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My MSNBC Segment on Netroots Nation (Ari Melber)
Netroots Nation was a blast this year -- it felt looser and more intimate than during campaign season -- and on Tuesday I was asked to share a few highlights ...
AriM 08/19/2009 13 30 2 31
Now Live from MSNBC: Debating Sotomayor Pick Today & Taking Input (Ari Melber)
I'm debating Judge Sotomayor's nomination on MSNBC today at 11:10am EST with conservative writer J.P. Freire -- we'...
AriM 05/29/2009 18 13 - 121
We Just Made Torture Prosecutions The Top Question at Change.Gov (Ari Melber)
As many DailyKos readers know, a whopping 70,000 questions poured into over the past week, in response to the Obama ...
AriM 01/09/2009 16 35 - 70
What Should We Ask Joe Trippi? (Ari Melber interview)
Harvard invited me to interview Joe Trippi at an Internet & Politics summit they're convening this week, and I'd like to throw it open for questions here at DailyKos. We're having ...
AriM 12/08/2008 16 11 - 43
How You YouTubed This Election - By Ari Melber
In America's first YouTube election , it turns out the voters were mainly in charge, not the campaigns or news ...
AriM 11/06/2008 9 16 1 6
Breaking: Plouffe's New Numbers (By Ari Melber)
I just got off a national conference call with Plouffe and senior Obama strategists, as they laid out ...
AriM 10/24/2008 37 51 2 25
Colin Powell Buzz - Live from Obama's Plane with Ari Melber
So I've been happily flying around on " O Force One ," Obama's campaign plane, for The Washington Independent , and I'll ...
AriM 10/17/2008 662 484 9 272
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