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Chris Christie Bridge Cop!
Legal woes lurk for Gov. Chris Christie over bridge traffic jam scandal! At first, the governor laughed off the insinuation he played a role in the traffic mess: "I worked the cones actually. ...
ArizonaLiberal 01/10/2014 1 3 - -
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Preaching Bigotry!
The duck guy preacheth unto you! Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Preaching Bigotry and intolerance. "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has been suspended from his show by A&E for his outrageous ...
ArizonaLiberal 12/20/2013 4 2 - -
Megyn Kelly, Meet Pancho Claus!
This is how Megyn Kelly handled a story by a black woman who wrote that maybe, just maybe, Santa doesn't have to be white all the time (because—spoiler alert—Santa can be all things to all people!
ArizonaLiberal 12/17/2013 8 9 - -
Glenn Beck Invokes Jesus and Friends at the NRA!
This is all that needs to be said of where the NRA -and the Republican Party is today: having Glenn Beck as their Keynote speaker. Oh.... we can't forget those speeches by intellectual giants Ted ...
ArizonaLiberal 05/07/2013 5 5 1 -
Glenn Beck NRA Keynote Speech Highlights 2013 (Chipmunk Version)
Glenn Beck delivered the keynote address at the 2013 NRA convention in Houston, Texas. The radio and TV host began broadcasting live from Houston Friday, offering up his own conspiracy theory about ...
ArizonaLiberal 05/05/2013 8 12 1 -
Sarah Palin Pays Tribute to Sandy Hook at NRA
Twenty-six people -- 20 students and six adults -- were shot and killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14. Sarah Palin's message is: If you feel devastated ...
ArizonaLiberal 05/04/2013 35 48 3 -
Glenn Beck: I left Fox to save my soul!
Never one to shy away from portraying his struggles in the most melodramatic terms, conservative commentator Glenn Beck said on Friday that he left the Fox News Channel because he was afraid of ...
ArizonaLiberal 04/28/2013 23 5 1 -
Rick Perry: "Business is Booming!"
The Texas plant that was the scene of a deadly explosion last week was last inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1985. The risk plan it filed with regulators listed no ...
ArizonaLiberal 04/27/2013 3 8 1 -
The NRA Has Blood On Its Hands! (37 Second Video)
Let's tell the truth. The NRA's hands are far bloodier than al-Qaeda's. We as a nation wouldn't tolerate a Muslim suicide bombing on a school bus that killed twenty first graders. So, why do we ...
ArizonaLiberal 04/21/2013 14 11 1 -
Stop the Gun Violence Now!
The United States experiences epidemic levels of gun violence, claiming over 30,000 lives annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For every person who dies from a ...
ArizonaLiberal 04/20/2013 10 11 1 -
NRA Gun Ad as it Should Be!
"Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough — who has been on quite a tear against the NRA lately — was completely dumbfounded by a new NRA ad that paints President Barack Obama as an "elitist ...
ArizonaLiberal 04/19/2013 2 4 - -
Grover Norquist: Romney Was a Poopy Head!
Anti-tax crusader and head of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist told CBS on Monday that President Obama did not deserve a claim to an electoral mandate following his re-election because the ...
ArizonaLiberal 11/13/2012 5 - - -
Obama McConnell and Boehner Meet on The Fiscal Cliff! Literally!
The fiscal cliff will be crossed on Jan. 2, 2013 when $530 billion in tax increases and spending cuts at the federal level take place due to a previous budget agreement between Congress and the ...
ArizonaLiberal 11/11/2012 13 6 - -
Poetic Justice for Karl Rove and Citizens United!
Karl Rove helped pour $400 million of outside money into the 2012 elections. But since Republican candidates were walloped on Tuesday, the backlash against the Rove strategy is coming fast, and he ...
ArizonaLiberal 11/08/2012 2 2 - -
Mitt Romney Drowning in His Own FEMA Comments!
Romney: Shut down FEMA, let the states handle it! Romney was asked by CNN’s John King if he thinks disaster relief would be better handled by the states. “Absolutely,” Romney said. “Every ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/29/2012 21 20 1 -
Mitt Romney Meets Honest Abe Regarding Jeep Ad Lies!
Honest Abe Reacts to Mitt Romney's Jeep Comments: Video Below. Detroit Free Press: “Not only was the story wrong, Romney took criticism for not knowing better and repeating it without questioning ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/29/2012 12 13 1 -
Mitt Romney Meets Honest Abe!
Mitt Romney hit a new low in telling outright lies Thursday when he told a crowd in Ohio that Jeep a going to close down its plants in the U.S. and move them to China. Romney then said after he is ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/28/2012 4 2 1 -
Melissa Harris-Perry's Open Letter To Richard Mourdock on Rape!
Powerful On Saturday, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry presented an open letter to GOP senate candidate Richard Mourdock, drawing on her own experience with sexual assault. In this highly personal ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/27/2012 17 32 2 -
Mitt Romney Meatloaf Duet: America The Beautiful! Parody!
Mitt Romney and Meatloaf sing together in this wonderful duet sure to become one of the timeless classics.
ArizonaLiberal 10/26/2012 13 5 - -
Mitt Romney Epic Ohio Fail: America The Beautiful!
Hilarious! Mitt Romney Epic Ohio Fail America The Beautiful! What more can I say. Meatloaf sings... badly. And Mitt looks like he wants to die!
ArizonaLiberal 10/25/2012 118 63 2 -
Reworked Obama campaign ad: "Stage" Starring Mitt Romney!
Reworked Obama campaign ad: "Stage" Starring Mitt Romney! Pro-Obama super PAC charges Romney worker built 'own coffin' The pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA has released a tough new ad against ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/20/2012 9 3 - -
Mitt Romney: 10 Pounds of Lies in a 5 Pound Bag!
Slow down and just take a look at this… please. It is a list of alleged lies of Mitt Romney, that is making its way around the Internet, in comments to articles or in forums. Gulag Bound has ...
ArizonaLiberal 07/23/2012 7 5 - 75
The Mitt Romney Find ONE Person of Color Challenge! Prizes Galore!
Challenge! The following is the Mitt Romney video, "The Promise of America" I challenge you to find ONE person of color in this 2.5 minute campaign piece! What is the message he is sending?
ArizonaLiberal 06/29/2012 16 4 1 84
Joe Arpaio Arrests 6 Year Old Undocumented Suspect!
Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona Sheriff from Maricopa County, arrested a 6-year-old undocumented immigrant on Friday. The move came the same day President Obama announced a new policy halting ...
ArizonaLiberal 06/17/2012 5 7 1 110
Move to Amend the Constitution with David Cobb! Great Speech!
We the People, Not We the Corporations!
ArizonaLiberal 06/16/2012 6 10 1 62
Citizens for a Better Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Abuse of Power Forum 6/7/2012
Citizens for a Better Arizona: The Impact of Sheriff Arpaio's Abusive Policies and Practices on Local Police, Cities and Victims!
ArizonaLiberal 06/09/2012 5 7 1 61
Corporate Vampires Win For Scott Walker!
Citizens United and Big Money Wins in Wisconsin! Walker Spent 88% of the Money and got 53% of the Vote!
ArizonaLiberal 06/06/2012 6 2 1 51
Birther Madness in Arizona: The Movie! (Full Audio)
Arizona Goes Birther Crazy: Secretary Of State Ken Bennett Says It's 'Possible' Obama Won't Be On Ballot! Secretary of State Ken Bennett, the man in charge of running Arizona's elections, has gone ...
ArizonaLiberal 05/18/2012 5 2 - 50
George Bush Handed Barack Obama a Fertile Economy!! /Snark
More People Blame Bush for Economy Than Obama But not by much. Rasmussen reports: Voters now blame President Bush only slightly more than President Obama for the continuing bad economy. It’s ...
ArizonaLiberal 05/07/2012 10 3 1 122
Paul Ryan's Budget Snake Oil Medicine Show!
The co-creator of the concept that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is relying upon to reform Medicare no longer thinks it will work. Henry Aaron, now of the Brookings Institution, got the chance to tell ...
ArizonaLiberal 05/03/2012 1 6 1 53
Herman Cain Web Ads: Rabbit, Chicken, The Response! Tooned!
He’s baaaaack! Former GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain, who will soon have a body of work suitable enough for his own Comedy Central roast, has released his latest video, ...
ArizonaLiberal 04/14/2012 6 4 - 55
Rush Limbaugh Feeds The Animals! Animation!
Rush Limbaugh feels that people on public assistance are worthless and should be left to struggle on their own. More often than not, there is a component of racism involved but the main jist of it ...
ArizonaLiberal 04/07/2012 3 2 - 42
Rush Limbaugh Goes To Anal Probe Hell!
Rush Limbaugh's recent, despicable three-day attack against law student Sandra Fluke cast a spotlight on a national campaign by Republicans to turn back the clock on 50 years of progress on women's ...
ArizonaLiberal 03/22/2012 9 8 2 253
Mitt Romney Goes to Dog Hell: The Revenge of Seamus! Animation
I’ve been thinking a lot about Mitt Romney’s dog, Seamus, lately, and although this video may not be as timely as I'd like, I have been quite ill for a few months and was not able to work on my ...
ArizonaLiberal 03/21/2012 6 6 - 99
Super Committee is a Super Failure! Cartooned! Worth Watching!
Super Committee is a Super Failure! The super committee idea looked good in headlines — maybe only in headlines. The committee was to produce a package of deficit-reduction measures — spending ...
ArizonaLiberal 11/23/2011 6 4 1 60
Donald Trump Reacts Badly To Epic Lawrence O'Donnell Rant!
Lawrence O'Donnell addressed the heated twitter feud he is currently engaged in with Donald Trump. The MSNBC host spent more than six minutes on Tuesday taking viewers through the twitter exchange ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/28/2011 14 18 1 325
Rush Limbaugh, Defender of the Lord's Resistance Army! (Full Audio) Tooned!
Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot! But I digress. In the October 14th episode of his radio show, Rush Limbaugh defended the Ugandan terrorist group calling itself the Lord's Resistance ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/26/2011 4 2 1 58
Rick Santorum Googles Santorum: OMG! Toonified
What is Santorum's Google problem? Chances are, you know it already -- "Savage Love" columnist Dan Savage started a website that linked the name "Santorum" to a transgressive sexual neologism.
ArizonaLiberal 10/22/2011 6 10 1 152
The CNN GOP Debate In Under Two Minutes: Tooned!
GOP Debate Fireworks Settle Nothing! Tempers flared in Las Vegas on Tuesday between virtually every candidate, but the primary season's most entertaining installment likely left voters' minds ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/19/2011 2 4 1 104
NYPD Wall Street Shame and Violence!
In spite of multiple reported incidents of possible police violence, major media outlets seem to be content to let the protests go by completely unreported, following the same “who-cares” ...
ArizonaLiberal 09/30/2011 8 5 1 122
Neal Boortz: "We need to see some dead thugs littering the landscape in Atlanta"
From the June 14 edition of Neal Boortz Show!
ArizonaLiberal 06/15/2011 106 89 3 919
Eric Cantor Holds Disaster/Tornado Victims Hostage To Budget Cuts!
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor endured criticism from everywhere this week when he said that aid to Joplin in the aftermath of the devastating tornado would be offset by budget cuts.
ArizonaLiberal 05/25/2011 5 6 1 45
Tea Party Dance Fest! It's Party Time!
The Tea Party makes an attempt to appeal to the younger crowd. Ya... Right!
ArizonaLiberal 05/06/2011 12 5 1 107
Baby Bush Cries To His Therapist: "No Credit For Bin Laden!" (Toon)
Baby George Bush Cries To His Therapist Because He Got No Credit For Getting Osama Bin Laden.
ArizonaLiberal 05/06/2011 4 2 - 82
Donald Trump Takes Credit, Brags About Obama Birth Certificate Release! What was he really thinking?
Donald Trump is a very modest fellow. He now takes credit for the White House decision to release President Obama’s birth certificate. What’s next? Will he take credit for the sun rising this ...
ArizonaLiberal 04/28/2011 8 3 - 53
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Celebrates Lawmaker Take-Down!
OK! It is a parody. I enhanced the sound some so you can hear what happened!
ArizonaLiberal 03/05/2011 1 1 - 30
Scott Walker David Koch Wicked Wedding!
Scott Walker just got a fantastic deal on some oceanfront property in Nebraska. I usually try not to post on the same thing that ten jillion other people have already posted on. But when America’...
ArizonaLiberal 03/02/2011 2 - - 17
Russell Pearce's "Hate Humanity Tuesday"
To twist a line from the Bible's Book of Amos, "Let the hatred roll down like water, and stupidity like a mighty stream." This, because "justice" and "righteousness" are sorely absent in Sand Land. ...
ArizonaLiberal 02/22/2011 8 7 - 44
What Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is Full Of!
Every conservative I've talked to about this union busting continues to fixate on the money. "How selfish of the public employees to be unwilling to take a cut in their benefits for the good of the ...
ArizonaLiberal 02/18/2011 8 3 - 63
Michele Bachmann Founding Fathers Revisionist Rap!
In Her Latest display of idiocy, Michele Bachmann Claims Our Founding Fathers “Worked Tirelessly” to End Slavery.
ArizonaLiberal 02/13/2011 1 - - 38
Glenn Beck Freaks Out GOP Is Trying to Assassinate Him!
Glenn Beck claimed on his radio show that the Republican Party is out to politically assassinate him, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann. Beck proclaimed: “Anyone who talks about freedom, or is ...
ArizonaLiberal 02/10/2011 62 20 - 121
Glenn Beck Stars in "The Caine Mutiny"
Glenn Beck is a great actor. He acts like he cares about the American people. He only cares about lining his own pockets.
ArizonaLiberal 01/28/2011 3 2 - 68
If you could make any politician do what you wanted them to...
What would you have them do? From an animation point of view, of course.
ArizonaLiberal 01/26/2011 5 1 - 54
Glenn Beck "Shoot Me in the Head" Club Remix!
BBP - Beck, Bachmann and Palin form a new rap group! Their first hit song is "Shoot Me In The Head."
ArizonaLiberal 01/25/2011 14 - - 91
Shoot Them in The Head Video Poster Answers Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck trashed the youtube video poster on his radio show. This is my response. Also included is what I believe to be the source of his "shoot them before they shoot you or put you in ...
ArizonaLiberal 01/24/2011 40 61 1 66
Barack Obama Fires Up The Base!
The passion the President shows in this speech has been demonstrated much to little in this election cycle. I was able to find this speech and put it to animation to remind some how he has the ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/26/2010 10 17 - 90
Karl Rove's Brain!
Karl Rove, the mad scientist of politics, is at it again! A behind the scenes look at Republican strategist Karl Rove's inner workings.
ArizonaLiberal 10/18/2010 3 2 - 138
Jan Brewer Debate Meltdown Cartoon!
Arizona Governor has a major malfunction during her debate with Democratic opponent Terry Goddard.
ArizonaLiberal 10/14/2010 9 8 - 121
Corrupt Arizona Politicians Jailed!
The list of people subjected to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office investigations reads like a Who's Who of the Valley, and it includes people who have authority over the sheriff and people who ...
ArizonaLiberal 10/10/2010 17 13 - 74
Video Animation: Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona Anti-Christ!
Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona Anti-Christ! Jan Brewer's cruel budget cuts devastate Arizonans. And she does not care !
ArizonaLiberal 10/05/2010 22 3 1 73
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