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Come on guys, I don't normally do this, but rec this up, like it, tweet it, share it on Facebook, let's get this VIRAL (cause you know the corporate media isn't going to cover it, they're too busy carrying water for David Koch's tea party)

(UPDATE: Twitter has suspended the account of @WeAreTheOther99. Hmmm, I wonder why?)

Watch as NYC police beat unarmed protestors in the name of Wall Street.

First a 35 second vid.

Then a longer one.

This. Must. Go. Viral.

(UPDATE! Pics from on the scene below the fold, and if you can, please donate to the protestors media fund at WeAreTheOther99%'s page.)

This is real. This is the America Wall Street and the Super Rich wants, one where there is no freedom of speech, there is only paid speech by corporations. There is no freedom of assembly, only free markets.

I'm not talking about violence, I'm talking about Democracy. Non violent democracy, or as they super rich call it, class war. Well I say, if these rich bastards fear a class war, let's give em one!

I have a reason to live, and it's to give these futhermuckers hell.

So here is what YOU can do to help fight for income equality, jobs and the working class.

1. Make this video viral. Can we do it? YES WE CAN!

2.    Follow @WeAreTheOther99 on Twitter Too late, twitter suspended our account, for what valid reasons only they know., and put this video on your facebook account and any other social media that you use. Make it viral.

3.    Make a donation to WeAreTheOther99%'s media fund. They need funding to stay active, and without huge corporate interests backing us up like the Teabaggers have, the only way this works is with your small donations. They've already raised over $1000, let's try and double it. UPDATEx2: I'm already being told that your donations are being used to buy vital supplies. I will include pics ASAP. Okay, here's pics of your $ in action.

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Flash drives, cell phone chargers, memory card readers, a hotspot for cell use, batteries, all of these things are essential to getting the grassroots media message out on the ground level, and your donations help make it all possible.

4.   Get the word out about these protests of Wall Street's greed to everyone you know. Raise awareness, even if it is via word of mouth, every little bit helps.

    Are you gonna let these rich bastards take away your future? We bailed them out, now they're starving us out. Well I say HELL NO.

It's time to fight back.


What can you do to fight for the working class?

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To The Sep17 Occupiers "Moneyman"
Posted by Lupe Fiasco
September 14, 2011

Hey Moneyman the crowd is outside. The past, the future and the now is outside. The teachers and cooks and the drop-outs too. Word on the street is they looking for you…

Hey Moneyman they saying whats the score? And how much blood have you spilled on the butcher shop floor? Those numbers keep running but what they running into? The crowd is outside and they asking of you…

Hey Moneyman Moneyman the mayors' on the phone. He says he wants to know if all those people went home. Those momma's and poppa's and students and cooks. Those teachers and preachers, one second I'll look…

Hey Moneyman Moneyman the tents are still up, the songs are still singing and the coffee's in cups. The nights due to fall and the sun's going down but its still a whole mess of good folks hanging round...

They eyes are wide and their voices are loud. Its white and black and colorless proud. The signs are big and the smiles are bright. By heaven I reckon its gone be one hell of a night!

Hey Moneyman poor Moneyman you should slip out the back. Cuz the forces of greed are under attack. No bombs or bullets or rocks or guns. Just hashtag's and voices at the tops of their lungs!

And Moneyman Moneyman I wont need a ride. But if you need me…

You can find me outside.

By Wasalu "Lupe Fiasco" Jaco


Note: Action items, Resources and Updates at the end of the diary.
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#OccupyWallStreet is underway and we're liveblogging it in solidarity. Tay's diary is a great resource for learning about the origins of this protest.

See a timeline of events leading to the first night of sleeping on Wall Street in TBug's diary.


Right now, NO... There is 150+. And confusion... (8+ / 0-)
I wish my message was more inspirational right now. But the group is fraying. Lack of sleep, hunger and frustration is permeating everything.

The committees cannot make consensus decisions. The differing factions of what their "demands" should be are sapping energy from the movement.

Let's get them fed right now. Could you please post Liberato's at the top of your diary?

Any help with the Twitter and the Googles is good,. too.

I'm working on that food and aid list, Una. I'll try to post by 2pm!


by HankNYNY on Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 11:33:09 AM EDT

PLEASE send pizzas: the phone number is Liberato's. (212) 344-3464


latest text from my stepkids:
Crazy. Ppl are getting arrested for writing on the sidewalk with chalk

I didn't hear from my stepchildren today until late evening. (I think they were challenged to  charge their phones.) Sunday was a day of establishing logistics and protocols both within the protest gathering and between the protesters and police. As in Tahrir, there are a lot of assemblies as they start to develop their consensus process. This is how the voices of a so many disparate people who have all come for the own reasons, get integrated into the voice of the protest. Many people have never participated in a consensus process. This can lead to impatience and agitation. One of the texts I received:
A lot general assembly. People talking. Cops taking down our signs, causig divisions in the group.

I imagine it will take days, at least, for this to result in a unified message or list of demands. So, have patience, folks. Process is priority right now. It helps them bond and nurture solidarity. Here's a message of support from Wisconsin:

nicknicemadison12:55am via web

Hey #occupywallstreet, it took us (#wiunion) a month to get 200,000+ ppl in the streets, we have faith in you & NYC to keep the fight going!

More from my stepkids below the magic squiggly.

As Monday is the first day that the occupation is occurring on a weekday, we'll see what news that brings.

Meanwhile, Sunday in a 5 minute video:

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For the past three days, a lively, determined protest against corporate and Wall Street power has been unfolding around the financial district in lower Manhattan. After starting on Saturday with a large rally that numbered many thousands, the demonstration will continue indefinitely as several hundred protesters occupy nearby sidewalks, entrances to buildings and parks in an attempt to disrupt normal business. Reuters:
Protesters complaining about the unchecked power of the financial industry staged noisy demonstrations that slowed pedestrian traffic on Wall Street for a third day on Monday, vowing to continue "for as long as it takes" to achieve vague demands.

The protests were organized by a different set of groups than the more typical, and more establishment, set of progressive organizations that worked on the August jobs protests:

The protests, dubbed Occupy Wall Street, were organized through Twitter, the magazine web site Adbusters and under the banner of "Anonymous" at various sites online, and were planned for several other cities around the world we well.

Daily Kos community members such as UnaSpenser, Tay and TBug have extensively chronicled the events and ways to get involved. You should check out what they have written.

What follows is a video and a series of pictures of the protest. When you see them, rather than wringing your hands about the perceived lack of media coverage of left-wing protests such as these relative to tea party events, please keep two points in mind:

  1. This protest actually is getting a lot of media, as a glance at Google News will quickly indicate.
  2. The more you keep talking about an event, the more likely it is to receive even more media coverage. So if this is something you support, just keep blogging, tweeting and talking about it anywhere you can.

Left-wing protests are getting some notice, and pushing to make them bigger feels better than complaining about being ignored:

Reposted from HankNYNY by aigeanta Editor's Note: Psst. #OpESR here. Spread the word. -- aigeanta

In less than 9 hours, and with suggested donations of $9.17, we hit our initial goal of $1000!!  Our New Goal will be simple--we're adding a zero. When we live in a world where banksters can "add zeroes" to make balance sheets and million dollar bonuses...the Other 99% must add a zero to their own futures.

Let's hit $10,000 in the next 24 HOURS!

UPDATE x6 10:30PM EST We just hit $740.87 and counting!... Help us hit our goal of $1000 by midnight. Please share on Facebook, this can snowball fast. Thanks for all those who have already contributed, I'll be listing out the purchases we made tomorrow...

Some Final Thoughts for the night...
*First, it feels like we are still very much on the knife's edge. Things could turn quickly and the movement can grow. Or more and more protesters will grow disillusioned and bored and may just fade away. The Facilitators recognize this and seemed to work with more urgency this evening. No Agenda or list of demands have yet been made, however.
*The donations are AMAZING! Food and water keeps the energy up. There is also a Food Committee organizing everything being delivered. [plug: please consider vegan pizza orders, lots of those requests being made] There is peanut butter and fruit and cheese and bagels and veggies and cases of water. There is a cleaning crew. We are breaking down recyclables and assembling trash piles. There is community here. This has sustained us.
*Zuccotti Park is PRIVATE. This is important. I have been unable to confirm this independently, but most say the Owner has made phone calls telling the NYPD he wants us to remain. Again, unconfirmed. However...we are still here.
*Spirits remain high. Sleep has been hard to come by for most in the park [note: I have not slept here] and nerves can surely get frayed. But, I have been impressed with this "leaderless" group sticking together. Bullhorns have been banned. But "GlobalRevolution" has been doing an admirable job of keeping up their feeds in the face of much adversity and infrastructure deficiencies. Their crew is amazing. Reddit is visible. And others have created flyers and pamphlets to distribute.
*A group of 6 young protesters were on the corner of the park at 8pm tonight chanting "Do NOT Pass Go! Do NOT Collect 2 Trillion Dollars!" It made me giggle, so I wanted to share it...
*I don't know what tomorrow brings. I know a group of 150+ protestors with sleeping bags remain. I know a rove of marching protesters breaks out a few times a day, and their amplified message seems to energize them. Many onlookers take pics and video. The chants are varied: "We ARE...the 99%!" and "Wall St Got Bailed Out...We Got Sold Out!" It seems the group is still not settled on one narrative, this is truly an organic movement made up of kids who were born after 1990. Think about that.
*The group wants more bodies protesting IN PERSON. But their message is not being received. Mostly because there is not yet a cohesive narrative to what their demands would be. For example, this quote appears in Metro newspaper posted tonight:
But to one man who works in the Financial District, the protesters are simply annoying.

“I think it’s a little ridiculous,” said Jamel Wright. “If they’re trying to achieve annoying the people who actually get up in the morning and are not walking around with picket signs ...  they’ve achieved that.”

This remains the biggest challenge to the success or failure of this movement. But remember, we ARE the 99%!!

The fight carries on...

UPDATE x4[4:45 PM EST]:
-A MEDIA FUND has been established! Please go to this page to make a suggested contribution of $9.17! This is critical, thank you for your donations.

-"Facilitators" are working on an agenda as I type this... NYPD has instructed the group they will not allow bullhorns or PA systems. The group moved closer and used the "people's microphone," repeating back what they hear so more people can hear.
-The spirits are still running high. The food helped [THANKS GUYS!] and I others simply rested this afternoon.
-A march down Broadway is being planned before 6pm, more details still emerging...
-Champs Deli DELIVERED!! I'm munching on a chicken sandwich now... Whoever you were, we thank you!
-SLEEPING BAGS! There is a growing need for blankets and sleeping bags, if the group is to be expected to stay. "Tents & Trails" 21 Park Place (212) 227-1760. We have established contact, they will deliver any goods ordered by phone.
-Chants of "We ARE! The 99 PERCENT!" starting to break out...
-3pm General Assembly planned, the facilitators [self-described] will try to "plan the agenda." Wish them luck...
-At least 40 [now 50+] pizzas delivered. There is still a need for pharmacy goods. Please consider this instead.
-FOX News showed! Jesse Watters was here and asked "If a CEO came down to give you a job for $150,000 would you take it?" The brave young woman on camera said NO. And that she wants a DIALOGUE with the CEO! [doubtful this will make air tonight...] As an aside, I also had a chance to walk with Jesse and ask him why he ambushed Amanda Terkel while she was on vacation! He smirked and said "no comment." I loved it...
-Wall St Journal just arrived! Female reporter is speaking to a young man who was arrested this morning. They are chatting as I type...
-We NEED batteries! Dell 1525 batteries, the logistics on this are tough. Anyone local can go to J&R or Best Buy nearby [Please use the MEDIA FUND now, thanks]...

This is a diary dedicated to online resources to support the Wall St protest group currently encamped at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan. I have been at Zucotti Park for the past two days, though I did not sleep there.

The group so far is loosely knit youth who were organized by AdBusters starting in July,, and various social media organizing. There is no cohesive message or agenda... YET.

I think the next 48 hours are critical. The group is currently attempting to write out an agenda or even a list of "demands." There is much varied opinion on what to consider, so the result is a muddled vague narrative of "We want to change the system." We can help create some oxygen to help this organic movement get momentum. And then take a cohesive narrative back to the streets that the majority of this country could support.

So, what can YOU do if you are in California or Wisconsin or Louisiana? [or Spain or Greece or Iceland?] Follow me below the fold for my ideas...
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WikiLeaks and Anonymous

When I was teaching at a Catholic women’s high school on Chicago’s South Side, I did not allow note passing in class. It was distracting  to the learning environment. I quietly confiscated them, placed them on my desk and asked that they be picked up at the end of class. I did not destroy or read them. Their contents, their authors and their recipients  were none of my business. These young women lived in a crowded urban world where their privacy was invaded by both adults and their own peers.

I wanted them to understand that while note passing was rude, that was no excuse for authorities to invade their privacy.  It was my way of showing respect.  I feel the same today about people’s personal phone calls, e-mail messages, text messages, casual conversations, instant messages and the like. Unless there is clear and compelling evidence of criminal wrongdoing, there is no reason to invade what little privacy people have these days. It’s rude behavior by authorities and should not be tolerated in a civilized society.

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View this before it disappears. Simply amazing.


[You can follow me on Twitter @David_EHG]

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Tue Jul 19, 2011 at 10:26 AM PDT

Patterico’s Personal Pipsqueak

by Stranded Wind

Reposted from Stranded Wind by Lisa Lockwood

  I’ve been reporting on Breitbart (Indict Breitbart!) toady John Patrick Frey aka Patterico for a few weeks now. This Los Angeles County Deputy D.A. apparently has a history of associating with Boston area stalker/fabricator Seth Allen. I first covered this in Patterico’s Penalization.

    Having failed to embarrass me over the fact that a few years ago I was so buff I had a photo in the Hundred Best Male Nudes on Flickr, they’ve now deduced that I’m A Hacker.

  And they’ve dispatched a ninth degree blackbelt script kiddie to, well … the behavior looks a whole lot like how they handled Congressman Weiner. Hold your nose, leap over the inscrutable squiggle of additional content, and prepare to mock and deride another Breitbart fabricator.

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Originally posted at

For more information about the SlutWalk movement, check out this website. Also, check out SlutWalk Minneapolis on Facebook and tumblr.

The basic idea behind this now international  movement is to protest the victim-blaming that commonly occurs when someone is sexually assaulted. In the case of SlutWalk, it's blaming the victim because what they are wearing = they're a slut and they somehow deserve what happened to them. Statements like "They deserved it because..." or "If they didn't (insert behavior here) they would not have been assaulted..." place responsibility for the assault on the victim or their behavior instead of on the perpetrator, where it rightly belongs. SlutWalk is coming to Minneapolis on October 1, 2011 and I am super excited! Given the amount of controversy that inevitably arises with events such as SlutWalk, I wanted to share the reasoning behind my decision to walk with my fellow Minneapolitans (and others) in support of this cause.

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Tue Jun 28, 2011 at 12:10 PM PDT


by Lisa Lockwood

Reposted from Lisa Lockwood by Lisa Lockwood


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Note This is a public service announcement, NOT a lulz. There be shoals ahead for almost a million unwary INNOCENT web users whose passwords, login names, and IDs were published last night online by lulzsec. Tool for checking to see if your ID is one of the ones breached at bottom of diary.

Ahoy there, maties. As lulzsec sails off into the sunset (or so they proclaimed in a 'final' message and data dump last night via their twitter account) they've left a few more questions than answers. They've also released a massive data dump containing over 750,000 user accounts, some with emails and passwords, in cleartext.

Lulzsec bon voyage twitter:

LulzSec 50 Days of Lulz statement: | Torrent:… Thank you, gentlemen. #LulzSec

~Text of message (for those sailors who suffer from teh seasick or fear lulzy sea serpents lurking in the briny depths) below the horizon~

(Crucial Linky after blockquote message for anyone who has concerns that their data has been breached)


Now that you've taked your Dramamine, are you

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25%7 votes
29%8 votes

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Fri Jun 24, 2011 at 02:10 PM PDT

Another Bad Month at Cult Rock

by xenubarb

Reposted from xenubarb by xenubarb

There is very little Scientologists hate more than mockery and bad publicity. The organization seems to be losing its mojo. This once-secretive organization has been able to hide behind the protection of religious status for so long, it has forgotten how the real world works. Amusing leaks of Scientology internal videos are always fun, and another one hit the fan last week.

They can't plug the leaks, they can't run the court system, they can't hide their crimes any more. This is in great part due to the over 1000 ex-Scientologists, some of whom are working with Anonymous and Project Chanology to expose Scientology crimes and abuse.

June 2011 has been a very tough month for the cult of Scientology!

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