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Early Voting in Duval County, Florida
"About 1.9 million Floridians have already cast ballots eight days before Election Day." -- AP I voted today, standing for half an hour on a busted foot, and I loved it.
Arculi 10/29/2012 14 8 - -
18,000+ @ Jacksonville FL Rally!
Really, I've never seen anything like this in Jacksonville. I'm not a political creature, quite, so I have little to compare, but this is bigger than any rock concert held at the same park (
Arculi 09/20/2008 336 574 15 245
A New Page
Shock. Disbelief. Joy. Follow me, and I'll tell you why...
Arculi 06/03/2008 3 - - 1
The Tao of Obama
What follows is my analysis of the Obama Campaign filtered through the lens of my understanding of Taoism, specifically as it relates to passages in the Tao Te Ching ("Book of the Way and Its Power").
Arculi 05/12/2008 20 25 6 31
Symbol and the Hatemosphere
First I should make clear that this is not an attack on wasps (white anglo-saxon protestants, for those who may not be familiar). This is an elucidation of why many in American society have never ...
Arculi 02/28/2008 17 5 - 35
Why Obamarama is not a Cult
I've been reading a lot of blowhard rants claiming that Obama supporters are part of some weird personality cult. I'm here to give you a breakdown on what a cult is and just how little Obamarama ...
Arculi 02/09/2008 32 7 - -
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