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Please. Give me reasons to support Hillary Rodham Clinton.
I’m serious. I want you to convince me to support her. Follow the thought process below.
Arilca Mockingbird 04/12/2015 145 11 - -
So I received an email from the Ready for Hillary Store
The subject line read “It's a blowout! (35% off)" Plus free shipping!
Arilca Mockingbird 08/16/2014 45 18 2 -
Frank M. Robinson dead at 87
I saw this obit today in the NYTImes: Frank M. Robinson Dies at 87; Author and Adviser to Harvey Milk I knew Frank M. Robinson as a science fiction writer with his claim to fame (for me) resting ...
Arilca Mockingbird 07/07/2014 6 18 - -
Keep on rockin' in the free world...
I remember the first time I heard this song. I started crying when Mr. Young got to theses lyrics: "There's one more kid that will never go to school Never get to fall in love, never get to be ...
Arilca Mockingbird 07/03/2014 20 10 - -
Update: #YesAllWomen
One suggestion for every guy. Go read as much as you can of #YesAllWomen over at Twitter. This is especially for those guys who's first thoughts on reading about the murders in Santa Barbara was ...
Arilca Mockingbird 05/25/2014 48 21 - -
UPDATED: Want to protest McCutcheon? Hat tip to ShoshannaD who posted this as a comment in another diary. No this is not a diary but I just thought this should get more play if possible. UPDATED: Gave ...
Arilca Mockingbird 04/02/2014 6 1 1 -
Ted Rall without Hitler
For reference, click ...
Arilca Mockingbird 11/12/2013 59 13 - -
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