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You Know it's Bad When GOP Reps Vote Scott Walker Out as Head of Flagship Agency (Big Update)
Questions about WEDC are dogging Scott Walker Oh, yeah, the normally Scott Walker-subservient Republican Legislators who infest majorities in the Wisconsin State Legislature have told us all we ...
Puddytat 05/21/2015 38
Walker Fired from WEDC!
this came up while scanning the Journal Sentinel Walker ...
MorrellWI1983 05/21/2015 18
That Michigan pastor who was outed on Grindr? He nearly shamed a gay teen into committing suicide
Tyler Kish recalls Pastor Matt Makela's heartless counseling Yesterday we covered Pastor Matt Makela, the anti-gay Michigan ...
Jen Hayden 05/21/2015 66
Just for Wonks & Fellow ALEC Research Junkies
The following links are a treasure trove of info on how, beginning in the 1800s, banks and corporations gained control of our democracy and morphed into ALEC: 1. The History of American Corporate ...
War on Error 05/21/2015 3
Eliminate Tax Exemptions!!
Recently there has been much ado about the IRS tax exemption status of certain entities such as that of ALEC. The ALEC exemption is really only the tip of a huge dirty iceberg . There should be no ...
Lee4LH 05/21/2015 4
Atlanta NBC Affiliate Exposes ALEC Activities in Georgia
I was pleasantly surprised to see our local NBC affiliate expose activities of the American Legislative Exchange Council in Georgia. The report by Brendan Keefe of 11Alive News consisted of a former ...
Lily O Lady 05/20/2015 70
Wisconsin Legislature really is insane
Reading this list from the Wisconsin DHS just makes me angrier the more I look at it. It's inconsistent (you can buy fresh sweet potatoes/...
CatKnipND 05/20/2015 130
Michigan/Motor City Kossacks Weekly Open Thread: Onwards to '16!
That's right! Ready or not, 2016 is coming! In the Detroit area, we already have three points of contact for two announced candidates. For Bernie Sanders: You'll want to contact Mike Witte - a ...
ezioaltair12 05/20/2015 7
WI-Sen: Sherrod Brown (D. OH) Helps Russ Feingold (D) Get Ready To Defeat Ron Johnson (R)
Received this e-mail from one of my favorite U.S. ...
poopdogcomedy 05/20/2015 3
Anti-gay pastor in Michigan resigns after–well, you can probably guess
Secret hypocritical double life? There's an app for that. Reverend Matthew Makela was recently listed on the St. John's Lutheran Church website as a devoted husband and father of five children. But,
Jen Hayden 05/20/2015 285
Confessions of Scott Walkers Pale Blue Shirt: Volume 2, More Confessions
Pale blue shirt here. I'm back. Hello, there. I'm Scott Walkers pale blue campaigning shirt. You've met me before . I'm the shirt that'...
Puddytat 05/19/2015 17
WI-Sen: Ron Johnson (R), 'I May Trust Ayatollah Over Obama On Details Of Iran Deal'
More words of insanity from one of the most vulnerable Tea Part U.S. Senators:
poopdogcomedy 05/19/2015 15
Michigan man charged for waterboarding a 5-year-old boy over a ripped backpack
Michael Porter is accused of torturing a 5-year-old. Today's candidate for worst person in the world is Michigan's Michael Porter, who waterboarded his girlfriend's 5-year-old son for ripping his ...
Jen Hayden 05/19/2015 33
Kansas County Can't Afford to Mow the Lawn
Kansas Counties are finding that the Brownback economy isn't working out for them nearly as well as they had hoped. Today in the statehouse, Kansas Lobbyists are arguing against rolling back tax ...
Chris Reeves 05/19/2015 31
Pfizer Drop ALEC: We are 200 signatures away from 100,000!
Today, Common Cause, Sierra Club, Forecast The Facts, the American Federation of Teachers, and AFSCME are delivering petitions ...
JayRiestenberg 05/19/2015 5
Walker loses a round in court
Haven't seen this in a diary yet, so here's a short one on a bit of news. (Where are you, puddytat??) All of us in Wisconsin who lose sleep thinking that Scott Walker may spend and slime his way ...
strobusguy 05/18/2015 37
birds along the fox
blueyedace2 05/18/2015 11
Michigan smokers, drinkers paid twice as much in total taxes as its businesses did
Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder Michigan has found a way to make up for some of its budget shortfall after cutting corporate taxes to the bone—just tax people who smoke and drink more! Chad ...
Kerry Eleveld 05/18/2015 35
Mr. Obenshain, Condemn This Scandalous, Bullying, Plutocratic Lawsuit
In her campaign ...
AndySchmookler 05/18/2015 2
Smoking gun for Walker's WEDC? A Timeline.
Excellent reporting this weekend from the Wisconsin State Journal digging into one particularly jaw-dropping $500k loan made by Scott Walker's Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) . The ...
lufthase 05/18/2015 61
sad trestle trail
blueyedace2 05/17/2015 16
How I Know Bernie's a Contender ... He's Under Attack By Koch Surrogates
Inevitability of the lifeblood of political nepotism in our country. If you've got the right name, you don't have to make a valid argument. You just have to call on family friends, and make the ...
ManfromMiddletown 05/17/2015 48
UPDATE- Unintimidated Scott Walker pulls 180 on strategy at corrupt jobs agency he created
Another Friday, and another drastic and intriguing difference of direction from our fair Governor regarding the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). One week after an audit from the ...
Jake formerly of the LP 05/16/2015 11
Spotlight on Courage ~ StDDs Week 37
No! Poverty is not to be blamed for the murder of Michael Brown. Lack of opportunities did not take the life of Freddie Gray. The "absent black father" was not responsible for killing Walter Scott. ...
JoanMar 05/15/2015 37
I'm Doing a Happy Dance Today at Russ Feingold's Announcement
Good news is hard to come by in Wisconsin these days so when there is some, I want to share the happiness. What can be more fabulous than Russ Feingold announcing he's going to take his Senate seat ...
Puddytat 05/14/2015 108
WI-Sen: PCCC Wastes No Time Helping Russ Feingold (D) Get Ready To Defeat Ron Johnson (R)
Received this e-mail today from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in support of former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold's (D. WI) comeback bid against Tea Party U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (...
poopdogcomedy 05/14/2015 7
Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin Unions and the Plans Ahead
America’s National Labor Relations law as amended governs private sector unions, but not public sector unions. Public sector unions organize and operate under state enabling legislation. Some ...
Fred Siegmund 05/14/2015 8
Michigan/Motor City Kossacks Weekly Open Thread: Why "Giggles the Pig" Might be Flint's Next Mayor
ICYMI: "Giggles the Pig," a sow belonging to attorney Michael Ewing of Flint, has been put forth as a candidate for the mayoralty of Flint, Michigan. I'm all for political theater. But, really? A ...
peregrine kate 05/13/2015 17
PSA: Michigan Matters! Some Presidential Primary Opportunities
Ok, folks, this is gonna be pretty short, but damn if it won't be sweet. In case you haven't heard, two people from the Northeast are fighting over a spot for the Democratic nomination, and the ...
ezioaltair12 05/13/2015 5
The Daily Bucket - a wet and wild swallow tale
Gooseville, WI Male Tree Swallows Tachycineta bicolor in a territorial dispute over a prime nestbox.
Polly Syllabic 05/13/2015 69
Michigan GOP moves to strip power of local governments to protect workers and the LGBT community
Originally posted at . Republicans have successfully branded themselves as the party that worships "local governmental control". They want federal regulations repealed and the power ...
Eclectablog 05/13/2015 11

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