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In Longmont, CO: Gay Valedictorian gets silenced by HS principal, then outed to his parents.
Clearly, we still have a looong way to go fighting for LGBTQIA acceptance. From Boulder's Daily Camera:
ApostleOfCarlin 05/30/2015 338 265 4 -
Freddie Gray's Second Amendment rights got violated. Where's the NRA?
As it turns out, the only crime Freddie Gray was accused of at the time of his fatal arrest and Nickel Ride was carrying a switchblade. Except the knife wasn't a switchblade. It was an ordinary, ...
ApostleOfCarlin 05/01/2015 11 8 - -
Pat Robertson explains why polygamy was OK in the Old Testament, yet marriage equality is bad today.
This came in from Right Wing Watch, still taking one for the team, so you don't have to... When a ...
ApostleOfCarlin 04/22/2015 50 17 - -
Anti-gay Mechanic in Michigan is offered aid... by a bankruptcy attorney.
Here on Daily Kos, this case was discussed before. Michigan business owner posts anti-gay Facebook rant. Commenters rip him to shreds It's nothing new under the sun, and it's not a novel issue ...
ApostleOfCarlin 04/17/2015 42 121 1 -
Tired of hearing about bigots making money on TV? Do something. Help the Trevor Project.
We all could have predicted it, once Mike Pence signed that repulsive piece of garbage, the RFRA, into law. For all intents and purposes, it legalized and affirmed anti-LGBTQIA discrimination in the ...
ApostleOfCarlin 04/05/2015 13 9 - -
This is where your religious rights should end...
Oh, you're thinking that us mean old atheists mean to infringe on your religious beliefs. No. I'm ranting because the opposite is happening. People are using their religion as an excuse to be ...
ApostleOfCarlin 08/29/2014 31 30 - -
American Taliban harasses a Unitarian-Universalist congregation as they mourn a deceased member.
Those who've seen my rantings here on Daily Kos know that as I'm an atheist, I have little patience for religion at all. I agree with the sentiment that it is "easily weaponized superstitious hokum."
ApostleOfCarlin 07/23/2014 462 368 4 -
Ku Klux Kops: White Supremacists in Law Enforcement.
I keep thinking about this news story, about two Florida police officers, including a deputy chief, that were fired from the Fruitland Park police department, when an FBI report revealed that they ...
ApostleOfCarlin 07/16/2014 26 18 - -
No, Dr. Chaps. I don't believe in your sky daddy, or your cave troll either.
You know when Dr. Gordon "Assless Chaps" Klingenschmitt, court-martialed former chaplain and candidate for Colorado's House District 15, is about to say something extraordinarily batty, when he says "
ApostleOfCarlin 07/08/2014 24 18 - -
Gordon Klingenschmitt: Coming to Colorado's Capitol?
Let us discern the spirits of Batshit. Most people paying attention to Colorado's primary elections that took place last Tuesday were paying attention to the Governor's race, where Both Ways Bob ...
ApostleOfCarlin 06/28/2014 3 4 - -
AM 760: The latest progressive radio station killed by Clear Channel.
Short bit of news here from Denver. Yet another of Clear Channel’s Liberal Talk stations is dropping the format. “
ApostleOfCarlin 05/09/2014 24 18 - -
Kansas City and Boston: Two Reactions to Terrorism
It looks like our great Fourth Estate has made things clear, with regards to their coverage of the killings of three people in Kansas City, in a series of blatant hate crimes against the Jewish ...
ApostleOfCarlin 04/17/2014 8 6 - -
I've been gaming for 25 years, and nobody's taught me real spells.
I've done them all: Vampire: The Masquerade, Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, Call of Cthulhu Deadlands, Savage Worlds, the occasional LARP. I've been a gamer for a quarter century. So sue me, I'm an ...
ApostleOfCarlin 04/06/2014 228 159 1 -
An atheist's thoughts on the death of Fred Phelps.
I'm just going to say my beliefs straight. As an atheist, I do not believe in the afterlife. There's no heaven, there's no hell, there's no deity to judge you. Once you die, your information ...
ApostleOfCarlin 03/20/2014 18 32 - -
We will not win elections by being Republican Lite.
Try the new Third Way Diet DINO! No calories, no sodium, and no principles! We won't go to your waist, and we won't get in the ring for you either. Try our new controversy-free, focus-group-tested, ...
ApostleOfCarlin 03/12/2014 23 16 - -
Something cheeful: Joe Arpaio is butthurt because activists don't get mad when he's called "Hitler"
I'm meta'd out, so I thought I'd do something to spread some cheer here. What do you think? Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Why don’t activists get mad when people call me ‘Hitler’? Quotes ...
ApostleOfCarlin 02/27/2014 8 9 - -
Go Home, Arctic. You're Drunk.
Greg Laden of ScienceBlogs now has a good article, and image macro meme that you can use on your Limbaughtomized Facebook frienemies and in-laws when they repeat that usual derp talking point "It'...
ApostleOfCarlin 01/07/2014 57 91 1 -
KKKracker Barrel kow-tows to the Duck Deliverance right-wing.
In the fastest, and sorriest example of a corporate flip-flop, Cracker Barrel, which previously had started to remove Duck Dynasty merchandise from its shelves, has changed its mind and flipped back,
ApostleOfCarlin 12/22/2013 45 16 - -
Ducky Boo Boo star Phil Robertson says gays are "full of murder..."
Wait, people, the horse ain't dead yet! I want to beat it some more! Because just came out with this article, full of that upliftin' Christian preachin' that he's become known for... ...
ApostleOfCarlin 12/20/2013 42 92 4 -
5 Bible Verses That You Should Rip Out of Your Bible.
It's Sunday, and time for an atheist-led Bible Study! So I thought I would do the honors. I've been chewed out a few times for saying that all Christians are Cafeteria Christians. You know what? I ...
ApostleOfCarlin 12/08/2013 62 13 1 -
Televangelist Grifter Paul Crouch, founder of TBN, dead at 79.
If you're like Clarence Darrow, this is likely to be one obituary you may read with great pleasure... Paul Crouch, televangelist founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network is dead. Today, the world ...
ApostleOfCarlin 12/01/2013 91 51 - -
Harry Reid, Obama, Warren and Grayson have it right: Six Points on How Democrats must fight to win.
I thought I'd share some thoughts on strategy, in the wake of the busted filibuster. Finally, we're starting to see a few real victories against the Tea Party Republicans and their politics of ...
ApostleOfCarlin 11/24/2013 29 47 3 -
Right Wing Watch is Back on Youtube! Sorry, Dr. Chaps!
A couple of weeks ago, I broke the news that Right Wing Watch's Youtube account had been terminated for alleged copyright violations , thanks to complaints by ultra-right-wing anti-gay hatemonger ...
ApostleOfCarlin 11/20/2013 5 33 - -
What the GOP really says when they bash Obamacare: "Be our slaves or Granny with cancer gets it!"
Since I became interested in politics, I found two skills that have served me well to figure out what's really going on. The first skill is obvious: Follow the money. The second skill comes ...
ApostleOfCarlin 11/16/2013 9 10 - -
Fellow Atheists, To Arms! Those Babies Won't Eat Themselves!
You've got to give credit to the right-wing hate machine. They always know how to incite their base. Since, well, forever, characters like Bryan Fischer, Gordon "Dr. Chaps" Klingenschmitt, Rafael ...
ApostleOfCarlin 11/13/2013 34 21 - -
Bigoted right-winger Dr. Chaps takes Right Wing Watch off Youtube.
This is a short diary, with some news: Gordon Klingenschmitt, aka Dr. Chaps, the disgraced and court-martialed former Air Force chaplain, who now spends his time spreading homophobic bigotry on the ...
ApostleOfCarlin 11/07/2013 10 20 - -
Ciancia's murder spree and homophobia.
Quick observation: According to the SPLC , Paul Ciancia's rampage was motivated not just by NWO conspiracy theories and demonization of the TSA, but also by homophobia. I'm surprised that this isn'...
ApostleOfCarlin 11/03/2013 15 18 - -
I stand with Alan Grayson. The Tea Party IS like the Ku Klux Klan.
Lately, we've been getting a lot of *ahem* concern about our tone, and specifically, Alan Grayson's tone. Why, it's as if Grayson went full Godwin. Granted, the Ku Klux Klan is pretty close to the ...
ApostleOfCarlin 10/23/2013 94 57 2 -
Hitler Learns that Congress Voted to Raise the Debt Ceiling.
This is a very short diary, but I had to share the Hitler Reacts subtitles I made. So, without further adieu, Hitler Learns that Congress Voted to Raise the Debt Ceiling. Apologies for linking to ...
ApostleOfCarlin 10/18/2013 3 2 - -
Asexuality 101: The invisible orientation
I'll come out of my closet and state up front that this is a topic close to my heart, because I am asexual. No, I don't reproduce through mitosis. I simply don't experience sexual attraction to the ...
ApostleOfCarlin 09/22/2013 177 173 8 -
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