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Dear Anonymous Benefactor... Thank You!
I have been cheerful all day in the wake of receiving the following e-mail message this morning: Dear AnnieJo, Congratulations! An anonymous benefactor has purchased you a one year gift ...
AnnieJo 05/09/2015 8 30 - -
Rumsfeld: Looting Is Transition To Freedom
Story by Pamela Hess, UPI Pentagon Correspondent [not The Onion ] Rumsfeld: Looting is transition to freedom [F]reedom's untidy. And free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do ...
AnnieJo 04/30/2015 103 288 4 -
Autistic Child Wanders Off, Mom Calls 911, Is Accused of Neglect (A Tale of Race & Privilege)
One week into Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month, this story hit my news feed yesterday: Autistic Child Wanders Off, Mom Calls 911, Is Accused of Neglect Here's the selection from the news report:
AnnieJo 04/09/2015 52 102 - -
GOP Congresswoman, Deluged in ACA Success Stories, Responds: Repeal Obamacare (Now w/ Video!)
A most excellent front-page diary is viral-crawling its way across social media today: GOP congresswoman gets surprise on Facebook after asking constituents for Obamacare horror stories Rep. Cathy ...
AnnieJo 03/26/2015 149 401 1 -
"Regular and adequate income"? Repeal it, says Wisconsin GOP
The ALEC-sourced "Wage Theft" bill (aka "right to work") that's being rammed through in Wisconsin is worse than you think it is... and only the wonkiest of policy wonks know it. The Center for ...
AnnieJo 02/26/2015 43 131 3 -
The Fierce, Selective Urgency of Wisconsin Budget Repair, 2011 vs. 2015
Flashback to February 2011 when Governor Walker "dropped the bomb" of his so-called "budget repair bill." It was absolutely essential, Wisconsin was told, to kneecap the public employee unions (and ...
AnnieJo 01/24/2015 11 21 1 -
VIDEO: Profitship Charters and God's Li'l Voucher School
Little Timmy, a kindergartener in the animated video below, is a lot like most of us here in America: we LIKE our public schools! But the profitmakers look at our children, and what they see are ...
AnnieJo 12/08/2014 3 4 - -
Ebola screening, at a podiatry clinic near you?
Yesterday I discovered first-hand that all of the clinics in our local Midwestern university-based clinic system are having their receptionists ask everybody at check-in: -- Have you traveled ...
AnnieJo 10/28/2014 16 3 - -
Wisconsin: They Don't Want Us to Know What They Stand For
I saw it again today in a front page article in the Wisconsin State Journal: State paid $139 million to schools terminated from voucher program since 2004 The galloping privatization of K-12 ...
AnnieJo 10/12/2014 9 38 1 -
Wisconsin "Militia" Promises Armed Intimidation of Recall Signers at the Voting Booth (Updated)
THIS is how things are in Wisconsin. A Facebook group calling themselves the " Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia " (update: page has since disappeared and now it's back!) is threatening armed ...
AnnieJo 09/19/2014 298 461 6 -
Follow-Up: Heartland Institute Backpedals on George Carlin Bastardized Quote-Meme!
Daily Kos is a powerful forum. Through the magic of this site, even an occasional diarist can initiate something that leads to an actual change: in this example, the Heartland Institute, a ...
AnnieJo 04/28/2014 86 334 7 -
George Carlin Quote Bastardized on Facebook by Heartland Institute (Updated)
April 28 update: Heartland Institute APOLOGIZED, and took down the offending meme! Details here: Heartland Institute Backpedals on George Carlin Bastardized Quote-Meme ! = = = = = = = = = = = =
AnnieJo 04/26/2014 217 571 19 -
Milwaukee "New Hustler Academy" Voucher School Closes in the Dead of Night (Updated)
On Jan. 9, Gail Hicks testified before the Urban Education Committee of the Wisconsin Assembly and called out Milwaukee's " New Hustler Academies " -- the nickname she and her colleagues have ...
AnnieJo 01/15/2014 176 479 7 -
Scott Walker Loves Recalls! (2010 Video Evidence)
This isn't new. But it still makes my blood boil and I figured I'd share it once more, apropos of nothing but flagrant Republican hypocrisy (that the Democrats utterly FAILED to use in the 2012 ...
AnnieJo 08/30/2013 4 7 - -
WI Ultrasound Bill "Author": Abortions Were THE Thing to Do in the '60s (VIDEO)
By now you've probably seen Wisconsin state senator Mike Ellis totally lose it and break the gavel-stand while bellowing from behind his sungalsses at Democratic senators to sit down -- so the ...
AnnieJo 06/15/2013 44 82 3 -
Flagrant Hypocrisy: Down the Memory Hole with Scott Walker
Why, oh why, can Wisconsin not hold Scott Walker to account for flagrant, outrageous hypocrisy between his pre-governor press statements and his actions as governor? I'm going to source these three ...
AnnieJo 03/02/2013 14 28 1 -
WPRI Surveys Private Schools, Concludes "Wisconsin is Failing to Help Students with Disabilities"
The conservative think-tank Wisconsin Public Research Institute (WPRI) has issued a report on the failings of education in Wisconsin, just days before Governor Walker is slated to release his 2013/...
AnnieJo 02/16/2013 24 39 3 -
Autism & Empathy: I Hope Folks Didn't Think It Was Snark
In his rec-listed diary Callous and Despicable on Monday, Horace Boothroyd III made us aware of the appalling "Second Amendment!" heckling when Neil Heslin, father of one of the Sandy Hook murder ...
AnnieJo 01/31/2013 20 39 - -
Stop Special Needs Vouchers in Wisconsin!
If there's one thing we've learned in Wisconsin since February 2011, and in Michigan just this month, it's that what gets passed in the statehouse after the election can be devastatingly different ...
AnnieJo 12/22/2012 8 21 - -
Medicaid, Wisconsin & the Ryan Plan: "Scared Spitless"
The candidates are making their closing argument as Election Day comes upon us. My own closing argument starts with Paul Krugman, and culminates in a video. In his Oct. 28 NY Times column, ...
AnnieJo 11/05/2012 9 33 1 -
Medicaid in WI: "Disability Is Not Going Away" (Video)
The candidates are making their closing argument as Election Day comes upon us. My own closing argument starts with Paul Krugman, and culminates in a video. In his Oct. 28 NY Times column, ...
AnnieJo 11/03/2012 3 18 - -
PPP Polls Voter Fraud Expectations in OH, FL, NC: Lousy Question, Troubling Results
This afternoon PPP released some troubling results of weekend polling in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania on the subject of voter fraud. The question was: Do you think Democrats will engage in ...
AnnieJo 10/16/2012 12 12 - -
Obama Rally in Madison: Forward! (Photo Diary)
It's been several years since A FIB in Cheddarland and I grabbed a day to spend together just the two of us, no kids. What better date than an outing to see President Barack Obama speak in Madison, ...
AnnieJo 10/05/2012 16 52 1 206
WI-Sen Tommy Thompson's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Week o' Video
There have been two videos already this week that should be devastating to the struggling Senate campaign of former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson. And it's only Tuesday! Did everyone see the ...
AnnieJo 10/02/2012 21 60 3 364
Tommy Thompson (WI-Sen) and PolitiFact's 2011 Lie of the Year: "Do Away w/ Medicare"
Does anyone remember PolitiFact's 2011 Lie of the Year ? Back last December when they ignored the input from their readers and chose instead to christen the following as the Lie of the Year: 2011 ...
AnnieJo 09/28/2012 64 26 - 251
Ed Show analysis: HOW the Thompson/Ryan/GOP plan would "do away with Medicaid & Medicare"
Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate Tommy Thompson is having his very own "47%" moment these past few days. Much like the April video of Mitt Romney that surfaced just recently, the May video of ...
AnnieJo 09/26/2012 5 16 - 126
The Plan to Do Away w/ Medicaid and Medicare: Tommy Thompson (WI-Sen) Admitted It, Paul Ryan Lies
First off, great big tip o' the hat to JamieG from MD , who diaried Thompson's jaw-dropping speechifying earlier today. I'm re-diarying because this needs more attention! Here's Wisconsin Senate ...
AnnieJo 09/21/2012 48 201 4 1186
VIDEO: Handcuffing & Collapse of Disabled Veteran in Wisconsin Capitol
Giles Goat Boy shared the news yesterday of the latest shameful chapter in the crackdown on dissent in Wisconsin's Capitol: Wisconsin Capitol Police Ambush Disabled Vet, Send Her to Hospital with ...
AnnieJo 09/15/2012 20 51 - 243
WI Solidarity Sing Along: I'm a Constituent, not a Terrorist
To the tune of My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean : They're trying to stifle our voices They're trying to keep us derailed They'll find it's not easy to do, though... McCarthy once tried it and failed! ...
AnnieJo 09/13/2012 38 79 1 378
Why They Think Lies & Propaganda Can Win: The Wisconsin Example
The collective jaw of what's left of responsible journalism is agape at the unfettered, unprecedented mendacity of the Romney/Ryan campaign. middlegirl did a great job yesterday of collecting links ...
AnnieJo 08/31/2012 92 113 3 832
Madison, WI Capitol Police Chief: "You Could Try to Hit Them"
My plan for today: take my children to the Solidarity Sing Along at the Capitol. I want to bear witness, in our physical presence, to that which the Sing Along professes on a daily basis: We are a ...
AnnieJo 08/28/2012 84 272 4 1741
WI State Legislature: School Profitizers Fail to Buy Dem Primaries
The American Federation for Children tried to buy five Democratic primaries for the Wisconsin state legislature in Milwaukee. This past Tuesday, Milwaukee Democrats spoke at the ballot box -- and ...
AnnieJo 08/19/2012 12 21 - 168
Tanya Lohr vs. Glenn Grothman for WI State Senate: His Words, Her Words
On Monday, Huffington Post ran a piece on the Wisconsin State Senate race in District 20, where ALEC member Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) is facing a challenge from high school teacher Tanya Lohr. ...
AnnieJo 08/08/2012 11 16 - 138
"I'm Just A Bill" in the Age of ALEC: Mark Fiore's Devastating Update to Schoolhouse Rock
Like many of you, I grew up with Schoolhouse Rock, catchy little animated nuggets of learning that were interspersed among kids' shows to teach us little darlings something without feeling like we ...
AnnieJo 07/26/2012 47 140 7 676
Feds Order Wisconsin to Reimburse for Failed Family Care Freeze
The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have renewed Wisconsin's Family Care program, which provides support for elders and people with disabilities to live in their communities ...
AnnieJo 07/24/2012 16 51 - 243
Voter ID in Wisconsin: Requirement Will NOT Be in Place for Fall Elections
Glorious late-in-the-day news, on the very day that the Democrats take the reins in the Wisconsin State Senate ! Yet another judge has issued a permanent injunction against the Walker/ALEC Voter ID ...
AnnieJo 07/17/2012 33 100 - 402
Wisconsin Assembly 2012: More and Better Democrats!
I was pleased to see Puddytat's Tuesday diary about former State Senator Van Waangaard finally conceding his voter-fraud disinformation media blitz loss to John Lehman in the Wisconsin State Senate ...
AnnieJo 07/12/2012 20 28 - 189
Surge in Private Contracting by WI State Agencies; Walker Admin Hopes Nobody Notices
The Walker administration didn't want us to know about this one. Private contracting by Wisconsin state agencies surged by 26% in FY2011, reversing a six-year trend in declining privatization. ( ...
AnnieJo 07/05/2012 39 117 2 536
Wisconsin Solidarity Singalong #382: Vote! Vote! Vote!
I've never had it happen before that I've attended an event at noon, and then just a few hours later heard clips from that same event being broadcast on NPR's Marketplace while driving around town ...
AnnieJo 06/04/2012 30 81 3 330 Is Already Registered
One of the myriad throw-it-all-against-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks arguments that has come from the Walker camp regarding the recall is that some enterprising citizen registered the domain ...
AnnieJo 06/03/2012 30 20 - 294
SignOn Petition to DNC: Help Wisconsin with the Walker Recall!
I got an e-mail this afternoon, May 15, with a time-stamp of 2:44pm. It was from Mary Magnuson of Brookfield, WI, who had started a SignOn petition: Democratic National Committee: Invest In The ...
AnnieJo 05/15/2012 40 26 2 207
House GOP Votes to Kill Census' American Community Survey
Last Wednesday evening, the U.S. House of Representatives took the budget axe to the American Community Survey (ACS) , the Census Bureau's up-to-date annual counterpart to the decennial population ...
AnnieJo 05/15/2012 113 114 5 652
Mother's Day Misogyny: WI State Senator Scott Fitzgerald (Update: Compas Reponds)
Happy Mother's Day from Wisconsin! You have to read to the end of the front-page article in the Wisconsin State Journal to find it, but for this Mother's Day article, State Senator Scott Fitzgerald (
AnnieJo 05/13/2012 74 198 4 996
Four Wisconsin Disability Victories, incl. the Demise of ALEC's AB110!
Wisconsin disability-advocates had a lot to celebrate this weekend! I had the privilege of raising a glass on Friday with a couple dozen such advocates -- a non-partisan gathering of self-advocates ...
AnnieJo 03/19/2012 29 93 3 492
Wisconsin's Scott Walker: "Indictable Boy"
You may have heard by now that there was a startling Friday-afternoon news dump in Wisconsin yesterday. The story can be found both in Puddytat's RecList diary ( Wis State Senate Recalls Likely to ...
AnnieJo 03/10/2012 29 55 1 348
WI Rep. Mark Pocan Rips Into ALEC on Assembly Floor (re Special Needs Vouchers)
Wisconsin state Assembly Representative Mark Pocan has long been a hero in the effort to expose ALEC. ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is a secretive but immensely powerful right-...
AnnieJo 03/07/2012 39 149 2 709
Piratizing Special Education in Wisconsin: AB110 Plunder Revisited
They're trying to loot public education in Wisconsin. And they're trying to take advantage of families like mine, with kids like my daughter, to do it. I wrote those words last May in my first ...
AnnieJo 02/22/2012 31 20 - 177
Watching Scotty Go
Next week marks the first anniversary of the day Gov. Scott Walker "dropped the bomb" on Wisconsin -- it was February 11 when he sprung his secretive, explosive, mendaciously-named "budget repair ...
AnnieJo 02/05/2012 29 39 - 275
Wisconsin Action Alert: Bill to Lift Long-Term Care Caps Stalled in Committee
I received the following urgent Wisconsin message via e-mail: URGENT – LIFT THE CAPS BILL STALLED! – ACT NOW! Tell Your Legislator: “Move to Lift the Caps on ...
AnnieJo 02/02/2012 9 16 - 111
Exclusive Interview w/ Pulaski (WI) Band Director: Union Maid, a Conspiracy-Theory, and a Correction
Media entities have been trying to contact Tom Busch, director of the Pulaski (WI) Red Raiders Marching Band, since last Tuesday, when my ...
AnnieJo 01/11/2012 77 163 2 768
The Red Wing Polka and the Union Maid
I learned a lot about the various flavors of a particular piece of music yesterday. My diary from yesterday,
AnnieJo 01/04/2012 15 31 - 195
Pulaski WI Marching Band 'Sticking to the Union' in Rose Bowl Parade (Update)
NOTE: Please also read my Jan. 11 diary,
AnnieJo 01/03/2012 259 647 11 3743
Feds Order Lifting of Long-Term Care Caps in WI; Walker Tries to Take Credit
The news today felt like a belated Christmas present at first -- Governor Walker held a press event this morning in Madison announcing a proposal to lift the cap on long-term care enrollment that ...
AnnieJo 12/28/2011 61 173 2 1044
Wisconsin: I Went to the Capitol to Join the Sing Along...
To the tune of "Three Little Fishies," from the (non-holiday) Solidarity Sing Along songbook : I went ...
AnnieJo 12/15/2011 47 128 1 692
WI: How the Senator Saved Christmas and Other Holiday Tales
I visited the Capitol Rotunda today for a spontaneous gathering around the brightly-decorated evergreen, where a group of people just happened to show up to sing (as has just happened to happen ...
AnnieJo 12/05/2011 20 40 2 242
The Wreck of the Brothers Fitzgerald
"Superior," they said, "never gives up her dead when the gales of November come early!" So ends the famous Wisconsin-connected 1976 folk ballad by Gordon Lightfoot, ...
AnnieJo 11/25/2011 59 220 2 1310
Recall Walker: ALEC, Medicaid Cuts, and the 11/19 Rally
This diary is a re-post from my personal blog Elvis Sightings . I wasn't going to diary, seeing as how ...
AnnieJo 11/22/2011 18 56 1 318
Now Playing in Madison: The Lamentable Tragedie of Scott Walker
As the dramatic events in Wisconsin escalate toward Tuesday's recalls, a new theatrical production is playing to sold-out houses and enthusiastic acclaim in Madison:
AnnieJo 08/08/2011 54 143 2 1117
"ALEC, Republicans Beat Up On Kids in Special Ed"
The trickle of stories relating to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has grown to a steady flow, thanks to the recently-released (and formerly secret) database of corporatist cookie-...
AnnieJo 07/31/2011 27 55 1 354
WI State Senators Use Taxpayer Dollars for ALEC Memberships
As if it weren't enough that the Republican legislators in Wisconsin are using ALEC as the vehicle to propagate corporatist legislation that funnels public dollars into private pockets. They're ...
AnnieJo 07/27/2011 8 37 3 170
Wisconsin & ALEC: Don't Lie To Us!
Many of you know what ALEC is by now: the powerful, secretive organization where Republican state legislators sit down with corporations (who have paid big bucks to be at the table) and write ...
AnnieJo 07/19/2011 93 157 6 752
FL Special Needs Vouchers: "Using Disabled School Kids as Lab Rats"
Here is how a recent article in the Miami New Times ...
AnnieJo 07/14/2011 11 22 1 141
Wisconsin Singers Meet a Counter-Protest
The story that happened today wasn't the story that the counter-protesters were expecting! Today's events began like this -- a conservative Madison blogger took it upon himself to organize a counter-
AnnieJo 06/27/2011 38 47 2 278
Wisconsin Singers in the Wake of Gun-Activist Violence: An Update
I'd like to provide a follow-up to my diary earlier this week, Tea Partier ...
AnnieJo 06/25/2011 59 148 3 885
Tea Partier Punches WI Solidarity Singer in the Face (Updated)
We made it through a long winter and spring of peaceful Wisconsin protest. Our protests were sometimes massive, sometimes small and consistent, but always (ALWAYS!) non-violent. Even when we were ...
AnnieJo 06/21/2011 261 529 6 4385
WI Special Olympians to Gov. Walker: Lift Caps on Family Care!
The right-wing noise machine has continued to crank the outrage for those poor Wisconsin Special Olympics athletes, whose ceremony with Governor Walker on the Capitol Square was visited by some ...
AnnieJo 06/14/2011 5 7 - 64
Gov. Walker and the Special-Olympics-Athlete Set-Up
It's been an intense week so far on the Capitol Square in Madison. We're in the final weeks of the budget season, as Gov. Walker's ALEC-sourced, slash-and-burn budgetary assault on the poor and ...
AnnieJo 06/11/2011 21 17 - 156
WI Rep. Litjens Co-Sponsors ALEC Bill, Denies It's ALEC
Here's an eyewitness account from a May 23 listening session held by Wisconsin Assembly Rep. Michelle Litjens (R - Oshkosh), from blogger Appleton Wonk reporting on Blue Cheddar (emphasis mine): ...
AnnieJo 05/26/2011 11 28 1 179
WI Solidarity Singalong: Voter Suppression Edition
The singing voices and stomping feet rang out in the Capitol Rotunda, after Thursday morning's shameful Wisconsin state Senate vote to pass the most restrictive voter-ID bill in the nation:
AnnieJo 05/19/2011 10 21 1 114
"Pouty" Scott Walker Loses Election: 1988
A couple of months ago I got an e-mail from an acquaintance who had studied at Marquette University at the same time as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He and Walker ran in different circles -- ...
AnnieJo 05/17/2011 7 19 - 137
Milwaukee Vouchers: Compare Apples-to-Apples, See What's Rotten
Those who would loot Wisconsin tax dollars from the public education system and move them into private/corporate school coffers are hard at work in this state. On Mother's Day I diaried my outrage ...
AnnieJo 05/13/2011 15 17 1 118
Piratizing Special Education in Wisconsin: AB110
They're trying to loot public education in Wisconsin. And they're trying to take advantage of families like mine, with kids like my daughter, to do it. At issue is AB110, ...
AnnieJo 05/08/2011 48 64 2 552
WI Solidarity Singalong: Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round
Ongoing witness is a powerful thing. If you win your way through the designated doors and the metal detectors at the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin, and enter the beautiful marble Rotunda, ...
AnnieJo 05/05/2011 28 47 1 294
Phonebanking for Kloppenburg: "I'm not a robot."
Seneca Doane wrote a magnificent live-bloggy diary yesterday, reporting on the experience of phonebanking for JoAnne Kloppenburg in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race coming up April 5 (TOMORROW!) ...
AnnieJo 04/04/2011 38 176 2 901
WI: ALEC is Hazardous to our Health Care
I carried a new sign to the Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday: It ...
AnnieJo 03/28/2011 58 86 8 448
Wisconsin: Things We'd Never Done Before
Wisconsin State Assembly Representative Mark Pocan said it in one word: "FitzWalkerStan." It feels as if Wisconsin isn't the state we know and love anymore, but rather a newly-formed totalitarian ...
AnnieJo 03/24/2011 21 38 - 194
Underworked Overpaid Teachers & Anne of Green Gables
Though my past month here in Wisconsin has been consumed with the struggle against the corporatist take-over of our states budget process (and everything else), life does go on. I still have a half-...
AnnieJo 03/20/2011 6 11 - 79
Wisconsin: March for Medicaid and Autism Awareness TODAY!
It's been so uplifting to read the diaries and see the photos from ...
AnnieJo 03/13/2011 7 4 - 40
Medicaid and What's Passing in Wisconsin
My 9-year-old and I went to the Capitol for an hour last night. We stood with our signs as the crowd demanded to be let in and speak ...
AnnieJo 03/10/2011 9 11 1 98
Wisconsin: Now They're Coming For Her Autism Insurance
My beautiful, energetic six-year-old daughter has autism, epilepsy, and a rare neurocutaneous disorder. The Republican administration in Wisconsin, led by Governor Scott Walker, is out to get her.
AnnieJo 03/07/2011 16 31 1 169
WI: Facebook Friends and a Powerful Letter
When Wisconsin's governor Scott Walker introduced his so-called "Budget Repair" bill on February 11, full of devastating sweeping policy changes for public employee unions and Medicaid and more, ...
AnnieJo 03/05/2011 56 124 3 578
Walker (WI): Pass My Budget, or Grandma Gets It
I thought that my opinion of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was scraping the bottom of the barrel already. Was it not enough that, on top of trying to break the unions, he also tried to sneak ...
AnnieJo 02/25/2011 11 24 - 115
Attack on WI Medicaid = Attack on Healthcare Reform?
I've been blogging about the stealth attack on Wisconsin Medicaid for just about a week now. Deep in Gov. Scott Walker's so-called "budget repair ...
AnnieJo 02/23/2011 28 29 1 164
Medicaid in Wisconsin: What's at Stake? How Can I Help?
First off: thank you, Barbara Morrill, for front-paging this ...
AnnieJo 02/22/2011 21 34 4 183
Wisconsin Attack on Medical Assistance (and Democracy)
For years, advocates in Wisconsin have been working to make life better -- in some cases, make life possible -- for people with disabilities. The process has been slow. It has taken years to ...
AnnieJo 02/16/2011 8 16 - 66
Praise for WI State Workers: Pay Cuts and Eviscerated Unions
The message from Governor Scott Walker (R) to Wisconsin state employees begins like this: ...
AnnieJo 02/11/2011 74 21 1 193
Some publicly-funded jobs are more equal than others
I got an e-mail message yesterday from Herb Kohl, Wisconsin's lone remaining Democratic Senator, with the subject line "A Major Win for Wisconsin." He was celebrating the announcement that the U.S.
AnnieJo 11/05/2010 3 5 - 17
Fitness Monday: A Beginner Runs Two 5K Races (Updated)
If it's Monday (which it is), it must be time for another helping of Fitness Monday, a community series for health and fitness support. Future Fitness Monday hosts needed. Yes, I'm looking at ...
AnnieJo 06/08/2009 68 19 1 43
Fitness Monday - Cosmic Convergence
Welcome to another edition of Fitness Monday, a community series for health and fitness support. I'm going to put this right up top, because the calendar for future hosts is currently wide open.
AnnieJo 04/20/2009 30 13 2 38
Saving for Disability Expenses: ABLE Accounts Act of 2009
"You're in a bad place." That's how the lawyer summarized our situation, with regards to saving for future needs of our four-year-old daughter, who has diagnoses of autism and linear nevus ...
AnnieJo 03/04/2009 10 18 2 19
Frugal Fridays: Holiday Gifts, Lean Times Edition
These are lean times. Some of us are fortunate enough to still be doing OK financially, even if it's paycheck to paycheck. Others of us... are not doing OK, or we can see "not-doing-OK" ...
AnnieJo 11/14/2008 84 44 6 101
WI State Govt - Dems have the trifecta!
I was so very proud of my state, Wisconsin, last night as the polls closed and the talking heads called it bright blue for Obama within a minute! Oh yes, we went blue in 2000 and 2004 as well. ...
AnnieJo 11/05/2008 19 14 - 7
A Christian e-mail forward
Mennonites have a substantial tradition of working quietly, humbly, eschewing pride. Perhaps, though, it's not too non-Mennonite of me to feel just a little bit proud that, in this season of ...
AnnieJo 11/03/2008 11 10 2 15
OBAMA! re: WI State Journal endorsement
Wonderful Morning Reaction by Kula2316 today. I love reading those things! One of the stories mentioned is a Sunday ...
AnnieJo 10/12/2008 14 13 - 12
Hauled off: 4-year old political protestor
The little fellow's chant started softly, almost as if he were talking to himself: " Ba-rack O-ba-ma! Ba-rack O-ba-ma! " ... His Mami leaned over to whisper to him. We're at ...
AnnieJo 09/22/2008 29 28 - 83
Frugal Fridays: Frugal Maintenance
Good afternoon! AnnieJo here, guest-hosting Frugal Fridays with a heartily UN-glamorous topic in the ongoing frugality chronicles: Maintenance! We'll ...
AnnieJo 04/25/2008 19 19 4 39
Talk to your superdelegates!
Yes, you may well have Democratic superdelegates. Such as, your Congresspeople and Senators (if you're represented by Democrats!) Did your superdelegates endorse early, only to find that their ...
AnnieJo 02/20/2008 3 1 - 1
Frugal Fridays: Frugal Gifts Holiday Edition
The gift catalogs are filling the mailbox en masse, the piped-in Christmas music fills the stores, and the desperate holiday advertising clamor grows louder by the day. And Halloween is only a week ...
AnnieJo 11/09/2007 80 33 10 32
Eco-Greensburg - The Reality Show?
Three months ago, on the night of May 4, a massive tornado leveled the small town of Greensburg, Kansas. "Leveled" is not too strong a word. Almost nothing was left standing and ten people were ...
AnnieJo 08/13/2007 6 7 - 28
A Little Bit Special: What Is Happening In Her Head?
Echoing through my mind lately has been a line from the rock opera Tommy by The Who, a story in which the main character spends most of his childhood and youth unable to hear or speak or see.
AnnieJo 07/29/2007 77 27 2 54
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