnesia
The usual Sunday parade of Republican mouthpieces showed some skill in giving the impression that they are a serious source of advice on the economy. In order to make their arguments without going ...
Anne Elk 02/15/2009 6 5 - 3
Massive fraud not prosecuted!
The one thing that I don't understand is why some of the CEO's of these failed mortgage lenders are not doing a perp walk in FBI handcuffs. Under regulations enacted by the Republicans, a CEO is ...
Anne Elk 10/09/2008 9 5 - 1
A new Bailout Plan?
Lots of investors breathed a sigh of relief last week when the bailout was passed and signed into law. What people may have missed is that there isn't a chance of any of that money being spent - not ...
Anne Elk 10/06/2008 16 2 - 6
The Economic Consequences of the Bailout
We still do not know the details of the $500 billion to $1 trillion plan to acquire mortgage-backed securities from US firms. But enough details have emerged that we can discuss some of the possible ...
Anne Elk 09/20/2008 25 4 - 12
Hey! What's "The Big Idea"?
When you write a diary these days, it just zooms down the list. It's like watching the credits on a made-for-TV movie. I thought my diary yesterday was pretty good. So snip, snip - a bit of editing -
Anne Elk 09/13/2008 5 5 - 6
The focus on Palin is killing Obama
Bothered, baffled and bewildered, am I. Do Democrats even begin to get the nature of the problem they are facing? Do they understand what a truly shrewd choice Palin was for McCain? If they do, why ...
Anne Elk 09/12/2008 82 25 1 21
Proposed New Diary Policy
Grannydoc pointed this out last week. So I am not addressing a problem that hasn't been addressed before. This diary concerns what to do about the proliferation of non-diaries on this site, only a ...
Anne Elk 09/02/2008 169 20 - 23
McCain as Goldwater
For good or ill, we are not primarily rational creatures. Rationality is the tool we use to secure what we desire. There are two main strategies that must be employed by any campaign to make a ...
Anne Elk 08/18/2008 10 3 - -
No, War with Iran is NOT looming
This is getting to be like Whack-a-Mole. No sooner does one diary appear but another one pops up. I can't be expected to reply to each individually. So I want to put my arguments as to why it is ...
Anne Elk 06/25/2008 218 26 2 32
The Fear narrative: 9/11
I posted this in reply to a wing-nut who posted this as a comment on DemfromCT's diary today (the amusing Pundit Roundup). Some kind people asked me to release my reply as a diary. So here goes. ...
Anne Elk 06/22/2008 31 26 1 160
Too depressed to vote
I saw the President's proposed budget today, and I just don't want to think about or talk about politics anymore. With a 3 trillion dollar budget that includes a largely fictitious $515 billion ...
Anne Elk 02/05/2008 140 11 1 -
God endorses Obama!
At an Obama rally today, God made an unscheduled appearance. Blinded by the ineffable rays of the Almighty appearing in all his splendor, believers and unbelievers alike bowed in awe. They then ...
Anne Elk 02/03/2008 48 11 - 7
My candidate neighbors
People often voice support for a Presidential candidate by saying that they seem like a regular guy, like the kind of person you could have a beer with. Of course, for the most part that merely ...
Anne Elk 01/26/2008 6 5 - -
Commodity Inflation
I know everyone is obsessing about the overly hyped Democratic primaries, but there is actually a world out there that is trundling along regardless of this monumental, all encompassing spectacle. ...
Anne Elk 01/15/2008 40 16 - 1
Why I can't decide
All these ads on TV are just getting me confused about which one to choose. Below, I describe three ads. All of them show the candidate in an attractive light. But I just can't choose. Gosh! Can ...
Anne Elk 01/14/2008 15 10 - -
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