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The phoenix cycle.
So I'm a pretty rare diary writer here on Daily Kos. Most of my diaries haven't been about politics, after all; I'm much more of a science and nature writer, and we already have a superb ...
ArchTeryx 02/02/2015 4 6 - -
The Face of the Unemployed: Me.
This diary definitely isn't for everyone: it's part personal rant, part fearful outburst, and part puncturing of many, many myths out there about the long-term unemployed. Most of all, perhaps, it'...
ArchTeryx 12/11/2013 87 117 2 -
Losing my job in the best possible way. (pt. 2)
Well, as promised, here's a diary posting the end result of my round with Human Resources, my bosses, and the entire convoluted situation I posted the last time. It turned out far better then I ...
ArchTeryx 05/16/2013 26 29 - -
Losing my job in the worst possible way.
I don't write diaries very often. For the most part, I find writing difficult - funny, because as a Research Specialist in molecular virology, writing is part of my life. But some things move me ...
ArchTeryx 05/08/2013 168 322 3 -
For a newly minted scientist, where to go from here?
Previously, I've written under the nom de plume of Test Tube Phoenix. The scientist reinventing himself for a recession economy which had very little room (or jobs) for scientists. In way, this is ...
ArchTeryx 03/05/2013 23 2 - -
I'm not someone who writes diaries often, and most of my rare diaries are of a personal nature. But I've never actually written a serious rant before, and it's hard for me to bare myself like this.
ArchTeryx 09/29/2012 32 36 1 243
A wonderful life: Suicide from the inside.
Lately I've been musing a lot about suicide. It's not, as you might think, my own, though I've survived multiple suicidal crises - and one attempt - in my life. In these dark economic times, and ...
ArchTeryx 08/27/2012 84 70 4 627
Test Tube Phoenix: David vs. Goliath
So it's just about done - my over one-year journey to get my educational card game published is about at an end. Things have been unexpectedly good here - in a previous diary , I described a ...
ArchTeryx 04/08/2012 1 1 - 40
How I managed to get unemployment.
When last we left the intrepid Test Tube Phoenix, he'd just be denied the unemployment that was going to be keeping him alive and insured, and he was looking to go down hard. Martyrdom wasn't ...
ArchTeryx 11/30/2011 7 15 - 92
Test Tube Phoenix: No unemployment for you.
Well, my plans for surviving the recession have just collapsed around me. This is not going to be an easy diary for me to write, but at this point, ranting to DailyKos beats the alternatives, which ...
ArchTeryx 10/14/2011 31 66 2 437
Test Tube Phoenix: Teacher help request.
It's been about two months since I wrote about my situation , as yet another ...
ArchTeryx 10/09/2011 7 2 - 42
The Phoenix in the Test Tube
It's been ages since I've written a diary, and this is going to be a really odd one -- a mix of hope and despair, of pleading and cynicism, a request for reassurance and even a bit of a sales pitch.
ArchTeryx 08/11/2011 48 36 1 273
Who would ever want to be a scientist?
This is the first diary I've ever written on request; it was a diary to give some idea of why us young scientists, those few Americans among us that have stood by the profession for as long as we ...
ArchTeryx 02/03/2009 133 26 - 24
Amidst the darkness, a 15 year quest comes to an end.
This is a personal diary. I don't really expect many to read it, but I do hope that at least DarkSyde sees it; he's been following my story. Being a political junkie and in general, liking to keep ...
ArchTeryx 09/13/2008 42 20 - 22
New fundamentalist Trojan Horse?
Today at my lab at Ohio State University, my boss (as well as several other professors in my building) received a most interesting book, labeled "Complimentary Gift", and "Scientific Atlas". We ...
ArchTeryx 06/22/2007 11 9 - 1
Liberal radio stations dropping like flies in Ohio.
It appears Ohio is about to lose, or has already lost, all but one of it's progressive talk stations. This is a travesty, particularly in light of the near-total sweep of the Democrats in the state ...
ArchTeryx 12/23/2006 76 22 - 8
OH-15: (Partly) Sunny Sunday III: GOTV!
ArchTeryx 11/05/2006 3 3 - 10
OH-15: Smells like desperation!
ArchTeryx 10/20/2006 20 8 1 6
OH-Var: Advice on Absentee ballot?
ArchTeryx 10/16/2006 12 1 - -
OH-15: Blogging the Congressional Debate.
ArchTeryx 10/12/2006 20 10 - 2
OH-15: Sunny Sunday Part II -- no solo mio!
ArchTeryx 10/08/2006 14 3 - 8
OH-15: Canvassing on a sunny Sunday
ArchTeryx 10/01/2006 25 10 - 10
A request for advice on campaign volunteering.
ArchTeryx 09/30/2006 15 7 - -
On being surplus population.
ArchTeryx 07/15/2006 17 7 - 9
A personal diary: Why I might still leave the U.S.
ArchTeryx 11/11/2005 22 7 - -
A humble suggestion for the Democratic Primary in Ohio.
ArchTeryx 10/23/2005 5 5 - -
What, really, can be done about the Bush administration?
ArchTeryx 09/04/2005 12 4 - -
My first diary -- whither science?
ArchTeryx 08/08/2005 16 9 - 1
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